Umm Jamaal ud-Din

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Biography Umm Jamaal ud-Din

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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Shaykhah Umm Jamaal ud-Din has a BA in Fiqh and Usul-al Fiqh from al-Madinah International University and has been a teacher of both Quran and various Islamic sciences at Masjid as Sunnah in Sydney for more than 14 years.

An Australian revert to Islam, Umm Jamaal (Mouna Parkin) first began studying the Qur’an at Dar ul-Huda, Jeddah Saudi Arabia and later gained an Ijaazah in Tajweed from her teacher Shaykhah Kareema Czerepinski (student of Shaykh Ayman Suwayd) along with completing her memorisation of the Quran.

She attained a B.A Languages degree major in Arabic, from Western Sydney University and then went on to study various Mutun (religious texts) from Arabic speaking scholars at the Open Islamic Academy based in Riyadh for more than 10 years, after having also diligently attended classes of local Mashayikh and teachers in Sydney.

A well known da’iyyah, public speaker and teacher of women for more than 20 years, who has delivered many talks both nationally and internationally, Shaykhah Umm Jamaal ud-Din is passionate about motivating others to become more steadfast in their faith along with empowering her sisters through sharing her knowledge of the Shariah.

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