Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 30

This episode is about a companion who loved one of the Surahs of the Quran so much that he would recite it in every rakah after surah Fatiha and then recite another Surah. Watch the last episode of this series to know if the Prophet SAW approved of this act of worship or no.

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 29

In this episode Shaykh Omar Suleiman explains the verse 48 from Surah Mursalaat where Allah SWT says, “That when it is said to them to bow down in prayer they don’t bow down in prayer”. A story about the humble response given by one of the greatest scholar, Imam Maalik Raheemallahu Ta’ala when a person … Read more

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 28

This episode is all about the amount of respect to be bestowed upon women and how Allah SWT heard the plea of woman and mentions in Surah Al Mujadilah verse no 1. A powerful story about a woman, Khawlah Bint Ta’alaba RA who grieved and complained to Allah SWT about her verbally abusive husband and … Read more

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 27

This episode is about the abundant mercy of Allah SWT made mention of in Surah Hadid, verse no 16 where Allah SWT says, “Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humble, submit themselves to Allah SWT, that which has come down as truth and do not be … Read more

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 26

This episode is about the first two ayahs from Surah Hujurat also known as Surah of adab/respect as it teaches us the adab holistically. A small story of a companion who thinks he is going to hell fire instead he is guaranteed by Prophet SAW that he is a person of paradise by the mercy … Read more

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 25

This episode enlightens us on forgiving the oppressors and forgetting the oppression and collect the reward on the day of judgement from Allah SWT. A powerful story about how Imam Ahmed Rahemallahu Ta’ala forgave every person who subjected him to torture for almost a decade solely to collect the reward from Allah SWT on the … Read more

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 24

This episode makes mention of the leaps and bounds of the mercy of Allah SWT there by teaching us not to lose hope in the mercy of Allah SWT. A small story about three companions, two of whom were forced to leave Islam because of the family and how Allah SWT made a way for … Read more

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 23

This episode is about expressing patience in difficult times and remembering Allah SWT and Quran. A Quranic conversation between one of the greatest companions, Muadh Ibn Jabal RA and his son AbdurRahman when both of them were struck by a plague on their death bed.

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 22

This episode is about the most asked question that why does Allah SWT always speak about men in the Quran or always use the male gender to speak about something. A question asked by the wife of Umm Salama RA to Prophet SAW and how Allah SWT addresses this beautifully in Surah Ahzaab.

Omar Suleiman – People Of Quran – EP 21

This episode talks about how the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet SAW, Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taalib RA, dealt with his haters in a dignified way and reminding himself with a beautiful ayah from Surah Rum where Allah SWT says, be patient indeed the promise of Allah is true and let not those who are … Read more