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Uhud Pt2

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What did we stop off last we start the battle or not yet held shorter the property held shorter. Did we get to that? What did we leave off last and

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the reasons for the battle?

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The blind the wall sorry, the blind man I won't fly in the farm.

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Oh, very good. Excellent the plan now. Excellent. Okay, I know

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy woman when last lesson we discussed the beginning of the battle the battle in the preparations for this battle. And that was the profile so to slim split the Sahaba in three battalions. And there were of course the mahadji rune and the answer was split into two. So the Mahajan only one and the soul split into two and also has Raj the profile so to Islam. And this was like kurama given to him.

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A lot of vigil gave him the wisdom in warfare, although he had no prior military experience. He Allah has sought to slam notice a possibility of an attack from the flanks. Therefore, he told some of the Sahaba to stay on the mountain to protect them basically, like sniper position. And how many were

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in the army of the Muslims?

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1000 initially 1000 they dropped down to 700. Because Abdullah bin obey at the last minute What does he do? He pulls out and he withdraws some of his men. Allahu Akbar. So he Abdullah even obey the leader of the man 15 last minute pulls out and he takes 300 people with him, Allahu Akbar, Yanni that's a big blow to the Muslim so now it's 700. But then again, it's about having quality Muslim, not quantity. So 700 quality, stay with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he made excuses. I don't think there's gonna be fighting Abdullah and obey. I don't think there's gonna be fighting. He said, that's what I'm doing. Now. In fact, the opposite is true. He thinks there's going to be fighting,

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which is why he ran away. It's actually the other way around.

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He's said Mohammed listened to the young kids and he ignored the wise elders, talking about himself that he's a wise old man.

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Yeah, he was later than 15. Abdullah bin obey.

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So Abdullah, even obey

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was the leader of the hypocrites.

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And he was wrong about one thing he was old. But it wasn't wise was an old man, but it wasn't wise.

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Whatever. So now, it's 700 700 Sahaba, up against 3000 confirmed.

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That's now the odds are greater than three to one. Imagine just taking three could fall on. Well, whatever. It's more than that now. So the profile is sort of slumped from the 700. he

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commissioned 50 arches to stay on the mountain. And that's a big number. 50 out of 700. That's, that's huge. Usually snipers, you need 123 at most, because one sniper can take out multiple targets. But 50 it just showed you how dire this position was how crucial The situation was, especially at that juncture of the hill, where if they want the snipers, those archers, then the Muslims will be flanked.

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So the profile is so slim gave them clear instructions. If you see us winning, don't leave your post. If you see us losing, don't leave your post you don't leave under any circumstance until you receive a message from me. clear instructions.

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The kuffaar now try to dis unite the Muslims and what else is new? I will Sophia and calls out to the unsought. He says leave us to fight with our cousin, meaning Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. He said we have no quarrel with you. Now you say this after you threaten the answer when the profile is slim first Margaret and Medina and this is a tactic from the comfort of old and of course of today doesn't change the manager of COVID is the same. Just like today, they're doing the same thing. What are they trying to do? They're trying to dis unite the Muslims. So we are bite sized pieces for them. So they can eat us up gobble us up in bite sized pieces because one huge chunk is very

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difficult to swallow. So they want to literally disunite us to dissect us into parts. Why? Because that's when you conquer. Divide and conquer. That's what they want a low equity just like today. In the beginning No no, no, we're not after you guys. The average was somewhere

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After the moderate to after the terrorists that's what we're after.

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If they say that until after they get the so called terrorist and they come for everyone else in the beginning was just about fellas Palestine and after that it was only Iraq and after that it only Syria and what's gonna happen it until the home is the valid that's

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just like today nothing is different nothing has changed the profile of today I like the profile of yesterday just remember that the exactly the same so this was a lie this was a trick just like did they do the same thing? Well after you were after the bad Muslims

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and as the famous story goes or killed to Yama ocula Thoreau and

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the black cow as it was being devoured by the wolf Who said I didn't die now. I didn't assign my execution paper now. I was killed the day the white cow was killed meaning the day I gave up my brother literally. So once we give up each other we give up our believing brothers and sisters now they only Palestine and you even have some Muslims when I wrote the blessing disgusting bowline is there's a I don't know what word I can use without falling into sin. But the things that some Muslim say like they deserve to get bombed.

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You have some really stupid ignorant statements coming from a

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Muslim say Muslim say some really disgusting things sometimes when I was a villa How can you say that about your brothers they deserve I was a bit

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although that's a betrayal, to say the least.

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The battle starts the profile so to slam has the Sahaba lined up in rows and this was the way of the Prophet is as Allah has mentioned in the Quran. So to soften

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the profile so slim takes out a sword. He says to the Saba who will take the sword of mine, the Sahaba Allahu Akbar the soul of la sala Mira salami, but then the profile is slim as you're going to take this sword along with its rights. The hands start to go down okay now I'm a bit reluctant because it's got rights after fulfill the rights of Buddha Jana stands up he says you're a solo What are its rights? The profile is so slim said that you strike the enemy until the sword begins.

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In other words, you wreak havoc in this battle. You basically let heads fly and heads roll. You basically wreak havoc until this sword is piece of metal bands and it lets you basically cause destruction today. I will do Genesis anila. I can do this over I'll take it a lot like what Abu Jana and Abu Jana was the famous Companion

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of the red bandana. He took the sword, he took out his red bandana and he began to put it on and Abu Jana that was assigned when the red bandana comes on. It means hollows heads rolling today. That is it means I'm going to be hectic today. I'm going all out. That's what the red bandana signifies. So the first to have the red bandana was able to Jana, not Rambo. They copy us We are the originals. They just the copycats. They're the imitation. So Abu Jana was the first to have the red bandana Allahu Akbar. And then as he puts on this red bandana, and he has the sword in his hand, he begins to struggle literally he begins to walk like that in front of the ranks. He's walking in this

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arrogant way.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam looks towards him. And he says this is a walk that Allah hates.

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Except in this situation.

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He was walking in this way to intimidate the kuffaar and this is something that is allowed in Jihad to strike fear in the heart of the enemy to intimidate them. So to work in the state of boastfulness and arrogance is not allowed, because as Muslims we are humbled. Allah doesn't like pride isn't like arrogance and boastfulness. Allah loves us to be humble. And one of the rlms said, How can IGNOU Adam Be proud? How can the human being Be proud when he's come out of the private parts twice.

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He was born from the private pass twice one from the Father and then the second from the mother who is room for pride and arrogance.

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Upon love beautiful words from the aroma of the Salah

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Ebony's Hawk says in his sealer when Abu Jana took the sword. He took out his red headband and he began to strike between the ranks and in front of the enemy. And Allah Mohammed added Abu Jana did take the sword, and he clipped a path with it through the middle of the kuffaar sulphonyl. So in order to bend it, he wreaks havoc, literally on the disbelievers in the ranks and split them up. He basically clipped a path between the kuffar. It just went in all guns blazing basically so to speak.

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Gabriela Malik narrates This is an amazing narration about the Battle of or heard itself. Goblin Malik narrates,

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on the day of or heard.

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There was a strong disbeliever, who was covered in armor from head to toe.

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He was really well built, very well built, strong armor, strong sword, everything. And he was he did not meet a Muslim on that day except he killed him. If a Muslim sees this guy comes head to head with him, the Muslim is dead. And he was saying, Come you sheep ready for slaughter. So this guy was a gaffer fully armored head to toe and he was wreaking havoc among the Muslims. Allahu Akbar. He said, and I could see one of the Muslim fighters also covered in armor, and his face included, he couldn't tell who it was. And it was also well built. You couldn't tell who he was. He said,

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I prayed to Allah that they meet. And they came ever so close, until finally they did hit the head. And he said, I began to encircle them, basically, to see and check out the position. Basically, he's sizing them up. And he's looking at the cafe. He's looking at the Muslim he's drinking, aka who's bigger. He said the Kaffir was well built, and was better built and stronger than the Muslim he was had better armor, better soil, everything so on face value, the Muslims dead. So they exchanged blows.

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That gaffer strikes the Muslim but the Muslim shields it off with his shield, literally, he blocks it with his shield. And that caught this the sword of the enemy, and thought he struck him with a blow on his shoulder, and also powerful a rip through his shoulder, the gaffers shoulder, it went right through his torso and underneath his leg, and he split him into that's how powerful it was. He ripped through his armor, and he cut the scaffold into to literally, the calf. We just filmed two pieces there on the floor. And that's when Captain America was narrating. He said the Muslim soldier took off his his helmet.

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And he said, What do you think about that? Oh, god, I'm Abu Jana

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and America, what do you think? He impressed? He knew cabin medic was watching the whole time. So you knew he was watching? He had an audience. So it took it off. He says, What do you think about that? What are your thoughts on Abu Jana? That was me. And he was proud to have killed the calf in such a manner and he should be proud because he has every right to be for what he did the law.

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What about that yakob honorable Janice Palumbo the Muslims are winning and the kuffar with fleeing, literally what happened to you? How do they flee?

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They fled because of the banner, the banner of the kuffaar of crossville.

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Now the banner in the times of warfare back then was extremely important. Now we may not understand the significance of the battle due to modern warfare. However, just to give you an idea, the banner was used for many things, among the most used to encourage was used for the to psych up the army, but also the rallying point.

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So the banner was where that would rally.

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I was like their HQ headquarters.

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It was an indication to the soldier that we are still in the fight.

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That's what the banner means. If it's up, it means we are still in the fight. It means that my army is still here. But specifically, once the soldier sees the banner still up, it means my arm is still here. And without the banner, the soldiers not fighting anymore. Basically, if the banner falls down, it means that we have lost the battle. It's time for me to run away. That's what it means. If the banner falls, it means they've deserted me. And I better start running as well before I'm killed. So I was a fan. And the out of they knew the importance of the banner. So he goes over to battle of the dollar. This is in the next hour. I mentioned to Ben I have the data where

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he goes over to them and he says to them on the day of better.

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You were in charge of our banner. And he's basically sending them You had one job to do you flops. All you had to do was look after the banner and you failed. They said you were in charge of our banner. And you saw what happened to us. Men won the fight for the flag men are going to only fight for the banner. Once that falls. Once we lose that the army withdraws. In other words, make sure you look after and look if you're not really willing to do so then we'll get over this responsibility to someone else. I said Are you threatening us?

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They said that wasn't our fault. And you're going to see

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You're going to see tomorrow meaning on the best of all what we're going to do, we're going to basically sacrifice and that what that did those words available Sophia and I pumped, they pumped up the data. So they will pump that's what he wanted. They wanted to say that to them to scare them. Look, we're going to take the responsibility. No, no, no, we can do it. We can do and we're going to show you we're going to prove it. Ben Abdullah seven men that day. seven men just trying to carry the banner, usually one or two is is unlikely. But the last seven of the men trying to carry up this banner Allahu Akbar tried to

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fellow seven men trying to hold up the banner. And the last of them was a Abyssinian slave. You couldn't really speak proper Arabic. As he's trying to hold it up. His arms were severed external, hold it up. And it's saying that it's actually our fault. And he might Excuse me, excuse the river hills, a mushrik cafe, a Byzantine slave and he ended up dying that way. And once that banner fill her loss, Grace realized that is it. We're out of here. So they began to flee. And the Muslims, one, the Muslims one initially, however, the tides were turning

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in battle. And in the heat of the moment, the mind is obscure. Motions get in the way. So those archers who were on top of the mountain saw the Muslims were winning. We've won hollows that began to descend, because I saw the Sahaba taking the Woodbury spoils of war. So they began to descend. So the immediate who was there allocated and to commission them? He said, Now what are you doing? We have to stay the profile. So Sam said do not leave this post until he tells us that the battle is over. We've won or lost. They ignored him. So 40 of them lift

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10 remain. But is it

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just 10 on top of that mountain lock but

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who spotted this weakness.

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Harley Davidson believed he was still a gaffer at the time. As a pilot holiday marmalade had extreme expertise in military warfare. He was an expert Mujahid he was an expert fighter. And it was mentioned the heart of the blade never ever lost the battle ever, ever in Germany and in Islam never lost the battle. He's up against Rasul Allah here, and also law one, and Rasulullah would have won if the Sahaba who left the oppressed didn't do so. So holiday mobileread and Aquila. Notice this weak spot. When they detected the weak spot that was exposed, they immediately took advantage of that. And they outflank the Muslim army. And because of that, because the Muslims weren't expecting

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it, they were taken by surprise. And therefore they were getting attacked from behind em and Qureshi saw this, those were fleeing with Abu Sufyan, he noticed is that the the Muslims are being attacked from behind. So what does he do? He comes back with his army, and they start attacking the Muslim from the front. So now the Muslims are being attacked from the back and the front, the back from holiday mullet and actually maybe then began his army and the army the battalion of Abu sufian. So being sandwiched in Allahu Akbar, there'll being sandwich and because that will being sandwiched in it was chaos. The Muslims were disorganized, they're not in their ranks and they'll disoriented. And

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that's when the Muslims are being slaughtered one by one. Muslim Sahaba were being that were dropping like flies. It got so bad. I got so bad that there were only nine men Knights harbor protecting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and I got so bad that even worse will lower severely hurt that day.

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Even Tamia. This man discovered this filthy individual. He was the one who heard the profile is so too slim and he cut his cheek open and he's bleeding a lot. And the profile is so slim was struck on his shoulder very hard that it didn't PCs armor would hamdulillah but it was such a huge hit and really hard blow and a severe blow that the profile is so slim felt pain in your shoulder for a month after the battle a whole month

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had been put me off.

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And when he did so he said I'm even coming out in Colombia and the word Tamia comma, and Eric means to humiliate. So he's saying his name was the son of a humiliated woman. So the profile is subtle and made DRI against him. He said, Mark Allah, may Allah humiliate you, he has his own name against them. suppiler and the profile is what's the most severely injured. He was cut really bad on his face, and his tooth broke the tooth on the bottom, lower part of the jaw broke and his helmet was crushed onto his head. And he was severely hurt that he actually could hardly walk. And as when they tried to retreat, he couldn't even go up the mountain. He needed to be held by Paul Heyman

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So it was getting so dire that there were only nine, only nine protecting the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he was severely injured.

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That's when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said, Whoever can repel the kuffaar whoever can repel them will be my companion, Jenna. Pamela. So one of the uncited volunteers, I will get us a lot. And they call the unsought from muscle and masilela that would help and give victory to this day. One of the unsorted volunteers, he wants to be the companion for Sundar I will also law he begins to defend the messenger to repel the kofod. He's killed. The Prophet repeats this command, whoever will defend them, whoever will repel them will be my companion agenda. A second of the Untied volunteers, he is killed. Then a third volunteers he is killed. A fourth? Yeah, these are all

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unsolved. Fourth, he is killed a fifth he's killed until finally the seventh, seventh of the unsought seven unsolved seven on so I volunteered to protect the profile Islam. They are all killed measure seven bodies just lying around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You can see why they couldn't saw. That's why they couldn't

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they were only two men protecting the messenger sallallahu Sallam that day.

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They were sad. They've been everywhere costs and Paul have innovated. How are these two amazing heroes?

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These were the only two protecting the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Saudi Arabia costs began firing his arrows in such a way that the profile is what Salaam was so pleased in his performance. He made a drop. A little Delano said in all Buhari, that the profile is sort of slum never made this draft for anyone, then sadly they will cause what was that drought? May my mother and father be sacrificed for you? Yeah, sad. He never said that's a lesson for anyone except for sad. He was so happy and pleased with his performance that you can only imagine firing left, right and center replaying local farm. The Prophet was happy with his performance. He's saying my mother and father

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be sacrificed for you.

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No now from Yeah, the old companions know from hygiene. You mean?

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The unsolvable dead 77 of the unsolved with dead. These are now two from the more hygiene. So sad interview, of course, was defending the messenger sort of law, they still live in such a way that the profit was making dog for him in such a way that he never made for anyone else as I laid on the other side and

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the sacrifice to ransom for you. This is a form of what you make for someone in Arabic. Be Abby and tell me

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Can we make?

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No No?

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No, you can make that off or hoody? Can you make a father's audit? No, but you can make it for the messenger. Yeah, I don't know. But other people.

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But me and my mother and father be sacrificed for you know?

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Yeah, same thing to sacrifice as a ransom. Yeah, it's the same meaning. It's hard to translate that in English.

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The other hero is Paul have not obeyed the law.

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Paul have not read the law. He said to the messenger sallallahu sallam, don't worry, your us will law. If they fire any arrows in my in your direction, my chest will be there before it hits yours. In other words, you know what he's saying? I'm gonna take a bullet for you. That's what he's saying. I'm willing to take a bullet for you. Look at these men.

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And I'm sure this is something that many of you will do for the messenger. If you had the opportunity. Say saying Don't worry, my chest is going to be in the way you're going to take errors then anything hit the messenger sallallahu Sallam and the Prophet could hardly stand. So as Bonhoeffer was firing, the Prophet would look up over his shoulder to see where to hit him Did I got that kefford handle I got this guy. So it was losing him as protection at all. Ha. He said to the Prophet, I'm sturdier. Also law. I'm

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solid, I'm firm, with you saying I'm hectic, hectic, because that's what he's saying. I'm solid jasola he said, Don't worry, direct me any way you want. I'll be there to protect you and you use me to where you where you want to go. He's basically saying use me as a shield. So that was called heaven obey the law.

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And that's when the profanity sort of slump successfully told us to harbor and successfully retreated with the components of the mountain of the kuffar did not dare pursue because for many reasons, number one, they want cavalry and it's very hard to go up a mountain with horses and camels, and also they wouldn't dare go on foot because they know going on foot

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would get killed. These two men saw the number of cars and don't have an idler, on their own was successful in repelling Quraysh those trying to attack and kill our messenger. These two men

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when you make dua for the Sahaba, don't forget these two men. These were the two heroes of the day that was successful just to in pushing back and repelling the army of Croatia, Allahu Akbar. And that's when the profile is successfully retreated with the Sahaba. And they went up to the mountain about what happens next inshallah we'll mention next week, the conversation that occurred between Abu Sufyan and the profile is what's them and armor?

00:25:44--> 00:25:46

Yeah, they repelled Qureshi. Yes.

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Now, I would like you to read the sealed necta because it's got more details there for you. But as you can see, I've had this taken us a while, three weeks, and I don't want to spend every any every single lesson on that. So read your notes, Nick. We're done with the battle. Charlotte Allah. We just next week, look at the conversation between our soufiane and

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his interesting questions. Your homework Whoa, whoa, the three questions he asked the Prophet I asked the Sahaba. I was to film that's your homework.

00:26:24--> 00:26:25

And why are these questions?

00:26:26--> 00:26:36

He asked three questions after the Sahaba retreated with the profile. So let me ask three questions. I was a fan. So what are those questions and why that's your homework.

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So practical. lahoma