How To Sit For A Memorization Workout

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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the proper ankle posture for running and walking. They explain the process of activating the ankles and prevent injuries. The speaker emphasizes the importance of keeping the ankle tight and avoiding embarrassment.
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But when you're in that focused memorization spot,

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you want to unlock your hips, get into a tight posture. Okay? So I'm going to try to do, I'll give you the final product right now, as we get set up over here, but I am going to sit down. And for me, I tuck one leg underneath, I want to talk a little bit more about not stretching out these ankle ligaments incorrectly. But sitting in a way that you can, you know, give your body some posture. But there you go, you're going to open up the hip flexor pull your knee closer to yourself. And now you're, you're kind of in this now I can be here and go. One lady, either, I'll show I'm a hottie either. Hola, hola, como en,

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in Azaria, Kamala shut, there are several things that happened here. Eight I'm not, I can't find a way to slouch. I don't know how else to say it. But you can do this. But after a while, you're just gonna pull yourself back up, I think one of the things that I want to point out is how the pressure of the thigh up against your belly, it kind of acts as like an activation, kind of like a belt of sword. Right? You know, and I guess the main part is, I don't intend to, to totally lose my posture. But there's a bit of buoyancy, I guess you can say I'm active. So I could sit here for in the beginning, it's gonna be tough, because you're not open here, I understand. Everyone's gonna say I'm

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not opening the ankles. So let's, let's give the abbreviated version, I'm still trying to sit on the foot like you do in Salah. But I'm gonna say try to sit on the foot, don't stretch out those unnecessary ankle ligaments, you stretch them this way, and you never strengthen them going forward. So I hope that we can all get here. We're going to talk about this going forward. But one of the first things below has showed me is get your big toe to touch the ground and everyone's going to say, Well look at that. I have a bunion or I have this incorrect, you'll find the incorrect past

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placement of your bones. And then you can start working on getting them on the ground. Making sure that you're that your toes touch the ground. And as we he's pointed out several times get the big toe to touch the ground. As you can tell, I have a little issue. So I'm working on it. Because one of the one of the things I also want to point out is when you push the big toe down, two things happen. One, you arch activates. Yep. And then at the same time, you activate your VM muscle, which is this part right there your teardrop.

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Right, yeah, yeah, that whole area, not even just that, but from here, all the way over, this whole area will activate. And so when you do lunges, a mistake that some people make is when they do a lunge, they do, they might do a lunge like this, right, and you get so much activation in your thigh, but very little activation over here, when in reality, you should get your foot for full foot down and put the toe down as well. And that is what is going to activate that roll thing. And you're talking about

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in regards to like, I guess foot mobility and ankle mobility. This is actually one of the things that helps runners, especially if you're trying to prep for a run.

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Like show them. So there's two positions, what I call this a law set that people should do every day for both feet. So Right. So one is if you if you sit back down, like in the shower, yeah, if you're in the shower position, right. So one is on the balls of your feet, right? So one foot is on the ball, you're free to put one foot number 311. Okay, and then there's this. So that was set into this, right? So this is one right here that all five toes are engaged. And yeah, a lot of people who say there's no way I can leave this one up, but when you open it, you'll get it. And then the other one. So I will say also do the other foot. Oh, yes. Yes, definitely. A lot of people just do one.

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Yeah. So again, let and this is somebody should do like every day, right? Yeah, just just give it two minutes on each side. And if you if you're a righty, you'd probably do it on your right foot a lot. But your left foot like even I could see the mobility restriction. Right. You have to stop for a moment though. I was I caught something. I was catching my suitcase with my foot. And I kicked the door door well, really hard. So I usually have some great mobility but this hole as you can see that so it's like swollen. Yeah, you can see the spine so I can't bend it through. But with the close up I hope everyone can realize I spent my whole life putting all the pressure here. Yeah, the shoes,

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man the shoes and they really get in tight on the money and area. And they restrict things. So I was hoping that everyone though, can focus on grabbing the Earth. Yes, I see where you are. It's just totally activates. Right? Yeah, it's automatic. I find that my heel is touching in places that it's never done. And then I don't know if anyone can realize this. Because my foot is completely

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rested on the earth, I activate and push here, I'm actually pushing the earth away, which completely makes your hips to activate your hips, your lower back. So I don't know how else to tell our viewers at home. Most of us walk with our feet, plop, plop, plop, if you ground yourself like a tree to the earth, you will start to loosen, and you can hear the openings in your knees, you can feel all of these new muscles being awoken and woken awakening activated, activated. So focus on that the idea is to be able to very comfortably it's like oh, now I'm gonna go do the 333 workout. When the boom here and just collapse coming to yourself feel confident, drop and be like, Yep, there we go. It's

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time to work. It's time to get in some of that work. I'm never going to lose my posture. And yes, if we had to sit in our school sitting when we were studying in Quran, five, six hours, boom, you're ready to go. And like Bill said, make sure you switch it one to the other. I'm going to be careful on this foot. And, but just still, same thing. Grab the earth good. A good arch on the inside. And there you go. You're you're you're set to go for as long as you need. But however long it takes to get up to here. That's a part of the journey. So enjoy