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Omar Suleiman – Coronavirus – Spirituality, Anxiety, Practicality

How do we manage our spirituality and mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak? The outbreak of COVID-19 is stressful for people and communities. In addition to fear of the risk of the disease itself, voluntary social isolation, mosque and school closures, and shifts in working situations can take a toll on our spirituality and mental … Read more

Omar Suleiman – The Plague that Killed Sahaba and the Coronavirus

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Sh. Omar Suleiman delivers a special lecture on the Amwas plague, the first plague to claim the lives of hundreds of Sahaba and thousands of people in the 7th century. He highlights lessons we can learn from that time period and offers some spiritual gems that are relevant … Read more

Omar Suleiman – The Firsts – Episode 12

Abu Bakr – Part 3 There Will Never Be Another One Prophet Muhammad ï·º was keen to remember and honor “the firsts” for their support, suffering, and sincerity. Abu Bakr’s (ra) honor surpassed everyone’s, including that of Umar ibn al Khattab (ra). He surpassed everyone by a distance that no one could ever catch up … Read more

Omar Suleiman – The Firsts – Episode 11

Abu Bakr_ Setting His Own Standards Abu Bakr’s (ra) character is best described by the words of Ali (ra), ‘he is the first to every good’. Abu Bakr (ra) was the ultimate trendsetter, the fastest to do the good deed. In episode 10 of The Firsts, Sh. Omar Suleiman continues to talk about Abu Bakr … Read more

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