How Marriage is a Garment

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Marriage in Islam is seen as a garment or levers that no Muslim can do without Allah Almighty in beautiful words said describing the institution of marriage Whoa Nelly bass hola como Anton Libera, sunnah Han they are a garment for you meaning your wives um you are a garment for them Qatada he said, describing what is meant by this he said hon no second hola como anthem second hula Han it means you are a tranquility for them and they are a tranquility for you. And subhanAllah Libras. A garment serves many purposes. Look at this beautiful Quranic fish be the analogy the comparison made, how does clouds serve you it covers your private parts, it conceals your nakedness. And that

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is the purpose of marriage as well as husband and wife. They cover the deficiencies of one another. They cover the vulnerabilities of one another, they hide the secrets of one another, they strengthen one another, they don't expose one another. That's the purpose of a garment number two a Libras a garment shields you from the elements, whether it's the scorching heat, whether it's the blistering cold, your cloth is a protection from the elements. And similarly, marriage is supposed to serve the exact same purpose of protection from the elements of life. Number three, your clothes, your garments are the closest things to you. There is nothing closer to you at this second in time than

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what you are wearing your outer and inner garments. And Allah said, your wife, your husbands, they are your garments. And so therefore we understand this element of mahalo calm as they call it being near and close to your spouse, there shouldn't be these prolonged periods of separation because it's not the function of a garment to be far away from one who was wearing it. So this is the second reason why we're speaking about this topic because it is the most important garment that a believer can wear