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The series, “People of Quran”, by Shaykh Omar Suleiman an incredibly knowledgeable series talks about how our pious predecessors interacted with the Quran starting with first juzz. First episode is about how surah Fatiha, was used as a cure/treatment by the companions when a non-muslim tribe was bitten by snake.


AI: Summary © The speaker shares a story about a man named Jesus who claims to be a Christian, but the speaker notes that the first surah in the century is not suited to the buckler. The speaker then shares a story about a woman named Jana Jacobi who gave a drink of horse paste to her the boss, and the boss says that she was cured by the town. The speaker also shares a story about a woman named Jana Jacobi who gave a drink of horse paste to her.
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Assalamu alaikum Welcome to libre council everyone welcome to our series people have called on where every night I share with you a story about how our pious predecessors interacted with the Quran. So since this is our first episode, I know that many people are probably expecting a story from certain bacala but many times we forget that the first surah in the Quran is actually not suited to the buckler, but it is sort of fatty how what's the Prophet sallallahu wasallam used to call the seven frequently recited verses because though we recite it in every single regard, this is the first jewels This is the first surah in the Quran. And there are many different, you know, stories and

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narrations about how suits and fatsia was brought into the lives of the writers. But I want to share with you one of my particular favorite hobbies to start the series off. I will say this holiday or the allowance, it says that once a group of companions were traveling, and they came across a non Muslim tribe, and you know, this tribe, they asked this tribe to host them, and this tribe was pretty harsh with them. And they told them that they weren't going to entertain them. They weren't going to accommodate them. In essence, they told them to be on their way. So I will say eight says that, you know, we felt kind of dejected, we took to the side, you know, we decided we were going to

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just camp out that night and then we move on the next day. He said then the chief of that tribe was bit by a snake. So the people came to us and they said hello America. Minda and rockin Do you guys have any medicine? Or do you have anyone that does look here that can that can offer some sort of cure for these for our chief? So I will say he says that we responded. And we said to them in the covenanter crona that you guys did not host us. You know, he didn't entertain us. And he says what if I don't have to touch Elana Jordan, we're not going to do anything until you guys pay us meaning had you hosted us and took us in, we would have done this for free. But since you rejected us, and

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we had to spend the night, you know, away from your tribe, and it was a difficult situation, then we'll do this only if you give us some money. So they agreed. So they said that, you know if if you do this, then we'll give you a flock of sheep. So I was very little the Allahu taala. And who he says that one of the companions went to the chief, he says for Jana Jacobi on milk or any wage Mara was alcohol. He said that this companion started to read only, or Annie, the mother of the poor and the mother of the book, which the Prophet slicin um, called sooner than Fatiha. So he kept reading sort of fatty, and he would spit into into something. And he would rub that spit on the wound. And

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he kept on doing that until the chief started to feel better. And eventually, the chief was completely cured. So somehow, this is a non Muslim chief. So we actually take a ruling here that it's okay to pray for the well being of a non Muslim, you know, treat a non Muslim, to try to make them feel better to give them medicine or so on so forth. This is taken from this heavy. So I will say though the law and who says after he did that, and the chief was cured, obviously, they happily went and they got a flock of sheep, and they gave it to the companions. But the companion said, Well, wait a minute, is this helpful for us? They said, learner who had tennis and nav is a lot

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harder, he was said, and they said, Look, you know, we appreciate you guys offering this flock of sheep to us now. But we're not going to be able to take it until we go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we asked the prophets lie Selim, if it's permissible celibacy, he says, We left them and we went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so we asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam about our situation fell by Hagar the prophets license and started to laugh. What God, one Raka and propia How did you know that suited 30? how it could be used to cure somebody? Meaning, you know, I never taught you guys that sorts of fancy art could be used as a physical cure. How did you know to

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use utilizzati? How To Cure that chief? And the prophets lie Selim while he was laughing and smiling, he says, who have wildly Budi beside him, and he said, you can go ahead and take that flock of sheep. And you know what, assign me a share while you're at it. So the profits license gave them that permission to take that flock of sheep as well. Now we take from this story when it comes to certain Fatiha, what makes with authority. how unique the entire quarter end is is a shifa. It's a cure, but it's a spiritual Shiva. Certain Fatiha is actually one of the few portions of the plan that we can actually recite on ourselves when we're sick recite on our children when they are sick,

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and we hope that a loss of Hannah Montana would would bring about a cure through sort of infatti Hmm, so we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to raise us with certain fatty hat and to make us people of color and I'll see you next time in sha Allah tala on people of color and design low hate on what's that Mr. De La Habra council