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Yasir Qadhi


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Episode Notes

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi begins with a brief summary of verses 21 to 23 of Surah Al-Baqarah.

Some points gathered from the lecture are as follows:

  • The gist of the bond between mankind and the book of Allah, the Noble Qur’an. 
  • “Oh mankind, worship your Rabb”- verse 21 – It is the first address and commandment to mankind in the Qur’an.  
  • These verses are the fulcrum that explicitly elaborate on the entire message of Islam, Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
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smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah vida de he will be here woman what I'm about today we began the recitation of Surah Al Baqarah. And of course, pseudotsuga Baccarat is a surah that all of us are familiar with. It is the longest surah in the entire Quran. And it is a surah that whose revelation began very at the very beginning of the madonie phase, and it continued to last until the end of the madonie phase for certain factors Baka was revealed over a period of almost nine years. Although the bulk of it came down immediately after the hedgerow and Suez Bakara, the primary theme, the one main motif of the entire surah is to prove that the religion of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a continuation of the previous revelations, and it is the final and the perfect revelation to mankind. So suta Baccarat is meant to prove that the Islam that is revealed to the Prophet system is the same Islam that was revealed to Moses and to Jesus and to all of the prophets before and that this Islam with all of its laws, and its theology, and its legal rulings, because the baccara is the only surah that mentioned each and every one of the other can, from toe heat to the solid to the Zika, to the fasting rubberband, to the hedge, and it mentions all of the pillars of a man. So this religion is the final religion and the perfect religion sent to the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in today's short halted, I wanted to emphasize in particular, a small passage that begins with verse number 21 onwards. And to understand this passage, we have to quickly go over the first 20 verses of Surah Baqarah, the first 20 verses to bacara deals with the relationship of mankind to the final revelation. The first verse of Bukhara is, what are they for me, daddy can kita Buddha, Ray, Buffy, this is the book. So this book, what is the relationship of mankind with this book, you have three groups of people. The first group are those who believe in the book. And these are the believers and Latina you know, Nobel hype, and

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Allah describes the believers. The second group are those who reject the book in the Latina car for those who reject those who don't believe in the book, then Allah describes them. And then the third category are those who are doubtful about the book, or they pretend to believe and they don't in reality believe and these are of course, the hypocrites, these three categories take up the first 20 verses of Surah Al Baqarah. And then Allah subhana wa Jalla says and these two three verses will be the, the bulk of my heart Allah today. Yeah, yohannes or Budo Robuchon, all mankind, worship your rock. This verse is the first verse in the Quran that is number one of the top and address all

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mankind. Number two, a command worship. So the first address in that in the Quran is to all of mankind. And the first commandment in the Quran is to worship the rub of mankind. And this simple phrase or mankind worship your Lord summarizes the entire purpose of the Quran. It summarizes the life and times of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it summarizes the message of Islam, so simple, all mankind worship your Lord and the meaning of worship is to humble oneself and to obey the commandments of Allah subhana wa Tada. Worship or a bada entails humbling oneself to the commandments of the one that you worship. And Allah azza wa jal mentions worship your robe in order

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to emphasize we're not just worshiping any entity. Allah doesn't even mention his name. He doesn't say or Buddha law. In this verse, he says, or goodra bircham. worship your robe, to emphasize we are worshiping the one who has all the names and attributes of perfection, because the rubber means the one who cherishes The one who sustains the one who creates the one who has every attribute of perfection. So we worship the one who has every attribute of perfection, so he is worthy of being worshipped because he is dubbed worship your rump and remember what does the Quran began with? All praise belongs to the rub al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and as a part of that praise, we must

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worship the one who has this praise so or guru worship the one who is your rump and we said the meaning of Rob is the one who has all attributes of perfection. So the Rob is the owner, the Rob is the master the Rob is this cherisher the rump is the Sustainer so because he is the ROB we need to worship Him. So why do we worship Allah? these series of verses mentioned three reasons number one, because he is the rub. So we worship Allah because he is the being of perfection. He is done up number two, a lady ha ha como la de da publikum that he has created us and created those people.

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For us, so no doubt the one who has brought about our existence has our right of ultimate obedience, the one who has created us from nothing deserves our ultimate respect. So we worship Allah because he is the one who has created us or mankind, worship your Lord. Number one who has created you and those before you. And the meaning of those before you implies that there was a beginning, because anytime there's a people before, so this is not going to go on for infinity. Because as we know, infinity does not actually exist. Every time Allah is mentioning those before you This means there's a finite number of generations. And therefore in the next passage, Allah talks about the story of

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Adam, how did all of mankind begin all mankind worship your Lord, though, who created you and those before you know and then the next reason we worship Him, Allah, Allah Come on, so that you can achieve taqwa? Now, here I look on Twitter Khan has two meanings. The first meaning of taqwa here is the famous meaning that we're all familiar with, which is to attain the consciousness of Allah. So what is the purpose of worship? We are now fasting, we're praying, we're reading Quran, what is the purpose of all of these rituals? If somebody asks us, why are you fasting? Why are you praying an hour and a half every single night? Why, why why Allah mentioned the reason of worship is that I

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like home, to home so that you can achieve the consciousness of Allah, you can always be aware of Allah achieve a level of piety and when we have that level of taqwa, when we have that level of God, consciousness, this makes our life spiritually fulfilled. It makes our life worth living. And the second meaning of life, the contents are gone, so that you may be saved, saved from what from the punishment of Allah, so that also means worship your Lord so that you can be saved. Then Allah goes on Allah de jhalak Malanga urartian was sama abena. And your Lord has created you, he is your ROM, he wants you to achieve consciousness. And then he mentioned he is the one that has made this whole

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world a vast carpet for you a lot of land and abode that you walk on, and he has made the heavens a canopy, and he has sent down rain. So Allah mentions worship me, because I am merciful unto you, worship me, because everything that you need to live I am providing for you, your land, your air, the oceans, the rain that comes down, I am the one who is giving this to you. So in this small paragraph and passage, Allah azza wa jal emphasizes the concept of worship, and why are we worshiping Allah? And then the final point of my hoffler then after this, Allah mentions, if you don't believe this or on if you're in doubt as to this Hold on, when control fear Hmm, and as an

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adult Dena, then what is the ultimate evidence that this religion is true? What is the ultimate evidence that this prophet is true? This Koran that I have revealed unto you it is a miracle and you will not be able to bring anything similar to it. The Quran is a living miracle. So Allah subhana wa tada mentions the Quran at the beginning of sorts of Bukhara, radical Kitab. And here as well if you're in any doubt as to this revelation, then bring the Quran similar unto it. So as we begin our recitation of the Quran for this month of Ramadan, let us keep this verse in mind that Allah subhana wa tada is telling us if you're in any doubt, if you're not sure about the truth of the religion of

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. There is one ultimate challenge and proof and that is this Koran. This Koran is in the inimitable, it is unchallengeable. It is unique, nothing can be similar to it. And Allah then says, if you want to bring forth all of your help, bring your false gods bring all of mankind and see if you can produce even the smallest chapter similar unto the Quran, and the miracle of the Quran, which we'll talk about this later on over and over again. But Subhana Allah, its mere recitation is a miracle. The impact the Quran has on our hearts is a miracle. It's memorization by Arab and Agim Arab and non Arab is a miracle. The fact that it is

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understood and pondered and nobody tired of listening to it, nobody tire's of reciting it. The fact that it's Arabic is so beautiful, the pinnacle of eloquence the fact that the Quran contains within it scientific facts, moral values, ethical values, theologies, the stories of the previous nations, all of these Allah azza wa jal is saying there is no question or doubt that this book is a book from the divine. So Allah subhana wa tada begins to the to the bacara by talking about the Koran and the relationship of people to the Quran, believer, unbeliever and hypocrite and then he emphasizes the purpose of the Quran and that is the worship of Allah Who has created us and those before us who has

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been merciful to us who is our Lord and

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Then he says, and I challenge you if you have any doubt that bring the Koran that is similar unto this not just the Quran one surah to be surah t myth Li the three verses which is the smallest sort of see if you can bring something similar to it and then Allah concludes this section by mentioning two other facets of theology or belief and that is belief in jahannam and belief in gender if you don't do this then fact up to now and what does she let me know what I'm going to solve it under home Janet. So notice in these two pages, how much information and theology and beautiful wisdom is packed, and inshallah who to other we will continue commenting on suicide, Bukhara, and our verses

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that we continue tomorrow with which is our qumola, who claridon was said on Monday Kumara modula he wabarakatuh