Tom Facchine – Don’t Be A Follower

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being wary of people who follow assumptions and guesswork. They suggest that wary people should be more focused on their own values and instead try to encourage others to follow their path. The speaker also emphasizes the need for caution when wary people find themselves living in a negative life.
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Last month, Allah He tells us in the Quran to be wary of following the majority or following what everybody else is doing. Right? He says that if you were to follow the majority of people that he would be led astray, right, they're only following their assumptions or their conjecture. And they don't really know, they're just guessing. And sure enough, that's the reality that we see, we look around us, you know, if you went to high school, you went to public school, or you went to college, and where you're at your work, you know, you just look around you and count, you know, how many people their lives are just sort of consumption, entertainment. And that's it, you know, that's kind

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of the main engine in their in their life, they're living, they're working for the weekend, right? And then they get to the weekend, and then just, you know, get trashed, and watch a Netflix series, and then rinse and repeat, come back to work next week, right? So are these people that you should be taking as your role models? Are these people that you should be taking as people that you're going to let yourself be influenced by or follow them online? And you know, as an influencer, you know, Twitter and Instagram, and all the rest of it and, you know, imitate their style of dress and their style of talking and their style of sort of what their life is about? Of course not, that's

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ridiculous, right? These people need to be influenced by you, somebody who's more principled somebody who's living for the right things, somebody who's trying to live a good virtuous life and increase their capacity for a virtuous action and develop themselves along along lines of morality and truth. Right, so we should be wary. Right. And that's not to say that the majority is always wrong. That's not true. Because we have within filk for example, if you less than the population, right, you're talking about among the relevant right, then the majority opinion, you know, is something that has weighed, right? And obviously, within Islam, the edge map, right, the consensus

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of of scholars qualified scholars has weighed, right. But if you're talking just about no barriers, everybody who's around, then you have to realize that the nature of the human soul is that people are going to be led by their desires, and they're going to have a conflict of interest, and they're going to support the things that kind of, you know, are in the service of their neffs. And so you have to be really, really wary and really, really cautious when you find yourself just doing what everybody else is doing. It's usually not usually not a good course of action.

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