Thankfulness in Action #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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information comes to us through our head, through our head, we get the information. But if we're not practicing, if it doesn't enter our heart, if it doesn't change our lives, then it is. Indeed it is our enemy. But it's your end that brings no benefit. And the job of the prophets of Allah Allah Salam, O Allahumma, inni became in.

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Oh, Allah protect me from knowledge that brings no benefits. That is knowledge that we hear in our ears. Maybe we see it with our eyes, but it doesn't enter our hearts. We hear about patients and then as soon as we leave an event, we're back to fighting with our spouses. We hear about Shaka but truly are we thankful for the neuroma that Allah subhanaw taala gave us in our wealth, thankful in action.