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Want to stay in who want to study here on istockphoto when I was with him in Shoreham for cinnamon sejati I'm Melina Maria de la dama De La Hoya. Lil Farah hodja washa de la ilaha illallah wa sallahu wa shodhana Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali he will be here selimiye lomita Sleeman kathira ameba Oh praise God to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam once was informing the companions and informing the whole entire Ummah nation comes after him about the sign of the Day of Judgment. And one of the signs that he mentioned so a lot is eliminated as reported by Ms. Ruth and others. Will Buhari Muslim wife shouldn't judge a theory why while huddling

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with your wife buttigieg

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that didn't be sallallahu Sallam said in one of his Howdy, that one of the son of the day of judgment that ignorance will be widespread, will be widespread. And one of that narration it will be so common and it will be

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the yes booty and it means as if it is the default, that people have no knowledge and ignorance and became the most common thing among people.

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is the opposite of knowledge? Well, Jan, two levels. Jehan Basia wahoo I demo a darker shade. It is simple, which it means you don't know something. Well, gentlemen maraca,

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Nicoletta Allah, Allah tala and sometimes ignorant is double, which is you don't know that you don't know.

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You think you know but the reality is you don't have a knowledge of that. That's why the said Beware of false knowledge. It is more dangerous than ignorance. We call it false knowledge. And this hadith I have several reflections upon this study.

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Number one, we have to recognize the gender be Salah lasala mentioned this many times to warn us from ignorance. Ignorance is a very dangerous

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disease a very dangerous

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And you will hear me later saying that dangerous even can be an attitude, way of life of living your life. And ignorance is many different it can be in many in all aspects of life. This concept ignorance applied to every aspects of our life and the most the most dangerous ignorance when

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You're ignorant of Allah and Allah Jalla wa jal Bella, when you're ignorant of Allah subhana wa Jana, when you don't know who Allah is, and who is your Lord is and who is your Creator? And who is the one that you should worship? And who is the one who is the one who brought you to this life. That's the worst type of ignorant to don't know him. You don't know his words. You don't know his speech. You don't know his religion. You don't know who he is. You don't know his qualities you don't know his names. You don't know the meaning of his names. You do know what he likes and what he doesn't, what he wants you to do and what he wants you not to do. That's the one of the worst,

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that's the worst type of ignorance. man out of Allah have bad The more you know Allah, the more you love him. Well, I'm out of time you hibou and no one if you find yourself you don't really if you ask yourself, do I truly love Allah? Or just the one of the statement we just say? If you have a doubt about how much you love Allah Subhana Allah, it is because of the lack of knowledge because you don't know him. Anyone get to know Him and to know his qualities. He will immediately well fall in love with him supernova Todd. Well Am I have backup millennia before and those who claim love of Allah, but they don't know who I Lost Planet Allah is their love is not a true love. You're all in

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kenema Jamelia will ever love and Hadoop and Illa who will generally be law, there are certain things pardon ours or partition us from reaching a loss of habitat. the thickest of them all the worst of them all. The biggest of them all ignorance

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will generally be La La Tarifa le miroir adewumi hedgehog, you're always an enemy and you fear what you don't know. And if you don't know unless panatela you will always fear Him you will not be comfortable coming closer to him following his command and so on in the Lydian and elephone Allah yeah sudo those who disobey Allah this believe in God are those who don't know who God is and who was the last panel is mainly it for non law.

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Those who don't ally they don't like him and they don't like his rules. mela and Ivana la buena shavon I mean dooney while he Danica Canada Allah He believed in me a wanna fan lamb and hula Illallah was stung unfairly them because mininova minette will La Jolla Allah Mahmoud Masako momento por la vaca Allah order us in the Quran, he said Phantom have the knowledge of Allah.

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It is very sad that in our reality today in our world today, we have so many among us who knows so much about the creation and very little about the creator who's so interested to increase their knowledge of the world but has no interest in increasing the knowledge of that one who made the world will help you know the know about the creations more What do you know about Allah subhana wa tada I'll never forget one of my friend told me once that a person told him that you guys wasted your time reading for Anna memorizing Quran and all this kind of stuff that you guys do. People reach the moon panas was a little calmer with

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powerful sidewalk elephant. I mean,

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he said you wasting time learning to read the Koran and Tafseer people reach the moon. He said yeah, whatever you thinking you acquiring have made you reach the moon. But what what we what? What I am acquiring will make me reach the Lord of the moon. Horrible karma.

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Karma, facade led kamar many of us today if you ask ourselves an honest question, how much do we really know of Allah? Or about Allah? How many of his names you know? How many of his qualities you know, you know, the issue of the ignorance of Allah Subhana Allah is so deeper more than some of us can just hear it. It is much deeper than that. We have through the history of trauma. People saw ignorance of the last 5000 years and attributes, either by denying them or by, you know, twisting the meaning of it to other meanings other than what it appeared to be and what the last panel Diana, have mentioned to us. Many people have a different way of dealing with a Lost Planet. Allah has

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names and attributes that take it away from it is what it's meant to be. ignorance. You're asked many more

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Today how many of our last names you can mention? 3456 710? What about the rest?

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What about the rest? You asked many people today what's the last mother's name? What's the moment means? What's Hakeem even means?

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You know, the understanding of deeper understanding of the names of Allah is something very noticeable. How many of us find our qualities that you recognize and you remember how much Allah's words which is another sad store, how much you can read from the Koran, how much you memorize from the Quran, that the more you look how much you know of his religion Have you learned and you invest time to learn and to listen and to attend classes and an online and you take the learning you take that serious very, very few who really trying to remove that ignorance

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Lj have been very speedy in here where he said it he want to be Mohammed Salah

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gel will be happy to share our journey on Bella Eva, one of the outcome and result of ignorance, not knowing a lot or not not to know his message or his messengers. I understand that I'm not expecting the whole community to be, you know, scholars and you know, knowledgeable people of the religion, or deep knowledge of the religion. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about basics, that basics can be easily shipped. today.

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I'm talking about basic just to be able to read the Koran to understand the basic meaning of the deeper meaning of the Quran. Now, I'm talking about just the basic understanding, the basic understanding of the account of the what you're saying this allowed to say outside the Salah, the understanding of the principles of the religion. It is sad. It is very sad that when someone for example, send me a you know, or asked me a question about this, the sad is not asking the Saudis that this is not even clear. I'm not talking about someone who's new Muslims, someone who's Muslim.

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You know, telling For example,

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He said, I do believe that somebody wrote that I do believe that Addison, for example, will be in a very, will be an agenda in the light of gender because he invented the light bulb.

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That's what made people didn't

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any, at least the simple thing, it's sad when you see somebody can even understand the basics.

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And the religion.

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Another point that I want to mention or deflection, the issue of that double ignorance, which is something important for us to be careful about when you think you know, and you don't, and when you act as if you know as if what you have is a solid knowledge into reality, it is not a solid knowledge, it is just an opinion, or it is even ignorance. Do you will see so many people get federal under religion based on no and no, no, no solid knowledge. Just I think that way I feel that way. Now, the deem that religion or philosophy is not based on your feelings. It's not based on your opinions. It's not based on what you think of it this day, or do you feel about it this day? No,

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it's about what Allah has said and what Mohammed Salim said, it's about very clear principles, and Shetty was put by the scholars to follow to arrive to that conclusion. A lot of people think yes, yes, there is no doubt about any evidence. Now there is no you know, religion, per se, you know, religious people. We're all religious. But we're not Christians. We don't have just the priests. No, no, no, hold on. When it comes to practice that religion, we all practice religion. But when it comes to understanding and we all understand religion, generally speaking, and we'll practice the religion, but when it comes to federal when it comes to opinions, to analyzing to give to rulings,

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that's not up to you only to the scholars. No matter how educated you are, no matter how rich you are, no matter how powerful you are, you know your place.

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We all like to be healthy. We all know about good health, doesn't mean we're all doctors. We go as doctors and professionals. We all like to have our cars clean and nice. We know how to drive. We don't fix our cars. We go to mechanics, when it comes to religion, not everybody has the right to have authority to give an opinion is not correct.

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Even in the Quran is not for everybody to interpret the Quran you have to have, everybody can be a scholar, everybody can learn and become a scholar and be able to

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reach that level.

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Allah subhanaw taala said when I tap only matassa for all synthetic human kidney by the head, I don't know how to hold on.

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Do not claim this halal and haram, lying and making this up. Allah subhanaw taala also told us that one of the worst sins that a person can do well under punto Allah him Allah Tana moon that you say things and attribute things to last month Allah which is false

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and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said min Kedah Allah Mohammed unforgettable

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anybody attribute lies to the prophets of Salaam expect no place in deep document except the place in Hellfire kinda haven't had a woman Baby, I would have been Canavan Allah and no doubt more prior to that those who attribute lifestyle loss on them as well. So this is also another big problem, which is the issue of giving federal and religion and everybody gave it some times people give you a factor in the form of question like somebody asked me, she has held on to do this on this on this on that. What you think that we already said it's Haram.

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You ask what is rolling into this? Somebody comes and said, You doing this and this and this and that? And it is haram? And why do you doing this? type you already made the conclusion that it is haram or halal or whatever it is. And you're you ask, people also maybe sometimes need to know how to ask and maybe that's another talk topic. But you just simply ask, there's nothing wrong with that. And if you don't know just say, I don't know, there is that it's so easy to say I don't know, easy for those who understand the level

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because it arrogant people cannot say I don't know. Think that I don't know what put them down No Matter of fact, when you say I don't know, that's only elevate you. One of the things it's also important to give federal or an opinions or you make a statement to relay facts about things, even in worldly matters out of ignorance. That's so dangerous. You know, in medicine and in politics, and especially these days, and economy and foreign policies, everybody Mashallah experts and can talk, you know, and they don't talk as of just my opinion, no, this is like even fine. But when it comes to religion, there is no opinion. That's the difference between the religion and the non religious

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Also, a third point that I want to say that one of which is also your birth through gender ignorance be so widespread us thinking what can make it so widespread. And one of the things that

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make this happen is when we sprint ignorant ourselves, through social media, by spreading rumors, conspiracy theories, you know, and believing in it, and some people like pass on very strange informations and stories about people about events and about issues that they have no knowledge with spreading the ignorance ourselves, and that should not be the case. Another point that I want to mention in relation to this hadith.

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who will be Melissa de FIDE.

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Part of how the ignorance will be widespread, is when people have a lot of information about things that's completely useless. shaviro Kadima, Jamelia, Cora chavi, how the LL movie J.

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chaverim. Allah said some things, if you don't know about it, that's in itself, just not to know not to occupy your brain with it. You know,

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it's very interesting how people are fascinated with things that in this modern days, there is a fascination that people are fascinated by things, which is completely useless. And you think that's cool, or that's, you know, any impressive. And people even go and study years, uncomfortable and spend hours and hours are things that's completely useless does not benefit them in dunya.

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You know,

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in the old time in history, in Islam, we have something called Auto 18. The people who imagine scenarios, hypothetical scenarios, and this scenario is not like, hypothetical scenarios like you know, if you analyze them, you take in a model, you can apply them to real scenarios a life No, no, I'm talking about things that is not related to you like this guy asked me chef, you know, if I am above the Kaaba, which direction Should I pray? Have you not been even omelet yet? You didn't go to Makkah.

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Type if we relocate el Kava, do we pray to the new location or to the old location

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when you hear stuff like that,

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you know that

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That's just a waste of time. wasted time thinking about it waste of time answering it. You know, Islam Jeff, why don't you give lecture about Islam and UFOs

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or Islam Zen space you know, the is the creatures of space or like aliens

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okay what you're going to benefit from that

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it just useless useless time and people fascinated by that. Once a shabby somebody came to him and he told him Yeah, man, what's a police wives name? called Madison's odd? shabby or him a lot but I wasn't invited to the wedding. So I don't know. He's he didn't invite me to the wedding. It just ridiculous. Yeah, you know, like for example,

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you know, there is a lot there is a there's books, okay. Unfortunately, I've won. You know, the totally awesome useless information.

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And people just like stuff like that.

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Statue of Liberty's mouth. It is. If you believe it or not three feet wide. Who cares?

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Like I got to get to know them. What did they learn

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as my son was stealing he loaned me Baba Do you know that the side of the hammer it's called cheek you know the side of the hammer coaching I bet you anything you don't know that he's not all your life coach the cheat and the problem is my son doesn't know how to use the hammer properly. So what's that benefit him knowing that the scholar key but he doesn't even have the skills and know how to hammer a nail.

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See how the problem when someone like you know Masha Allah I am experts. I am. Play striker. Who nice which clock? I play for Real Madrid. Wow, you do? Yes. And FIFA? Oh, thank you. What would benefit that you have while playing soccer is online and this became a professional? You know? What, what do you get of being Mashallah special DJ, I don't have to mix very well. Okay, so what do we benefit from that?

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You know, or some of even some arts and don't misunderstand me not against art, but some of the arts when people miss so much time and effort. And it's not like I maybe you can call me I don't have a taste. But there is certain elements in every areas that there is an extreme goes, and it became a waste of time, a waste of effort, a waste of resources, what will the world benefit to make a comparison between Kansas and how flat Kansas is compared to the pancake?

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anemic a study, and you find that the pancake is actually flatter than Kansas.

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Or Kansas flatter than the pancake? Sorry.

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That's the study and people waste time and effort. And

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it is Anna can go many, many things like that. That's why one of the beautiful words of Narada Rahim Allah said, the difference between the L of a seller and the realm of will have the knowledge of the early generations and the later generations, the elder generation cares about things that lead to actions lead to action that it will benefit you in this dunya. And in the era salani

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Melinda, I do believe ignorance is spread in the end of the days, because ignorance can be an attitude. And what I mean by that it's a way of life. You know, when we are raised that ignorant is blessing. And you take that in a general sense. I know I know. It's not used that as general as it sounds. But when you know that either what who cares about learning? Hey, read a book. When you read renew, basically grow generations that be not used to open book the only book some generations open is Facebook.

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The only thing that they know is that it is sad. When people don't know how to read know how to write. They don't care about learning and increasing their knowledge.

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You know, and it is it's a way it's an attitude. You know, if your sun on yourself, a day to three days goes by and you learn nothing. How that's an attitude for me. That's a way of living your life. You need to change that. You know what every day I need to increase my information. I learned something new.

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You know, sometimes when I tell my kids Hey, what did you learn in school? Boy, do you care? I care to learn something new from us. Yes, I might learn from you. It's an attitude. And you have to embedded this in your children. Embedded this in your life in your heart. You also in the car, some people it is

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So normal to spend 234 hours, literally doing nothing,

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driving car or nothing, not benefiting anything.

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It's an attitude it's an opportunity for me to increase my knowledge to know more. Clearly Shafi, an ambassador of the Aloha And mahalo chavi pillar in our contract to paddle in illmatic to bother him Why do you care for knowledge? Can he then a ship Sarah for hula vetti will either remember who has said what he knowledge is something that I enjoy when I'm in a good time and in a bad time. Finally

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one of the reasons that ignorance spread it's because the death of the scholars on there is no more scholars and ignorant people lead and we see this in our reality in a very bad yummy form today people ask anyone questions any person online on site, you know, knowledge is not based on how popular the person is knowledge is not based on how you know sharp this guy is online and how you know some critique and people know how to you know, refute other doesn't mean that this person is a knowledgeable person in and knowledge is not by titles knowledge is not by a good recital for the Koran or appearance Mashallah isn't a big beard that means isn't more knowledge. That's not true.

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You know, knowledge is basically based on how much this person knows of the Quran and Sunnah. And how did he did he studied knowledge with the scholars or not? Did he have you know, a former learning process? He went to formal learning process to acquire that knowledge and knowledge is levels. That's why the people have knowledge also our levels that a certain knowledge required experience that a certain knowledge acquired a specialty that a certain knowledge required collective he had, especially when it comes to a new issues and a new matters. Keeping that in mind is so important today, because unfortunately, people just ask anyone, you know what, especially when

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it comes to the religion, your deen is something very valuable. Don't treat it as something cheap. Just ask anyone. Make sure that you ask someone that you trust. It's more valuable than your own health. It's more valuable than your own mind more than your children than your investment, which is you don't just risk it like that.

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May Allah smart Allah forgive us and give us that?

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Love for knowledge. So

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what is Tim Roth IRA?

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Well, most of you submitted in a piece of beauty when you hear Oh, yeah, come in, maybe law, whatever it may be. kitabi maybe Dini, when you come you could hire a law firm often in our diversity in our home. Now if you know a foreigner can visit an Alhambra home in London in a circle hotel. Our offer for Lena fusina taco house,

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