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What answered about the women walk around a few boutique?

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So many people trusted that Karna Fie boutique when I arrived

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and the raw has been dropped to Carnival economies is in your home inside the house to Stacey Kumar from Quran that we must stay in the house.

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So on this explanation you know I have got a few questions. The first thing is if a Coronavirus takuna means to stay inside the house then why porosity after the whatever reason tuber Raja

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Raja Musa news to go on to reveal your beauty to show the people to do don't go to show your beauty or your attraction. Like people used to do Ninja helliya women used to go outside you know with the beauty and will attraction, you know to attract attract them in the process. Don't do that.

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Don't go outside, you know to to to do distance to they don't fit together because it's a commodity to stay at home. The second commodity has no meaning in if carozza to the women who stay at home and that is your place. The wife when I have to say to the women don't go outside you know revealing your beauty or your attraction like people used to do in the past because they kind of are some mystery you can you can go out but don't be like that isn't like that when it's put on said door to go outside revealing your beauty and your attraction like people used to do in the past. If you read that verse, it means that women can go out but they should not go you know in in a cloth or with a

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perfume which can attract the men or something like that. But they can go out too fast. What's these two sentences they don't fit together? Is it clear to everybody? The first hand duster really the people who say Karna Minh sister at home? I my question it just does not fit it there. Because there are two different commercial and they are not coherent. they contradict each other.

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So what can be the Meaning? Meaning actually is in sutra itself, because sutra has absol

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Zeid dare to be men inside the house. They should behave properly meaning either they should be modest. And when the men come to the house with us or ultimune Amata on first Alou who knew what I

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meant women should not be exposed to the men inside of inside the house. Women have their own normal growth, which are attractive. So when men come to inside the house, women shouldn't be with regard meaning they should not see them and they don't they should ask anything from behind the curtain.

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And then when women go outside, they should not expose luxuria to what they do for that you the Nina la Hindemith de la Vina to basically the sutra has expressed what it means karma una and la barra de la Rosa means when you go outside go with jilbab no perfume luxury BB to Denver tomorrow and Aparna means that you know the hijab

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naturally is not from Korea from Korea in Arabic I should be

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there no other way you know if you make fun of Rocco from God mark for a pharaoh, if we make armor will be forever for for fubu fury Fira Farina for Madame Ruby muda muda muda muda muda Medina for women only dudina for an era ama will be in an order under nurse a Corona Corona st Karna

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to form which later will be this this number to follow up to like you know, if you say like, you know, you make an omelet like watseka was

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mega thick theta cepu 30 theta satana

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to what will the route later wow third path to an ombre hypers you drop the wall it because it's clear to everybody The second is from not from

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different vasica yes a co developer rasa Karma Karma How can we from karma it will be from worker what what are

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what are immune sir to be regarded as like a like a like a load like you know load means like if you carry load this worker like Primus used to carry a load when you have a gut load what happens is you're not dancing you're not enjoying it basically you're under a burden to walk around basically miss it to be like serious Be careful that our current life of academies seriousness, carefulness to Khurana want to set Karna Free Will you take on when you're at home be with worker when you leave the house then don't do Mr. Door to expose you know, dot put on job to basically Taranaki beauty goodnight explanation of the Versa with us ultimune first aluna with us altona matar facade

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Nomura and

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Janina Alhamdulillah bbnaija exploration of the Versa

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you know a lot about the Burj Al Jazeera Kula when we met are inside the house. There should be with bata means for outsiders not for a new party, it will mean over the husband they will do as like for outsiders inside the house, they have to have a car when they leave the house they put on jilbab and they don't look is it clear to everybody to the command for karma is when outsiders come to the house, then there shouldn't be seriousness district reserved them so they're not like open like anything else. But when other no outsiders they go outside themselves, they can go but when they go, they have to put on jilbab that why Nova number 13 sister that wife said the Prophet should not even

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be allowed to go for human news. The Prophet did not listen to her. And actually the revelation came that no they can go and the professor to Homer have to his wives, by the odnr lacuna. horos it is allowed for you to go outside to people don't understand what and also another thing that I always say to the people, when you read the Quran, see what the Prophet did. And and Rooney Medina is basically soon Allah Quran to after this verse what women did in Medina, did they stay home? did happen, actually they go for war, war, the war the more exposure they go and fight in the time of America Yarmouk. 35 women are fighting. They go far war, they go travel. They do it outside with

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them and they go for shopping osmometer farm in house and Medina in a Jewish settlement. They do business they do trade they they walk in the street, and prophet Amir them to Salaam and all those, everything's there. So how is it possible that they could stay at home and they don't stay at home? They are the first people to obey the Quran teach music meaning that what you think, and that meaning so corrupt really one preacher in Egypt, I read about him, he used to preach. Women are not allowed to come out except three times. Firstly, when they come out from the womb of the mother. Second time when they come out from the house of their housemates from the house of the spirit to go

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to the house of husband, when they get married basically. And the third time when they die, and the body comes out from the house of the husband to go to the grave. There's only three times to when they bore when they're married to go to house a woman and third time with the die and go to the grave. The other than the three times women are not allowed to come out here Khurana smell Shanthi This was punishment in the Koran for

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keeping women the houses punishment in the Quran was punishment. What's then actually is toning an elation because when I said this punishment will remain until solution comes as solutions what is toning

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the keeping women the household basically is worse than stoning them to the Quran never come up like that. And if you don't want to understand the see what the Prophet did, the prophet the first person to to apply the Quran is very clear. This is my friend My friend is actually based in a context of Surah Al Azhar in sutra has the the two commands are very clear. When outsiders come to the house, then women should not mix them. Like with the old family there should be a barrier to this hijab is for the men. And when the women go outside, then they put on job to the nodal buffer the women inside the house inside the house, they did their freedom. Many men have to be have a job to one

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command for the men and one for women inside the house for outsiders then make sure that they don't enter the house they have to make sure they're from the behind the curtain when women leave the house, then they have to be careful and put on jilbab that what Mr. Karna una waratah bergna double Raja clear

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if any question asked otherwise, we move

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and I think people should have a lot of this meaning reason is it sad this meaning? Because I don't really think karma Mr. Khurana get to so many hustle I don't know no reason for the hustle has

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just have to shift Why can we read both is as being compatible in a sense that the women should stay in your house, and that's the advice. But if they do go out, then they should pull their job towards them. So that's one being the preferred that this command doesn't mean anything. When you say stay at home, it doesn't mean anything. It's similar to you know, when people say sum is in the Quran Mansu and you know, previous you've, you've discussed this and you said not necessarily oneself, but we interpret them in a different meaning. And one of it is the i O Allah is heard about ecom

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hammer, and also ladder prop Zener ladder,

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Quantum sakara and you say oh, you know, alcohol is harmful for for Muslims, but

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We know we can understand the second I don't have is understand as being monsoon, the I about, you know, don't come to Salah when you're drunk, but it's also valid. So don't drink about whether or not they can drink. hear you saying, you know, they can go out it contract in the command, you know Mike might have said that they don't come the prover drunk, it does not mean that they they can drink it by they did this in, in they should not pray with their sin, but it is sinful but when you say we should not go out, but if they go out, they don't do like that music going out is allowed.

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Otherwise, you have to say it is sinful. And this is more

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but it doesn't win last night does not mean inflation is going up. And the second thing I said you know I'd mentioned in this thing actually very important, really I always tell people this underlying narrative for me was really that you know language is a Shara level language does not meaning that not live in the word language. Language always refers to something when the Quran says something it refers to something a reference see the Medina Society of the Prophet what women did in the town The Prophet did they stay at home or they went outside to see detectors change anything after this one nothing nothing change when the change happens now when they go they make sure they

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stay for prom behind the curtain when women go outside the project but that can happen certainly we missed it sometimes that we don't have above the price okay borrowed from somewhere else to this change happen. But it never happened. The Prophet said to them Don't leave the house. He never happens. Actually, he's encouraging go out No, go for it. They said no, we don't want to go we don't have to buy so no borrow Juba. He's encouraging them. And we are our time because we have the wrong mentor. we discourage that we say no, don't go outside. Because we say the Cooper of carozza karma what the prophet to whom his or her really he's asking women go outside

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to women came to him and he to learn from him from other tribe from reefer and he was going to hiber so he said to them, You can sit on my camera man behind on and then I learned and they're sitting on behind him and teaching them you know under if going out is not allowed especially to be more actually Haram in the in the world. Okay in the world. Women have more problem by taking the for the war, even time. There's so many women fighting. No, I mentioned Yarmouk, there were nearly 35 women fighting men, or more women up the outside anyway. And most companies actually used to take their wives in the jihad. They used to take away new Mario Monti to conquer Cyprus, one convenient

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magnifier put you only allowed to go if you take your wife's with you to see if going out is not allowed to especially should be more Farben. They never understood or managed to stay at home if they understood this. They should have like us. We understand it means to stay at home too. We know what you do. We never allow them to go anywhere. Even actually people take their wives for hygiene. They asked to stay in hotels you can't train them in the home because women have to stay at home. If the prof companies understood same thing, they should have done same thing but they never did the same thing. So the way or whether make effort to find it when this verse or reveal what exactly the

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Prophet did. How did he leave the Medina society? Medina society never changed really. The women's going outside remain I had it was before that in the masjid. What changes now the potential but there's a new change happened. But they still go

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you will call someone yeah so just about and then within the house if if guests come for sit down within the house, not outside wearing until then, it seems here that everything should be behind the hijab or now the common practices. As long as the woman of the house is covered. That's

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when outsider comes in women don't know that somebody is coming. So if they knock the door or something a woman can come easily and then end up open the door and this person sees sidama and women in the inside of the house. They are not ready for outside to sometimes they have no hair, no scarf sometime maybe the shutters or maybe something very tight growth electrode give no room in the house. So pariahs think that outsiders should be careful to when you come to knock the door. You should be hiding behind the door. If a woman opens the door, you can't see her there. But if the women were expecting you for an operated party inside the house, and everybody knows that these

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people are coming in men and women both are coming that find they're ready for that they're not going to be the same group. They'll be more more colors. So then eg together or something like that, that a lot. As I said in some a woman asked my customer loudhailer that I'm meeting with my husband, and my ex husband comes to kind of ask him to sit with me and eat Marisa divided men or women or whatever it used to be that there are the answer. in Medina, men and women always have meeting together to see meaning when distracting that the guest is coming to the article for that that women are in the cloth in which they want to be in front of the people. But if they're not expected and

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you go suddenly and you knock the door and you're

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Your eyes open, your eye will fall under the Koran. So be careful then ask them from behind the curtain, you should make sure that you don't see them to open that when they open the door you are hiding. But when women are expecting you the whole family is like a dinner party or something like that. Or the poor expecting you, then the father did certainly they asked you to come inside you and they asked to sit where you can sit. And people used to go and compass health. You know, there's a company female company companies say

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that our Friday she used to make some meal two after Friday preview to go to her house and eat meat to see because they know she's pregnant. She's the one who asking them to come now, they are not going to sit behind the curtain, because she expecting them to this command to be behind the curtain basically, when women don't respect you, then you should make Be careful because you know they are not prepared. But when they are ready for you, they know the guests are coming to their

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houses what happens?

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Okay, if you have questions,

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is it clear?

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you cannot you can ask it slowly come? The explanation you gave does coincide with the explanation given by classical mufa sillian? Or does your explanation differ with them about the

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question is a different question. My my answer, I agreed with Medina, with the Prophet with the with the rest of the Quran. By the way, don't know what else somebody else has said. But actually there are important first as well. People who say kurmis prabhakara this thing not only me, this I know, but I exactly don't know how they relate. This is something which I learned something from it Amala Chava. And something I do with myself, the whole argumented. But this thing, that worker from bokhara is not new to this whole level. Because the top you know, some people say to me that you have to make all what are some tips for a worker that you didn't have similar to what

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the worker does not mean? It means to be worker?

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Is it clear?

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I'm sure.

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You know, but there is another alternative isn't there that these, this is meant for the waves of profits and loss on them? And if that's the case, then it makes more sense because I think because like there's narrations where I shall rely on her whenever she used to read this if she's to cry until Kumar got wet, because she regretted

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going out, you know, during the Battle of the camel and all of that stuff that happened. Because she regretted that and whenever she's here this is she used to say I should have stayed at home.

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And then there's other information about soda and other wives of the Prophet. And they were asked, why don't you go and ombre like the other women do? And they said they'd already done the hedge. And they said, because of this If so, you know what liquid multicolor, no doubt for the wife of the Prophet, that the one thing more so than other women. And that thing really is that why because what is profit is not only Prophet, he the ruler, he the master is everything. So in either house, everybody comes. So people are hypocrite come everybody comes to have bad intention to that why Omar wanted the wife of the prophet to be more careful to some students commodified devices, apostle

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Alice alum, no doubt and one of them TVs, that is, when they go outside, they should be more more restricted to meet the people pass it, they can cover that, not the tub. But when they people pass that, you know, and they come to the profit, they cover their face as well. It could be we don't know who these people are too far. Why so the profit there has been something more restrict, but the command never had been to start home. Because the Prophet himself said to his wife, or dinner lacuna for the food. It allowed for you to go outside, and they go outside. The reason it was soda and some other wives that did not go for height. That thinking was that when the Prophet went farther, he's

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hiding. He took all the whys. Reason, thinking maybe they didn't good, don't get Muharram after after me and not easy to I take all of them to some of this thought. Now we have done hardly any way to we don't need to go for humor again. But I actually do not understand it. I say you to go very, very often she's to go. The reason I say you to cry is not really because he went out. There's not a reason. The reason is he cried because the Prophet has said oh Ayesha, what is Ayesha? One of you will pass by the water of how and the dogs will bark. And that means she's not right. Otherwise, the prophet said one of you will leave a house a sinner right? business going hard in that problem. But

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in that story here to where she passed that she really, really that hyper to whenever she used to read this. It has to connect with that story. That's all

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Not good after that I kept going outside net assets tab after that if you repenting this you should not do this but I kept going far far far far everything whatever new creature you got outside very often anyway going outside never stopped for Arshad latonya is another we have wives of the Prophet have been stopped from going outside Yaga happy to be more careful mister they have to have

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more coverage than other people there's

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just one more thing but doesn't work are also mean be content like to be content so might not mean stay in your house but it could mean be content with staying at home because like society's always encouraging women to go out and do things outside the house and if they can be content at home is valued honorable house will be more How can worker with content I want us to have a car and the second thing really for me is more important that the AMA Medina what exactly people do this? That why like Maurice opinion that Amara Medina is important Kadena that tells you what exactly Islam meant. Because Amara Madeira reference that whatever Quran and met the Prophet has to implement it.

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If going out was something wrong you can't do Quran the prophet will stop but after this was it never happened the Prophet never said to anybody we for women don't about that it never happens. We'll listen you can see new change hi person he asked a woman to go with the sword he never asked women not to leave the hospital you never find area this where the Prophet said to the women don't leave the house but you finally certainly encourage them to have jilbab collect this will a professor to the women go for a prayer to women said we don't have some of you have don't have job he said borrow digital to you can see the profits in the women should have but the Prophet never

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commands women absolutely honestly the most the professor lesson was in the night and some women are coming from the from the you know wedding party Do you know when we will come for our wedding party they already know dress nicely and or distance it to an item like me will be hungry go all these women you know outside the norm with artichoke cutter cloth and this is not right. The Prophet really loved that in the ministry his initial hype women are happy hidden he will rammed by the hypothetical Allah you know be witnessed I loved him he loved that these were so happy there in celebrating different farmers. This is how the property you know when he saw the women going outside

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you know in a party he was not upset he was happy that you know they are have freedom to he wanted to liberate the women from the way after died you know they have for him they know they can do something you know certainly their color to the heater happy if you're not happy you said that no duty these women are going like that in a wedding party. And I don't like But no, actually he said Oh Allah be by witness I loved it.

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And the process go traveling in in in it for Jihad and women are there hidden on mine but he said people respond below calories. And I said you know before relating the Saudis Buhari and Assyria to the people of the Prophet said about the women something if I say you will accuse me Miss He would accuse me that I love the women of the Prophet said the Dyckman will be served with the glasses to profit in a disturbed and but what he treat them nicely when they go outside. be softer, don't rush in wait for them. You see, the frog is never find the product to the staff something from good out. But he teaches you how to treat him how to respect him to certain we should Muslims should learn how

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to display the women that actually my one of my teaching all the time either guy or the people that are Muslim really notice to the women, too They should learn that what the Prophet did prophet respected the women and he said it took me about a year anessa women have been made beloved to me. The top profit last women restaurant we should expect them. If a restaurant the women evil will become less really the problem is because women really fear and everybody can see humiliated. They are humiliated Muslim society. too desperate to get rescued. You've got to respect it. You can see the devil you have much, much better way