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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam, ala Mulana via

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a mobile phone will be live ministry Dhaliwal, James Miller who was nanny Rahim. Subhanak Lennie asabi Hardy he laid up in a Masjid Al haram. illan Masjid axillary Baraka, hola who Ranieri, Maria, who will hire Tina for kala taharah Allah Musa Comins Torino Billa was Beulah in an altar Allah unit to Armenia show me anybody set up a lot when I see my dear respected on Mr. Anderson brothers we begin by praising Almighty Allah settings rotations upon our beloved Libya Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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respected brothers, we are all aware that one of the greatest challenges that we are facing today, and one that causes us great anguish and hurt is what is happening in Palestine. Generally, any universal specifically. Now there is no issue that unites the Muslims. Today, the way the sanctity of a loquats

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Jerusalem and its surroundings, unifies the Muslims. And of course, another extension of that is the oppression and the injustice that is meted out to the Palestinians. And our brothers and our sisters. May Allah subhanaw taala grant the peace. Now one of the reasons why this is why we feel attached. And this is not to any way undermine the challenges Muslims are facing in other parts of the world, whether it be in India, Burma, Central African Republic, and many other places. However, there is a certain attachment to what is happening in the USA and in Palestine and the reasons for that. One is the aggressiveness of the place. So this place is blessing to us. Very pleasant. Just

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as we regard McCann Medina is blessing. Masjid XIV surroundings is very Bresson. Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says Masjid in Uppsala, Li Baraka Hola, whoo, Masjid Al Aqsa and the surroundings of which we have made blessing. Now the whole surroundings have been made pleasure pleasant. In one Hadith in Muslim, Libya crimson a lot louder he was celebrated. Allah Tala has made blessing the area from Irish right up till the river Euphrates era. Irish is just on the border, that Egypt border before Gaza, right up till Iraq, that whole area, Allah Tala has made it a blessing. Now what is the reasons? Why is it blessedness I'll give you the very three short reasons in the limited time

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we have during the time of Joomla. One is when a man makes anything bless it. Whether it be a day, the day of trauma is more superior than all other days of the week. The night of little cuddle is more superior than all other nights of the year. Now when Allah makes anything superior and blessing, it is something by the will of Allah. What I'm Cuca Yasuko Maya SHA,

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Allah gonna create whatever he wants and he chooses. So Allah has chosen this led to be blessing. You don't need any logic you don't need any type of intellect to understand that Allah is chosen. Allah made macadam was blessed place and let Allah made Juma the most blessed day in the in the week. These it is a decision but Allah subhanho wa Taala so this particular land and its surroundings is blessing and is blessedness is because of several reasons. One reason Sahih Muslim Hadith Nebia cream sauce limited, that the second mercy to be established on this earth. I was a referee was allowed to ask to be attending saw some yellow Sula when when was mustard AXA

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established he said first Masjid Al haram then Masjid AXA the time between the 240 years. The second Masjid to be established on this, this particular place where we read salat on this place. It is 500 all in one rewired 1000 times more than the salad that we read in our local Masjid other than Majid al Haram in Nigeria, number one, it is the place where Libya crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam came from Mirage and Allah Tala could have take maybe a term Salah when he was set up to Mirage from the most pressing of cities McLibel Kurama Allah Tala in his wisdom, growth our beloved Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to material itself made he made the Imam out of all the unbelievable

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salat wa salam. And then from there he took him in his presence. So this is the only place on Earth where all the ambiente was salat wa salam collectively made Salam together Subhan Allah. So these are just some of the aspects of blessedness there are many other aspects. So one of the reasons

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With regard to our attachment is the blessedness. The second reason for blessedness it is a learn of the MBR Musa that was set up. So most of the unbelievable salatu salam that Allah Tala sent they were in materia Aqsa and its surroundings but and you know this is a folly that you must never ever fall into that the other unbelievable Salatu was Salam ala Gambia of the other religions. No No they are our prophets, we have a greater right and we are more closer to them. We are the true heirs of the teachings than any other religious group. Therefore Allah Tala says Makana Ibrahim we are who do when unnecessarily or when I came kind of handy for Muslim, Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam was not

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a Jew or Christian. He was a honey for Muslim. He was a Muslim. And therefore we find that in the Quran, even some of the allegations against the Amelia who salat wa salam that was in the previous scriptures. The Quran came to protect cambiando salatu salam from this these allegations. So when you know the in the previous scriptures mentioned his main reality biller has actually Mallory's salat wa salam committed black magic. Allah Tala refuted I say Omaka for us Philemon

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black magic is close to Cooper Omaka for us Raymond Solomon did not commit to have a black magic he did not commit. And you and I, we take pride in keeping the names of our children were the names of the Amelia masala to Assam. I must mention that previously it was more you know, it was more prevalent than what it is today. We used to we keep our names moosari salat wa salam from the name of Musa Musa Ibrahim Ismail is the courier. Yeah, all of those who are br who keep in this particular prison. I give people a personal example. But my name is Ibrahim My father's name is Ismail, right? He's my grandfather's name is simple. my great grandfather's name is my five

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generations we've got Ebro Hindi smile, Brian, this might be brave. Maybe Inshallah, my son's name was a smile, they will need to continue the insha Allah Allah says, so why do we keep those names because these are the name of the Gambia whom we have respectful and when they were in these particular places, this they were in the land of Philistine they were the land of outputs. Allah Tala makes mentioned in the Quran was fulfilled Kitab Amalia it in terms of it Mina and Dr. McDonald Serbia has it Marian was in the east side of material Aqsa so this land of the EBRD Musa to set up this lens so the Amelia was salat wa salam is loving. They live they struggle they Ibadan they Dawa.

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It was here that bizarrely salat wa salam criticize the moneylenders and spoke against the interest. It was in Masjid Aqsa, it was in Palestine, it was in Palestine, it was in our courts. And in our Sharia, there is a great amount of set set, you know, sacrifice a sacredness to whether Amelia who salatu salam, and great people stayed and the footprints were there. So therefore we go between Safa and Marwa why do we go so farmer who has their hard earned between Safa and Marwa Allah lighted therefore we do the same and you want to have even Muslim Ahmed Nebia Karim Salah salem said I went to Missouri AXA as a time of merit. Will that to other me Hey through to the abdominal Ambia Addison

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mystery Ahmed, I put my foot on that particular layer when I'm here in Missoula to Assam put the foot on. So, the second reason of blessedness The third reason of blessedness is that is the land where major signs of Tiamat will take place.

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So it is made mentioned that you know, the John will come in that particular area first as an easily salatu salam welcome in Damascus, the first place you will go to sell goods as it is today. Salatu was Salam wallkill that JAL inlet which is near Tel Aviv, and all of these places, you know, all of those areas definitely attend Ahimsa Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, it is the land of blessedness and the land of resurrection. And according to one rewired was to me the OMA unilateral monad libertarian dream that the trumpet of Tiamat will be blown muttering Kareem very close close to what close to Jerusalem. So three reasons of blessedness one is blessedness from Allah which Allah Tala

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chooses one is the land of the Gambia, one is a land of resurrection, we all this major signs of Yama can take place. Now. Therefore, we need to be aware with regard to our history because we don't know our history. Today people don't read the only thing they read is Twitter or something on social media. So we must be aware with regard to our history that that leaves us with the land of Majidi, AXA and its surroundings. Now because of the

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Whatever happens there, it causes us pain. Now I don't need to go into elaboration what is happening when I see on social media. And really today nowadays I can't even see anyone send me that this bombing to place that bombing to place children I've been massacred children have been killed, you know and families have been wiped out, you know the community is telling. We all feel hurt with regard to it. However, just remember one thing my dear respected brothers, and that controls everything. Nothing happens without the permission of Allah. What matters to me what a particular Allah says not to leave falls down from a tree but Allah with Allah's permission. Maha Sabha musi

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but it's

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possible in laffy Kitab him in Kabul you never know challenge comes upon you no difficulty comes upon you. Nothing happens but it is already recorded in the deal of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. It is already recorded but ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So nothing happens without the permission and the will of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala why is it happening? Why is it happening many times people ask, why is it happening to us? Let me clearly make mention that we don't have the right to judge why it is happening. I find it amazing that people can take over the mantle of Allah subhanho wa Taala and say the way I've heard and the way I've read that Allah Allah is giving the punishment

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to Allah whisper in your ear that is given the punishment. Allah Allah can give and bring about situations for a variety of reasons. Allah Tala sometimes Allah says I bring about certain types of challenges upon you to alert you with regard to your ways. Joan says a data analyst Fleming Sister, what are the phenomenon either been added I do not either.

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Job sometimes principal challenges for you to turn towards Almighty Allah. Allah blue and the permission emunah for Allah Tala sometimes brings about difficulty to elevate your status. Sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala grants and brings about difficulty because this life is one of challenges one of trials this life is not a life where Allah Tala recompenses reward punished. Allah Tana has made this particular life one of trials. So it could be trials that Allah Tala is trying sometimes Allah Tala tries people by ease. Sometimes Allah tries people by difficulty and challenges. Remember that is that is coming to you is not necessarily that Allah is happy with you, where do you get that

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particular type of things that if things are working right, it is from Almighty Allah is very happy with me. Leah blue and Asheboro artful whenever Allah subhanho wa Taala grants you good it is to test whether you are grateful or ungrateful. So this first first thing the second thing is, everything happens with Allah to Allah as well. The third thing is why why does it happen? Allah knows consider this hadith as a shepherd monastery as Abraham Kalani has made mentioned in the introduction, I think it is such an amazing Hadith, that if you can think about it, maybe many things can be understood and explained. Maybe I cream sauce himself Matteotti or OMA, this, Omid is

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an ummah that Allah has mercy upon. Now you and I, because of we thinking that everything is to do with material pleasures, when we think that Allah has mercy upon us. What do we think things are going to go happy with us? We're going to get rid of well, things are going to be easy upon us. Look at nebbia Kareem saw slums definition of Allah's mercy upon this woman, lay salah.

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Dunya Allah won't punish, by and large this much in the Ashira Allah will hope with all his punishment upon this ummah, as far as possible upon this woman as dunya each other having difficulty will be restored in the school and fitted for cattle once the result fitna killing and earthquakes. So the third thing is a lie. That's everything we need. Why? I've given you several reasons Allah subhanho wa Taala knows. However, if after Allah Tala does everything, then what do we do we turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. We rely upon Almighty Allah

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and Allah for who our husband, he relies upon Almighty Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala becomes sufficient for him. That this is a folly on our part.

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To think that things happen according to our planning. We want things to happen, but it doesn't happen according to your plan. It happens according to the brain of Allah.

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Allah, Allah who will marketing you plan a Laplace Allah is the best of planners up the ante to read one or only one.

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Oh my bondsman you also make an intention. I also make an attention, intention, but only that happens which is according to my plan and in my intention, not your intention or have to rob people

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Firstly, as I said earlier the Allahu ta who I recognize my Allah by the failure of my intention. So now the fourth thing I made mention is to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. How do we turn towards Almighty Allah, many times people make this mistake, the turning towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala they feel is we must make dua do nothing else. For others that is not the meaning of turning towards Almighty Allah. That is not the only and sole reason with regard to turning towards Almighty Allah. Part of turning towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is to do your best in terms of us but in terms of means.

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Allah Allah doesn't give people without adopting means and I give this big example you can sit now from now till the Ahmed

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and make dua Allah give me pious children until you don't get married and I won't give you pious children. And you can say Allah can abroad or the Malay salat wa salam without the agency of parents. And Allah Tala brought to you recently salat wa salam in this world was out the agency of a father and luckily I can do it it will make dua, you can make dua till the day of Yama is not going to happen who is going to give you children from from your stomach, you have to get involved we have to get married and then Allah Tala will give you children, then afterwards you make dua after you get married. So whenever we have any type of challenge we always use as Bob we always use means look

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at maybe a cream sauce looks like he is not affected, that Nivea cream sauce and went into wearing a beard cream. So slim did not adopt means and he adopt means the best of means. When Allah Tala tells us to adopt means he doesn't tell us to adopt means by the way, it tells us to adopt the best of means, or shall we refill consult with people on matters for either Assumpta when you have reached a decision, can you rely upon what might be a cream saucer make dua on the eve of the petal of butter, after the next morning, he went and said, You still here who stayed here who stayed here, when he was called upon to give people to fight, he chose the most appropriate people in the veteran for

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HUD, he knew that in this particular mountain, if I don't, if I don't secure it, there is going to be a chance of attack towards of the people who stay don't leave.

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Now, this is how we do things. We adopt means now what is the means the people who are there they will adopt the means to fight they will adopt the means to fight and brothers many times you and I we made this particular type of a gene you know we sitting here in our comfort zones in our in our comfort zones in our underneath the fence or sometimes underneath the air conditions and said why did I must do this? Why did they do this? Why did they do that? Yeah, Allah, on what basis you in your comfort zones have got the right to criticize people who aren't the trenches who are fighting on behalf of una the blessedness of material excise not only to them, it is trash also. But you and

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I got the audacity to able to criticize those people and say, Why did they do this? Why did they do that? I went I went once to Jerusalem when I went to Jerusalem, they took me to a house, this particular person, you know, they narrated the story to me myself and said he was offered something like $12 million to sell the house because it was very close to matching the accent and they want to change the character of material excitement surrounding and you know what he replied, he said I can't sell it until I take permission from the onus is on you the owner, he said know the amount of linear time source and other owners I can sell it without the permission. So now they will do their

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own means our situation with regard to it is make dua for them and support them from our situation what do we do we make do others

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don't regard to is insignificant do is very very important. Do our Salah will move me you know I read one incident with regard to send out you know up and inshallah today when at night when we do speak about it. We will go more into the history. What is the history of Majid Aqsa How do you determine the Muslim control? How did he go out of Muslim control? How did he come back under Salah on the eve of one of the most important battles in machinery XL, you know, in that particular time set out in a UB Rahul Ali was very worried because the the war and the battle was very evenly poised.

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And the news came that a whole flotilla of ships, helps, you know, sail from Europe enter into the war. So he was worried that it could change. It could change the balance of the war. So he went into the mud all night he made dua, he came out after fajr and when it came out after Fidel he saw a pious person on whose face they were signs of piety, and he spoke to him and he said Make dua the ships have left if they come into the

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better things might change. You see, this is also as Bob, we don't just say no Allah will help us even if the even if, for example, the odds are against us when the odds were against the mirror cream sauce tell me that the trench any foot behind the trench. So you take these things into account. So when this happened he asked the pious person to look at Salah Odeon. And he said an amazing thing said said Howdy, to tears of the light of Saudi ships, your tears of the night if Santos ships you may do unto Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. And after a few days, the news came that those chips left and there was the something to the Mediterranean, make dua to Almighty Allah

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subhanaw taala. That means there are other people who are doing other types of efforts, and don't undermine these efforts. I can understand why do we undermine those efforts? You see today one of the aspects of war is the war of stories, the war of narratives. So when you find the narrative, for example, the detractors and our enemies are spending a lot of time to change the narrative. So what do they do with regard to the narrative, they create themselves as victims, as people who need empathy and sympathy? And the other side? What do they do with regard to the other side, they make the other side less than humans. And you hear the stories that Palestinians are less than humans,

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they are like this. The same thing happened when Hitler Hitler called the Jews rats. So when you call them rats, he justified the killing. That's exactly what they're doing. They're changing the narrative to create sympathy for themselves, and to cause the Palestinians as people who have on the other Billa less than humans therefore justified to kill them. There are people who are serving and who are fighting that narrative, we need to support them. Just as we need to make dua to people who are fighting the narrative, whether it be the media or others, we need to be supporting them. Let me acronym SOS will make dua for Assad even if even when he was singing poetry and rendering poems

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defending the Muslims. This is established from our sunnah. So those people who are doing work in that field support them. And above all, my dear respected brothers, I like to always make mention brothers This is a time for us to be united yet Allahu Allah GEMA Allah has a hand of assistance is what the United wrought. While When Atlanta's olfaction who don't be just united, your your power will go away from you, you will become weak. And no matter how much we regard this matter is insignificant and we explain it away. The reality is is because of our disunity, we have become weak.

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And as everyone I used to serve Rahmatullah Lee, you know, gave up by a few weeks before he passed away in that he made mention, he said, until the Muslim ummah is not united Allah as assistant Jota so while we see we need a Latin as assistance, in the words of one of our greatest scholars, we mentioned until you are not united under US assistance uncomfortable. So we don't we don't we must be careful of creating further disharmony in our communities. Because when we create this harmony, we take away the help of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. May Allah Tala give me another topic inshallah we will try to elaborate on some of these matters further, after Isha after Muslim

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inshallah. Allah Farah wants to know, does that work through that one and within them