Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #24 As-Sami

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the limited hearing capabilities of Allah's hearing and how he can keep track of conversations across different languages and subhanaw taala. They also mention that Allah is a semi hearing and can hear everything. The speaker concludes by saying they will be watching a video later.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Tonight same is a semi.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is a semi.

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A semi means that Allah hears everything,

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There was never a time where Allah wasn't hearing things, there will never be a time in the future where a lot doesn't hear things. And everything that a lot hears now, he hears it perfectly. It's the same, whether you're going to shout it on whether you're going to whisper it, it's all the same to Allah. He hears everything.

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If we think about what we can hear,

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this becomes really impressive because our hearing is so limited. There are so few things that we can hear. There are sounds that are higher than we can hear that only other animals like dogs can hear. There are other sounds that are so low

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that we can't hear and only animals like elephants and whales can hear. But Allah subhana wa Tada he hears all of it.

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The other amazing thing about Allah's hearing is that he can keep track of it all. He doesn't get confused. He doesn't not hear one thing just because he's listening to someone else.

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Maybe you've been in a room before where a lot of people are talking at the same time. You can probably only focus on one maybe two people and what they're saying.

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Well right now all across the world, people are making dua they're asking Allah for things in all these different languages and Allah subhanaw taala he hears and listens and understands and keeps track of every single one of them.

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That's because Allah is a semi. He hears everything perfectly. That's all for tonight. I sit on ya can rock

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