What is Makharij Huruf (Pronunciation of Letters) for Arabic Letters #AskWisam

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Alright, so we're here with Wissam and we're going through some questions from the comments section in his YouTube channel. So the first question is from

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the Dean, it's a D HLUM, Fatone formula. For loon Mohammed mobile. Okay. And the question that he put is or the comment that he posted is just for your videos, they've really helped just one request.

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Can you explain about Muhammad Allah roof

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As salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah? Dear friends, thank you so much for your question. I'm glad that you're appreciating the videos. Right off the bat, the Mahato edge of the whole roof means the place of pronounciation for all letters. So that's 28 Different places of pronunciation. I'd love for you to look right here on this channel, there's a playlist that's called Arabic sounds. That's a playlist that's called Arabic letters. Both of them will say everything that I'm about to say to you a little bit slower. So let's do it together. Mahajan. huruf. First part of the throat to the nasal cavity. Everything fits from here to here. The throat has seven sounds. Look straight up and say, Ah

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ha, ha ha, ha ha. That's all here in the throat. Ha, ha, ha ha ha ha ha.

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Right on the lips were Baba Marfa, WA Marfa letters of the lips. How about behind the uvula at the back of your mouth up or in front of the uvula? Gag gag gag.

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And I think right there we have about 17 different letters that you sounds that you can work on. Sheen Gene Yeah.

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That you can find all of those on the on the videos and on the playlist labeled Arabic sounds. Thank you again for watching the videos and I think this is a little

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gateway into the Mahajan Hebrew for the throat, the lips and the back of the mouth.