Is having nice clothes, shoes, cars & houses arrogance

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Once a person feels that I'm better than when they will Rasulullah sallallahu has told us in a hadith that what happened is that he was sitting in a gathering, and he was talking about the wrongful pride and so on. And he was talking about arrogance and people who think that they're better bigger than others. And so he said, is it necessary Allah? He said, but I like to wear nice shoes. And I like to wear nice clothes like basically the man likes to dress himself up you know some people like they like to come out nice and smart need iron clothes or let's say you wear clothes that are expensive, right? So is that now wrong? This has turned to the Mercy of Allah Allah

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some saying that Minister Hello, I like my shoes and I like my clothes to be nice. And the prophets of Allah Simran said he said in Allah your Hebrew and Yara, ACTA Rania, Marathi Allahu Allah azza wa jal, he likes to see the extent of his gifts of his servant. He likes to see his servant using those gifts.

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So if Allah has given you wealth, and you like to buy a nice car, because it's convenient, it's nice not because you're driving down thinking hey, what kind of rubbish are you driving? What kind of tin Are you driving her? Look, America, there's none of this. Like, I like to have a nice car myself. I like to you know, buy this nice car. It doesn't matter, man nice house, nice car, nice clothes. So the profit and loss on said that Allah loves to see the extent of his gifts on his servant. But he said, but but arrogance, arrogance is something separate. Arrogance is when you look down on people. And when the truth comes in front of you, you will deny even the truth.

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That is what arrogance is. So one of the biggest problems we have with arrogance is that when the truth is said they can't accept it. Because it's like, I can't accept it from that from that brown man.

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Sometimes, like, I can't accept it from the brand, man. I can't accept it from the black man. I can't accept the truth from that, that Muslim. I can accept the truth from let's say if it's within a standard, I can accept truth from the person who's from not from my tribe. I can accept it from someone who's smaller than me. Right? That there's sometimes what happens is sometimes Allah makes the makes the son understand something which the Father doesn't understand. It happens so no, Solomon andother ascended the stories in the Quran. Once when Solomon has him here, and this is something that his father never understood and he kindly told his father, Father, if you do this is

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better. The elderly Salam praised his son, right, this is this is this is a humble person, that you will praise the other and not be arrogant. And this happens. Sometimes the student knows better than a teacher. And sometimes it happens and a good teacher will always put his head down and accept it. The arrogance is to her Who do you think you are? You think you know better than me? Hmm. You banish you got lines you got these you got detention you got whatever. You think you're smarter than me. I know you're smarter than me. But I can't accept that because you're smarter than me. Sometimes it happens. And, you know, a lot of trouble happens on the earth because of this arrogance and Allah's

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