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Ebrahim Bham
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I'm hungry

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and hungry let me wander off we've had the opportunity for salat wa salam Wa say you didn't. You wouldn't want to study WADA and he was calm it was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira McCarthy Era. Amar Babu former Villa Humana che thought What do you mean Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem? What are the following he may look to Luffy Seville.

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But if you want to get lattice rune set up Allah will ask him,

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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if there is one issue

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that unites the Ummah across the board,

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and you are not fine, two views on it, it is the sanctity of Masjid accept, and the plight of the Palestinians and the oppression that they are going through Muslims throughout the world, different backgrounds, all of them have some sort of sympathy and attachment to material itself

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and more so because of its present situation of being occupied. And then furthermore, we all have a sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians and more so again, because of what is presently happening to them in Gaza. And I thought today we will discuss few aspects with regard to it.

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Dunya Bercy musalman agar he is Parramatta, hidden to hear Philistine chemos Lumia or mudgear accepted discovery

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or yet to enter Lezama geological aura to Smith musalman Puri dunya Medicare

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or what Amanda Myka IK is Tumaco M is barren a battery. We are all aware of the sanctity of mercury AXA. Allah in the Holy Quran has made mention of its sanctity material axillary Barak Nehalem, Allah Tala says Mercury AXA unknown co Mubarak Kia um they will come back but we have made material accept blessing and Barak mahalo not only Majidi Aqsa, the entire surroundings of mercury AXA, we have made blessing and our proof through the Hadith that Gaza is also part of the aggressiveness which comes in one Hadith. This is the most Mubarak place after Mackay mocha Rama and muscaria. Never we in Madina Munawwara this was the first clipping of the Muslim Musa monkey oh well Qibla the material

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then together with it. Instantly Muslim there's a hadith it is a second magic put up in this earth after Masjidul haram. A Gouda party will be allowed to ask the realtor himself cinema the material itself Nebia Karim saw some said the second Masjid built in this and other ASEAN Azula what was the difference between the two and maybe a cream sauce I'm set for two years. He said for 40 years. This is a place where hundreds of unbelievable salat wa salam.

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This is a place where many of the US have have nebbia Kareem Salah while he was telling my buddy in one hill on the Israeli Jordan border in today's time what we know in the geography, there are 20,000 Somethings couple of 1000 Sahaba who are buried in that particular place. This is the place where Allah Tala himself calls blessing this material outside his surroundings directly and indirectly. Allah has made mention of it 70 times in the Holy Quran. This is a place where the Mallika of Allah subhanho wa taala. They used to come repeatedly with revelation from Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. to The Gambia, it was salat wa salam who resided in Majidi AXA in its

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surrounding. This is a place in fact, the only place in this world where all the Gambia Alamo Salatu was Salam unitedly and under the moment of hope inevitably occurring so Allah Allah wa sallam performed Salah and Libya Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had made

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Imam out of them. And this is the only Masjid which Allah Tala together with Majid haram which Allah Tala has made mention of by name in the Holy Quran. Another aspect with regard to merchant Aqsa it is the Marcus Jambi, it was salat wa salam, ke Marcus

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It is the, the Merkel's and the headquarters of the unbelievable salat wa salam. How many MPLM was salat wa salam remain and they live in material outside its surrounding us as the CReality salat wa salam has it yeah Ali salat wa salam. Musala salat wa salam was close to Majid accept but part of the blessed land. And then Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam has said Yusuf Ali salat wa salam has it be Sally salat wa salam is Sally Salatu was Salam used to make Dawa and give you know Nicaea and give talks in Masjid Aqsa has it Miriam's you know, miraculous birth to place in the eastern side of material was purificatory Meriam he termed it interval that mean Alia Makonnen Sharqiya. On the east

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side of Majid Aqsa she used to say this is now you and I we know, in our in our deen there is great emphasis on the blessedness of the place and sometimes going to put your foot on those blessed places.

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This is one of the aspects with regards to our deen. So for example, Hama you know we go between Safa and Marwa Safar Mala cuja. Why do we mix up Amala because as Hajra read between subprime borrower, Allah Tala liked it so much Allah Tala told us I'm telling you do not grant between supply and miroir your Umrah is not completed to heart is not completed. So we go Beatrice our footsteps on the very same footsteps that she had read that she had placed her footsteps. So this is something that is part and parcel of our need to put our footsteps and put our our steps and our legs and our footsteps on those places where three people have the capacity to put put the footsteps

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among the Sahaba delight, no matter the Allahu Turan who used to pay a lot of emphasis upon this was keyboard taki catheter, which appear humor our hearts collegiality, to Wahiba looked at he had to be a cream sauce in America Jarabe a cream sauce Elementium for my eye. He used to stop at that very safe places whenever he saw Salam used to stay and when a beer cream sauce from used to stop he used to read namaste to such an extent that he used to relieve himself at those places whenever a cream sauce when used to relieve himself. So this place is the Marciniak Santa surrounding is the place of the Amelia was salat wa salam. This Marciniak sign is surrounding saw the efforts of the Amelia was

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salat wa salam. So they divided it. So the Dawa, it's so many preaching. It's so it's so many of the oppression as is occurring. So that was salam was made sure he imagined. And it's only so why should it not be Beloved to us? And when we see and this is maybe because of our weakness, and that this, you know, Mubarak places no one in our control.

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Throughout the history of Islam, throughout the history of Islam, machete Azza was always under Muslim rule from the time of the ultra No, other than 90 years at the time of Crusaders. And you know, we had unfortunate ones in our time, when mudgeeraba was taken in 1967. Otherwise in different situation, it has always been under Muslim rule. And now it is not under Muslim rule because of our weakness. You know, in fact, our beloved Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he went to mirage in Muslim days, a hadith that maybe a cream sauce and I'm saying whether to come Khademi Haytham through to the abdominal Ambia I'm putting my footsteps on that particular lead with MBR he

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was salat wa salam put the footsteps. So brothers if there is oppression to the inhabitants of that land, then we are supposed to feel the pain and we are supposed to feel the hurt. Now of course that has gone out to Gaza. Now Gaza also historically is a very historical place. You know it's something that we are in control of Melissa Hadid and our beloved Maria Karim sauce limited, Allah Tala has blessed my banal Irish well flora

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and fauna have made mentioned that that whole particular place is known as are the sham the land of Sham which Allah Tala has blessed and Allah Tala to the means of our beloved Mira cream sauce. spoken about the blessedness ways Irish Irish just before Gaza it is in present day Egypt and it go right up to the ranks of the whole anti Sham, Sham Kitab ximenia just called the cream sauce from nearby burger. Water honey syrup Syrian here to move Syria. War is major animal ghaznavi Sharmila will Dante saya Sharmila as chambray shaman or Philistine reshammiya are looked down to establish amulet

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or bad will Amana karate toolkit which establish all of those particular places with near cream sauce limited, the artist Sham is blessed. It includes all of these areas which the alumni have defined. Now Gaza, one of the great grandfather's of our beloved maybe a cream sauce Salam Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib when Hashem Hashem went for business to Gaza, and he passed away there, in fact, anyone who have been to Gaza which had literally given me an opportunity, there is his cover there, and there is a masjid, which is referred to him. The great grandfather of our beloved maybe

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is buried in Gaza.

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Imam Shafi Rahmatullahi, although most of his life was in Egypt, Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Ali was born in Gaza. Then amazingly we hear now the many times we hear in the news, Ashkelon, Ashkelon. Now Escalon is right on the border of Gaza and present days.

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And what is Ashkelon? One of our greatest Alim in our history in the Hydras karate Rahmatullah Lee came from Ashkelon half is it Mahajan has canal in Abdullah Ali, the one who made the most famous commentary of Bukhari Sri, he came from Escalade, which is right next to Gaza. So this particular place is something that is also part and parcel of the blessedness. And it has such a unique history. And of course, we know in 1967, Gaza was taken by Israeli forces and occupied and since that time, it was occupied, it has been under oppression and injustice for the past 16 years. It is an open air prison. You won't believe what happens there, in this age where people talk about human

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rights, that Israel controls the entire border, how much must go in how much must go out, everything is controlled by Israel, it actually even makes mention that there are so many people in Gaza, so much food must go. And so much is according to the nutrition of the people, therefore we only allow so much food to go.

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Everything that come comes into Gaza is controlled by Israel. This is a situation with regard to what we talking about Gaza, when when the you know, people who are talking in the media, they said the greatest open air prison. This is something that is in Gaza, open air prison, people who are in the open, but they are in prison, they can pick and decide for themselves. They can even do business on their own self, everything is controlled by superior force, they have superior force. And of course one of the tragedies with regard to it, that this has been further enforced by even Muslim countries. So this is the situation with regard to the people of Gaza. So on October the seventh,

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the people of Gaza failed sometime now they have been preparing themselves. They took a step with regard to entering into occupied territories. And they made you know, they took the courage and they resisted and they went into Israel. And of course they attacked his life. Now many times people come and say that why did they do so? Because they are opening themselves up to attacks from from Israeli forces. And this is what we have seen. But just look at the situation. First time perhaps in the history of so many decades. First time there has been fear in the heart of the occupiers, belly communities.

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They put fear in the heart of the occupiers over 1000 people have died and many of them's soldiers. And you must remember the people who are surrounding Gaza setlist, the settlers constantly they are oppressing the people of Palestine and the people of Gaza, right. So there is nothing like you can say that these people are completely innocent.

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They are people who are part and parcel of the occupation. They are part and parcel of the injustice and oppression. So the people went and they took a stance and they attacked how they attacked Allah subhanho wa Taala knows now here what I find very amazing. You know, is that people said why did they attack now because they went to attack because of that. You know, this lady's attacking them? Yeah, ha hum. A play around around the record on kefla for me

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in our cocoons of tough comfort, we are criticizing the people who are in the trenches. We are criticizing the people who are fighting for the lives we are criticizing the people who are oppressed. We are criticizing the people who are making forsake if I on our behalf would Macerich accepted to me he might have done well. Or the packer or Johan better Johanna social media Cooper comfortable gara Kiruna years que Calgary sa que que ya Allah what has gone wrong with us, I say with regard to this particular matter

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Do whatever they do it is they who are going through the difficulty, they are going through the oppression, they are going through the injustice, let them decide how to deal with it, we must support them and you must make dua for them.

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I'm dwelling on my uttering on the network. And what situation you find your luck. Sometimes they say nowadays the whole world, and the old media is saying Israel has a right to defend itself. So for the sake of defending itself, it will take, you know, help from America, it will take you out from the European Union. So if the oppressor and the occupier has the right to defend itself, doesn't the victim have the right to defend itself?

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Against zalim Cuyamaca key working at the factory to Muslim

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doesn't need to oppress person have the right to defend itself. What type of option is left for the people of Gaza? It seems that the only way for them or the only option for them is either for them and their families to die, or to live under oppression and injustice. And with this crease, this seems to be the two options for them. Jana, is this any option? Do we have these options for us to be able to criticize and make judgment with regard to it. So this is the situation that we have to keep in mind. Palestinians are entitled to defend themselves.

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And defending themselves is part of Islam within a religion or you're part of the unknown zoomable, Allah has given you the right to fight if you are oppressed. And even according to United Nations resolutions, every nation has the right to resist oppression. On see, you know, in South Ukraine, they've got the right to defend themselves against Russian occupation. Palestinians don't they have the right to to defend themselves against Israeli occupation. So this is a double standard that is in played out in the world. Then, of course, he talks about women and children. It should be noted that children that most you know greatest amount of percentage of people who are in Gaza, because

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they were born after 1960 67, they make up 41% of the population from 2008 to 2020 to 28,000 children have been imprisoned. This in a time when according to the human rights, we're not supposed to attack women and children 28,000 I'm not talking about youngsters who are 1617 years of age, I'm talking of small children who have been imprisoned by Israel, small children, small children who have been killed mercilessly small children who have been mowed down by things. This is a situation and the world stands and say that, you know, Palestinians are oppressors and Palestinians are terrorists. What is gone wrong with the world? Is there no people of conscience? And what is wrong

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with us that we have not been able to share this particular narrative, or we have not been able to make a meaningful impact?

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You forgive us for our shortcomings. Because no doubt we are weak, but maybe they will give us strength, then let us let us look at some points of inspiration. Regardless of the outcome, Palestinians are sacrificing themselves, driven by nothing but thy faith in conviction of the legitimacy of the force for justice. When they fall in, they die, they attain martyrdom. For others they are fighting on our behalf. Many years ago, I went to Palestine. So they took me to a place and said this particular place, you know, the enemies, they had, they had offered the person who was still in that particular place, something like $12 million.

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So he replied and said, I can set it

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because I have to take the permission of the owner who said who is the owner. He said the amount of

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owner to making forsake if they are fighting on our behalf and Mr. Mo have the audacity to make particular type of judgments with regard to the remember the time of Wuhan. And this is something that gives us inspiration in the time of

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after the setback. So many Muslims were passed away. So Abu Sufian stood on the Mount of who had you know, and he said afina Abu Bakr is Abu Bakr amongst you. So maybe the cream sauce initially told him keep quiet, don't don't reply to him. And then he said a fina

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amongst you is Uma. So even the non Muslims knew that Abu Bakr and Omar are the most prominent amongst the sahaba.

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So Omar couldn't bear you know, couldn't bear it. So Umar said yes, we are alive, oh enemy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala we are live and Allah will keep us alive. So there is many types of things that he said today who will

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is you know Hoban, our idol. He has his supreme so they will tell him so awesome said, then reply to him in Allah, Allah Allah, Allah is supreme and Uber is not suffering. Then he said 100 Kobe in our bay in Hong Cobain on the gel, that now there was a bit equal, you defeated us in butter, and we defeated.

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So the Vietnamese are slim. So Roman numerals, to put you have to give him a reply, things are not equal at learn if in Jannah, Coca Cola

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things are not equal. Our people who have died and the people who have died on the path of people who are oppressed and occupiers die in Jannah.

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This is our this is our optimism. This is our inspiration to the people who have died, there are not people who are

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truly my youth unofficially will die and what don't call the people who have passed away in the past of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala as did they are alive.

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But you can perceive they, they, they live, and you can experience it. So this is something and of course we get many hopes with regard to you know, a little kid, I read somewhere, a little kid, you know, he replied, when you were the old communist house, they said they think they control the size, not realizing the one who is beyond them controlling

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it with a machete and one small child from Gaza, they say they think they control the skies. Allah who is above them controls him. And in one particular situation I read this particular hours is, you know, you are a woman whose whole house was bombed with the children after he peed bomb. She said, don't worry my children.

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This is ready some for material.

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This is ready same for material here.

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This is the way please give us inspiration by God speak to various. So this is all we can say. Never lose hope. One of the ways of shaytan is he wants us to become despondent. He wants us to feel that we are pessimists we can do nothing. The small situation, don't take it as lightly. You know, the old for how many years we have been thinking that Muslims can do nothing. All of a sudden they felt that no, if you'd have bravery, you can do something. How it turns out Allah knows we make dua that will be saved from that Inshallah, who knows. We don't know what type of what will happen. We don't know what the outcome but we'll make blood must be fair. You know it is it is a situation of pain

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and optimism together. We feel pain. I mean look at how they have been bombed. All of a sudden there is no fuel, there is no lights, everything is closed. Allah subhanaw taala provides for them Inshallah, but we make dua, my god special reverence, he just few words that were made mention of to make dua that Allah subhanaw taala, grab them even further courage, Allah subhanho wa Taala give them the ability to resist the oppression that is there. And that'll help them with unseen forces. Allah subhanho wa Taala could pay to those who are presses. And remember they are on the right side of history, and that Allah will definitely give them success. But it wouldn't give us the fullness

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of our eyes to see some sort of some sort of success in this world also

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