The plot of a tyrant – Behind the revelation episode 13

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The transcript describes a famousline from the Bible that describes a creature called praising the religion of Islam. The creature's appearance is not just a number, but also a whole life. The creature's appearance reminds the audience of the history of their oppression and the need for everyone to deal with trees and trees in the face of their actions.

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During the time of Ibrahim Ali Salam, there was a tyrant by the name of num rude, who was very arrogant and he was very agitated angry when he heard about the Tao of Ibrahim Ali salaam when he was calling to to he's calling to let Illa Hill Allah. He wanted to challenge Ibrahim he said what Abraham you heard from him who was a lawyer talking about where is he Brahim told him he's in this guy. A Nerud gathered his advisors and he said, I want to build a tall tower to reach the sky. So I can see the God of Ibrahim, similar to the story of her own when he said the same thing to him on Build me a tower towards the sky. And sure enough, he gathered all of the materials and the workers

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and as even my best one of the Allah who and whom I said that they spent years building this tower to reach very, very high in the sky. After this strong powerful tower was built. All of the sudden one day it all collapsed and came tumbling down immediately killing all of those around the tower and injuring others as the other people in the city looked on in horror of Mecca Alladhina Min cobbly him Allah Who Boon Jana who Milan Co. Alcoa, those who will be for them had already plotted but Allah came to the building from the foundations for her Riley hemos Suk form in Fofi him so the roof fell upon them from above what homeowner either Bowman Hazel area Sharon and the punishment

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came to them from where they did not proceed. Some of the scholars of Tafseer mentioned that this verse is not just for a number rude, but for all of those who are arrogant and fight the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah will punish them and all that they do and all that they build in order to fight the religion of Allah, they will see it collapsed in front of them. These verses come to remind us that all throughout history, the prophets and those who follow in their footsteps, that they must deal with tyrants with the enemies of a law who fight the religion of Allah with all they have from power and from wealth. But in the end, Allah will punish them and this life and in the

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next will okay but the good indie will always be for them routine for the righteous believers.