My Story Part Two

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu This is the shortest message, but it's a big beginning for me. If you recall, this is the same spot, we took a story or you heard my story. 24 months ago, I took the opportunity to take charge of my health. And I'd like to start a new initiative with you, I feel now healthier than ever, in my entire life. Even before I had a disease or some dis ease in my body. I, I took you through the journey. Some of you followed along in postures of prayer, some of you followed in the affirmations of some supplements. But I think it's time to take my own chronic transformation my own Diaz, and take it to the next level. So here in the same spot, I'd love to

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share with you a new initiative, don't want to call it a company or a business. It's an initiative, it's a place to start for all of us. Fidra our x. And that will be whether you do the next level of healing, meditation, addiction, analysis and capture, breaking through your own obstacles and finding yourself on the and this is the definition I want you to take away in the body of Jana. We're all headed to paradise. And now we need to make that realization. It's not some fluffy place in the sky that's not connected to us. This is the body Yes, it will be embellished but it's this is the body we will be in when we enter paradise. So let's start making that body together. fit that

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our our our x let's find out what your prescription is. Look out for breathing meditation. Look out for exercises look out for using the postures of prayer that you've been doing with me, but taking them to a whole nother level, a level where we can focus on physical, spiritual and mental strength all at the same time. Bear witnessing and testifying. I am so much that I am Leida Illallah I'll see you all on the other side. This is your brother Hassan Sharif and that same spot 24 months later starting the journey with you Fidra RX let's get in that body of Jana. What's your prescription