Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah An Naml #03 Hell Fire is surrounded by all kinds of desires

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The title of the book is the holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy. The use of the term "verbal" in Islam is discussed, as it refers to actions and virtue. The discussion touches on topics such as religion, money, and protecting from evil behavior. The segment uses various examples and references to describe the consequence of various actions, including false accusations, bribery, extreme punishment, and protecting from evil behavior.
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other day in

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our solar Eema knowing what all Al Hamdulillah

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are shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim in Helene Allah

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whom for whom Yama Hoon

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kalorien Allahu Allah either be well whom Phil erotic whom and so on, so that Allah who love him. So we concluded about the qualities, the attributes of the pious in terms of belief in terms of prayer in terms of the gods, etc. And for them is guidance, and for them is glad tidings. Now, as per the nature of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala contrast, these are the pious people, these are the wicked people, these are the noble people, this is their about and this is the abode of the opposite. So, in verse number four of chapter 27, out of the 93 verses, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about those who do evil and violence May Allah save us, may Allah protect us, no person can feel he or she is

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anchored and they are safe. You could slip at any time you could slip at any time for the Zilla today among the Cebu dia facil naka de Moomba Butina. Again, it was 14 Chapter 16 Allah says the foot can slip after its firmness and Maha gentle Islam if you see what's written in Gela Lane from from Islam, meaning you could lose your iman you could lose your Eman. And in by Merryfield Quran it is written, this warning is issued for a person who when he makes a contract with someone, you enter into a contract. And at the time of the contract, you take an oath and you know you're going to default. So the only reason you taking an oath is to impress upon that person to sign the document

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to finalize the deal. But you know, within yourself, you're going to default. I'm not suggesting that if you made the contract, and you intended to honor it, and subsequently you defaulted. That is fine. I'm not condoning the latter option. But I'm saying in the former situation, the crime is more grave and more severe. You are literally abusing the name of Allah.

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That you take in the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala you take an oath, I swear on the name of Allah subhanaw taala I will pay you in full I will honor my agreement, I will not run away with the money or will not default. And you know for a fact that you've got you know what a sinister agenda. You've got some ulterior motives, and certainly this has become common amongst the Muslim circles. The Arabic proverb is so beautiful, the Ansaru call it one what the Alamelu called a journey. Wow, love like brothers, but let your dealings be like strangers. So if I'm having a financial dealing with my own biological brother, let the dealing be like a stranger. Meaning money is money. Time is time on

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is on a contract is contract. But if it's going to be now we share the same blood we shared the same surname, we have the same family. And then in the end, what happens is it creates bitterness, unpleasantness, and families fall apart, because we lack that honesty, integrity, loyalty, and transparency.

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So a person who enters into a contract and then he takes an oath. And then he defaults on any knows he's going to default on that oath. And he just abuses the name of Allah for him is the warning that he could leave this world without Eman. There can be no greater punishment for any Muslim other than deprivation of iman. And there can be no greater compensation for any disbeliever for an act of virtue, other than to be blessed, favored and endowed with iman. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect us, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala if you study the pious, one of the prayers used to be oh Allah save us from indulging in those actions which result in habitual, habitual Amal.

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What is heptyl ama? It's an academic term. It's a terminology of the Quran, let in eshakti Allah but when I look while at Hakuna Amin Aloha serine, right

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Surah Zoomerang

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Chapter 39 Chapter 39 in the 24 Jews of the Quran, if you were to ascribe partners with Allah, Leah, but look, it will render all your good actions null and void it will invalidate everything. You know, sometimes you write in something or it's online or whatever, and you didn't press the save button or you didn't capture it or it's not in the hard drive.

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And then by one slip then tie it in gets deleted. Okay, now people are on to, you know, AI and artificial intelligence and that will generate it for you and give you this option and whatever it is, but sometimes something valuable that you didn't capture and preserve and you lose it could be quite agonizing and frustrating. Well, that's trivial compared to imagine a lifelong of, you know, actions and virtue is invalidated. And because of, you know, ascribing partners with Allah or doing something wrong, latter Pharaoh as well that can focus out in Nabi Walla Walla, who Bill told Gary about unbecoming Gormley about oven and data about a man who comes to him later, Sharon, Don't raise

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your voice in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu. Some like how you raise your voice in front of each other.

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Before such a time comes, that it results leads it happened such that your good actions are destroyed one two letter Sharon and you don't realize this. And of course, the verse of Surah foodora In the 26, Jews of the Quran, and the etiquettes here primarily speak about the protocol of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his presence, however, the scholars say, not on that same level, but also to an extent that type of respect ought to be displayed to your parents, to your teachers, to your Assad design, etc. Don't raise your voice, sometimes speaking in front of parents, we need to be cognizant we need to appreciate the profile. Of course nothing can match the state of the status

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and the position and the rank of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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One Muhammad Don't hide your own lightcycle Hijri and Yahoo to hide your own when Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Verschuren lightcycle butchery Eliyahu to hide urine laser Cal Hijri Imam Abu Hanifa said, Surely Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a human Omar Mohamed Illa Rasool Bolsover Hannah Robbie HALCON to Illa Bashar Rasul Allah Kula I'm Nicola Kula Emily I'm Nicola Hawza. In Allah Walla Walla Akula come in animal vibe, in Anna Illa Bashar indeed the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he is a human but he's not your regular human, he's not your average human. And then he goes on to say, you know, the diamond, the pearl, the Ruby is also classified as a stone but

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it's not a regular stone. That's what your average stone that you just pick up. That is a precious stone. That is a precious stone. Okay. So first number four, Allah subhanaw taala says in the leadin Allah you may know Nabil era in the leadin Allah You mean on a bill? Those who do not believe in Astra and I said May Allah protect us? The Yen Allahu Muhammad Allah whom

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for them, they evil actions are adorned are beautified or made attractive. Gallic is the yen gnarly Coolio Matin Armello, whom work at Alec as a yen Anika theory mineral Mushrikeen a Catalan oh la de him Shoraka only you will do him for saying general of humor shaytani R Marilla whom for whom were willing you humanly OMA well of whom as a name. So the word Xanana use a you notice in zoo Unilin, nursery herb Boucher, Hawa, primarily in the context of the Quran is used for the adornment of something evil. Yes, there are instances where it has been used, but very rare and occasional for the beautification of noble and virtuous actions.

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As Allah subhanaw taala says again in Surah, Surah that we're lacking Allah Habiba, la Kamal Iman was a yener woofie polu become Habiba la como eemaan. Allah has made Iman beloved to you was the yener, who and he has decorated it and adorned it, but principally, commonly every Zhu Li, the word Dezign is associated to the adornment of sin. Now there's one thing and as mentioned in Siddhartha money, in this verse, verse number four of chapter 27, Allah says, for the disbelievers, the evil has been made beautiful to them. And Allah said ze yet now we beautified it in other verses Allah said Zina in in a passive voice, it was made beautiful, it was made beautiful, it was made

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attractive, or the yellowhammer shaytaan Armada, whom the devil beautified it and we do know that that's all the devil can do the devil cannot make you indulge in a wrong right what God has shaytaan hula mokotjo When the devil will address address, the occupants of * May Allah save us. He will say I didn't force you to wrong. I enticed you and you succumb to my invitation. You you you bought into my story, but I didn't compel you didn't put duress I didn't put pressure on you. Fee he had the moon lemania Coal free he had Moon the earth remain your cool thing he had Moon the earth remain Yoko Yoko

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Will this iron dispels the argument of someone who wants to say no. Well, I don't have a choice in the matter. No, well that puts an end to that there because the devil says, I invited you and you've responded to my invitation. So the question here in verse number four, Allah says, We have adorned it. So why has Allah directed it to himself and as mentioned in terms of on Earth money, the fact that Allah has directed it to himself is no more than the fact that Allah is the Creator of everything. So in that way, in that way, you know, it is referred to as Allah has adorned it, just as Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, I mislead some people and I guide some people. But of

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course there are reasons why Allah must guides and the reason why Allah misleads, right?

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Like Allah subhanho wa Taala says in today's Allah Huda home for in hola hola howdy. In Darris, Allah Houda home Oh Muhammad sallahu wa salam if you are desiring the guidance for in hola hola de Allah will not guide those people who have been deviated because of their arrogance and the obstinate nature, who who choose blindness over oversight. Allah says regarding the previous nations that

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we gave them light, but they opted first to humble Lama and alHuda. First the humble Lama alHuda. They opted for blindness, they opted for blindness, a school an institution expelled someone. And then he says, You know, I want to study but the school doesn't want me to study and you reach out to the management and they said no, we Yes, we don't want to educate him. So someone says, Well, but you're an institution of education, and you're denying someone education? Exactly. I'm denying it because find out the details behind the case. What's the merits of it? One demerit, two demerits, three demerits, multiple warnings, disciplinary hearings, he didn't change he didn't reform on any

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level. So yes, we took them the ultimate measure of expulsion. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number four, in the leadin, Allah you may know Nabil after those who do not believe in atheletes they Yana Allah whom Allah Allah whom evil just looks beautiful to them. And that is why, you know, we need to constantly ask Allah protection and one of the ones that we've been taught Allahumma l&l, Hakka, Hakka, oh Allah let the truth appealed to us. Let guidance look as guidance to us. Allah speaks about the dvn people were in Euro Sabina rush de la, Vela. We're in Euro Sabina yet Toledo, who's a biller, when he sees the path of guidance is now I don't like that path. I'm not

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familiar with it. You won't find how many people Oh, I'm so lonely. I don't have friends. So you say okay, so and so is not a good friend. Oh, I don't like him. So that means you want a friend who's only in the rave who's only in the clubs, who's only you know what consuming alcohol who's only fornicating who's only playing the machines and gambling that's the type of friendship you're looking for. The Quran says we're in Euro Serbia la vie yet Toledo Sabina and if they see a path of deviation, they leap on it they embrace it. May Allah save us. So in the Levine Allah Yamuna Bill Arthur, so the DUA is oh Allah let the truth appeals to us. And that's not all. What coconut Tobon

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give us the ability to follow through what are in Alabama thriller, thriller, and let the evil look evil to us. Let the evil look evil to us. What is Oconaluftee Nava and safeguard us from the evil safeguard us from the evil

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I'm gonna be in Jammu Radi Allahu Anhu when he accepted Islam, and then he cried when he seen that he's object of worship was dangling in a well and then he said Wallah, he now Kunta ala Han lamb talkin and our Caliban was Renfree Thorin of Philomela. Taka Isla musta done an ephah TouchNet ganzhou il Robin Alhamdulillah hin are they evil minion Alwa Heber Rosati, the Yanni Dean, who will levy and personally mean cobbly Hakuna fields only matita brim Morita Han the medallion Maha de Nabil Ahmed Adobo Illa Allah He me my mother, amazing couplets. In essence, he says, It is the kindness of Allah who rescued me from my deviation. I couldn't see the truth. I couldn't see the

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Now what is the outcome of such a life? Allah says for whom Yama Hoon, they wander blindly, like they wonder can lead us to what we shayateen or fill out of the hyaluron it's like a person who's been possessed by demons in a forest, and he's so aimless. He's so lost. You look at the life of a person without guidance without religion without a moral compass without navigation without the road.

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Model. He's changing his role models all the time because the human intellect is prone to error. You cannot make this the absolute basis of guidance. He's hopping around one minute it's this theory, then it's that theory, then it's this is and then it's that ism, then it's idolizing this one, then it's revered in that it's just not anchored. It's just moving. For whom Yama Hoon, in verse number four of chapter 27, Allah says, they wander blindly, in another verse that I just recited before you Allah subhanaw taala says, can lead to what will shelter you to fill out of the hierarchy is like possessed by the demons in the jungle of the forest, or woman you should make beloved in Surah

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hydro, Allah subhanaw taala says women use Shrek Bella chapter 22 for getting Namaha Romina sama is like he fell from the sky. Somebody falls from the sky. What's going to happen is going to be bruised is going to be maimed is going to be you know a casualty.

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In verse number five Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Allah Iike leadin Allah home so welcome Phil Astra to human axon, what's the condition? And what's the outcome of such a person? So those who disobey Allah, the evil looks beautiful to them. And that's what the devil does when he wants you to make Xena. Suddenly, that individual whom you crossing paths with Daly, he or she just looks so much more beautiful and attractive, because in the neighborhood or in the working environment, the devil then creates a level of attraction. It looks so appealing. It looks so beautiful. But you know, and I know and we all know that as soon as you indulge in the forbidden fruit and you eat from the

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forbidden fruit. It's regret. It's remorse. It's misery. It's depression. It's confusion. You want to retract. You want to backtrack But hang on. You've committed the crime. You have perpetrated the offense. You're not sober, you have impregnated someone.

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So many implications of have occurred. Your marriage is gone. Your Dean is gone. The embarrassment has set in.

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So that's what the devil does. Does Dean he's out there. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for Jabatan agenda to Bill McCurry, what have you but in Nairobi Chawan

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that Janet has been covered and veiled, with things that are apparently unpleasant, there's discipline. There's challenges, there's limitation, there's restrictions, but beyond that is permanent comfort and indulgence in an era when I had an Epson annual Hawa, he controls his ego for him is Jana. What would you bet in Nairobi? Shaohua. Help. Just indulge just enjoy. I I feel like doing it. I just want to do it Gallica so we'll clean up see exactly enough. See, I just felt like I just needed to do something different is this constant urge to to be daring to be provocative to be adventurous in a bad way?

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What is the condition? What is the consequences of such people in verse number five, Allah says, Allah can live in Allah whom so Allah either for them is a severe punishment, for whom fill authority whom will act saloon, and the ultimate result matters in the letter about and there they are total losers. Complete losers, habitat Amma to whom fella no team, all of whom young multi Amati was not because of the absence of emaan there will be no scales that will be established for them. Because of the absence of Iman and law whom Sue will adapt the punishment will be severe and intense. Can you imagine the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sitting with the companions and the sound?

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And he said this is something that was dropped into * 70 years ago, and it has reached the depths of * now La ilaha illallah downwards or below him in joke Bill husband asked Allah protection from the pit of grief. What is the pit of grief only be of Allah, the pit of grief is a portion in *, which is so evil and intense in its torment, that even the remaining part of health seats Allah's protection from that portion. So here's our closing comments for today's segment, my brother and my sister, there is no good and there is no true pleasure in that indulgence, which is followed by how

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if you if you're getting pleasure, but the outcome of that pleasure is this eternal doom and destruction, then there is no good and one of the great scholars said the greatest advice I've ever heard in my life is the pleasure of sin is short lived, but its consequences is eternal. May Allah save us from a life of disobedience, or Salah Salim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi H Malyon Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa

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