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So I want to lay out a cut through. So quick point that I wanted to mention or talk about is when it comes to listening to the Hold on, you know, one of the things that we don't realize sometimes is that, who we listened to, or the poor on that we listened to, can have an effect on our recitation of the Quran. So if you listen to a body, every side of the Quran, who's got good recitation there is good there mahadesh the pronunciation of the letters is good, then if you listen to that person, it will have an effect on you as well. But the opposite is also true. So if you listen to someone who has

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bad to read, and they'd can't pronounce, they can't pronounce the words properly in the letters properly. And if you listen to this person a lot, it may affect your pronunciation and may affect your recitation of the Quran as well. And sometimes a problem happens when, you know, we talk about somebody who's got a beautiful voice. Now, I'm not talking about a beautiful voice here, you can have somebody who has a beautiful voice, but they're too sweet is not good, the pronunciation is not good, like it sounds beautiful. But there but there tends to be then there and then their pronunciation is not good. So those are the type of reciters that we got to be careful listening to.

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And you know, sometimes it's like the youngins, like the young bodies and stuff like that, not to single anyone out or anything like that, you know, even there's some older bodies, but more so like this trend is getting common now that anybody or people with like a beautiful voice, like the younger, especially with beautiful voices, we might start to listen to them. But once again, like I said, like they're there to read may not be good and their pronunciation may not be good. So just be careful who you listen to. So try to listen to those parties, those deciders that are like established, those that are recognized as having a good reputation and on once again, not talking

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about the beautification not talking about the beauty of the voice. You can have somebody who, who, their, their, their reputation doesn't sound beautiful, but their but their tweet is actually good. And the pronunciation is actually good. It's better to listen to that person than somebody who's got a beautiful voice. But in terms of like, their, their, you know, and their pronunciation, all that kind of stuff. That's, that's not it's not good, like it's not doing well. So just a quick quick point because, you know, I've seen this happen it's, it's, it's gotten more common now. But it's just something to watch out for IntelliJ even myself sometimes I try to push myself to listen to

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those reciters that once again, maybe the voice isn't as beautiful or as or as melodic or whatever it may be. But you know, they're there to read is on point. So yeah, I must point out those best catch you all later. Take care. So what a cool life