Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Finding Your Unique Path in Seeking Jannah

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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You know hungry learner murderer who want to stain or wanna stop food who want to relay when or who the biller him in Shruti and fusina Amin say at Dr. Melina Mejia de la who for them will bill Allah will make a huge deal killer hurry Allah. Wa shadow Allah ilaha illa Allahu wa the hula should he get a watch todo en Mohamed and I'll do what a pseudo sort Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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First of all my dear sisters as salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullahi wa cattle.

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Where there is this is I don't think there's ever been a time in history, when there's so much pressure on people to feel like, they need to be something in order to be worthy. You know, everything around us, especially social media is telling you that, you know, your personal worth, is based upon, you know, what you have seen, seemingly achieved in this dunya.

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And, you know, the more we compare ourselves and make what others have achieved our standard, the more we tend to look down on our own significance, and feel like, you know, what we're doing is never enough. And subhanAllah desist is often the pressure we face today, you know, to be what we perceive to be as successful, can actually, you know, leave us feeling quite exhausted and hopeless, as if we can never, you know, truly achieve anything which is worthy.

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So, that's why we need to realize that, you know, the only way to free ourselves from this prison of this feeling of not being enough, is to make your number one goal, the error.

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It is only when you seek your ultimate worth through the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal that you can find true peace of heart and mind in this dunya.

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Because then your standard in finding your worth, is no longer based upon, you know, comparing to what others have done and achieved, but rather, it's upon the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal, you know, and seeking the paths to His pleasure.

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And if we look at how the Companions, you know, used to be, we see that their main concern wasn't about whether others were out doing them in terms of money or status or popularity. But rather, they used to be concerned about how others were out doing them in striving for Jannah.

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And that's why some of them, you know, would come to the profits that are large, and due to due to them being worried, you know, that because they weren't well off and didn't have the financial means to be able to, you know, give very much in sadaqa, that they could never be as successful as those believers who were rich and could, you know, achieve so many more rewards in them through their striving in their wealth. There's a particular Hadith that's recorded by Imam Muslim narrated Bible that in which he mentioned how you know, some of the companions came to the Prophet saw our sermon and said to him yell or civil law that had the avenue to thorry bill do that. Yeah, Rasul Allah, you

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know, those who are wealthy and rich have made off with all of the rewards, they pray as we pray, they fast as we fast, but they also able to give charity due to them being wealthy.

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So the Prophet sighs I'm told them, Elisa, Elisa, Kajal Allahu Lokomat, as the goon has an Allahu Taala also giving you that which you can give sadaqa from like, just because you don't have the financial means. But there's other ways that you can be giving sadaqa and, you know, doing great deeds. So he told them that, for example, you know, every test we have that you say, every time you Say Subhan Allah, that's a Sadako for you, every time you make a timbira, Allahu Akbar, that's a sadaqa for you, or neither, and hamdulillah that's the sort of coffee or attend Lila like La Ilaha illa Allah, that's counted as a sort of have you even commending the good. And you know, forbidding

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the evil, that's all I've got for you. Even if one you know, goes to their spouse in Hello, that's a sort of call for you. Subhanallah So the Prophet sighs I'm sure to us, my dear sisters, that, you know, even if those who aren't, you know more successful in, in striving, in the past, you know, if they're more successful than you in financial sort of up, don't let that make you think that Allah hasn't given you other countless ways to rip the hustle on that and seek the hero through those ways, right.

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So you have to realize that, you know, the goal is and ways to achieve success in Africa. There are so many and you know, it's actually from the the infinite mercy of Allah, Allah to Allah that He has given us, you know, literally countless ways actually, for us to achieve success in Africa. So it's really just a matter of us focusing on what we find, you know, easier for ourselves to do while also taking into consideration our individual circumstances. And then, you know, continuing to persevere on that path.

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So, just like you see how a lot of Tyler has had made, practically, you know, unlimited ways for us to seek risk in this world, right? Similarly, you'll find that he's made, he's actually created or he's made, you know, unlimited, you know, ways or pods for us to be successful in striving for Jana.

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So that's one reality, no one can make the excuse, that you're not able to find anything that you can do to achieve that six success because there's just so many different parts and deeds that you know, Allah has given us to choose from.

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Now, we have to also acknowledge that, you know, we all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we all have different unite, you know, different unique life circumstances. And so that's why you should focus on choosing the parts that you find easiest for yourself to do that suit your own individual strengths and circumstances.

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And always remind yourself that, you know, if you find the path to success in this dunya is restricted for yourself, like you feel like you're just not achieving much in this dunya then know that the path to success for our Hara, literally countless.

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Now, another narration in Muslim, recorded by Muslim, the Prophet saw us and showed us how these past six success with Allah are so many and so varied.

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So, basically, in this hadith, the Prophet saw some he tells us that, you know, a WADL, shuffle, Eman that, you know, purity is half of faith. And then Alhamdulillah fills the scale and you know, Subhan Allah and hamdulillah these, you know, feel what's between the heavens and the earth. And that you know, Ocelot or more, you know, like that prayer is a light and a source of our boom Han and that, you know, charity is a proof. And patience is Alia, it's you know, an illumination and a Quran to look alike, and that the Quran is either in evidence for you or against you, and that every single day, every single day, each person goes out in the morning, they either sell themselves and

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buy by the FNR, or by the pleasure of Allah and set themselves free through the actions or they ruin themselves. So if we go through and just quickly look at like this hadith was mentioned, you see that there are various paths to higher the Prophet saw us and showed us that there are, you know, numerous parts to goodness.

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And that in fact, these paths are these ways that he mentioned in this hadith are actually very simple things. So what we learned from this hadith, that it's just by sticking to the simple deeds, with a class, you know, with that sincere intention, that will give a person's success in akhira.

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Now, some people might find it easier to fill their day with a lot of liquor, you know, therefore, that person should keep themselves busy with that right? Other people they find that they love Salah a lot, I'll open their heart to love Salah so they keep themselves busy with doing extra Salah other people is sadaqa they love to strive and making money and giving sadaqa right, other people it could be with the Quran or it could be fasting. So basically what we learned from these a hadith is that, you know, when Allah opens these doors of, you know, good deeds to you, then, you know, pursue that and it's, it's like also,

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you know, like a lot of data for some people, he opens a door of seeking knowledge, right? Or some people have mashallah they have very good character. So use that character to buy the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala with it, you don't I mean,

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it could be your piety towards your parents or you know, your Tobia, you know, you're raising of your children for the sake of Allah. So it's it, they're just basically what I'm trying to point out to you is that there are countless ways of, you know, achieving success in the next life and you just have to go with, you know, you know, go with those strengths that you personally have, right, you find some things naturally easier for you. They are the things that you need to focus on insha Allah if you want success in emperor and that's what we see, in the end of this particular Hadith. The Prophet Seisen says that all people go out early each day and sell themselves either setting

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themselves free or winning themselves. So either person frees himself for the fire, by striving in these dates. Oh, he ruins his LPR by bending, abandoning and right. So that's why person what we're learning from this hadith is a person needs to focus each day they wake up on buying the pleasure of Allah like, how am I going to spend my day to seek newness to Allah in this day and do succeed, seek the success of the hero in this day, and to help save myself from the fire of the next life. Right? That's what that's what our aim should be in sha Allah every single day.

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Now just have a quick look at this hadith

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the deeds that are mentioned, the Messenger of Allah set up the hudl chakra Iman right that purification is half of an Amen. So one thing we can learn is that Islam is the religion of Mahara. Its original purification. And it's a religion of purifying oneself, both externally and internally, okay? So, externally, we know how much we're encouraged, and commanded to, you know, remove all types of impurities from ourselves anything filthy or unclean, to remove that from one's body or clothes, and also lifting the state of habit, which requires either will be awesome, right? So just pure of, you know, just this act of purifying oneself sincerely for the sake of Allah, you know, and

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striving to achieve that purification for Allah sake. This has great virtues with Allah, right to the level that Allah made it half of an Eman, half of faith.

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So this shows you the importance of taking care of physical purification. Don't underestimate the virtue of doing that. You know, Allah tells us in the Quran, in Allah you hit Butow, where Bina where you hit bull portato, hitting that Allah loves those who turn to repentance to him, and that he loves those who purify themselves. So this is why from the many aims we should have, is to be keen in taking care of achieving of Mahara for Allah, because of how much Allah loves us to purify him, ourselves for him. And we see the high level that below Radi Allahu Anhu achieved with Allah in the next life. Just through this action, you know how each time he would renew his Sahara through

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either will do or will sell, he would go pay rocket team.

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And the messenger of Allah heard his footsteps ahead of him and John, NASA Panama due to this deed,

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also, the Messenger of Allah said that no Muslim took all bought and perfected it, and then stood and prayed to record to two units of prayer, in which he turned to Allah with his heart, except Jana will be binding for him. So this is what shows you the importance of achieving external purity. And then from alcohol, also from purification also, is the internal purification, or what we can call the spiritual purification, which is at the heart of the hearts. And as most of you would be aware, that's to, you know, basically purify your heart from the diseases that can come in the heart, you know, and the darkness that can come in the heart and the heaviness of sins. You know, bad feelings

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towards others are feeling proud of oneself, those type of diseases that can come in the heart and corrupt it. And you may have heard of that, you know, companion who the myth No, he entered the masjid in and the Prophet says, I was with the harbor, and mentioned that, you know, a man will enter upon you right now, who is from the people from an agenda. He's from the people of Ghana. And they saw an ordinary man walk in didn't seem to have anything special about him. And then one of the other companions went and, you know, set over his house and then couldn't work out what was so special about him. And eventually, that all that companion mentioned to to him was that, you know,

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when I go to bed at night, I take out any bad feelings they have towards others before I sleep. And, and then he realized that was the D that was making him, you know, successful in Jannah. Right? So, what I'm trying to show you is that the Dean ElDeen of Islam, it focuses on purifying, you know, our selves externally, but also focusing to purify oneself internally, and you know, and try to lift these diseases that you know, corrupt the heart and blacking it and distance us ourselves from Allah subhanaw taala. Ultimately, right, these bad feelings, we have diseases, jealousy, all that it does, weigh us down and hold us back from getting close to Allah. And that's why Allah says in the Quran

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in nulla your head Butoh where Bina while you're hit with bony rain, because

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if you look at that AR Allah is saying he loves a Thor beam. He loves those who make Toba because what does Tober do? What is repentance? Do? It washes the filth and impurities that come into the heart. Well, the physical Bahara will hipbone Matata hygiene, right? The physical Bahara is what washes the external impurities.

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Now we're going to the next day that's mentioned in this particular Hadith.

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The Messenger of Allah tells us about the virtue of vicar and saying that Subhanallah what hamdulillah what feels between, you know, the heavens and the earth? And so this is showing us the greatness of the virtue of Vick

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and, you know, you might think to yourself, you know, how can some can, how can something so easy

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Do you have such had such a huge reward? And the reason is because it connects you to Allah. That's what Victor does. That's what has such a huge reward. Right? Because it's directly connecting you to Allah Subhana Allah. And you know, who is the one that you're mentioning? You mentioned in Allah, Allah, will Allah mean you mentioning the Lord of the Worlds, right? And as most of you would know, if you if you keep on mentioning a particular individual over and over again, you know, saying, you know, all good things about her, for example, you know, she's always kind, she's always friendly, how much would you have been inclined, you know, towards that particular person, due to you

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mentioning them.

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And so we have to realize that for a lot of time, it is the highest example of that, that, you know, the more you mentioned, Allah azza wa jal, the more you find that your love for Allah grows in your heart. And, and, and also, you know, the more that obviously, Allahu Taala is going to love you due to that righteous action of remembering him as well.

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So that's why that small, that small action of vicar, even though it's so easy and simple, but it has such a huge effect on a person.

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And, well, like it's from the ram of alasa panda that he gave us, this very easy D to do, right, that anyone can do it, despite whatever condition you're upon, whether you're healthy, whether you're sick, whether you're very busy driving in the car, if you're fluent in Arabic, or you don't know Arabic, right? No matter you know what you're doing, or who you are, you can make the kind of Allah subhanaw taala even if it was to the level where you can't even move your tongue, you can still remember Allah subhanaw taala in your heart. So, sisters, this is why whoever wants to you know find a path of higher and success in you know, in this life in the next then they should make a

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great deal of dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala

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now, the next door to higher that the Messenger of Allah mentions in this particular hadith is that he mentioned that our Salah to know that prayer is nor prayer is light. So we need to realize that you know from the primary objectives for why are Salah why prayer was legislated was as a means to remember Allahu to Allah. And that's why from the virtues of a Salah is that it brings nor into your heart and nor into your face brings light into your heart and light into your face. A lot of times says into Baja, what again is salata the decree, you know established the prayer for my remembrance, because if you look at a Salah, it's all vicar it's all the remembrance of Allah because vicar is to

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be done with the tongue. And victory is also to be done with the hearts right? mentioning a lot is done with the tongue. But it's also you know, your remembrance is also with the heart. And it's also shown by one's limbs. Right? So that's why the whole of a Salah is the vicar and that's why the whole of us Allah places Nora into your heart because it fills your heart with the light of Eman just as he places light into your face. Subhan Allah and that's why you always see the person who prays sincerely to Allah you'll find that have no effect their face, they have light in their face, may Allah illuminate our faces through our salah, your Apollon Amin and that's why when you look at

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their face, you feel love for them. Subhan Allah Now the salah we're talking about here, of course, as well is that you know, it's when a person you know, truly pray, sincerely prays in the way they're supposed to, right because this is the salah that brings light to a person in in both this life and the next.

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Now the next day that the the Prophet SAW, as I mentioned, this hadith was sort of Otto boo Han that charity is an evidence.

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Now why is charity and evidence because having money is something which is loved by a person's naps like a by person's debased self. And that's why you know, many people find it difficult to make that sacrifice of giving away their wealth because it goes against the pool, you know of your naps. And that's why supplies and evidence of the sincere Amen. The sincere faith you have in your heart because a person you know, you need to really strive against your debased self in order to give that sort of pop.

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Now we have to realize that it's through sort of God that a person saves himself even if it was half of a date, as the Prophet saw some tells us, he tells us in one particular Hadith, you know, that will law that will not well, there'll be shucky Tamra, right fear, fie the fire, even if it was, even if it was we have a date. Now, these days, half a day, it has literally no value.

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But what this hadith means is to give even if all you have is the tool, you know and don't look down on that.

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So So imagine what you know if

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That's the that's the virtue of getting the like of half a date in sort of person CD for Allah sake, then imagine for that person who gives more than that. So all of that is like a barrier for a person from the fire on the Day of Resurrection.

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And, And subhanAllah sisters, because Allah is a caramel app, because he's the most generous because he's, you know, el Kadeem, and he is a Quran acromion, right, he's the Most Generous of the generous, he causes whatever you give to be multiplied over and over for you. And that's why Allahu Taala gives us the example of sadaqa in the Quran, of it being like, if you were to give a grain, that when you give that grain, in every grain, it's like, there's seven spikes. And in each of those spikes, there's 100 grains. And so this is the like, of how Allahu Taala multiplies the reward for what you're given charity over and over, will love who you will die for Linnaeus shirt, right?

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That Allahu Taala multiplies that the reward for that you know, to whom he wills so this is why when you when you give $1 Right you give $1 with a class with sincerity. And without you know, seeking praise for that or showing off with that, you're reminding the person who you gave it to, then only Allah knows how much will be saved for you on the Day of Resurrection. And this is why sadaqa is an evidence of a person's Eman right the next door to height or the next door to success that is mentioned by the prophets I mean, this particular hadith is a sob Okay, patients are Sadhguru Viet. So, patience is something that illuminates a person, you know, now, so but we have to realize it in

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three different ways. Right? So a sub you in order for you to be considered as a patient person. You need to make yourself patient upon the commands of Allah. You need to make yourself patient from staying away from what Allah has forbidden. And you also need to make yourself patient with whatever Allahu Taala predestines from misfortunes or hardships. Right and we seek Allah's pleasure through that patience. And this patience observing this patience has such a great virtue that Allahu Taala mentioned about patience more than 90 times in the Quran. And he tells us that in Nima you were Phil sabe Horner agilon woman, BYD, he said that, Allah rewards those who are patient, without measure.

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So it's not something that Allah put a limit on, you know, how much rewards for those who are patient for his sake. And some of you may remember the story about that Sahabi like, whose Subhanallah it she was afflicted with that, you know, ailment of epilepsy.

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And the messenger of Allah gave her the choice, whether you know, for him to make dua for her to be healed,

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or whether to be patient and he would guarantee her Jana and she made she actually asked the Messenger of Allah just to make dua that she would, you know, achieve a Jana through that through that ailments. Subhanallah so this shows you that when you're patient with what a lot of fits you with, you know, if you've got some sort of sickness that you're struggling with, or you've got some trial with your child or you know, something in your life, you know, it's kind of when you're patient for the sake of Allah seeking His pleasure through that, you know, Miss Fortune, this is what can give you the greatest success in the era, this could be your daughter's success, right? And

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okay, so the last door of higher, you know, mentioned in this particular hadith is the door of the Quran, which is either soldier to luck or like, so when you memorize the Quran, you recite it, you act upon it, you know, ponder over its meanings, then all of that is what's included under being an evidence for you. So the Quran will be a witness for you on the Day of Resurrection. And that's what's going to guide you into Jannah. Right. But if a person turns away from the Quran, if they turn away from the words of Allah, then the Quran will not be a witness for them. And even metal detectors, it could even be the cause for person to enter the fire on the Day of Resurrection,

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right? So this is one year to always make the Quran an integral part of our lives.

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So my dear sisters, these are just some of the examples of the countless doors to goodness and success that Allahu Taala has given us that we need to focus on doing in this world while we still have the chance and even if you couldn't do many extra good deeds, right? At least focus on perfecting what Allah has made compulsory upon you. Right? And we see a man came to ask the Prophet so I said I'm about this, you know, in a hadith in Muslim, and then came to the Messenger of Allah and He said to him, Yoda Salah if I

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I can only pray my five, five prayers. And I can only fast the month of Ramadan. And I stick to what is lawful I stick to the Hillel and I stay away from the Haram without adding anything to that would I enter Jannah and the Messenger of Allah. So as I'm told him that you would have said, Yes, you would enter jungle by that, as long as you're sincere in that, but you have to stick to those, you know, five,

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your five prayers and those things which Allah has made compulsory upon you.

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So just even doing that for the sake of Allah and seeking Jana through that, realize that is your daughter's success in app era as well. So my dearest sisters, in conclusion, you know, the three main points I just want to leave with you today is number one, we all have individual strengths and weaknesses. And we all have deeds, which we find easy to do and that we enjoy.

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While other types of deeds may not be as easy for us. So find your unique path to success in our era, through focusing upon those deeds that you find easy for you.

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And never underestimate any good that you can do because it might be your good character. Or it might be your patients with your illness, or your caring for your elderly parent or your special needs child. That is the greatest cause for your success in akhira. Like everyone has their own unique path. But you need to have the intention to seek the pleasure of Allah through that path right?

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Then secondly, realize that Allah has given us countless ways for us to achieve Jana.

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In reality, if we aren't focusing on seeking our own unique way to attain Jana, then we are the only ones who are letting ourselves down.

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And then lastly, the profits will allow us and taught us to always aim high, even if we don't believe we are deserving of that. And that's why he taught us that when you ask for Jana asked for Alfred DOS, because it's the highest level of Jannah

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because when you do that, asking Allah for Allah food bowls, even though you don't feel you're deserving of it, but you truly believe in your heart in the Rama and you know the generosity of Allah the mercy and generosity of Allah. That in sha Allah will law here in sha Allah Allah will guide you to those parts that will enable you to attain that be Eden Allahu to Allah. So I asked Allahu Taala My dearest sisters, that he makes us from those who find our own unique and individual paths to success in an era may He raised us to be from amongst those who achieved from dulcet Allah through whatever individual circumstances we have, and that we live our lives seeking the pleasure

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of Allah Subhana Allah well all baldy her there was still for Allah when he will come was a panic Allahumma will be handig Nash Haddaway La ilaha illa and Mr. Fluka went to boy Lake salaam wa they call my duty sisters to live on Capitol

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