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The holy month of tet is a busy month for witnessing the holy month, with the importance of fasting, gaining rewards, and being aware of one's actions. The holy spirit is essential, as it is a habit that cannot be quenched. The transcript touches on a former worker's generosity during a work-related incident, and emphasizes the need to connect with one's spiritual and physical needs and avoid fulfilling them by material things. The holy Bible is taught to leaders and importance of faith is emphasized, with a focus on staying on track to achieve success.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah,

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Allah Mallanna Viva

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la Vida kitabi watashi wa Tabata Shariati a mavado Villa Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Sha Ravana de Uzi Luffy Hill hora de Lena Shiva unity minella Buddha farrakhan Sarah hula hula Zeum.

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My dear respected elders and brothers we think a loss of Hannah what Allah that Allah subhana wa Taala has once again given us the opportunity of witnessing this Mubarak can bless it month of Ramadan we are all aware that the month of Ramadan brings with it great blessings and great mercy from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala as at salmaan FRC Ravi Allahu taala. Who says Libya, Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam addressed us on the eve of Ramadan. And he said oh people, they come upon you shahana Ozzie moon, Shadow Mubarak. Allah has brought upon you a very great month. A very Mubarak can bless it month and this is the spring season of righteousness. It is a season of doing

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good. You and I know that there is several times we say seasons we say there is a season for business where people are normally more busier than in other months. These are holiday season. These this these high season in terms of when you book for different accommodations. Brothers, this is a season of righteousness. And if we do not take up an opportunity to do righteousness, it would be much to our detriment. nebia Kareem saw Sam goes on to make mention Sharon Jalla wa Hosea Mahalo for Eva. It is a month in which Allah tala has made the fasting compulsory. Now keep in mind I have made mention of it before Allah tala has made these two things distinct. The blessedness of the month of

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Ramadan, and the fasting in the month of Ramadan. Fasting is compulsory, but even if for example, for some people who have valid reasons to not too fast, the blessedness of Ramadan still remains for them, they can still attain the blessings of Ramadan even if they don't fast for a valid reason. But there is a connection between the two that Allah tala has chosen the blessed month of Ramadan for the compulsion and obligation of fasting. And that is why it is said that evil person has to fast his entire life after Ramadan, he would not be able to make up the blessings of one first in Ramadan. Allah has kept that particular distinction, in fact has said mujaddid Alpha sallallahu

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taala Lee, one of our great scholars in the past had said that the blessings of Ramadan compared to the blessings of the other 11 months of the year is like the comparison of a drop compared to the ocean. And we repeat that again he said the blessings of Allah in the 11 months of the year compared to the blessings of Ramadan is like the comparison of a drop compared to the ocean unless Ramadan mercy in the month of Ramadan is like the ocean and that is why it is so important that you and I we make the best with regard to this month. Allah has made fasting compulsory our inshallah autofix speaks specifically on the benefits of fasting one day inshallah. But Allah tala goes on to say but

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fasting is unique. Nivea cream sauce limits, it is so holy,

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that Allah Allah says with regard to fasting that whoever fast Allah says fasting is for me and I myself will give the reward at Zb I myself personally will reward the person that is why it is said by some of the Sufi they said When the angels go to Allah tala to record the fire the reward of fasting Allah tala tell them don't reward don't report you can record I myself will personally give the reward and one rewire when you read it.

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You can read a soul believer and at CP o

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and P I myself will become the reward Samana Allah. Therefore it is said amongst the most known to us that we are supposed to read at the time of breaking fast. Yeah was alpha fairly Allahu Melaka soon to be common to others.

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After all of that, there is one very beautiful one. The habit is what Allah subhanaw taala inshallah, after you drink the first water when you break your fast you can say it in English also you can say it in Arabic Aslam taught us is the habit is

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a little rock bottom in sha Allah, Allah the first has been quenched who will now the first has been benched our bones have become saturated and if taken some sort of strength after staying away from meals for the rest of the day, whatsoever to Roger inshallah and the reward has been established in sha Allah subhana wa tada then nebia cream sauce from said I have made in this particular month, the staining during the night. That is an appeal as an edit bonus as an added extra in terms of reward. So when we read our tarawih let us keep in mind that nebia curry sauce Lamb has referred to it as the month in which Allah tala has made clear mula Li.

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abstaining during the month of Ramadan at night, as an added bonus as a means of gaining

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brothers we must do taraweeh not as a burden. taraweeh is not a burden we don't we don't hit we don't give anyone a favor. We don't do anyone good with regard to our performing of therapy. We're doing it for our sake we're doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and if there's an edit five minutes in listening to the Quran properly, do it with enthusiasm rather than complaining in shape because if you're gonna complain a lot, Allah will take away the reward. So what if it takes five minutes extra? How many five minutes have we wasted in futility for the rest of our life? So if we have taken another five minutes in taraweeh, what are we going to be killed? Are we going to die

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if we take another five minutes with regard to Terra we extra said we must make it and talk about it in such a way that Alia to be learned from Amazon take away what Allah must not take away reward is at the end of the day. It is Quran. What are we spending our time in Extra? What are we spending our time extra in? We are only spending our time listening to the Holy Quran. So maybe

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it is a month in which Allah tala has made the standing during the month of Ramadan as a Tato as an affiliate, which Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to give you the reward. There are many aspects that I could speak on with regard to Ramadan. Whereas look at what our beloved nivia Kareem said Oh, Lola cillum spent much of his Ramadan in we find in the Hadith nivia cream sauce syllabus it says that in the month of Ramadan Kareem sauce Adams generosity was like the wind. So let us be generous. But as we all know, time is supposed to be generous. But especially during the month of Ramadan, I made mention of generosity and Zakat and Hilda last week, one incident that came to mind, I suppose to

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make mention of it last week, Abdullah Ali was known for his generosity. So he was a very great scholar. So one day a whole group of people join him for a hedge. So he told people leave your valuables and leave your money, I will make a small kitty. And wherever we go, I will spend an afterwards I will give you the hisab an account with regard to what I've spent. So he went in every aspect. He gave the people the best. And when he came back, he called everyone he gave them a doubt he gave them a reward. And he you know, he gave him a doubt and afterwards, he gave each and every one the original amount that he had given and he said go all of your cause is upon me I I have taken

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care of everyone's everyone's had on my own expenses. This was the remarkable generosity of Herbalife involuntarily. One day he was waiting for Hajj. When he went for Hajj. He saw amazing thing he saw a girl running out of a caravan going to take from a dead animal that was lying, dying. And taking that and running back into the camera and running back into a place of accommodation. He said What is this? Why are you eating a dead animal it is haram. He said we have not eaten for so many for so many days. And now this has become permissible for us because you are on the verge of starvation. And Athena had said that the certain times that you can eat haram because when you're on

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the verge of starvation, he came to realize that this was a family of Libya cream sauce when he was waiting for Hajj. He took all his expenses said you take this expenses. I'm not going for Hajj this year. He gave them the money and he went back when he after Hajj people so many people came to him and said we saw you in touch. We saw you in height and he said but I didn't go for Hajj. Allah say perhaps Allah subhanho wa Taala had deputed someone to to make Hajj on his behalf. And this is because of generosity. So let us be generous with regard to the time via cream sauce lamb spends much of his time in Ramadan. ibaadat and many people will say that is why they say that maybe a

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cream sauce from speech used to swell, maybe a curry himself.

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lotusland used to stand so much in salad that his feet used to swell. Now to you and I and many times when we hear these aspects of the bar that we hear there was money as anybody allows us to complete the Holy Quran. Sometimes in a night sometimes in three nights in terms of for us it seems so misplaced. What is this? What is this? What

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is this not putting difficulty upon yourself? I don't want to go into the amount of ibaadat our elders have done in the month of Ramadan but to tell you brothers, why do we do about it? Why do we do about it? What What does it mean when we say turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala in the month of Ramadan? Firstly, it is inhibited in Salah, Sep, the relationship between ourselves and Allah finds its most meaningful expression.

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Allah doesn't owe us anything and not Allah is not like you and I taking our friend that we go to him and he gives us something Allah owes us nothing. Yeah you unless and tool will allow people who are poverty stricken have in front of Allah. Allah is Allah is independent.

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If Allah once Allah will destroy you and create another nation, he would make one iota of difference to Allah. If Allah destroy each and every Muslim in this world, it doesn't make any difference to Allah Allah, Allah can do it if he wants. Allah is so independent. Now what if that is our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah today so independent, keep in mind that it is inhibited in devotion in putting your head on the ground for the sake of Allah that it is a most meaningful type of expression of your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Our ibaadat is for our benefit, not for anyone's benefit. Our ibadah is for our benefit, and no one is not for anyone's

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benefit. Lastly, it can never be for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala our evolved our puny system and rebar it is not going to make a difference to the greatness of Allah. We need it for our own self. We have two needs, we have our physical needs, we need our spiritual needs, and physical needs. Each and every one knows we take care of it by and large, but our spiritual needs we do not take and pay sufficient attention to this verse. It is so important that we start paying attention to our spiritual needs and spiritual needs to not get fulfilled by material things. It gets fulfilled by the seeker of Allah by tilava to the Holy Quran, standing in salat, remembering Allah

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subhanho wa Taala through the means of law. That is how our spiritual needs get fulfilled. And we need it without which if we do not fulfill our spiritual needs brothers, we're going to find such a vacuum in our life will lead us to depression will lead us to aimlessness in our life and you will not be able to enjoy life because we have not fulfilled our spiritual needs. Keep in mind, it is a vital role in the upliftment of a human being he bought it and I can remember when we were small to a certain degree there was a great degree of enthusiasm amongst the Muslim public was divided. You know, I mean to stay awake during the labor to color and show me Barack was something that we grew

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up in a small, the police to come to the masjid and spend the entire night doing some sort of ibaadat where is it enthusiasm for Ebola? We don't find it into these things. It is something that we need to rekindle Ramadan is the best way to start and through the means of abundance. We gain a lot Allah's mercy and we gain is rewarded to Ybarra. Amalia Allah tala kyllini modified aka Allah teleco kilometer hamotzi Jessie

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Baraka Nirvana, x is the hamari sisters. know Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need it we need it and through the means of liberated we gain the Ramat and the mercy and the rewards of Almighty Allah. It comes in is in the Holy Quran. In Surah modesitt Allah Allah says masala cocoon Fie Sokka Allah as the people in the in Jana, why are you in Why are you in Jannah and they said London akumina mousseline Hamas

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Why are you in Jana Nam naku Milan mousseline because we did not perform Sadat. So brothers, this is such a great important thing. We must live our life. It is made mentioned or shepherded in a Toronto rally became a very, very great sushi chef. The word utter means he was

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his shop. And his business was utter and perfumes, people used to come from far and wide to come see shop, very successful businessman. So one day, a Sufi dressed in not very, you know, torn clothes, not very good clothes, went into a shop and said, you know, why don't you feel unloved? Do you know how you're gonna die? So he said, the way the way you die, that's the way I will die. A person who is businessman sometimes doesn't like people telling him he said the way you die, I will die. So the Sufi laid down on the ground, read the Kalima and ultra took his life. And he said this the way I will die. It had such an impact upon rootedness.

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He left

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His business and he went out in the path of Allah and he went to go and seek the seeker of Allah insha Allah Allah wrote the poem of the birds, making mention of how the birds remember Allah subhanho wa Taala which is a masterpiece in terms of remembering Allah subhana wa Tada. So can we gain that type of reward and starting to also take delight brothers with each and every one, we are becoming more and more old? When are we going to take the delight in taking a lottery?

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winner we wait to find that particular emotion when we take another last name. Also one of the best ways is to to connect with the Quran. We all know that the Quran was revealed in the night of little further in Ramadan and therefore we need to connect with the Quran through the means of trying to understand the Quran. When we say understand the Quran, understand it through divine intent, not our womb sentences. Many times Allah mercy we mustn't understand the Quran, no

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one understand the Quran. How can we ever say such a thing? What we say is understand the Quran in the prism of what Allah wants from you. Don't understand the Quran from what you want to justify what you are doing in this world. That is the main aspect with regard to understanding the Holy Quran. Connect with the Quran, kilowatt of the Holy Quran, make as much steel out of the Holy Quran as possible. And also try to understand what Allah Allah is telling us. The Quran is amazing brothers. The Quran will tell you and will speak to and will reply to your questions. Ask of the Holy Quran in which month it was revealed. The Quran will tell you shall Ramadan levy Allah Fie Hill

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Quran the month of Ramadan the Quran was revealed as of the Quran in which night will you reveal? The Quran will tell you in

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a little further. I was revealed in the night of the night of power upon From where did you come Tansy lumen Hakeem in Hamid, I came from the one who is full of praise. He is the one full of wisdom. And how did you come? Where will you please before you can you assemble Allah but where were you before you came into this world? But who

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didn't feel Oh, he must. Who's? I was in a protected tablet before I came into this world. How did you come in this one? does Allah be hero? I mean, I came to the means of divinity salat wa sallam Who did you come to? When did he When did he know Zilla Allah Muhammad What? Who when I came upon nebia Karim sauce alum and I'm the truth of the Quran. How much we gain your help of Allah. The Quran will tell you Yeah, you and Athena minister in ob somebody was Salah, oh you who believe seek Allah Allah has helped through the means of patience through the means of perseverance through the means of Salah, ask of the Holy Quran, Allah We are very simple. How are we going to come near to

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you? The Quran was tell you

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don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah will forgive each and every one citizens. You find yourself restless. You say well, nah, I'm restless. How am I going to you know I can make you better are gonna get you off my restlessness. The Quran will tell you Ana de la.

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Verily, the remembrance of Allah when hearts find contentment, you say Oh Allah, I am not famous. No one knows me. No one will stick my name and address this first guru. As cuckoo remember me? How will remember you? Ask the Holy Quran. Allah I got problems. I got burdens. How do I remove this burdens? omiya tequila, Jana who must Raja whoever fears Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah tala makes a path out of for him out of every difficulty. I will I have so many needs. I have so many ambitions, fulfill those ambitions. The Quran will tell you could only ask me our current missions, connect with the Quran brothers, they will be able to find the difference in our life, our Lama and our great

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scholars of the past for us to spend Ramadan in such a way that you can believe it. As a chef, you know, used to spend so much time into our one day a childhood friend came to him. And he every time he wanted to speak with a chef, and the chef was doing some sort of rebuttal. So as he was going he said from Santa Maria Beata, we also have Amazon, the Kenya Barbara Miyata, he doesn't come like a fever that has an envelope you as a chef will cause him to lie on the 29th night of Shaban he

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used to gather his friends and his family and he should tell them that I will meet you now after Milan very little communication between him and his friends and his family through the month of Ramadan. Why do you say it let me just go and do it. I can people by seeing is this possible? Well I my god speaker is not to boast I have seen the the halifa of Russia will cover Gilani

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rally Hafiz Abdul Aziz and I put him to rally. I spent the Ramadan with him in the mountaintops of Pakistan. I am

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Never ever seen in my life anyone making so much about it? The way I see the spider is so lucky. And he was

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he was such a Khalifa

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when I went to meet Hafiz Abdul Aziz, after Maulana bukata, right puri passed away, I couldn't make all the difference. I thought more because I put he was sitting in front of me. He was such a great halifa of equity. I have seen him from the time of fudger after making a film ourselves or used to sleep one hour before and in a particular time that also while he's asleep, he should tell someone read Quran and while reading Quran used to sleep history, we used to last for three hours. And normally one super three hours is right. And then also after we used to lie down while listening to the Holy Quran, perhaps that three or four hours but whole day which is Zoran inophyllum is making a

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lot of the Holy Quran and reading the Holy Quran. When we look at this we look at our own particular Kiba that we feel so insignificant, but lastly it may say perhaps we can look at it in this way. That when Allah tala you know Allah tala in the time of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam

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wa salam was about to be put into the fire, say burn that fire for so many days to be able to put it

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on fire for 40 days, he said.

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So there was a burden.

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It took a little bit of water to throw on top of that fire. The advert said what difference is that one drop of water going to do to this massive fire? What difference is that small drop of water going to do to that massive fire? So the bird replied,

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on the day of care, but

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I will say one law

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was burning

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through a drop of water on that fire.

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Maybe we can even just pray and maybe we can see when we tried a little bit to do something about it in the month of Ramadan. So brothers let us take this opportunity to be able to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala