Wisam Sharieff – Part 06 The Prophetic Dynasty

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of counting numbers in relation to war and the loss of people and properties. They emphasize the importance of avoiding misperceptions and learning from the flood and storm experiences. The speakers also discuss the use of "monster" in settings, including building a ship, and the importance of avoiding giving up on one's own feelings and interests. The importance of learning from the flood and its lessons for future generations is also emphasized. The transcript describes a group of people discussing the impact of the flood on their lives and work, as well as the importance of avoiding giving up on one's own feelings and interests.
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Having to re learn and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e Nabeel Karim or praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave us today. All praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah who gave us life during a time when people are in difficulty or praise and things are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave us free time to be able to come to the masjid. So with that I'd like to start today with three special at the area do ours that have affected me. And one of those to us is that Allah subhanho wa Taala accept your EAD. And I wish everyone a very blessed and happy read that has passed I didn't get to spend it with you all.

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So May Allah subhanaw taala Bless you, the second daughter that I would like to make together you all know it's day number five to our Allahumma inni s Allah Luca hoback. Allah we ask for your love will help by May you have a book and the love of those who love you. What hope there are many you can read boonie either how big and Allah we ask you that we have love of the actions that will bring us close to your love Allahumma Bahia Hulu Bana Amina nifa Oh la cleanse our hearts from being two faced from being hypocrites. What are Marlena amenorrhea and our actions from showing off? What else in Atlanta, Minelli, Kathy and our tongues from uttering lies. What are you Nana Mina Leanna and our

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last CIF guard our eyes from looking at that which is treacherous that which is tempting but will destroy our Eman over law for in Nikita Allah Maha in a woman to fish sudo Allah you know what are icy and what is deep in our heart? Allahumma inni unbecoming Zawadi neomatik Allah we asked her protection from the decrease in good the decrease of good days. Oh Allah we asked your protection from when the going is good for things to go wrong. What the how boulia athletic what Pooja at the new chromatic was yummy cephalic La ilaha illa Anta subhanak indicando me nobody mean I request you all for five seconds to ask Allah for whatever you need.

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rudo Billahi min ash shaytaan YG rajeem Bismillah ma Neill Rafi he

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feels Long,

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long masala Salim ala nabina Muhammad assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Beaton Allahu taala what I would like to do today and I'm I pray that you all had a fantastic read, and I can see you all came to the masjid dressed as Muslim so happy Halloween in Charlotte I had to in the first five minutes I have to it can be edited out it's okay. Be vanilla today I don't want to start with a recap necessarily of the prophets you know creation of men you know that other monies Salam was created, his two sons came down. They one of them killed the other. A third son at the age of about 300 years old. Ottoman asylums had an ex son and his son's name was sheep. He was a prophet. He battled the problems of not only music, but the invention of music. He battled the

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problems of the religious people. What did the religious people do? And she thought asylums time anyone remember they questioned why Allah said something. Remember, they weren't allowed to hang out with their cousins and then they went in shavon said Well, what's so bad with the cousins? Just your cars bro? What's your cause? What's wrong with it? He made them question and what did he make the females of the people of

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corbeil do to beautify themselves to learn to seduce. Then we said after other money Sam came sheath and after sheath on a Sam we had enough enough was the Prophet Idris and we know the Prophet Idris la salat wa salam. He had many we had many scrolls were Excuse me. Many narrations are found about him but not lengthy. Just all small little tidbits. Can anyone remember one thing that happened to him so that we can he said that he was going to meet a lot he was going to meet the angel of death and ask for what

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more effort more time in life basically just give me a little bit more because the more I live, the more good deeds I can do. And then we started after 10, Harun 10 generations or 10 decades depending on how you define the words we found between other Malays Salaam and new the two biggest components at this point. She's you don't hear much about an Idris RS and I'm not a lot of stories between these two great giants, the father of all human beings and then what did we say about new new Halle Sam was the largest gene pool that we have now, most of us probably came from the offspring of new hotness around what did we say was created during the time of newer or what was introduced for the

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first time. Shake? sisters, can you give me a quick understanding? What is she? What is your

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sounds like a bar of soap? What is it?

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to this there are three forms right three forms of sharing to associate a partner with Allah subhanho wa Taala to give godly characteristics to a human being. And then the third was just to worship something that was other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So we went through three forms of shift. What we then realized was, and what we read in our last session was the last words of new hotness. And those words were what all my people, and we came to the point where new Haile Salaam raised his hands. But before we talk about that, I would like you to take two is from Sura, it will summarize everything we did for the last few weeks. I am number one is going to be surah are off. Am

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I bold enough to ask you? What? Surah Surah?

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Tough crowd number seven, we're going six. Let me get one more. Lady in the purple hat. Can you say seven? Here you go.

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So we move forward, we say seven. It's a tough crowd. I've been traveling for 10 days. So I am used to a little bit more interaction, right? So what we're going to look at here is a summary of what the prophets came to tell us about. On the first day we discussed, undoubtably we prove there is a creator there is Allah Subhana Allah because Allah is independent, and unlimited. We are dependent and limited. So by factor whether you bring religion into the question or not, we believe in a higher source, we believe in our Creator, you can kind of take that fumble around in your head a little bit like yeah, even the universe is limited. The universe in 1994 was discovered that light

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reflected off of some,

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some satellite and it showed us that the universe was expanding. So Allah subhanaw taala, then communicated with us. We're talking about the beginning of time, but what did every prophet remind us about? Does anyone remember what what's their main message? shred all of the laws? At the end of the day, what was the message of all prophets?

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Lie ilaha illAllah believe that there is no other creator sustainer, giver of life. Elijah, give me another definition for Ilaha I gave you creator sustainer, Giver of Life architect, one who is worthy of worship taken another step or worthy of authority. I'm looking for a word. One who is absolutely the only source of true love. Allah subhanaw taala Ilaha means the what? No, there is no other deity worthy of love, compassionate, tender love than Allah subhana wa Taala. So we said this, their main message was, there is no god but a lot and eventually whether you believe in Allah or not, what will happen are Rahmani Raheem. Maliki Ahmed, you will meet Allah. So what we're going to

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look at is in Surah off Ayah number 44 a conversation of the inevitable destinations of Paradise and the inevitable destination for for some people may Allah save it from us is the hellfire. A Conversation happens in Surah out of iron number 44. Before we start, we say Allahumma I did not mean enough, where Allah subhana wa Taala says on

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the people of general look down through some portal through some viewing glass. Some old teachers when I was a child said people would turn on the TV in general, and they would see a channel only dedicated and again this was an explanation to me as a child. They would see nothing but the people of *, but it was more like a Skype so they would ask the people of the Hellfire and padwa Jelena wha wha wha buena hochkar the people in general reclining on Lazy Boy chairs we discussed this in Surah madej they will recline there'll be handy drinks, wine goblets that they will drink from and they will look down to the people of the fire and say did you find

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Promise of Allah hath God, did you find that? The promise that if you didn't pray, if you didn't fulfill the rights if you looked at that, which is how long you would go to * did you find that to be true? How far? And they said 400 wadjet, to ma bukem haka, the people of the Hellfire will unanimously say, because just being spoken to by someone in the paradise was a gift in itself, they will say, although

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they say, Yes, we found a lot of promise that he was real, that he would send PR messengers and that he sent a final book we found that to be true, we didn't find that to be true because of gardens and paradise we found that to be true because we are now burning and the burning of our skin is creating some type of the Quran says it creates Amelie it's Halloween, if there was ever a better time to visualize this, do it now. You see all these zombies and the constant they keep pushing to Allah says in the Quran, their skins will burn and when your skin burns, what happens it creates a water a clear liquid, if you continue to. That's just the your, your synaptic fluid there's a there's a

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clear lymphatic fluid that comes out. It's just basic. But after that continues to burn, it gets pissy and after that continues to burn, it burns to the fat, it gets *. And after that your nervous system is charged and you start to burn into the fat. You start to burn into the bone past the tissue. And you've seen this resident evil people however you want to measure it up. You've seen it right? And you're like, Oh wow, that's good special effects. Allah says, Look, I'll show you special effects but also think about it. So those people will say Paul do for us denim, denim bainer home Atlanta to LA he Olive? What do you mean, so that people have the paradise banish them say we

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don't want to talk to you anymore. We don't want to hear anything from you anymore. And this blood and this burning will continue with the people. But I asked you for one second to look at iron number 50. So some time passes, the people of Paradise are not only enjoying themselves, but they look down and they realize that these people are burning. And the people of Hellfire realize that they have an opportunity to talk to the people above. And Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in if 50 of surah are off what

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else have been naughty and

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now the people down at the bottom of the valleys and the burning pits of * will look up to the people in general and say, could you guys kick some crumbs to us? Could you guys maybe Alena minima? Can you drop some water? Do you think you could spit so that at least we could quench our burning we could quench our throats? And they would say can you give us some part? Oh Nima Rosa como la, some part of what Allah gave you. And these are the words that I'd like you to remember, not from the beginning of the story of the profits. But at the end, whether we learn the lessons or not, we were going to meet our Creator. And the words that echo to young people when they hear Islam or a lot.

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The first word they hear is how long it's how long you can't do that Skittles. They're wrong. Your hat is haram. What you do is haram sisters, I don't even know why you're here. It's around. Right? So the first thing you hear is how wrong and Allah subhanho wa Taala has only used this word to forbid very specific things. So the people of the Hellfire look up and say can you give us even a drop today in this world, when you want to go out and do something and your parents say this is how long you can't do this? Listen to the words of the people of the paradise. They will say God Oh

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v palu in Nevada, what is the word? How to Rama Houma say how Rama Houma today a lot indeed has made her arm for the disbelievers who went to the Hellfire, anything that the people of Paradise get. So, next time this is my message in a nutshell. Next time you hear that something is wrong, turn to Alliance a alarm willing to forego this thing. So I can be amongst the people in paradise who are allowed. And there in general, nothing is held on and nor will it ever end. Even if I made every drug, every amount of interest, alcohol, every type of thing that you want to do. If I made it a lot, it would still end it would still end at some point. But when we forego these things for Allah,

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at the end of the day, it goes on forever. And that's the hardest thing for us to realize. So instead of doing a huge synopsis, I thought to give you these two is this one

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One conversation that takes place. So next time you see someone telling you, I live the life I eat crap and watch people shake all night or 24 cars and clothes when people keep pushing dounia at you, all I asked you to do is turn back and say what they're calling you to is beautiful, but at the end of the day will end and it is not beauty that Allah subhanho wa Taala prefers. So we start today B isn't Allahu taala and the last words

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and I'll only encourage this for you for one second. If you don't if you want to be one of the people of Paradise and you don't want to be someone in the Hellfire who is asking for water, by the way from the ayah in the Quran, tell me after the water and the crumbs of the people of Jenna how llama Houma lol caffine and are haram and those people, what do they end up doing? As the Quran tells us,

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they begin to lick their wounds, they drink their own plus that is coming out of their body parts. It's very difficult for us to think about that. But when we think about the punishment of the Hellfire, the moments of happiness are not are gone from here. So next time you see someone obsessed with horror movies, tell them read Quran, you'll see a lot more graphic things that are real, as opposed to someone giving you a paranormal number 16. Right. At some point it's going to be like well, how long is this going to go on? It's a concept of something in the background moving we know on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will make that which was unseen, to be seen. So in

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Isaiah number 51, Allah subhana wa tada says, if you want to be of the people of Gemini and not the people of the fire, he says unloving Tohoku Dena home Laurie been one of those people who take their religion their Deen their way of life, as a game and as a play as something that you do on Fridays as something you do to show your parents did you pray? Yeah, Mom, I pray Don't worry about it. And you physically just go up and down a couple of times. And Medina, todos de la Riva Walla, Walla to manhyia to dunya. And they have become hypnotized by this world war for what? Who will hire to dunya between VH one and MTV, between this rap video and this pop culture between this entertainment and

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this smoke? Allah has given us the opportunity to wake up. So be aware not to make the deen as a game and as a play. So as we move forward with first thing that we said, we left off on the do our How many years did a new Harley ceram call his people how many years 950 Go ahead, bigger 950 and 1000 minus 50. You've heard 950 it doesn't really mean anything anymore. I want to put numbers into perspective really quickly. When cnn tells you 50 Palestinians died. And four young Jewish women passed away. They are playing with the way that you perceive numbers. 50 could be cattle could be dogs. 50 died, but four of these young women and then they'll give you their names, where they

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lived, where they went to school, and then all of a sudden, like oh my god, they died. But they won't show you. So numbers are very important to think about because they will throw you for a spin and they will tell you one set of numbers like yeah, so 950,000 women and children died in Iraq between the two wars between Iraq war one and war two 950,000 children, women and children died because of sanctions. saddam who passed drank hot chocolate in Switzerland, they will tell you 950,000 women and children, they will say a 950,000 Iraqis. Yeah, that's crazy. Iraqis blow something up anyway. Right? So the way they present information to you, I want you to I want you to

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run the numbers by yourself differently all the time. When I told you women and children you stopped when I said iraq these they're insurgents that could be scenery, there could be sunny, who cares? Be careful when numbers are presented to you 1000 years minus 50 new holidays that I'm starting to call his people. And as we read today, a lot of be in need to call me Laila Juana. Ha, he said to his people, I called Oh, a lot. It's almost a complaint. If anything, he filled out a report in front of a law. He goes look a law for this many years. This is what I have been doing. I called my people phoned me Laila, one hour in the morning and in the evening. For me, I didn't do it. He laughed. And

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I kept telling them, just ask less forgiveness and everything will be fine. What did the people of New Halle Salam do in the later years? He literally wasn't 900 year old man. He was an old man. So what did they do when he started giving Dawa? We read this last time two weeks ago, what they do, they stuck their fingers in their ears we know to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Some of the Qureshi is used to put cotton in their ears, but imagine walking up to someone and they start sticking their fingers like this. What was the second thing that they did?

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Remember, they took their clothes

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They literally covered their heads like Oh, here we go with the old man again. Where's the Prozac? Here we go. Don't worry, Dad, Grandpa, it'll be okay. Right and they would cover their heads with these clothes. until this point, new holiday salon didn't do anything and he said a lot I call them in the morning in the evening I called them privately. I called them publicly I posted it on Twitter I put it on Facebook I took Instagram pictures and said look, Allah wants you to worship him. Don't go practice don't pass his ground ground and the people got tired of this old man. So then he reads to Allah for coal to stone Pharaoh Banku in Ghana we have

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all a lot despite calling them morning evening public private besides openly telling them and then privately giving them rational points over law I told them with the final word for who to stole fuel make is still for sale I'm sorry, say a selfie the law in who can have a pharaoh Allah is the most forgiving the Most Merciful and how did we define gana Guevara can even remember Allah was merciful Allah is merciful and

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Allah will always be merciful this word kana here is joining Rafah making it the highest level you receive this

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middle row and if you ask Allah for forgiveness here he will rain down he will give you a blessing in your in the land that you own here every economy his work works on its agriculture its water while you need

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money in order Lancome Jana

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and if you're worried about what's going to happen in this life, I will increase you in children which is your manpower I will give you more wealth I will give you more land what Jannat and gardens one harbor and I'll give you rivers to give them with and the idea after this was what I was hoping we could pick up on Milan Kuma una de la he won't borrow mallacoota What was the definition of this? What was that? What did it mean? What's wrong with you? Malcolm latur una de la de Vaca What did we define wakad and I said this in the hood but said it last time? What Malcolm lacquered una De La Hoya Cora we defined it as what's wrong with you. Why don't you recognize Allah? What's wrong fam if

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you can't recognize that, if you don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala enough in his mercy that you made a small mistake. You missed a prayer you forgot Oh, Allah forgot me. monokuma una de la hora. And upon this then we realize he came. He said Juan Pablo Juan Cancun Elko la

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hora con la husaberg.

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So, finally, and these are brand new eyes, we didn't touch this, after telling them what's wrong with you. Why didn't you recognize a la then he finally turned to them and said, Look, you're insignificant. There is nothing about you. That is actually a big deal. Because Allah created everything perfect, everything clear. And then he started talking about the sky. Anyone can realize why Allah constantly talks about you suddenly holy law he Murphy Samajwadi mama fill out what is the lucky talking about the Creator, owner of the heavens and the earth? What does this do to a human being?

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It kind of doesn't make you realize there's so much more than just me. There's so much more than Well, my wife yelled at me today. Oh, my husband's upset with me. Oh, your problems become insignificant. Let me give you a small example. When you see a star, when you see a star here on Earth, that is

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four 4000 light years away, or four, four light years, excuse me four light years away. Do you know that that star has actually expired, that star could be dead. And it is 1000s and hundreds and 1000s of miles away and the light just reach you now but we look at and say wow. But by the time the light has reached you what happened to the star? It's gone. So what we admire as unbelievable, and I want you to think of the direct parallel. When you look at a star by the time the light reaches you, most of those stars are dead. When we look at the stars in Hollywood. By the time we're like, oh my god, that's so amazing. They're probably they're part of one scandal where they shave their head off, or

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they're in jail because of crack or they're throwing up on a stage or they've had some weird mildura wardrobe malfunction. Why? Because by the time the light got to us, right? We're just like, oh my god, this is so and they're gone. So Allah subhanaw taala makes us and shows us the insignificance of us when we sin. When we praise Allah then we become as great as the angels that surround the throne of Allah. But when we leave Allah subhanaw taala out of the picture we end up without without being like the one who says Wow, look at the light and the light is gone.

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So upon this, he says to them that there are savasana What? And finally he says the words and these two words if you could write them down for me, he says twice once in IRA number 26 of surah nu, which is Surah number 71. And once in surah ambia ayah number 76, he says, and he raises his hands, now I want you to paint the picture. 900 plus years have passed. And old Noah wearing his long garbage because remember the fashion has changed 30 times in his lifetime. And now he's wearing his old garbs Long Beard now all the narration gives us long beard, he comes up and he raises his hands. When a man who has served a loss of Hiawatha Allah with his life for 900 years raises his hands, you

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better believe things start to rumble. He says to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, and he turns to his creator, he says, well, all I know.

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He says, Oh Allah don't leave even one disbeliever on this earth, I need from you two reasons. Why would a profit make this type of job? I need you can't just leave here saying the story was great. How could a profit sent by God, say don't even leave one single body on the earth? And we'd love to answer this question quickly so that we can move forward. Think about it. What had just started, brother said shake generations it took shirk to begin. So what did the kids do? The kids saw their parents, they made the five idols of who they made five idols of the righteous people, those righteous people then were later on worshipped. What were they doing to their kids? What were they

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teaching their kids

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to worship? And what did what's Reason number one new holiday Salam said Allah wipe them out, not for after 50 years or 200 years. He said Allah it's been 900 years. Why? What was the number one reason why wipe them all out? Anyone can say should just cut it from the route of Prophet who was patient for 900 years, was worried about someone adding something to the equation La ilaha illa Allah. Let's take that into consideration. Number two, he realized that he had called the people openly publicly so not only were there generations and their children going to go on, but now they were spitefully spitefully, transgressing against Allah subhanaw taala. Now just to get a rise out

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of new Hadassah, they were doing this. So what did Allah subhana wa tada? Do? He granted the DA of new he raised his hands, someone who had waited 900 plus years he raised his hands and upon this, Allah subhanho wa Taala told him after this, the books are closed, nobody will receive and nobody will believe in you, Noah, no one will believe in you. So let us take one important lesson directly from this. And the other must send this directly in every reading that I did for this research. If you've offended someone who is a religious worker, look, they've all got their qualms, right. Someone who speaks someone who does that well, but someone who does this full time, if you have

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offended them or hurt their cause, and somehow in your life, things are not going well make amends. Because you never know when a religious person when Imam Ahmed even humble who was lashed 14,000 times with the revised 14,000 times to the part to the parts of the whip were stuck in his back.

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At some point, the he raised his hands and they said if I hadn't been humble had raised his hands and made law against a group, those people would be gone. Number one, make amends if you ticked off some religious person and it wasn't genuinely something that was that big. Ask for forgiveness, let it go. Because people invested in this game. It takes a lot you have to hear it from your family. You have to hear it from the religious people you have to hear from non religious people, then you have to hear it from different groups. And number two, never, never closed the door of Allah subhanaw taala as mercy never say Allah can't forgive me for you never know when Allah subhanho wa

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Taala will hear the DA of new as he did, and close the books. And upon this new holiday Salam did something very strategic and I pray that you can take these rewires everything I'm saying from 801 everything from now on is Bunny is la isla de wires. These are all narrations from the Jews and Christians. Okay, so it's going to be a part of the story take it as it goes. So new holiday Sam raised his hands Allah subhanho wa Taala closed the doors of mercy and upon this What happened? He started telling new build a ship. Now a few narrations that come on the ship that are really important. A new Hello Sam doesn't know how to build a ship at all. He doesn't know how to build an

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ark. Allah subhana wa tada starts to instruct him. One of the interesting Israeli idiot was new Hello Sam. built here.

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ship on the top of a mountain. So a lot instructed him go down from the mountain, cut a tree, bring the log up and place it down. And then by the time he got back to that tree, it had grown back. But the next so this was a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala. But the next part that was amazing was new would lay down a log, and the next log he would lay down would fit like a jigsaw puzzle. You know, when you take 1000 piece puzzle, and you place one piece here, one piece here, and he saw the ship coming into form on its own. He saw the ship coming into its full form. He's like, wait, I think I can see it now. Because again, new Haile Salam was asked to do something by Allah. He didn't know

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how to do it. Did he say God, I don't know how to do it. Take the step forward. You didn't know how to wear hijab. You didn't know what someone was going to say to you when you went and prayed in the mall. You didn't know what it was going to feel like when someone said to do try this it's just a little bit and you're like you didn't know how to say no. Do what knew how they sounded what Maryam Salah Manali ha did and what the wife or moosari sam did. They trusted Allah knew was told to build a ship. He didn't complain. He didn't say I've been doing it for 900 years. Now you want me to build a ship? No, he trusted Allah subhanaw taala. Miriam said, Amen. I didn't say I just had a baby. How

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am I gonna smack this tree? Ain't nothing gonna happen that smack this tree? And how did moosari salams mom say? throw my baby. Wait a minute. I just saw a whole bunch of soldiers throw babies in the air and catch them on swords as we find it in the Old Testament in narrations. And now you want me to throw my baby into this river. But what did she do? She trusted Allah. So throw the baby, make that effort to do something that you hadn't done before. And say, I'm going to do this now. Whether it's praying. So now whether it's dressing more modestly, whether it's a job, whether it's going to the mustard, 400 say ally trust you. I'm going to do this. Now upon this.

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It's very sad to read the narrations. But it's very encouraging them to say so he would go up and down place the pieces in a jigsaw. Let's take it a step further. Did we realize that the ship of new holiday Sonam had a roof? Why was this and we talked about this two weekends ago to from the first class. When the ship set sail. How were the mountains? How were the waves, they were like mountains. So Allah subhana wa Taala had built and instructed him to build a canopy on top, whether it was closed or not, we don't want to discuss that. So this is like a submarine esque ship. This submarine is able to navigate through 100 foot waves. And upon this new holiday Salaam is building a ship. And

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I mentioned this the first time

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the people call me the people who were his

00:32:41 --> 00:33:20

the mela who are the Chiefs they used to walk by and they would stop by noon. And they would say Hey old man, you quit being a prophet. And now all of a sudden you're a carpenter. When did you start build start building ships? Why don't you make a ship for us? But and these are their exact words that came. But when you make another ship, make it down here in the valley. Maybe some water might come? And he said and they kept mocking him. They're like so Noah when you build this ship? Where exactly are you going to get it down there? Oh, the jinns are gonna come and take your ship for you. And you feed these narrations. It's like, someone who knows their fate is sealed. He knows that the

00:33:20 --> 00:33:59

people are going to be punished. He knows their fate is sealed. That person is able to look at them. And he doesn't say a word. This is the difference between a patient person and a person who is patient for a lot. He could have said well you're going to * right easily could have said you're going to * just straight up you know, have a good time. I told you about it once already. Right. And and I literally not as a phrase but yeah, you're going to *, buddy. You know, we had 900 years to do this whole mess. But what happens? He stays quiet. They mock him. This is Surah number 37 ayah number 56. And he turns back to them and he only says one word. He says color in this hall

00:33:59 --> 00:34:33

boo Mina for in ness Kuru mean come comma does. The comma does Harun you laugh at us now, but we will be laughing later. And this is the attitude that when you're wearing hijab, and someone points out you know wearing a beard or thobe you're praying in public or your name is Mohammed and someone says something to you. Smile, take it as long as you can, but the extent of your retaliation as we learn from New Elisa is say you laugh today or laugh later? Or or make it sophisticated and say we'll see who has the last laugh

00:34:34 --> 00:34:40

and then walk away. Right? It's fair enough. We'll see who has the last laugh. Upon this. He gathers.

00:34:41 --> 00:35:00

He gathers the the wood to complete the ship and he starts to pick up different animals he starts to bring the animals he starts to bring the people around him. What I would like to draw a very quick parallel across though, I could tell you that it flooded right it flooded it flooded from the ground and it flooded

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

from the sky. So you guys know in Colorado, they have those springs, the hot springs. So the springs of the earth literally started to gush forward. And so like we do in Colorado, people like oh look, gushing springs, the people of New didn't care. They didn't have any idea of what was going on. So upon this, he looked over and the spring started to gush, the people said, not a big deal. And then it started to rain. I could describe this rain to you, or aliquid. On the east coast, there was a hurricane that was 900 miles wide. Never seen never heard. I've been around for long enough to hear at least read. But I was getting calls from Baltimore to Boston. I had to constantly be checking no

00:35:44 --> 00:36:00

water, no electricity. And the amazing part was everyone I called, they were like, We have nothing. We don't have any electricity. We have nothing. Where was everyone headed? By the way? In most in Baltimore, in New York, New Jersey, and in Boston? Where did everyone go during the flood?

00:36:01 --> 00:36:40

To the monster, believe it or not, all of them decided that I got a call. It's not a miracle. Just take it as what it's worth. Everyone went to the masjid. They and I said, bro, what are you doing? Because it just feels right, bro. When you look outside and, and I tried to pull it up, but two of my students went to Manhattan the night of the storm. Manhattan's the busiest place in the world is a place called 53rd. And sixth, think about anyone chicken guy fans. Fair enough. It's a cart it sells chicken. And he said with Sam, it looked like the Day of Judgment. There was nobody out there, this mid Manhattan. That line for chicken sometimes has 900 people on it. Trust me, I've stood on

00:36:40 --> 00:37:23

it. And and I'm telling you, he said there was nobody outside it looked like and all he could see was the day of judgment. So I described if you need a better example of what it feels like to, to flood an entire nation. Think about a storm that's 900 miles wide. Think about the effects. We were getting the brunt of the outskirts of the storm. What was like in the middle? Allah subhanho wa Taala rain from the sky mid Aurora, the iron the Quran says that the sky was open, and that the floods and the springs of the earth gushed forth. As new holiday Salam boarded a ship, which was where where was his ship was on top of a mountain. So everyone who says right now, why do we pray to

00:37:23 --> 00:38:04

a God that we can't see? Why do we read a book that we can't necessarily understand? Sometimes Islam more make direct sense? Because it has there's a wisdom for us to find out? Why does Allah subhana wa tada allow for this? But not for that? Why aren't you allowed to do these things? At the end of the day, I want you to think about a ship on top of a mountain. I want you to think about the all the stars the most wealthy people it says in the Quran and if 56 of surah MBR excuse Surah 37 that the people would only the rich would come and Mark knew and as they would come in mock Him, they would say so what are you going to do? He could have said 1000 things but have you ever been in a

00:38:04 --> 00:38:07

law has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who

00:38:08 --> 00:38:26

Allah He talkin to wahoo or bhullar Shirazi Yama, all my elders, I put you on my head and I pray please learn these add area or put them up try to learn them memorize them, so we can make them collectively it makes the our sitting that much more bless it right.

00:38:29 --> 00:39:16

With this, the flood started, new holiday salon ship was removed from where was it began. All that we have in the narration is the ship sailed and every single human being was eradicated. Every single human being was eradicated, there was nothing left except those who were on the ship. Only one person stayed behind from who was meant to be on the ship. And this was no honey syrup. I speak directly to my generation. Every one of us who has looked our dad in the eye and said, Look, Dad, I get it. I know. Don't worry, I'll take care of it. Yeah, I know. The next time. Yeah, I know, comes out of your mouth and you're looking into the eyes of your parents. Think about the eyes of news.

00:39:17 --> 00:39:56

Think about the confidence that his son had. Yeah, that I got it. Look, I know a lot one step further. I got it. I'll pray. Right. Okay, good. Think about those words. And I guarantee you if you resurrected Noah's son now before and just kind of press rewind and said, bro, did you know what you were talking about? He's like, yeah, Bro, I knew exactly what I was talking about. And then fast forward to the moment when the wave hit him. And then he would say I had no idea. I knew nothing. So as much as it seems like we know and our parents don't because our parents don't have a Facebook or our parents don't know how to work the DVR. As much as we know. We don't know at all. Because time

00:39:56 --> 00:40:00

comes with wisdom comes with time. So I asked you to look into this

00:40:00 --> 00:40:13

Eyes and for the fathers I only asked you to look into the eyes of knew as he looked at his son, you know, when your son says something completely, I'm looking for an appropriate but inappropriate word at the same time. The most

00:40:14 --> 00:40:34

unintelligent thing, and I'm not one to use stronger words, but someone who is just completely, he's saying the dumbest thing possible. And you just look at your kid and you kind of nod right? You're like, yes. Yeah, well, okay. You have no idea what's going to hit you in the face right now. But, you know, you kind of give that that moms do it. The best moms are just like, you're dumb.

00:40:36 --> 00:41:16

I mean, right? moms do a perfect and you look at them, you're like, oh, man, I don't feel so great. Right now, fathers think about that time when you looked into the eyes of his child, and he knew he was going to be left and there was nothing behind it. And still, he kept his debacle in who lost. So mothers who complain my child doesn't pray, keep making to offer your child keep setting up scenarios so they can pray. But at the end of the day, he dies in the hands of Allah, Father set up scenarios so your sons can make the right decision. And as one of the Lama who commented on this, he actually said, there are some cases and scenarios after the age of puberty, where you should let

00:41:16 --> 00:41:53

your child fall. If your child has gotten in trouble for some reason, and has constantly been reminded over and over again, and they get picked up by the cops for being in the wrong place the wrong time. Or that some most of them I say that I'm hanging out in jail for a day. If you didn't get all of these examples, you better learn your best learn what was coming to you this much. New Halley's Salam looked into the eyes of his child who didn't know a word of what he was saying. All he knew was Yeah, I know. And upon this, a wave came between them. And after that he had a sudden didn't see his son. We ended hamdulillah we end a little early so we can actually pray so now I

00:41:53 --> 00:42:08

dislike running into the time. Upon this new holiday Salam came and this the ship docked where I'm sure one of the moms knows so hang on. That's it's in the Quran. What mountain did the ship settle on?

00:42:09 --> 00:42:48

Judy, excellent. hamdulillah Allahu Allah. Where's mount judy is specifically there's a narration that is shipped with that was 900 meters was found in Turkey that was found in Afghanistan. and India was asked to have a go at it. So yeah, they have they're like, yeah, there's one in India to write in has to have one hamdulillah everyone said that they found the ship. We don't it's not important to us where the ship was found and whether it existed because it's there. Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, but it rested there and knew how they Salaam turn to Allah safe. And if you can try to think about being in 100 foot 1000 foot waves and just waiting for a lot to save you.

00:42:48 --> 00:43:18

He gets to the shore. And what's the first thing he says a lot. You never break your promise. And you told me my family would be safe. Who is he asking about? is asking about his son. So not only did he see his son get destroyed, but he's saying, Look Allah, is there still a chance? And what does Allah subhanaw taala say to him and we end up these words. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, This is not your son. This is not your family. The people on the boat who believed in you, they are your family. In this last statement

00:43:20 --> 00:44:10

in our Diem, the ties of La ilaha illAllah are deeper than the blood that runs between myself and my brother, my blood brother. So keep in mind, this amazing statement, the father was made to see his son pass the sun couldn't. And Allah subhanaw taala excommunicated him from the family of no holidays. I encourage you and I asked you do your best to never miss a chance even if you are and I told this story, and I will try to give it to you again. Even if you are in the thick of sin, say a stuff for the law. Even if you're a mid conversation yelling at your wife for what happened at that, get together say stuff the law, you never know at what point the law will be stopped and that your

00:44:10 --> 00:44:56

actions will be closed. And after that you don't know what your situation is not an intent to scare you, but an intent to wake you up. There is no point at which Allah will not accept your forgiveness, but sending you hedaya sending you guidance that is between Allah subhanaw taala and his decree. So I asked you I implore you do your best to keep the relationship between yourself and the last Hanwha to Allah constant, even if it is in a state of sin. La ilaha illa Anta Hanukkah in the economy, nobody mean has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah He talkin to World War goulash dalim we conclude the story of new Hadassah, not a lot of detail because I mentioned he was in 20

00:44:56 --> 00:45:00

different swore in the Quran. His story is very likely

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

So again, I will recommend Surah Hood. I am number 24 to 48. This will give you a synopsis of everything we covered. There's one small fact the building of the ship. We do realize it's from EDF, how the ship was built, what happened, we take it and I think that this is a fairly sound narration that he would cut the tree come back and it would fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. We asked Allah subhana wa tada His mercy and for his forgiveness, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to shower you and for two minutes. Just a quick side note. For every young person who came today, I tip my turban before I make dawn, I tip my goofy turban, whatever you want me to do. I'll curtsy for you. Growing

00:45:40 --> 00:46:23

up here in the states and being able to come to the mustard of all places on Halloween night is a big deal. So for that I make a special draw for you. That Allahumma elohiym ni roosh D is ni Min shchedrin. FC, I made it personally and I pass it on to you. May Allah inspire you all to be better than those who you look up to a llama We ask Allah led to accidentally be my Hulu and May Allah not hold us for what the people say about us. But if you look up to someone know that that person is making blood for you tonight, and that they make glad that you all did a very huge thing by coming here. It's the second step. And I only encourage you so that you know this. Halloween is a pagan

00:46:23 --> 00:46:37

ritual. Everyone knows that people would dress up as as demons. Right? And they would go door to door during the harvest season. And you knock on your door and they would look like demons to get rid of the demons. What would you do?

00:46:38 --> 00:47:13

You wouldn't give them candy you would give them a part of your harvest came to us. So the concept came to America where we could commercialize it and sell a truckload of candy. So they made it into candy. So if you're tempted for these rituals, just remember they're outside of Islam. So the choice you made today is lightyears ahead of me having to sit down and try to convince kids on October 30. Please don't go trick or treating. You don't need to do it. I'll buy you candy, don't worry about it. But you made the right choice. And know this much. It is a pagan ritual, which means people who worship idols, and the entire festival is celebrating Who?

00:47:14 --> 00:47:57

Satan shavon it's the Christmas of the satan worshippers. So if there was one thing you were gonna kind of sort of Miss Halloween would be one of those things. And last but not least, try your best not to in don't involve yourself in this. The lusting to be scared. I'll only tell you this much as a child, there was a movie called event horizon. It was a ship spaceship. It went through time and it ended up in Jannah big movie. people watched it became very close to Allah worship the love prayed all their Salawat. And then what happened next year, another movie came out. And it was just a little bit scarier than event horizon. And then people prayed for a week, and then another movie,

00:47:57 --> 00:48:31

and then another movie. And eventually, all the sensory areas that were scary. They stopped there. I guess the big deal. I'm not scared. And the hope or the consciousness of even a law goes away because nothing can scare you. So try not to indulge yourself too much in this horror business. It's a waste of time. That's a very shallow thing to say. It's not good for your IRA. How about we put it that way? All that is cleaning periods from Allah subhanaw taala mistakes, Miss mistakes and misrepresentations are my own. I pray Allah, Allah blesses you tomorrow next week our objective is to get to Surah Hood and Surah Hood

00:48:32 --> 00:48:40

excuse me Surah Hood that talks about the people of God. So I asked Are there and we don't do this usually. Are there any questions related to what we covered?

00:48:45 --> 00:48:47

I wonder how long we can keep quiet like this.

00:48:48 --> 00:48:52

May Allah subhanaw taala bless all of you. Let us make da

00:48:53 --> 00:49:05

Bob br who do become in hamazon attache I'll tell you what our rules will be corrupt be rude. Please try this door. I'll read it once then read it after me Allahumma salli wa salim

00:49:08 --> 00:49:10

ala nabina Muhammad.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:19

The whole thing together, a law home flooded Lee was suddenly Milan Nabina Muhammad

00:49:24 --> 00:50:00

Allahumma inni Luca hogback Obama. Obama you could reboot either herbig Allah we pray that our youth is spent in the servitude of Islam, that our old age is not overcome by ailments or sickness or law we pray and ask that our life is not overcome by financial debt, that the effects of interest do not overwhelm our life or a lot do not make us amongst those who take loans rather make us amongst those who help free the next from the slavery of debt or law. We ask that our last actions are our best actions and that our cells are safe from cancerous mutations and that our joints are free from arthritis or

00:50:00 --> 00:50:38

We pray and ask that we die in the statement La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, Allah we pray and ask and beg of your mercy that our graves are full of light, and that our time in the grave is like an open apple orchard that shows our place in Jannah. O Allah, we ask and beg that our tongues are soft to answer the questions of the grave of Allah we pray that the best hour of our existence is the day of judgment. We pray that the best day of our lives is Yeoman piano. And we pray that we do not have to see sense feel or be a part of the hellfire. Allah make us amongst those who believe in the healer, as we believe in our own selves, or will make us amongst those who enter into the

00:50:38 --> 00:50:59

paradise into the gardens into the bliss of heaven. Be lady is a while without any questioning without any reckoning or law help us to enter the paradise so we meet so we may see your face. So we may be in your presence. So we may be enveloped in your mercy asked a lot again for the five second 10 seconds that you have.

00:51:13 --> 00:51:25

Lot of masabi was suddenly modern Nabina Muhammad Subhan Allah big a little bit dmac fonasa monada mursaleen will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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