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Uhud Pt3


AI: Summary © The Q neutrality movement began with the death of Hamza and the loss of his wife, Mohammed bin Salman, leading to the return of multiple figures to various countries. The Jana brothers were later killed by Hamza's superior, the Jana brothers were later killed by the other group's superior, and the attack on Hamza's family was overplayed. The aftermath of the attack on Hamza's parents and siblings led to the actions of United States and their actions in relation to the attack, with potential consequences for the actions being discussed.
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Good luck zero the most.

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I don't see it was awesome. It was awesome. Especially the battles Panama. Then again, I've really started to like Hadith. So Panama it's amazing the few words of the profile so slim is so much you can extract all that every subject is just all so important and remarkable. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah we're going to go to 930. As usual, we'll stop at 930. But

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let's look at now the some of the Shahada and some of the reaction of the Sahaba towards them. Firstly, the haka. monisha, he is that he is not washed, and they are not preyed on there's no solid janessa for them because of the genesis for the dead, and they are dead as Allah azza wa jal has told us. So when you understand that, that the Shaheed is not dead, he's alive. He's in literally his soul is in a green bird that flies around the throne of Alaska.

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So he's not dead so you don't pray celestial ginoza on the Shaheed

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and so the Shahada were not washed, and they were placed in the graves as they were with their blood on them, the profile is what slim said that their blood will come on the depth judgments with flowing and smelling like musc. So that'll be like the badge of honor on your monthly ama. Have people have badges of honor? Look, look at me, look, I took a bullet for the commander. I did this and I did that. That's the badges literally the stars, literally on the shoulder will finish the heat. He's gonna have the blood flowing, and it's gonna look awesome, and it's gonna smell awesome as well. What an honor. And of course, among them we know was Hamza the uncle of the profile is slim

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Asadullah himself was martyred that day. Who killed him?

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Yeah, washy, washy, washy when he was an old man to have the tape your own, went to visit him. And they asked him, tell us about how you killed Hamza, the uncle of the profile Islam. So he said to them, I'm going to tell you, as I told the messenger sallallahu sallam, I'm going to tell the story to you as I told the story to the Prophet himself. So he says when he was in Mecca, he was a slave. And his master, of course, being the gaffer that he was, he hated Islam. He hated the profile as a slum, and the eyelid Hamza. So we said to washy, if you kill Hamza, then I will set you free. So why she said, I came to the Battle of boyhood, with no business on that day, then. Hamza, then killing

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Hamza. I had no business with either group, I wasn't concerned about fighting. I wasn't concerned for fighting the Muslims, against them or for them, I just wanted to, I wanted to earn my freedom that day. So he says he took his infamous fee that he had with him and he was good at throwing them. He was good at throwing the speed. He says Hamza on the battlefield, and he waits. He was waiting for the correct for the perfect moment to strike him.

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And then he finally he felt the time was right. He held the speed. He said when I felt that it was good because he was shaking initially, because he was scared of Hamza. Hamza was a lion. He was scared of him. So he said, he waited till he felt good. He lined him up. And he said, I never missed. He says, I never missed when I used to throw my spear. And once again here he never missed he struck. Hamza beneath the navel struck him here in the stomach. And he turned towards me, he said, and he came towards me. But that overtook him and he film.

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Why she said he waited for a while because he was scared. And he said, Paula Hamza is dead. He's still scared of him. He waited until he wanted to make sure that he was dead. And he went over to him to double check. He took his pee, and he went back to Mecca as he said, he had no business that day, then his freedom and that's when he became free that's all he wanted his freedom so Panama when the profile is sought to slam was victorious over Croatia and conquered Mecca, he left Mecca where's he gonna go? Wasn't a Muslim. He went to a thought if when the Muslims conquered a boy if he had to live there, where's he gonna go? It was in a Muslim. So that's when someone told him wake up

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already. We do not accept Islam. Don't worry, this man Mohammed does not kill anyone who adopts his religion. By then news had spread all over Arabia of the clemency and mercy of the profilers was don't want to just accept Islam. You won't get killed for what he did. He accepted Islam. What happened in one day, the profile is what slim sees washy. He says, Are you washy?

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says yes. He said, Tell me about how you killed Hamza my uncle. And that's when he narrated it exactly as in relative to the turbine.

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When he finished his narration,

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the profile is what slumps eyes were filled with tears. And then he said, Take your face away from me. And he did not want to look at washi because of the sorrow and the pain he felt by remembering his uncle.

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So he had this deep love for Hamza. And he told him he said, I don't want to see and so why she said, I tried to avoid the face of the profile Islam for my entire life, and now is an old man he's narrating it to these debruyne

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but, but he tried to make up for

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in the time of Abu Bakr, Siddiq musallam al Khattab, The Hobbit, reclaim Prophethood a winner photo Beretta with the Sahaba were fighting this kuffaar he was told Why don't you kill more Salem Al Qaeda, just as you killed Hamza, the uncle of Prophet.

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So he took that very speed that he killed Hamza with to that battle where he was going to kill more Salem Al Qaeda.

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He had him lined up in his sights. He threw his speed at Mozilla during that battle He attended and he struck was Salem Allahu Akbar. He struck him while Mozilla was trying to fight another Muslim this other Muslim was trying to kill him.

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As he turned around to find out what's going on, he got stabbed with this spear by

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washi that's when the other Muslim came and finished him off.

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He said I don't know whether I killed masala or the other Muslim. But if I did, if it was me that killed him. Then I have killed the best of men and the worst of men. So he tried to make up for it as best as he could. Who was the other man?

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Abu Jana Allahu Akbar. Who else? Jana?

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Who else?

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So when you talk about what the Jana the red bandana is that way you will read today

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with the Jana

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everyone we played soccer on the weekend I put on my bandana was my headband, but it wasn't red though. There was white doing that for I got two reasons. I sweat a lot, which I do when I play soccer. I sweat a lot. Secondly, for intimidation.

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You look meaner. So the black bandana?

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I don't know I am jet.

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Zack Hello. Hello. Hello. fix you up later.

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No, that wasn't planned. But hamdullah I've lost a lot but yeah, 100 we want eight new

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Did it work? I think the answer is absolutely. They were intimidated humbler?

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But what about dirty tema? Dirty? Dirty?

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Dirty man.

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They were dirty but they had a couple of Muslims on their team. Probably wishing. Take us with you on your side please. Yeah, sorry, had something. So Allahu Akbar Abu Jana. So that was the story of Hamza. Another famous Shaheed was Han Bala Who was he? He was called Han Bona Allah See? What was it? What was it? To wash? Yeah. Why was he called Hamza and horsin.

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Correct. washed by the angels.

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He was a newly minted at ease. He just got married, like el de Bella masala, who just got married. And he spent the first night with his newlywed wife, his new wife his new spells. And that's when he gets the call for jihad. He just had interrelations he didn't have time to even perform also, he rushes out to the call, and that's when he's killed that day. He's killed during the battle. Whoa, hold the profile is sort of celeb so something remarkable that day is that go find out about hvala I've seen something I need an explanation. He was told that he was with his wife and he didn't have time to for Muslim is that that explains it because I saw the angels coming down to wash Shambala

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because he was in a state of Geneva so the angels of Washington

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have Allah Allah. Allah, Allah Delano.

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He was one of also

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a hell

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from LA she actually conceived that night and she went and told people look, I am pregnant. Look, we had interrelations and I could be pregnant. She wanted to tell people

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and a lot but anyway

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Would you Why would you only have interrelations and want to get pregnant when you know your husband's gonna go out for you had to get killed you say look look we're gonna stay by now she was happy 13 different different than i don't know i don't know but you have to ask Mr Siraj.

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and finally the reaction of the Sahaba yet, let's look at Sofia the sister of him. Firstly, how did the profile Islam find Hamza? After the battle, he asked the Sahaba who knows who can find out where my uncle Hamza is. I can't see him. Someone looked for him. One of the Sahaba said, I know where he is.

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Let me take you to him. He took the profile he said Sam to Hamza and that's when the profile is so slim and his companion saw that Hamza wasn't just killed. He was mutilated, and badly disfigured. They mutilated his body that cut off his nose. Is he his private part? They opened this chest and stomach and took out his insights. The Prophet cried so much he began to choke on his crying like that. cellulitis on him. That's how upset he was seeing his uncle is crying and he was choking on his crying. So that's what they did to Hamza like what this companion said by Allah. Yasuda la he was not like that. When I saw him last. I saw him dead but not like this. He has been disfigured. He

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has been mutilated by others. Hint rodilla delana. She ended up becoming a Muslim in the future, handled and asked for his liver so she can chew on it. So her slaves or her servants, those people they came and cut him open and they delivered to her so parliamo Sophia, who was the sister of the sister of Hamza Sophia, who was the sister of Hamza wanted to go see her brother that day, knowing that he was killed and mutilated. The profile is so slim or the Sahaba to stop her. When they tried. You said let me go. I've heard that my brother has been mutilated. But that was in his cause, and that makes us happy. I'm happy because he died in the path of Allah.

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When she saw Hamza in that state,

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she cried. Of course, she made the effort to forgive him.

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And that's when she said in Melilla, we're in LA Rajon and this is what every believer should say when calamity strikes is also about Tomasi, but Apollo in alila. Why NATO john? It's not just for death, although many people only say that. What does it mean to Allah we belong end.

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To Him we shall return. That's what she said. And beautiful words, beautiful words. If you were to ponder over these words, in now, we Lila belong to Allah, we belong to Allah. Okay, you and I are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, cousins, nephews, we are all belong to Allah We are the property of a law.

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Therefore, if we are the property of a law, and everything we own is a property of a law therefore allows you can take it whenever he wants. True. He can have and take it back whenever you want. If I said to you, here, take my car for the weekend, you can borrow it, I own it, you can borrow it belongs to me, though. I come to you. Sunday morning, I need my car back because I know it's mine. It belongs to me. Since it's my property, I can take it back whenever I want. Hamza is a property of Allah. She understood Allah can take him whenever he wants is a very important concept. This is what we say when a calamity strikes. We lose something we lose our job

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is everything belongs to Allah, we lose money, everything belongs to law, we lose a house everything belongs to a law, we lose a family member and so upon that As humans, we tend to forget that we think that these things belong to us. You know, my son, my daughter, my wife, my husband, if Allah takes them we say belong so light just took him we're in LA he Roger and we're going to return to Allah. Eventually everything returns to Allah with and now later, doesn't make a difference whether it's today or tomorrow. So with that in mind frame Allah code, we understand this, how it puts things in perspective. And that's what you say when calamity strikes and you can also say in the

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Leela Hema of Wonder Homer appa wakulla inanda Fi edgerly masama. In the lahemaa have to Allah belongs where he took his his anyway he just took it back. Well lahoma Alpha

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in the lillahi Malhotra Allah belongs what he took and To Him belongs what he gives he gave you something my guess what it is? It just let you borrow what kulesza and everything is with a law in an appointed time everything has an appointed time it's going back to him eventually. Beautiful mindframe of the believer This is the these are the words of Sophia been to Hamza inshallah, next week, we're going to look at other reactions like hammer and de Rania, and then we're going to look at women draw on the Battle of word, those who assisted and those who actually fought. That's going to be interesting

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So panicle law, natural law Elana

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Sophia, Sophia.

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Sophia from soften pure. So it means like like Eva. Sophia means for you guys.

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Because she was a gaffer at the time she had extreme hatred towards him. She was the homeless who lost

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him so yeah. Okay. something worse than that. Go for sure. Don't forget that a lot of these have a look before and machinery gone before this.

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Of course that's disgusting, but