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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to QR, C's, Quranic reading circles, fourth page of Surah Yaseen. Everyone here at Apple is praying that you've been following along, you've been watching each page on its own, and you've become very comfortable with the format that we're using. Today we'll start the fourth page, but by now I'm expecting and I'm praying that as a student, you're putting a little bit more effort and your reading fluency is beginning to pick up. If you're still struggling with the words what I'd like you to do is go back and maybe view the third page one more time. That way we're not spending as much time spelling out the words so be

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eaten and now we're gonna get started today. Start with the word application apples.

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Ruth will be he Mina shade on your Raji Raji, if at home you're still getting the regime rather than the our sound is not there enough and raw with something on top is going to be awesome. Raw sushi is what kind of fish it's raw fish. Perfect. So get the all without blowing your lips. Let's start together. Sheen is a spread letter. So wow, Sheen. We're going to skip the elephant the lamb wash. Su turgidity li most the call real Lucha li most Tao or real la ha, wash SUTA JD li most the bar real? Lucha bring your tongue out there Lika delpo the rule. cough is going to bounce down the rule I z z Isley. You're going to be skipping a few letters. You can notice in this IR one there's an

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Alif Lam and when there's these two letters here in the middle, sometimes you're gonna be glazing over the LF so make sure your eyes are comfortable and not overwhelmed. When you see the sounds there Lika telkwa The rule is easy peasy. Isley.

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The next is on the fourth page, one Bama IRA. So it's all our one on one off with the Dalles connected hold on Deltona, who, but Delroy now who man Zealand had the dark room June nil or the US start again with ir 39. Let's see if we can get a little bit of a flow in it was karma wrong

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by del Myrna who man the law had the

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deck Carol Junie are the

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hearing the word mana Zilla had the data we're going to tap the top two teeth but then I want you to lift up the iron and say had the

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deckle rule you kneel or the So What da da da I dine is going to be lifted up. Let's try number 40 together. Lamb Alif Alif Lam, you're going to drop all of these three letters in the beginning. Lamb and Shin are getting connected together. Lash Shem su lash. Su ya noon with a baby meme on top of it. I'm sure you can see that meme there right above the My lips are going to touch and I'm going to allow them to vibrate. Yes. Bell li la ha. So let's try it again. Let's Shem Soo jung Bell, the bell de la ha.

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Do the recap on

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let's break it down together. La ha

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do the decal Ormeau. So you're spelling this out on your own Kinect and in the letter dad dial is going to bounce a little bit and to the recal or MA while Adalet loop

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All while I lay loose Bilco now

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who are going to see the puckering of the lips? Sir be cool

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we're cool loon cool loon puckered the lips and we're going to float the sound here a little bit. What could learn fi Furlan kin and I'm gonna go straight from the connected the two lines on the bottom to the connected Yeah, fella King. King. Yeah, hold on to that. Yeah. Fee fell Anki Yes. The Who

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is number 40 Let's try it together. Last Shem su Yan belle de la ha.

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To the Cal amo

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now I want you to hear the difference between Cal or Cal or so in front of the UVA law Cal or then go behind it

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and do the recal amo

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lay loose be good? Nah ha now we're cool Lo Fi file and key is the who hold the shirt yeah shut down your mouth for liking Yeah, yeah, try not to drag it II try not to drag it like that. You're gonna hold it not drag the yeah sound I have 41 What? What I am to love whom we're yet to left home. And how am I gonna bring the tongue out after harmala Lu Li yanta home lewrie yanta home feed feel fully key feel fully keel mesh who don't I number 41 What I am to love whom? And how am I gonna Valeriya home feel full kill mash on your puckering your lips full full kill mash Hoon so when you're ending you know of course you're not going to say much who knee you're going to say much Hoon by putting a

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Kinect at the end when you want to stop. I in number 42 We're going to transition what all law and then off is going to bounce while while l na nah. Well ha ha scratch it a little bit more back of your throat. Well while out on

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myth Lee he yell roar. Caribou don't commit to that raw man yell or caribou Moon while all along on. Hello. I'm Mimi. Lee he my yell. Caribou moon. The puckering at the end. I am number 43. Now what in Nashua? Anytime there's a noon with a W on top of it full nasal sound make it full. It's going to come out of your nose. We're in Nash yet no real Oh whom fella Swati Hall. Lau whom home Wila home. Young boy Zune you you noon floats because of the cough. You're all Zune is number 43 we're in now shad no real go home Falah and Swati while our home Wila whom you all call Zun wala whom your Kazu Zune i a 44 e.

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let the air flow naturally like checking your breath raw, man I

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mean, I

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mean, so here you have noon and meme with a W on top of it. Oh my damn mean. Damn. mean one

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on Isla he in complete the ILA he in love or mad,

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eel he

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is number 45. What either were ie the tongue out of the mouth tip just a tip or either Lila whom stop there. If you want to get the coff correctly with the line on the bottom think of the word key. Think of the word like an actual key and then pull it to the back of your mouth say key. Now say li, li, it's going to pop at the back of your throat. Li Li y either kalila Lau who moved down who? What either de la la who moved there who who moved there cool so you're gonna connect here directly? Or either Lila who moved there cool man Bay in a deep comb while I'm while

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found comb LOD Lancome to your hair moon, door hanger moon. You're going to hear the commitment but it's not really like the Spanish rolling rah. You're not going to say doctor nor you're gonna say door. It's not a jerking sound. So let's try it together. Law I love to ham on complete the commitment. Door. Ha her morn. I a number 46

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sharp sound that that one. That the hem

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mean. Yet Dean.

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Yeah, didn't know I'm going to take this and connect it straight to the meme and hold it. Yeah, team meeting.

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The be him mean.

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Deal or deal or E or do it at home with me. Please say e all so now you're gonna hear the separation of mean.

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D Rob, be him. The ASAN gets cut off. Yeah, to be him. Eel Lanka, no, tu tu tu es

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que no

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more de lune more ideal due soon, it is going to commit. So don't say ma be doing don't rush for the iron, pucker and commit pucker and lift more Id do

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More ideally in the word is more of the lean. But I want you to that was a small error. But we'll we'll be able to work through these together say more idea lean. Now the board is going to be aligned on the bottom. Instead of saying what are you alone, which would be a mistake I want you to pucker more easily. And then bring the blood from the side of your mouth and say lean more easily more easily in ELAC no on her more ideally.

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We mean, fair enough. hamdulillah May Allah overlook our shortcomings and those mistakes that we do knowingly or unknowingly? If you hear something off, we're going to do our best to realize that when we're reading we're all going to make some small mistakes. Let's try our best to make sure you read what's off the page though. I am number 46. Now we're starting 47 We're either the home we're either only home.

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Fico, meme, Ma, Ra Zelle on na Rosa on Kumu law who meme was our uncle move law who all levy GAFA rue. Let's take it back a little bit from the beginning of the idea what either Lee Lala whom, and feel oh

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ra Xang or Kumeu law who follow through me

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on cool Moon law who make the law full and clear, Kunal law who all levy NACA ruli levy Na, Manu, try it again. All levy CAFA ruli levy Manu

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new quote and no tour emo Alif noon Thor is going to bounce So, a new wall and notepal notebook after you're done with the bounce then bring in the iron and Noto or emu, an opal re move pull the sound down a note or emo Molo dropped the noon mal lo Yasha. Law who out ball I'm bouncing lift out boy I am. Who and if you stop l llama,

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Fair enough. Let's start from all levy nine. CAFO Rulli levy

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Manu no burry movement, low mellow no noon in between not man low, mellow Yasha

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Oh Lord, who else bought

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in and to whom touch then float in and to land fee? Bala Ali

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Mubi in soy bod. We've seen it three times today. Let's fill up the side with the air. Bock wall. It Luffy wala Lim Mubi in excellent. You have IR number 47 was a little bit longer. So if you want to take a second rewind it you'll be able to get a clear picture of the whole IR i n number 48 of the fourth page where young Gulu Nan wha Yeah. Oh Luna Mata Mata tap that tap to to tap it with me my data data that way you're not getting tick a tick sound Mata has their little wire do has a large do a thing going to slaughter the clean way Hakuna Matata has the word do wet lift. Why do Inc? in Golden Dawn saw DLT in excellent i a number 49 Ma Yan Lu Runa. So you're going to float the noon and

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the tongue is going to come out not it's going to the second part of the tongue so this is a full sound. My yellow Boo Yong Woo Runa my Yeovil Runa Illa slightly hands down he that then let's stop here and let's analyze for a second my yell Runa after the ad then go down Illa Slee with a big a sound slightly slightly hands down.

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He that then that that is followed by another task so float it was he that done? Dad that dad that was he that? That who through whom? Who through whom while whom Mia Hall? Yeah all and then you can go straight into Assad. Yahoo sleep moon. That who whom wha hoo. Mia. Ha, Yahoo sleepy moon. You don't want to fill your whole mouth over exaggerate with your lips, but say, Yeah, his Slee? Yeah, please Slee.

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sleeve moon.

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Excellent. I a number 50 fella. Yes, there. And then you're going to press your tongue dial Lee. The topic Tata Tata now press it ball ball ball ball. Delta V. Delta V. fella. Yes. Del ple Runa Yes. Tao blee Tao blee like pulling a lampshade down. Tao blee blee Runa I would definitely separate this word. Give it its right Furla let the air out of the tire. Yes. The plea rule nah, fella. Yes. Down plea Runa make sure after you're completing the plea, wait Runa you're gonna go from the front of your mouth to the middle of your throat. It's going to take a second for the sound to change for you to get access to that part. So fella yes, definitely Runa Tao sleep down Wallah those Slee

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Wila Isla

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li him. let the air out like a stereo.

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Li him your G rune nice commitment here on the raw again we've seen it several times today. Fella Yes. Delicately. Runa Tao mostly down

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while we're after the word then lamb lifted while

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li him yell or G rune.

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Not bad. If you're an it takes a little bit of time don't worry about it. Just pause it. Try to knock it out one more time. Four in a row. One ofI hall where new fee Hall counted out clearly. Were no fee ha feel Sudhi fill the air fee feel Sudhi so it's gonna go II smoothly odd feels so the fire ie the first ie the home Meenal Ajit Daffy Isla be him floated yen see loon will become yeah, see loon i a number 51 One goofy cornfields so the fire is home Meenal Ajit Daffy fi e la, Fi ILA ra all be him.

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See you soon. I am number 52 is going to have something you might not have seen. And if you're 100 series student, you haven't seen this sign before. But we're going to work on it together. The sound is going to pause but our voice or we're not going to break our breath. So let's try it together. All you all Liu Wei learn.

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you see the baby meme again. We saw it up say about the third I think it was second is right up here at the top of the page. We saw yam belly. If you refer back to your class or if you've taken the 100 series class, we said baby mean was going to cause a slight vibration between the lips. Say Ma

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Ba Santa

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the StriveTogether or lujah way land Lana

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Sana ba Sana. Lift up your own. The word is meme Mel Gaul de na. We're gonna read MIMO on the

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then we're going to move move to the word Hatha. But we're going to pause without breaking our breath. mean no bonding.

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Ma, y ra ma no. Y ra Ma Ma Manu

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wha slaw down already more saloon. So listen to it together.

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mean no bonding.

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Ha, ma wha

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ra Manu well slaw down or more Selu moon takes care of page number four for Surah Yaseen. I'm hoping that you're following along with the videos and that you're doing your practice. Go back, listen to the page once and read it at least two or three times it will get your fluency up and you'll also enjoy the recitation of Quran a lot more. May Allah make you an advocate of Quranic literacy for any mistakes that were made today we ask for Allah's forgiveness. Remember in the word of Eliza Nachum or Rosa calm right here. You heard me say Rosa gonna watch out for the noon and also in the word more or the loon you know that it's more arguably in May Allah overlook our shortcomings that we

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have done knowingly and unknowingly. I close today's page Allahumma l hem nee Rushdie. What are the name in Shchedrin FC? O Allah or our creator or our Protector? I asked you to inspire me and to make blossom inspire in me good. inspiring me what is the best? What are the niemand Shchedrin FC and saved me and protect me from the evil of my own self for AQL online? I'll see you on page five does that Glock Laden was set up modicum