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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The host of a podcast introduces a guest who wants to welcome young people who have struggles and receive the best advice. They share their journey of learning and teaching the Quran, including their experiences with a situation where their parents were hit by a car while they were young. They also discuss the importance of learning to read and write the Quran and the use of crack pipe to clean one's life. The podcast emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the presence of the Prophet in the world and promoting Islam's importance. The episode also touches on the success of a clarified Facebook post and a YouTube video about a book called "Ok," and a recommendation to read and break the genetic trauma code. The podcast is being broadcast on Facebook and has been created to promote Islam's importance.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who wants to head and welcome welcome welcome to the very first episode of our brand new podcast voices of the valley hosted by the youth at Valley Ranch Islamic center.

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So we're doing this podcast almost as a outlet for youth who have questions who have struggles and get to hear from experts in different areas, who know the vibes, they understand the struggles that we have, they understand the day to day life of youth and our unique challenges. And they might even have some youthful energy like like men will seem themselves and we found themselves and Inshallah, the plan is to have different guest speakers who are experts in their fields to share with us their gems and wisdoms starting with the holy book of Allah, the Quran, just like how any program should start in sha Allah. So today we have Imam we Sam Sharif with us. Joining us tonight.

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Imam we some is a an expert in the Quran. He's founded his own Quran institution and program called called Quran revolution. You can check them out in the description below in sha Allah and after studying with multiple schewe privately, such as Dr. Estrada Ahmed, and studying and getting his degree in Arabic grammar and literature from the Quran Academy in Lahore, Pakistan. He's really built this love for Quran and teaching the Quran and he's gonna share some of those wisdoms with us today Inshallah, how are you, sir? Doing fantastic. How's your disease? You're the first podcast I've ever said is the well wait, legit. Congratulations. I'm gonna plug me with podcast is on

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episode 90 500. I don't know where y'all listen to podcast, but I'm on episode 95. Right now YouTube spots. I'm not sure I've never heard one of my podcasts. I shoot them scattered over the editor. And then we're on episode 95. And people who are like yo, caught up.

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So may there be baraka and what you guys do. And if an older person can connect up to 100 episodes, y'all really I mean, you got great equipment, and you got the vibe. So I pray that you have an amazing radical signal up about okay, and your podcast. Hello. So we're gonna start with your own personal story with so what motivated you to kind of start this journey of learning and teaching the Quran to now hundreds and even 1000s of people across the globe? And what are your kind of journey with Cloud Quran start when you were one of the youth? Absolutely. I'll start with I was born in Connecticut when I was six months, we moved to Brooklyn. So I'm born here. I look a certain way. I

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guess I don't sound that way. Yeah, I was the masjid terror. I had I was the person who got the mustard roof keys. On each day. Unfortunately, I was throwing rocks at people coming to eat. The best story was I was at eat from fajr till the door. When dad comes home he goes so which eat Did you pray? Because there were five eat prayers.

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I was the machine for six hours. I didn't pray either too busy wrong throwing rocks at me stoning people.

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They might sin that day. So I just gotta catch up and see what happens. So I was definitely amongst

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not attention and he can't sit still. He can't do this. Teachers would always one time a Quran teacher said he's being smart. But I couldn't read. So I told the teachers I was so smart. Why can't I read and then I got hit more.

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They do all my parents but my mom i The biggest part of this story is my parents never turned their back. They never give up there are no i They never turned their back. And when people call this over for dinner, they would tell my mom, imagine them Auntie telling your mom, if you don't bring with some It's okay. So I knew growing up that yeah, not everybody likes me. But I have a good time wherever I go. Right? I'm a pivotal moment when I was 10. So no joke up to 10 I caused a lot of trouble convinced a person that the dryer was a ride to do doo doo. I mean, they didn't get hurt. But her parents beat me my parents beat me what was the age of that person that you

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all the statutes of limitation are gone. She was happy. She had a great time on the right. I didn't mind getting hit because I was like, this is an I pull this is worth it was worth it at some point. You just kind of. Right. Right. So no, I'm playing painting a point picture that I was at overactive, hyper, whatever you want to call when there was no hyperactivity. My mom's a pediatrician or hamdullah. And she lives across the street. So she was a big support. When someone said he's crazy. She's like, No, you guys are when someone said he talks too fast. She said you understand too slow. So I was like, yes, and that was huge. When I was 10. We went to visit my aunt

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in Scotland. And however you want to understand

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This friends, I went with the bleak Jamaat to the masjid, the first time we sat down, we read the tensor as you read in circle. And then they ran out of the green book. And he said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, Whoever memorizes the Quran will receive a crown that shines greater than the sun.

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I didn't care, and his parents will receive. And I remember having a moment going, Yeah, I kind of fudge these people's lives pretty hard. I got to hook them up, the least I could do the least I could do is give them some drip. On the Day of Judgment, thank you for understanding, I totally was like, my parents need a little bit. And so that started then the only problem was I didn't know how to read Quran at all. And then I told my parents I wanted to memorize and they were testing me and they said, I think you just want to get out of school. Because remember, I wanted to memorize but I had never finished reading the Quran, nor could I agree. I just figured, you know, that's how it

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happens. So if you fast forward through that part, it was a want that Allah was real Quran is real. I never had a push to not want to know what it meant. So I think that's one of our first questions. Why would I read the granite sitting? Right, right. Have you ever heard it in Arabic? Right? I was nine there was. I grew up in New York rap was there Bollywood was blasting the new pop music was there. I could hear that. And I heard the Quran. And I was like, it didn't even say this is haram. It's like, okay, you're this. Jay Z was going. And we were going along the Malecon era, and we had rhyme schemes up the wazoo. So I never felt like there was a divide. I just said oak Ron is more. So

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how old were you during that time when we made me that mental switch after hearing that hadith? I think I know, it's not fair for when I was 10.

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But I feel like I was a little bit different at 10. So 10, give it a 12. Now you speak to a 10 year old you don't feel the same. But I was 10. And I had a lot of experiences that made me say, I know, I was very ill when I was young. And so when I was alone in the hospital alone at seven years old, you know, God, you know, God very different, right? And then you're like, and then you go out into the world and you have that experience. You see your car slides. And then he's, he's there, or you're like Allah, please get me out of this. I know I shouldn't have and then all of a sudden, it's literally like you broke something and the other person can't see. Like, okay, make sure you get

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home on time. Yeah. Okay, sure. Allah veiled it for you legitimately dent in a car. The Maghrib shadow came down, couldn't see it.

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And then I kept bailing me out and I was like, Okay, I got you. I understand. Now, I'm not going to put myself in those scenarios. But I have to cut through 13 to 16. I went to madrasa where I lived boarding school. I think that's a word that cut off from our world today. If you think Mother Teresa, you think Bin Laden, right? Yeah. Or like, what training? Do you learn to use AKs? Those 13 to 16 were the best years of my life, really, and you're doing it just memorization? So I think that was the Alecia start to say, that's the grand journey. I memorized between 13 and 16. When I was 16, I realized I remember I 600 pages, and I don't know what none of this means. I would be in salon and

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people would be crying and it was you cranking out like I was Hobnob, and I'd be like, I must be reading great today. Like the crowd is loving it. But I then I was like, Oh, crud, yeah, this means a lot heavier. There's a famous recording of the boss. It's ripping it in India. It's a group of non Muslims. He's deciding about how the idols will start to hellfire. And they're sitting in the crowd going, Wow, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, I think we've all missed the point. Yeah, amazing.

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Like your idols that you worship will start the fire of *. But so then the need to learn the language started and I went to Egypt, in Cairo. I want to throw in one part, I went to Cairo for a semester, and my mom got coverage for her pediatric pediatric office. And she came with me. Anyone else would be vibe kill? Yeah, we got. Yeah, we got to the airport. She said, I'm going to be your roommate. And I know that's weird. But she did we had told she was like, we were studying. I remember studying. It was so amazing. I was an amazing experience. So she learned like audibly with a whole like, wow, I was in class for six hours a day. Homegirl was right next to me and crushing

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it. 250 words of vocab. So that was that when I say not give up on me. They have my back. Now. You that's amazing. So there's a lot of respect. Not everyone's going to start at 10 Go to mothers. I have mom and dad's back. So I've already if I'm watching this I've already turned this off because

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It's like oh, right, thanks, Harry Potter. Your life's perfect and the chosen one. Yeah. All right. So I'm just saying all along the way the Quran is real. Like however you want me to slice that I will show you the Quran is real. And every time I learned something new, it was a Russian doll. So I memorized the whole Quran did a Bachelors of grammar thing. And then I came back and I found out Oh, did you know the Quran is recited in 10 styles? This is the way I wear my hair. If you go too far down in Houston is your her. The Quran has those dialects. I'll throw one to you what either Akela whom I know or who follows knows that you've heard what you sow ki Nila. In another narration, we're

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gonna say what either alquila home. So shaquita is for real. But think about it. Your show cuando from Rwanda is real. We cut it all in Arab eyes it but if you expand it, it went to the Northern African country. I know it is heck of fun. And when we look at the rhyme schemes of grind against rap, it's still fun. But it all comes back to Oh crack. This is real. Allah's real grind is real. And so I think that's what kept the more I read Quran I was like, This is unbelievable. And then I finished them. I then took three years to do a speciality in Azure. Oh, yeah. Which is if you think what I do for Quran revolution for the last 10 years and teaching Madrid for 27

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Bro we're at 1/10 If when you hear a Rahmani Raheem II Maliki mi Dini, Maliki o me Dean r Rahmani ra h m Mani Gil MIDI why how is so much it's ridiculous it's ridiculous changes in meaning and everything Do you know and and we're totally jumping and we're gonna lose them but you guys will get this the verse in the Quran that says make will do wash your hands your face and wash your feet. The tribe that was nomadic. There rewire reads and wipe over your feet. Oh man get off of me, bro. It's not it's not Jay Z can't write 10 bars and chameleon air cannot rewrite them. Keep the same cadence and then Snoop codes for shizzle my nizzle and keeps the same it's impossible. No I mean now like if

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you really invest shout out to ninth graders rapper lives. My boy ether was the best punishment throw that out there like I mean, he's already got it to drop them barzmann

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different type of way. Yeah. So I'm seeing yes, they're amazing. And yes, Eminem said I don't rap for dead presidents. I know it's never been said I'd rather see that President dead I set precedents. Well idea to the fall moody article, the halfling Marathi Sobha for aterna Biggie Naka, the first word rhymes with the first word of final and the second word runs with the second word so I mean, I could legit go on about this, but let's stick to that's what the course took me. I think after I finished Ashura and the bachelors I did my bachelor's in radiography, I'm an x ray tech. Interesting. I love bones. I love bones. It's a whole nother thing. So I finished X ray, my mom

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said, there's plenty of X ray techs out there. There's no one who's doing your thing. Go drop an album, like go do this. And I never turned back. I mean, I still have my my credits are intact. I have to go and take a test. But I introduced myself as a Quran teacher, not as an x ray guy. Gosh, that's amazing. That's all worrying. And at this point, how many students as an estimate, have you been able to teach so so realistically, and it's I would have to validate it? So I taught a traveling class. So imagine rolling stones, I took it on tour for 10 years. So there are 27,000 students. I taught one class which average between 50 to 150 people in it 121 times. Wow. Yeah, like

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Katt Williams has been on 100. Yeah, like I respect them because they can put like they can put proper proper effort. Like if we worked as hard as they do, bro, we're so slow. They, Katt Williams has done 300 city tours, three tours of 100 cities, doing comedy sweating his brains out. And we I pray to keep Yeah, man. So I, yeah, absolutely. Brothers on Taz a quote, I was, quote, David Goggins and you're on set. I always say, Who's going to carry the boats and she says, who's going to carry it? Who's going to read the Jews? So mad respect to her who's gonna read the Jews? Right? Who's gonna pick all this stuff up? So I'm the 27,000 students on the road. And Al Hamdulillah. We are

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coming up to 10 years of Quran revolution law. So that's eight and a half 10,000 Students amazing. Except for I mean, it's amazing. I want to ask you, that one pinpoint part of the story where you mentioned

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In that basically no matter how you spun it, you kind of used it as a sign from Allah to connect with the Quran. Right? And you also had your support your parents. So I wanted to ask for like a viewer right now who might not have that that natural love for the Quran and they might feel like it was forced upon them by their parents. How would you advise us to guide and kind of build a personal connection with the Quran, even when you feel like it was forced on you? Or if you don't understand the language, okay, so I would scratch the language thing just based on so everyone who listens to a 50 cent album in India knows what's going on. No, they don't not be this hard. And they feel hard

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when they read they hear it they're like this is it does your soul field Umrah so I'm just going to scratch the English part. And I realistically if Quran was forced on you, no one's going to give you this advice. Fix your life. Become clean, get a schedule. Be physically fit, not jacked. Do some type of yogic practice stretching, breathing meditation, get your life in order. The Quran is the is the frosting on top. Everyone's depressed smoking hookah got a little vape pen with a little something in it. We've got every little bit going on. And the Quran doesn't work for me, bro. grundon. Like, okay, clean up your life. Sure. So where should you fit in grunt maybe 10 versus the

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VR scene after fajr. Mob Dude, I don't pray Fajr Oh, Serato cafard.

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So the Grimes Islam is already set up trying to clean up your life. If you and I'm reaching out to our viewers, most of us today have addictions. And I think it's a free in my generation addiction means you lined up crack of code, which is still happening. You just do it with meth. Or you do it with vape pens or whatever is going on at the local time. I think a lot of us will say, Oh, I would never be an addict, man. borrow your phone for a second day. I've heard this before. Never be an addict, bro. The * you're talking about? Yeah, I'm listening couldn't be me. Couldn't be me. So with all due respect, this is your crack pipe. And they fill it for you. It's free. I mean, they

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keep filling it with new crack. So much Allah. Thanks. So I would say the first thing Oh, the cron is not working for me. It's not dude, clean up your life? If it is *, if it is drugs, if it's scrolling, if it's video games, I mean, it doesn't matter what it is, right? You say one word and it triggers everyone scrolling your phone for four hours in bed and not being able to say what you looked at. I'd rather you go get cracked out at least you'll know I took crack.

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You're on your phone and you're like, Oh, I watched 27 episodes of Dexter but it's okay. So that to me food clean that and the Quran is gonna always work. But while you have junk in your trunk is going to be tough. And then the last thing that I will say is a lot of people say Oh, I read Quran why do I still have an addiction? Okay, let's work on the addiction and read Quran. So my recommendation is stop trying to stuff Quran, clean up your life and when Muhammad peace be upon him says read Quran after fajr before you sleep Surah Mulk

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those things, that's what I would say don't try to stuff the Quran in there. And for anyone who was this is your chance for anyone who had Quran stuffed on them or a kid in my mother. So they beat him. He hated being there. His father forced him to be there. I hope there's not too much for anyone. One day, grunt

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I saw him throw it across the row. I did not I was not hurt. We went and picked up the ground. We kissed it. But he had lost it bro.

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I know they take that story. No one out there was beaten with every hall that the Quran was on. They broke that. So that's twisted, bro, those people have trauma. But for the person who sing the Quran was forced on me be the one of 23 million who breaks the genetic trauma code and says sorry about that, who breaks the code and says, Yeah, grandma's stuffed down my throat but I'm I know it's good. I'm gonna go find the good Quran. And I'm going to bring it I'm going to read that and I'm going to break the cycle. Because if I just sit here going, Oh, religion is dope, bro. I can't deal with this. Sorry if that's too much for you guys. But I'm a big boy now. So I need you to be able to say

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that person will always say oh, I want to religion is garbage. No, maybe you got a tough life. Clean it up a little bit. So I would strongly recommend people to give themselves to say yes, I was traumatized. I choose to break the trauma cycle. Choose to build your own personal connection despite how I was introduced to and I am the Abraham of my next 300 January

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Abraham salaams dua he never saw Mohamed Salah ism, but he sat there in the middle of the desert with a Jenga puzzle in the middle. No 1000 $20 million. He laugh No amazing he's out there said Allah I'd like my people to eat Kiwi in front of a cow. I was in Kiwi in December in Makkah. I was sitting in a sauna, wooden sauna on the 60th floor of the clock tower. And I was like, Is this a lot like, no joke? I was in salt a whole spa. Abraham was sitting there at least salatu salam saying 300 generations 300 Be that universe be show Yes, you got molested you did take drugs your parents beat you everything did happen. I agree. And your kid your cousin killed himself over and Allen probably

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true. Stop the trauma. Stop the trauma because every one of us got has been hurt in some way. I could tell you stories for fun, not how teachers and if I took that teacher on the day of judgment and I said how much trauma did you go through them? Live high more hurt people hurt people bro bars. Powerful, powerful medical. So coming into Ramadan. Now, Milan's finally upon us Allama beloved Ramadan, I mean, this is that one month that is called shahada Quran right the month of the Quran and that connection that you're talking about? This is the time to build it. Yeah. Someone to ask you. What does it mean by that? Ramadan is the month of the Quran what makes it special for this

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month got it? Okay, so I have a contrary opinion to everybody. I fully believe in fake it till you make it you know how they call someone a Ramadan Muslim? I'm a Ramadan Muslim. I fully believe and if you don't oh, he doesn't pray he doesn't do anything outside of Ramadan. But he goes hard in Ramadan Yes, absolutely right. I encourage you to pray you may go to *. But that's between you and Allah. You remember in Mario when you could run and get all the coins like you can do throughout Ramadan is that

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you just start touching Toys R yeah you just yet is the Star Wars so I got my I got my soundtracks mixed up

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but I would like you to for everyone if you don't cover start covering if you if you don't pray Yeah bro What is the You're You're a fake you're a phony you only pray in Ramadan Yeah bro I'm praying rums nothing because I do believe in this stuff. So why bet on Johanna like well I don't pray so well. What's the point? So I firmly is point one be a Ramadan Muslim. And make intention that hey, maybe after Ramadan I won't hit the pipe or I won't do this or I won't do that. But I'm a full believer in that. So that's number one. Based on being a Ramadan Muslim, I would say if you don't pray, you start to pray. If you read if you don't touch the Quran, if anyone has a Muslim, because I

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think a lot of if we have a grinder be great. If not, I think any book any notebook or anything, we don't touch the Quran. So thank you for it. Grant.

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Oh, it's pretty grind with

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a picture of Quran. Oh yeah, we have pictures in it. I just want to make sure I'm not reading biblical terms. Friends, I pick up the Quran, Harry Potter. Do you see how they touched the book, they touched the book they were like, and they would touch open Quran and touch it if it is as simple as this word is true. This word is true. This word is true. Allah, I like this word. That is that's month of Quran. If you don't know how to read, get your foot out of your butt and learn to read. You could right now Quran revolutions YouTube channel many ways in 24 days, one hour a day 24 hours you could learn to read EU law ICA Allah Who damn European. So I don't know. I feel like we

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all have our own little but I can't do this. That's why I'm gonna sit on my butt and scroll right so strong advice become fake it till you make it. Oh Allah, I'm doing my best. I'm going to put a hijab on or not looked super fresh. Always not look like someone could yell action.

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And just be slightly not flawless. That's my strong for our generation, bro. We're so fresh. Always. What about like a little bit on the inside? So that's one and then to come to your question. What does it mean to be the month of Quran? It means to acknowledge whether I understand it or not. Out of the billions of years of all of humanity. God reached through the portal and said, Hey, I'm going to talk to you guys. No profits, no miracles. No, I'm just gonna talk to you guys. So I think a lot of us don't think that grin was like an ESPN announcer like legitimately something would happen. Dun dun dun dun dun dun

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I would come down to the Prophet SAW, so I'm literally talking to them. Yeah, who is the talker in that?

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So that's the hope that that is somewhat of an answer.

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To me. Last thing is the month of Quran is this. No food, no drink.

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I don't know if anyone's married. But let's say for example, you're married. You're not allowed to be with your wife, right? But I can watch YouTube and tick tock and Shake what your mama gave you. Right? But, like helped me just someone helped me. I am not I'm married. It's her love for me to love. No, but

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I don't like I think that's very false. So when you're like crushing, Yo, bro, I'm fasting. What else can I do it we it's like, Oh, I'm sorry, Allah.

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Just don't worry about them. So I would like our generation who to be able to say no, my fasting is Netflix. Instagram, Tik Tok. When I see buttcheeks I'm gonna say Oh, I'm fasting. Which we don't know. Because we're desensitized. That would be my Ramadan. So I really love that point of be there. Milan Muslim 100 Who's who takes it to a different level in Milan, even if you're not practicing outside of it. There was a great Muslim who did and his name was Mohammed salah. His wives used to say Radi Allahu Allah. And they said we never saw the worship of the Prophet is a lot is greater than Ramadan. And I was like, wait a minute, this is all this is a Monday, Thursday faster, but they

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were like, Oh, it was a whole nother level. And I say it this way. I have friends who have hookah lounges. I in other countries in the world, the red light district, they'll tell you, it's Ramadan

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helped me out so can we can we help out a brother and say is Ramadan? It's Ramadan. So a brother came to our masses frazzled once in Ramadan. And I called him a little close and I held him for a loop. I said, What's up bro? He was very uncomfortable. He said I just came from the club. Okay, what he goes is Ramadan shake. And I said, Okay, don't go to a club. He goes, No. While I was in the club, there were other Muslims. A girl got up on a table and in a small table and she started dancing. Someone in the group told the girl it's Ramadan. So apparently the girl is Muslim. And she shushed him.

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And then he got up. He goes, where am I? Where am I? I mean, he didn't the guy wasn't screaming at her like fear Allah Sr. He was like, Yo, it's Ramadan has come down, we're gonna smoke, we're gonna leave. But he felt like what am I doing here? He came to the masjid. And I said, bro, it's not the one thing you did. It's the thing you did that got you guidance. So if you had to get guidance, while it's dumping in the background is dangerous though, because one guy walked out those 11 friends were all still there. So I take that first step. And I wonder, kind of get one of your points on when you mentioned, connect with the Quran in your way, the way that you know how you can

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read listen, if you can, you know don't have the time to listen, look at one word in the Quran and appreciate it Quran WB w.com There are 17,000 separate mp3 is then you could touch every single word Gron W b w.com. You could touch every word like David was mixing it up for you. And you could have every word read to you. So that's a move. That's exactly what I have. One last question is have two or three minutes inshallah it's whatever, probably haram

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save all of the questions.

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So for someone at the beginning of their journey taking,

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taking that first step with the Quran and Ramadan, to kind of give them that motivation from this beautiful Hadith that prophesy CEMs where he said that, that Allah has a people on Earth. And those people of Allah are the people of Quran what does it mean to be a people of Quran?

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We live in Texas, have you all seen people go to church on Sunday? And they feel a Jesus?

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We're Muslims. We really believe in Jesus. What's the only thing you know about Jesus? He's not.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:17

He's like the full stop. No, but Jesus would know not Son of God. Do you know anything else about him? Not.

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It's like, okay, so I'm going to answer your question now.

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To be a person of the Quran. Let's go back to the simplest. Do you remember the Quran was like parchments and stones and then it put it together? Then the Quran was split into seven manantial Sahaba would read one seven every night with the whole Quran. Every week. It was a normal thing. 170 years ago, the Quran was split. Now imagine that 170 years ago from now. The Quran was split into 30 Jers. Wow. When that was happened, please Wikipedia this one that official. The world was like Okay, again, we're gonna break this into 30 pieces. Y'all could read one one every day. Then

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At the bottom it said and whoever doesn't finish the Quran once a month has left friends this is not a fatwa or something. This was our unanimous like, Hey guys, we used to read a once a month, once a week, we rule the world for 900 years. We don't finish it once a month and now dogs drink from our dead bodies. So this is an X complicated term, if you can get it. Does anyone have a Quran on their phone? Just if you could open anyone just to see you could do it to at home if you took your phone out. And every day you swipe 20 pages every day you will have looked at a job's give you could open up on yours because I just want to show them how simple Can you have a page page Quran? No

00:30:43 --> 00:31:15

translation? Yes, here we go. What is what's the day to day? What is it the 2019? What Jews are we doing today? Fam do it right now. Open up the 19th Jews ready? 1234. I'm looking at the page. Could you imagine every 19 5678 My eyes are Oh, the verses are not that long. I'm getting familiarized 1011 1213 1415 1617 1819 20

00:31:17 --> 00:31:58

I turned to God. If I turned to Jews every single day of every single month, whole whole year has gone by and you haven't read a word. Are you more familiar with the Quran than you've ever been in? Your life? Oh, Surah Bukhara it's only 49 pages that like this. But yeah, and one day, you're swiping on the 20th and you're like, oh, yeah, I seen. I know that. God does me 23rd Yeah. Oh, yeah. See, and I know this ramen cough. And all of a sudden you're like, Oh, I know where the juice starts. I know the first word at the top. I know when there's, I know what the middle of the 19th pays the sewer is going to change that, that in itself. shaytaan is dying. Because it's like, I

00:31:58 --> 00:32:37

can't stop you. Because it's like you could sit in bed. We swipe in stuff. I counted 300 times touch. I'm sorry, my YouTube scroll is a nasty, I don't I'm not even looking and I'm scrolling. So touch the Quran on your phone or physical thing every day interact with the what we're 20 pages. Watch what happens in three months. You have turned three times the whole grand baby you read five words maybe you got more comfortable but the last thing is, you know the Quran is no longer taboo. Right? We've all got it on some super shelf with a lock. How many people had a grand box with a lock on it? Why is there like

00:32:39 --> 00:33:10

a you guys generation doesn't have but that's all done. Does that feel okay? We found that was beautiful answer one kind of small step you can take to connect with the Quran Similan want to thank you again in particular female except from you and all of us alone that I mean for that beautiful advice. All throughout the episode in sha Allah. I want to thank everyone for tuning in to the first installment of the voices of the valley podcast from Gracie youth desire Kamala Heron May Allah bless you and make you from the people put on Allahumma I mean, desire Kamala and Westerdam Aleykum Allah

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Alright, hey,

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