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Wahaj Tarin
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in Al Hamdulillah washoku Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina rasulillah.

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One of the verses we recited tonight is the whole of a lot of Isaiah, where he says, in whom a Dupree, while you're spelt for inala Hello You will be

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seen in and if a person lives with taqwa, as in makes decisions, conscious of a lot of bull eisah Well, yes bill and persists on it perseveres, because there will be difficulties and righteous decisions, there will be challenges, but he perseveres, then a lot of bluster says, For in Allah, Verily, Allah, Allah is Allah you will do a general mercy Nene will not let the reward of the righteous perish. And a beautiful story that you know personifies this notion is the story of

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Colville Mary Stan. And it is narrated in the book of immunology, known as xalan

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tabakoto Takata, Hannah Bella.

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And he he narrates this, this incident from from Avila Mara Stan, whose name is Mohammed Abdullah

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Mohammed Abdullah Belkin was a person who was in Makkah, you know, he traveled to Makkah to find the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in those days, life was difficult. There was no institutions that would pay and there was no hotels and stuff. So he was living rough, and provisions were little. And one day he says hunger drove him out of his home, where he is looking for something to eat. And he doesn't have any money to spend on himself and why and purchase something to eat.

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So walking in the streets, he's looked down, and he saw a bag, a sack, a purse,

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he went down, picked it up, took it home, opened it, and he says, I have never seen a pearl necklace like this before. A dazzling and in a in a nice purse.

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So he goes, then I heard outside, a person calling that oh people whoever has found a sack of pearls, I will give him 500 dinars and 500 dinars, 500 gold coins, like actual gold coins.

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So he says, I thought to myself, I'll go out, and I'll give them and the bag and maybe benefit from the 500 because he's offering it there's a reward. So because I walked out, I saw the elderly man.

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And I invited him in, I asked him as the son of the Prophet described the sack. So he described it, you know, with the, with the material that's in the in the, and the tie that's on it. And then I said, describe what's in it. And he described it and I said, describe the the string of the, of the necklace, and he described it. So this call will marry Stan, young student at this stage or, you know, learning scholar at this stage, gave him the sack back, gave him the purse of pearls back. So the man gave him 500. And this is where you see the taqwa of a righteous person. So he to himself recognizes that Listen, I have no hack on this on this money. Because essentially the good was his

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and I've just written that. And that is right. So he said, No, I don't want it. Because the men and sisters Listen, I give it out of my free will and and the chef said no, I can't take it. So the elderly men went and Time passed. And this Mohammed traveled from Mecca to another land to you know, in search of knowledge and teaching.

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And he says I boarded a boat to to to cross the sea. And

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the boat shattered, a storm can it broke, everyone drowned and all their wealth and stuff drowned with it. I just held on to a plank, and kind of was being tossed and turned by the waves and eventually

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landed ashore. And when it landed a show, I dragged myself up and I walked in inland and I found the mustard and I sat in the mustard.

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And sitting there again, a righteous individual he's busy and in probably reading Quran in the local people time for Salah comes in they come and they look at him and Alhamdulillah the sign of piety and Venus on him. So they go

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Can you lead the Salah? So he goes I moved forward and I led the sauna. So they liked my voice and they liked that he could read. So people gathered around me can you teach us the Quran and beyond?

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so he goes, I obliged, because you know, my situation is dire. And from this, a lot of Blizzard sent some provision my way, you know, people would pay, and there was a stipend assigned to him for the moment probably. And he continued like this. So because I stayed there some time, and then I found in the side of the masjid, some parchment, some writings of Quran. So I looked at it, and I started to read it, and they saw that I can read. So they go, you can read and write it goes, yes, I can read and write. So it goes, they brought their kids and enrolled them with me, and they, you know, increased and increased my pay. And they said, Listen, we can't let you leave this place, you have

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to stay here.

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And you have to teach our kids.

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And because you're staying here, you know, you're a young man, you need to get married. We have a young orphan girl here

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who has, you know, some wealth left to her. So why don't you marry her? So he says, I refused, but they insisted. So I eventually I relented.

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And in those days, you wouldn't see your wife, you know, the later on, or not, you know, until the wedding night.

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So the wedding might the lady came, you know, into the, into the wedding chamber. And he looks up and,

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and on her neck, his eyes are caught by a necklace in is just sitting there

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be glued to the necklace. And the poor orphan guild is thinking like, you know, Hello, I'm here. And this guy's eyes are just on the necklace. So the guild felt,

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you know, this is a very materialistic person, his eyes are focused on and you know, he doesn't care about me, he's after my wealth.

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So she complained to the to the locals, and they came to him share, what did you do? You broke the heart of an orphan, you know? He goes, No, no, there's a story. So what's the story was I was in Makkah. And I was walking and I found this purse and I opened it and there was there was pearls in there. And then old men came in, he wasn't you know, and I gave it to him and he offered me 500. And I said, No, and that same pearl is on her neck. So they started to say Allahu Akbar, Allah, he started screaming, until everyone in the island gathered. So he goes, what's what's going on? They go, there's a story that all men can hear this is where he was. And they used to make bla bla bla I

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have not seen a more decent man than that young men, returned him to me, so that I could marry my daughter to him. But he passed away, and a lot of boys accepted his da brought you here. And Subhanallah you married the Gil. And not only that, the, the pearl necklace is still within his family.

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And this is the is the is the verse of a lot of books. That if you live,

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unlock conscious and persevere, he did the difficult days. But then Allah will recompense your reward will not perish. It will come, just be patient, persevere, bear the difficulty. wait a little bit longer. It's darkest just before fudge of time my louder is the granted the capacity to bear difficulty and the path of a lot of bullets and my Allah grant us ease and in comfort. My a lot of blessings except your time you're either in UCM in your pm

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