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This being the second episode talks about verses from Surah Al Baqarah and Surah Maeedah, Second and third juzz, where Allah SWT revealed verses in the context of intoxication. A story about the sincerity of dua made by Umar Ibn Qattab R.A to clarify matters of alcohol.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to our series people have poron where every night I share with you a story from our price predecessors of how they interacted with the poor and so we move on now to sewer to the buckler. And there's a very interesting Hadith from Allah to hobble the allowance Allah and hope. And Amir raha Pablo de la Uncle, you know, before Islam, he was a drinker. Actually, many of the companions were drinkers and all in real hip hop. You know, when he came back to a loss of Hannah Montana, he sincerely wanted to make sure that he was leaving behind anything, you know, that would be objectionable and anything

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that he had to you know, that he had to do away with for the sake of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Amari used to sincerely ask Allah subhana wa into Allah to clarify certain matters for him. And many of us know about the relationship between Ahmad while the law and who is doing and certain verses of the Quran particularly the ayaats about alcohol but but let's look at this narration in particular, which is narrated from the tournament the Omaha Pablo de la and who he used to make this he used to say a llama be enough in Hungary, Bianchi fan Oh Allah make this matter of Hummer of alcohol intoxicants make it as clear as it can be for us give us clarity on

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this issue. So when he made that drought the first time Allah subhana wa tada revealed verse 219 and through to the Baccarat Yes. aluna Kalyan hamari one Mesa kullfi Hema if one Kabir on woman if you're really nice What if Muhammad Akbar Oh Mina very Hema that they asked you about Homer and Mason, they asked you about intoxicants and gambling, say that, you know, there are some beneficial things there are there's good and bad in drinking. But the harm far outweighs the good. But it still didn't prohibits Homer at this point. So I'm going to hop out of the Aloha home. When that verse was revealed, he started to make the same droughts while also pentatonic, so he stood up and he said, a

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llama B and then F in harmony, Brianna Shiva and Oh Allah, you know, give us clarity on this issue of intoxicants. I sincerely want to know I'm not trying to make it halaal if it's really hard on I really want to know if this is how long first all the time, or at certain times. So then Allah subhanaw taala sent down the 43rd verse and sort of denisa were a loss of Hannah hota Allah says yeah, you Allah Dina Amano, la Takara wa Salatu antem socata heteroptera animal Morocco Loon. Oh you who believe do not approach the prayer while you are drunk. Until you know that what you are saying now why does the last print is a hash tag that will not hold on until you're sure of what you're

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saying. Because what ended up happening is that a group of Sahaba were praying and the companion that was leading the salon was drunk and it was a lot of love for them so he started mixing up a bunch of verses and jumping from sort of the pseudo soloist pants out of prohibited a person to come to salon while they were drunk. So all the allowed tada and who at this point now the companions would drink either way before Salah so that they weren't intoxicated when they came or they start drinking after some alteration. So Armando de la and who once again made the last movie and then I feel hungry, Brianna Shiva and Oh Allah, make this matter of hunger clear for us make clarify it for

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us. So Allah subhana wa tada revealed the 91st verse a certain amount either in a URI to say upon and up are they in acuminata autoworld Baba, bah, I feel hungry, well, masonry. We also document and Vickery la Juana, sadati, for Helen to one to whom Allah Subhana hota. Allah says that the shape on wishes to deceive you and wishes to bring about enmity and wishes to ruin you, essentially, through liquor and toxicants and gambling. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and he seeks to divert you from the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala the hell and to moonta hoon like ours? Is this enough for you to quit? Now? Are you guys going to stop now? Are you going to avoid it now? Almost all the law

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and who in this verse was revealed? He said into hanaa into hanaa, we're done, we're done, you know, I'm not going to have to make this clear anymore. Now, to add on to this story, some of the Sahaba then they came to the Prophet slice of them and they said, well, yada so a lot what happened to our companions that that, you know, died in battle, some of them died his Shahada, and some of them died in their beds, but they were righteous people and they used to drink what happens to those people now. So then Allah subhanaw taala revealed the next verse, verse 93, and certain Merida, Lisa and alladhina, amanu Hua Camilo slightly how to knock on female thought anymore, that there is no blame

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on those who believed and did righteous deeds for that which they consumed in the past, so they're forgiven. Now, what I really want to point out here which is really significant is that all Marina ha Pablo de la on who was looking for truth, he wasn't looking for a loophole. He wasn't looking for convenience because his love for Allah and the messenger sallallahu wasallam was greater than his love for alcohol was greater than his love for that drug. And the proof of that as well.

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is what's narrated in Asahi hain in the two so hideous that Omar actually stood up and he said, Oh people, the prohibition of commerce is clear the prohibition of intoxicants is clear. We're not going to sit there and say, well, only if it came from this source or that source. He said, whether it comes from grapes, dates, honey, wheat, or barley. He said, hammer is what intoxicates the mind for hell and someone to whom So will you stop and avoid it completely? So a lot of times people come to me and say, What about this drug? What about that drug? You know, it's not technically alcohol, if it intoxicates it is common. And we should have that same level of sincerity that all model the

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law I know had, which is to want to know the truth so we can follow it, not to want to find a loophole so that we can continue to obey our desires We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us that sincerity and that pursuit of truth as well along that I mean, does that mean no hate on See you next time on our people have got an series was salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh