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Muhammad Al Bizry

Audio Episodes: 134

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About Muhammad Al Bizry

Muhammad Al Bizry
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Muhammad al Bizry is from Sydney Australia.
He is a graduate of Western Sydney University in Bachelor of Applied Science, Sport & Exercise Science.
He also holds a Bachelor of Education from Western Sydney University, Parramatta Campus.

Ustadh Muhammad has studied Classical Arabic & its Sciences from various ulemah in Cairo, Egypt.
He is currently undertaking a Masters of Classical Arabic (Al-Fusha)

As an avid health and sports coach, he is also the founder of Sunnah Sport with Bizry, where he engages with youth at the grass roots level in various sporting activities as well as sound Islamic and social advise under the motto, “keepin’ kids lean, while teachin’ em deen.”

He is the head teacher of Islamic Studies and Quran at Unity Grammar, an Islamic college here in Sydney.

He is well know as a prolific and engaging speaker who has featured on a number of Islamic TV channels and centres such as Al Huda TV, OnePath Network, Global Islamic Youth Centre, Markaz Al-Imam Ahmad and at countless local mosques and Islamic centres and events.

Ustadh Muhammed has given and produced a series of lectures and Islamic educational courses which include the following significant works:

1) Mustalah Al Hadith (complete series)
2) Usool Al Tafseer
3) Uloom Al Quran
4) Language of the Quran – Linguistic based Tafseer
5) Complete Seerah (Makkan and Madinah) based on Sealed Nectar and other sources (This took him 2 years!!)
6) Anawawis 40 Hadith (1-17)
7) Universal Principles of Arabic ( 5 part series)
8) Many sssorted lectures on various topics. From Marriage to Batman vs Zaky.

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