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get this weekend started deep breath

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All right the varkala After I finish office hours and reading students, I headed over and checked into the hotel that we would be converting into our Quran by numbers or our memorization database.

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Studio. So super excited. This is me walking Bilal and Alia through the space and how we can use it. So we may turn this room that you're looking at, but most likely the second room that I'm going to walk into this one here, watch it now and then you'll see it transformed. For tomorrow as we begin our recording for those of you who are

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you know, just jumping on board, you'll see what we're talking about tomorrow. But it's amazing to watch a space like this hotel being transformed into something that creates so much energy and that's so lively.

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And Hello, friends it is the weekend. Rather it is Thursday as I am starting our recording are on by numbers what we're calling right now our Quran memorization database. We're continuing we're starting the 38th just, it's raining today. I just wanted to point out this same energy level of Maca is not there. There is a lot of effort to get through activities and tasks and to keep myself motivated. So maybe as motivational as I sounded doing hudge which was natural, I need to start tapping into that to getting the same things done. So no, it's not the same level of energy and focus and now there's family involved in the comfort of being home. So I'm hoping that this can be a

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part for you guys to be able to see that there is real life involved too. And when you don't want to do something that's what discipline is getting yourself to do the things that you need to do even when you don't want to 200 lezzy Sahara Lana have one mark one love one more cleaning, or in Isla Robin Lamone. Cali, Boone

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Subhan Allah, whoever you have the use of 100 LIDAR them. So Thursday it is, it is Wednesday, tomorrow, Thursday, we are beginning the 30 hostages, with Brother below continuing our Quran memorization database. So definitely excited about that. We will be beginning our journey tomorrow. And I will keep you posted on that. And the time in between. I have two mentees, people that are in a mentorship program. You'll all hear about that a little bit later on. It's It's its own project. But I love doing that I get to share my ideas and thought processes with people who want to adopt it as their own. So it's wonderful. Right now I'm headed over to my dad once a month for four or five

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days that his cover insurance coverage will pay for respite care. So it is a breather for us. For children taking care of their parents. It's a breather. I don't know if there are any other people who are sharing in the

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taking care of a parent who is unable.

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It's not something that's easy to say when you're not the rest of you won't be able to understand because to you it's oh I can never I would never

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I need a break from taking care of my parents, it's our responsibility. It almost seems sacrilegious. But for those of you who are in the situation, and a, a dying parent is with you. It is it is taxing, it is taxing, and the five days, emotionally, it's taxing. And also on your family life. It's taxing. So being able to have that is wonderful. So I share all of that together because a Boo is in his first day of respite care at Parkwood where he is usually and I'm headed there right now. Because it's dinner time. And then right after that we have our evening classes. So, so much going on, that I thought I need to learn the systems to be able to share with you guys. So here's my

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check in for mid afternoon. And we will have to pause here and say Allahumma last Salah illa ma gehalten who Salah were under that John hazard in the Salah, and you'll get a basic translation there. So check out a few things. Hope to talk to you guys soon. Another quick thing I won't be able to meet them today but an amazing thing that happened. I got to meet the brother who is in charge of Islam by touch Islam by touch making is Islam available to the blind community. Absolutely amazing. Yes, so the announcement the first Braille or on in English Allahu Akbar. It's done fence and I hope to be taking you to his where the Quran is printed. The first Braille Quran translation I touched

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it, I felt it

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Islam by touch, hope to share a few a glimpse from them maybe I don't get there today. But do check it out right now Islam by touch, heading over to Abu Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah take the second pray for your parents right now sick healthy if you like them or don't like them if you're in good communications or not just take the second because you're probably feeling bad for me and want to pray for my dad. Take that emotion and I'm asking you pray for your parents now healthy happy able ambulate non ambulant do what you can friend Rob better humble Markov model, but yeah, nice a little bit humble Markov model, but yeah, new suddenly at all. I've been humble knock them out on the new

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solver you know.

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Back at our Parkwood facility, so that's it for the evening. I finished up Quran revolution office hours for Wednesday. The masala is about to get home for Maghrib pray with the family. But for everyone else I want you to know it's a wonderful day. I am all set for the weekend. I will see you all throughout the weekend. For our

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Quran memorization program. Let's call it codename hashtag Gron by numbers. I'll see you guys then.

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Please like and subscribe. I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you all throughout the weekend.