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The conversation covers the importance of love and fear in relationships, with a focus on the birth of Nivea Dr. de la wa wa in Spain. The speakers also discuss the use of culture in the past, including a framework of kindness and compassion in the face of violence. A woman named Sharia Alayhi wa Sallam killed her own companions and was given a computer to take a photo of her partner's coworkers, leading to the development of a culture of peace and kindness.

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hamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa ala Milan via via a mobile phone COVID-19 a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, la katakana Kofi rasulillah he was 100 Hasina Allah tala

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Vu in Santa Casa

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de La Hoya Darian in Allah He didn't he was he Rajim moody la serda colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers.

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We have begin in this year the month of the month of February

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is a month which saw both the birth and the death of our beloved Nivea creme de la Vallee wasallam. Given these facts said it happened in the month of February Oh well, instinctively you feel that you want to speak about and listen about the praise of our beloved Nivea Kareem salsa. Not that it is compulsory, only in this month, and it should not be spoken about in other months. We believe that to speak about the character conduct or any aspect of the life of our beloved Nivea cream sauce is a matter of great significance and a matter of great reward and blessedness

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near W. El Camino Shu hotaka him he's made me up he will add it all resulting Keough, Jonah Chioggia said hum to say fighter Whitaker is as much Colombian cartel or jezero Renae cavc manana Nivea creme de la la wa Salaam Casa crucero amaravati da. Cunha krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam ketchup is sicker Whoa, geez manana Whoa, whoa bias uppercut or bias.

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Now after understanding this, when we do speak about the aspects of Nivea cream sauce, a few aspects we have to keep in mind. One is we will never ever be able to do justice, to the greatness and to the perfection. And to the as much of our beloved Nivea creams, Allah Allah wa sallam, you know nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam his greatness is beyond our imagination. Our tongues cannot bring those words to be able to praise nebia Kareem Silva huali he was cillum sufficiently and we say Oh, prophet of Almighty Allah, our ability to capture your greatness, with our limited eloquence, no, not limited eloquence. We don't have that tongue to be able to praise you

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sufficiently, or we don't have the years to be able to listen to your praises sufficiently, does not take away from your greatness. You are as and that Allah has praised you and our allies put you up on a pedestal by saying, what Allah, Allah Allah says we have granted few and we have exalted your remembrance. What can you and I do, where Allah tala takes the responsibility of exalting and granting great inspiration and great rent, to the praise? And to the remembrance of our beloved Nivea creme sallahu wa sallam have tickets, get your hair keops Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Kita Erica Huck. Adana, Hickerson Shire Nicki ahuka How beautifully the older perverted said Mustafa Mustafa

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Mustafa Mustafa Tierra Madonna Santa Maria Bismillah he married this terrace man, he didn't call him Medina. He left Khurana he put soco Hina he could Saccone our hearts does not have the capacity. Our tongue does not have that particular speech. To be able to praise you. Your praise is beyond our, our speech. It is beyond our eloquence. It is beyond our capacity. The fact is, there is no one like you there is no one like you. Allah has made you so unique. Now this aspect of Indus Monday is the birth of our beloved Nivea creme de la when he was Solomon. We believe firmly that the birth of our beloved near Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one of the most one of the most significant event

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in human history. There is no greater event greater than the birth of our beloved Nivea cream sauce in this world, because of the positive impact and the greatness that came upon humanity because of the BIA Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his birth and his presence in this word, Lockard Mandela, meaning his birth a fee him Rasulullah min unforseen. Allah has done me a tremendous favor.

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By bringing the Navy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in your mud and amongst you. So this is the aspect in sanitary Concepcion waqia opposite Allahu alayhi wa sallam ki predation. However, after making mention of that, that this is the most important event in human history, we have to look at a perspective. Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala bring and bring the acronyms Allahu alayhi wa sallam into this world? Why did Allah tala send our beloved nemea Karim sauce? So in this ayah, which I've recited, which is in the fourth part of the Holy Quran, in Surah, Allah in Surah Al Imran Rasul Allah what Allah says I've done you a tremendous favor by sending me a cream sauce Allah amongst

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you. Why amongst you, because he's a human being. And because you are human beings of course is a great difference in the in the rank and the status between the two. But we can identify, we can benefit from the life of our beloved Maria creme

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de la jolla in the Holy Quran says la casa de la comfy Rasulullah he was sweating Hashanah. Verily the life of our beloved Nivea cream sauce is a perfect example for you to emulate. It is

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the perfect exemplar for you to be able to bring it into your life to have the perfect life to have an ideal lifestyle. This is the situation that we have to always keep in mind that Nivea cream sauce willams is very great, but the greatness of NaVi sauce. We must not mystify the life of Navy SEALs to them to such an extent that we don't benefit from his life. After all, Allah has made his life to be a suasana and you're here to see a copy of Qatari Bionicle lekan opposite Allahu alayhi wa sallam Jasmine Casa Nabi

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kota mon Insomniac Kalia. Mashallah Robin a Quran May Allah Allah Allah silom he's in the Chico better ina Muna Pattaya Hamid Zindagi ki hora de Lucia, st Fatah, Karnataka, we have to benefit from his example. And if we are going to benefit from his example, that is a fitting tribute

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that is a fitting tribute in his the month of his birth in every day of his life. If you want to have a tribute to our beloved maybe occurring saucer, then emulate that particular perfect example and inshallah in today's time, we will in the limited time that we will, we have we will give you some examples from the life of Nivea cream sauce, some subak some lessons, some examples, some inspiration from the life of our beloved nebia, Karim Allah and Allah tala put our beloved Nivea cream sauce on through different conditions in his life. So that his life can be an example. You see if the vehicle himself sometimes life was only one way then we would not have been able to benefit

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from but Allah tala put them through different situations. Sometimes there was victory in the battlefield. Sometimes it was set back, sometimes initially there was a victory. Then there was a setback. Sometimes initially there was a setback, then there was a victory.

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And sometimes maybe it

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was a teacher to the Sahaba. Sometimes he was a learner from salatu wa sallam, he was a husband. He was a father. He sometimes he had Well, sometimes he was didn't have any wealth. Sometimes he was a businessman, sometimes he was a worker. Sometimes he was, you know, happy sometimes he cried out of anguish and hurt and out of sadness. So all of these conditions came Why did he come? So his life could be a perfect example. So wherever you find yourself in you will find the example in our beloved Maria Teresa Lavalle was salaams life and Atlanta Malibu como para que hace busara takigawa Marina Marina burns, okay, and let me give me the first example. What do we learn from our beloved

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Nivea cream sauce alums life?

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nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us our relationship with Allah. What relationship nivia krimson Lola Salaam taught us with regard to how we are supposed to be in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala he taught us the love that we are supposed to have. When we make a model

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that's maybe a crimson lotus roots we say the coolness of my eyes in salaat the coolness of my eyes in inshallah and then he should tell Pillai aloud many times when the via cream sauces I'm used to face worldly difficulties. He should tell Bella Opie lol give the call for Hassan, give the call to Allah. I want to communicate with manda. It is a love of Allah subhana wa Taala that made our beloved dreams awesome stand up into action so much that the feet of Mumia Karim solonius cillum it was to get swollen because of standing up for so long in salad.

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And as I shall be allowed to say yes to law. Why are you standing up for such long periods when ally has forgiven you Allah

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granted to such great status. Why? Why are you spending so much

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time Shakira Should I not be grateful to Allah should I not love Allah tala because of that? So it is because of the situation that our beloved many aquariums used to love making the body and coming closer towards Almighty Allah, our Salah should never be a burden upon us. We should do it out of love for Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala absol Allahu alayhi wa sallam absolutely

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cannot sit and look Jonah kataragama Sokka he told us the way out and then together with his love, he also despite his greatness, he had such great fear of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala despite his greatness, despite his closeness, how much more fear you and I should have one day now via Karim Salalah serampore Abdullah Abdullah sudo vi allow it corralejo Abdullah Oh akula read the Quran for me. Oh akula read the Quran for me. And he said, he cronica Allah,

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Allah, Allah and I go to read for you when the Quran was revealed upon you

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cannot Assam Casa de la Tanaka hamari

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take the Libya Karim sauce limb la masuka hamara Quran para toda la sala aapko apco sudo apt Cooper Quran

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so nebia Kareem Salah what it was Salim said in the hippo an SMA human lady. Today I wish to listen to Quran from someone else. Sometimes it happened you are in the mood of reading sometimes you are in a mood of listening. So this happens so maybe occurrence Aslam said in new Hippo and asthma a woman lady today I'm in the mood of listening from someone else has to live with a must go through the Allahu taala who started receiving from Surah Nisa when he came to the iron, okay for either gentlemen, Coloma timbi, Shahid, wodgina bacala Hala shahida, which gives the message that maybe a cream sauce will bear testimony on behalf of the previous MBR that they had propagated the message

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of Allah to the people. So has it a good library, Massoud said, he said while I was reading the via cream sauce, put his hand on my mouth and he said has Poka Yoke. So if he was good enough, enough, I saw it maybe a trim saw setup for halibel pooka maybe aquariums, Allahu alayhi wa sallam was theory until his beard became wet with his Steelers. He taught us despite his greatness, how to feel Nah. I mean, that is nebbia cream sauce and what is our situation? So this is what our beloved maybe a criminal law what he was taught us how to relate with Allah subhanho wa Taala there in terms of his interaction, and this is a very important, important aspect in his attitude. nebia Kareem sallahu

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alayhi wa sallam in his attitude in his interaction. Maria Teresa, Allahu Allah wa sallam, always, and I'm making this making mention of this. Always near Kareem salsola. Chose ease, chose kindness chose compassion as an eyeshadow Viola Tara Hanna says Mahi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Aveda amrhein illa aka a surah Houma whenever Nydia Karim saw Salah was given an option between two things, he always chose the easy path unless the easy path coincided with Guna Ensign. If it was not sinful, maybe a cream sauce always chose the easy path. Today we feel to take the difficult part is part of the Nivea cream sauce Willem had ramen, he had shafqat for this woman, therefore that I

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shall be allowed Anna says whenever maybe a cream sauce alum was given the option of choosing two paths he always chose the easy path. Unless that easy path was something that had Guna incident apne apne Romanian homina Shan never me or chef kata. If they are for my hobbies my hair has an eyeshadow Viola Informatica aka somni domata li frasco de hamesha Asana Rasta Tr fermata illa yakko punakha, comma, otherwise maybe a cream sauce always chose the one that was the one over there is the one that had kindness that one day that cup of compassion. He told us that Martini Jabba when he was going to Yemen something that I've made mentioned many times bashira Juana tuna Farah yes sera sera

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Omaha's key people glad tidings don't make them hate the deen. Don't make people hate to make things easy to not make things difficult for people. He chose kindness, mercy and kindness in the lava in the life of Nabhi solsona was the rule. harshness was the exception. leniency was the rule and retribution was the exception as a Java Viola.

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Makes it makes mention of ahaadeeth as a Java I think it was around villalta makes mention of a hadith that Tila Rasulullah mushrikeen

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that maybe a cream sauce was called okra for of Almighty Allah make but to against the machine and maybe a cream sauce Allah said lamb, Hakuna arnon ye Nima Rama. He said your Rasulullah sallallahu Shakil jasola curse the machete and the via Kareem saw Selim said, I was not sent by Allah to curse people I was sent as

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our sender as a person who showed kindness and to show mercy to people. We have we got this particular framework, that to be pious, who must be harsh, when we got this framework that for you to be pious, you must be you must be take the most difficult path. Are you more pious than the VA Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam when Allah when he was sort of always adopted the easy path, always adopt the kindness and compassion unless it was an act of Guna Ensign and then the Creme De La Hoya cillum had made mentioned with regard to this in one Hadith, maybe a criminal law says that

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your mother

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and now gives results with kindness that he does not give with harshness, Allah gives result was kindness that is not give does not give what harshness and because of this kindness, the Quran base testimonies, the Quran based testimony that people love Nivea cream sauce for him because of his kindness. For me, marotti minella hillington upender mckeeva said look mahabharatha not because of his harshness, it is Allah is Rama that he was kind upon you if he was harsh, people would not have come around him. Maybe a cream sauce lamb was so kind that even with regard to his partner's personal methods, in never ever to prevent he never Sahabi said one day a villager came he was

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ignorant. He did not know the the status of maybe occurring saw serum. Nobody saw Selim had a shawl. He didn't have any other. You know, porta you only had a shawl over him. And he pulled it shawl so hard that maybe uttering saw Selim because of his light complexion, the welts and the scars of that particular pulling of the of the shoal of nebbia creme de la silla started showing upon the body of our beloved Nivea cream saucer. Sahaba got angry, let me echo himself Salaam smile, he did not get angry. And then he said, What is your What is your situation? Give me from the wealth Allah has given you. Let me occur himself some smile and said, Go and give him some Well, this was our beloved

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that is awesome nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam. apne hamesha amarka Jai Selena Casa de bourree Mehta misconception he looked at the consequences of people's action. He was not someone who just did things but he always looked at this action look at this particular you know, situation. Such a great lesson for us that once someone said jasola Abdullah bin obey is a monophonic he's a hypocrite, kill him.

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Let us kill him because he is at the forefront of every aspect again to your Rasulullah He is the one who made the rumors against Sharia law.

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Awesome said don't kill him. Don't kill him. Why? Listen to this. He said people will say Mohammed kills his own companions. People will say Mohammed kills his own companions. Nokia,

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Nokia, Kenyan Navy Academy salsola apne loco kata kata.

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Have we ever thought about this that our fighting How does it How does it show out to other people? Look at this awesome look at how he understood the situation and the consequences. Don't kill him. People will say Mohamed kills his own companions. He spoke to people with kindness. He took into account people's situation. He dealt with it accordingly. One day he was gone as we conclude this time is up but this one incident is so beautiful. Let me conclude with this consider

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jabiru the ultimate was a very young and he was a very poor Sahabi didn't have much wealth. Went to the expedition with nebbia Kareem saw cillum here the old camel. The camel was like a Katara like our old Katara cars couldn't go very fast. Right? So his camel couldn't go very fast. And the Vietnamese awesome started looking Jagger's camel is back. Maybe so slim hair. These guys are all his companions. Went back Java. What's wrong there? asuna my camel is very old. He can't move. Maybe a cream sauce them said Chairman put your camera down. Put this camera down, made to get up.

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Caught up then Johnny's camera started movie started moving fast. And it caught up with the people and maybe a cream sauce Lim is keeping a gaze on Java throughout his throughout his whole journey. On his way back. He started speaking to Java, Java, what is your situation? Have you got married you at marriageable age? Yes sir. So language

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married. Who did you get married to? I got married to a woman who is more elderly than mean age. Why would you get married to someone elderly they knew yada yada. Why did you get married to someone who was your age or younger than you? You could enjoy a company jasola my father passed away in the Battle of why he left me with my siblings, my sisters. I don't want to bring a young woman I brought so far more elderly who would look after me my sisters with me. Where we ever thought of looking after our sisters, if ever they get divorced, and that Allah prevented happening if we ever thought about it.

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Chavez said you're a soul. I brought someone elderly who could help me look after my siblings. And then he said nevermind Jagger, you are going home. Your wife will be very happy to see you. She will pick out the cushions. She will put up nice the carpet. No, you have no carpets in my house. I would know. I would No. Absolutely no cushy mouths. What is she going to put?

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Maybe a creamy sauce lamb realizes situation, maybe a cream sauce and wanted to help him but help him with dignity. Oh jabil sell me your camel. Sell me your camel. Eventually they reach a price of 40. Durham's but maybe a cream sauce himself or gal by your camel for 14 years. Then he said yeah jasola allow me to take my chemical Medina then you can take my camel and you can give me your 40 grams. Maybe according to the law so that comes back to Medina. When he comes back to Medina. It tells vilavi Ultra op lol take this camera

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takes he takes control over the camera. He brings a camera after he brings a camera. He tells Bilal Bella, take this camera, take this 40 Durham's going give both of it to each other.

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Keep both of it to each other. He purchased the cable from him, gave him dignity, gave him the money and gave him the Camelback this hour

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of work. Let us bring these qualities of our beloved nivia Kareem salsa in our life and in our attitudes in our communities. Because we're lucky today It seems to be forsaken in our community and in our attitudes who have filled our 100