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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was a woman with

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cielo week six today inshallah Tada, we're going to look at the following objectives.

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Number one, the martyrs

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and POW

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have offered.

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Sorry, that's number two, the first objective

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would be

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mentioned a miracle that happened in the Battle of boyhood,

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then we're going to look at the Shahada, the martyrs and Astra vpr who have offered itself

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and we're going to look at them, then we're going to draw our attention to the Sahaba yet of odd,

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was Javi at the 100% so happy with it, and we're going to look at the reaction of the Sahaba towards the martyrs and therefore, it shows you the strength and resilience and steadfastness and therefore what will that will do is all data is not just show us role models for among the men but also for among the women that you show us to can teach your wives, your daughters, your sisters, your aunt, etc. So we're going to look at the Soviet

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female companions inshallah.

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So, that will include looking at the reaction

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to the martyrs, the reactions, the steadfastness

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and the participation or what they were there participating by looking after the injured providing water,

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assisting in escorting the injured back to El Medina. What about fighting?

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Yes, some of them for Allahu Akbar was the ruling on women fighting in jihad. We may not get to it this week, but we'll definitely cover it next week if we don't have time inshallah. So we're going to look at women in Jihad as well. And not just providing supportive roles, but also physically fighting, it is allowed with particular conditions, while workman

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loves to marry a sister like that, wouldn't you?

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be sorry, please delete the last bit, okay.

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To the way that edit as for one of

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so let's start with the miracle that happened on the bathroom offer. There are many, of course, but our main one was, obey Allah.

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Allah would always say, I'm going to kill Mohammed, I'm going to kill Mohammed who boast about it. He even had a special horse for this a horse, that he would basically give special food and look after it just for this purpose of killing the profile. So to them. It's like a person for example. And today in warfare, they have particular tank or particular car, and they look after it because a lot of you still love. Their horses will today something similar, we love horsepower, which is cars. And they used to love the horses so much. They'll make poetry about it, literally. And that was their form of entertainment. Making poetry about horses, and not just that horses of warfare, horses

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of warfare, they used to love it, battle horses upon a lot. That's how they used to find the entertainment and have video games and movies. So what they will do you can imagine at night, there's a campfire, they'll be sitting around, a guy will stand up, start busting rhymes, literally busting lines of poetry, and then we'll get into it. Let's go it's hectic. Mashallah, so just like today, a person will get up on stage and Busta Rhymes in rap music. Now, of course, we don't agree with this, the music and so forth. But the point is, this is a constant in time regardless of era Jenner generation civilization. These are things that people find entertaining. I'm not talking

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about Helen, Columbia, that's another topic but these are things that you find especially looking for people find entertaining. So that was a form of entertainment. And just like today, and just like back then they still love making poetry talking about horses today. Same thing. The brothers who are into cars I love talking about cars, man I got an awesome car bro. I put twin exhaust on it rims 20 inch mags Yeah, awesome paint job is talking about it, Drew he loves it. So it's Apollo back then same thing. And they still have battle horses when the idea to baja and for those who do that sort of

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draws their attention by just an idea, right? Their idea is a type of horse an idea from other Yadu to run to charge, but not just that, to charge it your adieu Who's your your enemy in warfare. So as soon as I will add yet, although everybody's blown away. This is an animal that's really fast and is charging at an enemy and on top of it, that's what he's imagining.

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So just like today, people love action movies. True

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Action back then action to action, same thing sales, the constant in history constant, no matter what time and place you live in. And that's why today, these action games these war games like modern warfare Call of Duty they big hits, bestsellers. True. And that's why the latest filter the movie, Deadpool is here. Apparently it's the biggest hit in Marvel movies ever. It broke all the records in opening weeks, it was all over the news all over the internet. I was like, Well, why it's all about action, killing and all these other types of filth. But the point is, they could fall in love that stuff. They love it.

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So So Pamela, see how these are ways that Allah Allah knows what people like and therefore you find those loop in the Quran. Allah that attracts attracts the listeners attention literally, he engages a listener with his ad. It's amazing. So this guy Oh, babe Nicola had a horse, especially for this purpose. He's looking after taming it, feeding it special food. Why for the day, he's going to kill the profit on that's what he's basically doing. The profile is so many honey, this he says, No, you're not going to kill me. I'm going to kill you. Are you like them apples. So he was scared of that.

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He was scared.

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In the obey, if not Aleph

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tattoo his name on your brain.

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So you can make that against him. Tonight, before you go to sleep in with it or not.

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I don't have too many. I don't remember his filthy name. But it's good to remember the names because you can make against them like flour and Abidjan. And the likes Obi Wan holep. So he said, I'm gonna kill the Prophet Mohammed is boasting about I've even got my special horse for it. So Panama the profile. So Sam said, No, I'm going to kill you. Rather, on the day of battle on the Battle of all heard, he was charging towards the profile, he sought to slam on this whole service on this horse. And he was covered in armor from head to toe. The Sahaba when they see him coming, they surround the profile that suits them to protect them. And who wouldn't profile them step back. Don't worry, I got

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him. He lines him up and he's got his speed. The profile is awesome, takes the speed. And he starts winding it up literally starts doing something it's winding up basically. And the generation says that he did it in such a way that the Sahaba all had to step back, like flies, move and fly away when they are swatted. That's how the narration mentioned that they just all step back a lot. But what was he doing with the speed he launches at obey Him the holiday is covered in head to toe in armor. The only thing that was apparent was the opening for the eyes and a small gap here on the neck area. Why? Because I home if it's connected directly to your armor of the chest and neck, then

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you won't be able to move your head. So it has to be loose has to be a separate piece. So there was a small gap here. The profit aims for that gap in the neck and what happened he strikes? Well, whoever he hits, that's extremely difficult to hit a person like that in that area, let alone a person charging at you a moving target, let alone on a horse. Walk about accuracy. That's a miracle Columbia from a large region because as we said, the profile is what's most of my holiday marmalade. yeas of training in the battlefield. No, this was the things that a lot with gave him

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wasn't up doing. It was such a huge, it was such a powerful throw that it throws him off his horse upon law. He's boasting this horse. This horse ends up being knocked off it. Yeah. What about yours, knocks him off his horse

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and knocks him off. And he's quickly looking. He runs back to his mates. And he says Mohammed has killed me Mohammed has killed me. The guy really what happened now he struck his speed here right here and he points to his neck. Like let us see the take off his helmet, his armor.

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I find nothing but a little bruise here. Because he talking about your big crybaby there's nothing there. He said by Allah. If Mohammed would only spit on me he would have killed me, Danny because he said he's gonna kill me so Pinilla anyway, look at the irony of this profile. They accused the profile so slim of being a liar if they would believe everything you had to say.

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He said he said he's gonna kill me. It means he's gonna kill me even if he was to spit on me. Exactly. That's what he said. Even if he spat on me, I would have killed me like I don't want to just a bit of blood clotting.

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Wasn't long till he passed away because of that. He died because of that. A little cut literally Allahu Akbar. This was one of the miracles that Allah has granted the profile is what Salaam Yama

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, after this narration after this incident, great is our laws anger against a man who a messenger of Allah kills feasability law in a lost cause.

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Great is Allah

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wrath against the one who a messenger himself kills in the path of a lot. A messenger it could be any messenger, any man who was killed by a messenger of Allah, whether it was sort of law whether it's Moosa or Isa, how rude. any messenger. Great is a lot I lay him aside salatu wa sallam grayza was anger towards that person. Imagine the punishment this was, this guy was a man who was killed by a prophet of Allah, and imagine the punishment that person will receive and this is a hadith narrated by Al Bukhari Muslim

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is added to the miracle now, even though Omar said they use the son of Amara.

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One night while I was traveling in the same place where obey mahalo was killed.

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Suddenly, I saw flames of fire. Then I saw a man being dragged in chains begging for water. The response was, don't provide this man with any water. He This is a man who was killed by the Messenger of Allah.

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So ignore Mr. odilon, who wrote the law and Homer actually saw obey him No, he left and this was a kurama a special type of virtue and miracle given to a dharma. And this happens, although it's part of the vibe in the unseen at times allows, which brings it forward to the physical that you can see, as I've already illustrated before, and allows result can do this for only out of his and viral earlier, even enemies like Abuja. Remember when he he said he's going to step on the profits Nick, and his companions his minions Diego do is right there. He goes over what does he see? He sees wings and terror and fire. So he saw things for the unseen. He came back and his maid said, What happened?

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Because Didn't you say they're gonna say anything? And also remember, he tried to kill the profiler, so to sue them?

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And they said, What happened? You're right there. You had his sword. He had nothing. Why didn't you kill him? He said, a toll man pushed me in my chest. That was the prerelease. At times, Allah will allow this. So even though I said so Panama, I went to that place. One night, as I was traveling, I was passing through, I saw flames of fire. And I saw a man being dragged in chains, begging for who was taught, don't give this man anything, don't give him water. This was a man killed by a lost messenger.

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So those are two incidents connected to the same mural. Let's look at now the Shahada martyrs, how many martyrs were there?

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No. 70 Shahada

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Rahmatullah Halim.

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70 among the Muslims.

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And there were many of course, there were too many to mention by name here, not going to mention all of them will mention a few. But before we do that, let's look at the prisoners of war. There's only one prisoner of war that the Muslims captured

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abou as he should be really called avoided. Because he has no as a as an owner should be called Abu dishonor not Ivana abou as

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you can also add him to the loser list that you're writing and you're tattooing on your brain.

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abaza, who had no, Miranda the app was the was the only prisoner of war and the irony. The irony of that he was he was the one also captured and

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he was a prisoner of war captured a budget. And he came to the messenger sallallahu Sallam pleading and begging for his humanity and mercy, please, I've got young girls. I'm an old man. If I'm killed, no one's gonna look after them. The profile is subtle. I'm had clemency and mercy towards him. He set him free with one condition. What was it?

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You don't ever attack the Muslims? You don't ever find us ever again. Another do you help others fight us? That was the condition when he goes back to Mecca. And this was after as we know how it was immediately after. But when he goes back to Mecca, and he is of the Battle of are they going to fight the Muslims? He's then also asked to volunteer and join the fight. He says no, no, I promised Mohammed I'm not going to fight. I'm not going to assist anyone. Oh, you're a worse You're a coward. They basically put on him. And that convinced him to join the fight and fight the profiler slam.

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He's captured again.

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What does he do? When he's captured? He goes up to the Prophet Mohammed, please. I've got young girls. I'm an old man. If I die, no one's gonna look after them. The profile is so slim said that the believer is not bitten by the same layer twice and he audit for his execution.

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profile. Islam is merciful, is tolerant, but he's not gullible. This man is killing Muslims. This man was helping assassinate our messenger sallallahu sallam.

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This man is helping people and he's also assisting in averting people away from gender away from the path of a lot. So like we said the Prophet was merciful. He was had clemency but not naive gullible and this is teaching us that the believer is not bitten twice by the same person or the same situation. You learn from your mistakes.

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So he was executed

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after the break inshallah we'll continue with the Shahada. we'll mention some of them and then we're going to look at the Sahaba yet Bismillah he has a panic alarm over him Nick shadow one

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yeah, remember those two among others?

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Well, why not?

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Like he was in

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was he captured now he was in

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and they told him that he said that he's gonna kill

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him that

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correct? Yeah, he was getting scared and didn't want to go out and he was convinced the committee put on him and then he ended up going

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he actually believed it and he was saying to his wife that

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I'm not gonna go out

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it was good.

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I was him. He was good. Yeah, he said they are is a lawyer but when it came to everything he said that would believe

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he didn't want to go out

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correct? That's right. That's right. He didn't want to correct his wife was saying he shouldn't be going out but he's made to convince him

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Let me check the names. Let me confirm the name. Hello. Yes. nikto.

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Now Oh, my Yeah, different. Yeah, that's right.

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That's right. Oh my Yeah. I love this comeback.