Jesus And Adam In The Quran

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And maybe the next time we check in, will you and I will be celebrating one year tele off the middle word of the Quran surah two calf let's say about iron number 20. Let's celebrate the middle pathway, the middle portion of the Quran. I didn't realize so calf is the middle of smack middle and there's the word while later let off in the middle of it. That is the middle word of all 66,000. Well, what does that mean? Well, yeah,

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it's some verb about the story of the cat, folks. Okay, I don't remember offhand. But it's not like a kook. Not necessarily like a cool middle word.

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Yet a lot of is a random, like, Does that have any significance to the understanding of the word middle? No, no. Okay. I mean, there, there's so many folks who would have like, jumped on it. If it was the, if it was the case to explain it because there are things like that where Allah subhanaw taala says in amata, Larissa in de la HIQA matale. Adam, I created Adam, the way I created Jesus are the same. I created Adam out of clay and Jesus is same, except Allah said cup Jesus is just like, Adam. So Jesus is the other way. Yes, but the word Jesus occurs 25 times in the Quran and the word Adam occurs 25 times. Oh, that's because he's ultimate. every possibility of the Word is true. Yeah.

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So Adam is like Jesus. Yeah. Metaphorically, literally. And the number of times that to me is like Subhan Allah.

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I will look up all yet a lot of I mean, it was just a passion. I want to know too.

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It's right here because now we have recite