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AI: Summary © The upcoming return of Sharia Tabata Shariati and the Goddamn Shaytani shaping joyful and happy for everyone. The success of Islam's "ship" and the potential for it to be insignificant is emphasized. Shaping one's behavior and feeling to achieve success is emphasized, including using technology for personal and professional reasons and counting up to achieve their goals. The importance of shaping one's behavior to achieve success is emphasized, and the speaker emphasizes the need to show gratitude and avoid negative thoughts.
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Whatever Mother kitabi What are Sharia Tabata Shariati? I'm about to follow the Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in Chicago to LA z dynochem. Sara hola hola Zim.

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My dear respected elders and brothers we think Allah, that Allah subhanahu wa taala has given us the opportunity of witnessing the Mubarak

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and blessed day and the happy day of Eden. It will filter May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it in reality, a day of happiness.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala increase our happiness in the month of Ramadan. Allah has given us tremendous favors. Allah has given us this Mubarak and bless it month. Allah has given us

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the month in which he had revealed the Holy Quran, the month in which he had tied the Shariati in and here increase his blessings. We thank Allah for that favor. Um, Allah tala, Shukria, daqarta, Herculaneum,

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massive pharma. He given us the opportunity of Ramadan and ingesting that way, as we thank Allah for the Mubarak and blessedness of Ramadan.

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We also take the opportunity of thanking Allah

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and making sugar and showing gratitude for the many favors Allah has bestowed upon us and law, without any obligation upon us, has created us amongst the humankind

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and Latin American sanbona in some cases, Allah subhanho wa Taala Neha membuka Ramana Allah Allah Muhammad he said de la de la

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pena as human beings, Allah has created us as the best and the crown of Allah subhanho wa Taala his creation

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as human beings, Allah says Allah Coronavirus Adam, I have granted respect and dignity to the child in the children of our minister.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala did not leave it at that. But Allah subhanho wa Taala after creating US had given us the necessary means for us to live in this world. Allah created everything for humankind stays alive align the Holy Quran, who are loving Haleakala Kumar fill out the Jamia I created everything on this earth for you. minute Tamam Jesus is Chi not met in San klaipeda format. I have created everything for human beings. And that gave us the necessary means of our survival. Yeah, we look what our eyes we take it for granted. But look at that great nemat Allah has given us with this eyes, this eyes can see a million shades of color.

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The doctors tell us this eyes can see 8 million shades of color. it blinks every six seconds.

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And in a normal lifespan. This I will blink 450 million times. This means unless favours upon us the latter I can imagine this heart pump 72,000 liters of blood a day.

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And net we don't need to go for service every year is only because we abused it that sometimes in the normal course of life, we might have to have treatment. The law has made it so so strong, not know how often our home was shattered and I assume that we have created you and we have created everything for you very strong.

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He says something like 2 billion liters of blood. The heart was circulating pump in a normal lifestyle. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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did not end the day for us, you and I and love made us from the aroma of our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu wasallam I'm jitna Escobar I'm a sugar courier. No matter how much times we make sugar for this, it is less. Such an omen that Allah Allah says with regard to

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whom to hire.

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You are the best of whom much Allah has created such an ally.

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gave us a look at Manila. Meaning Allah did a tremendous favor upon you. When he gave you a Navy like maybe a cream sauce alum, such a Navy will mean the war for Rahim is extremely compassionate and kind and concern about you. When the iron when a sofa your ticker of Buddha Dharma was revealed, oh prophet of Almighty Allah, because of Allah love for you, because of you fulfilling Allah subhanho wa Taala has rights. We will give you what will please you afterward and get you set up push on yet but I can be a cream sauce level for my Do you know what maybe a cream sauce themselves. I won't be happy until every material of mine is in gentleman

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pushing the Honda chapter Mira multigenic

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This is our Navy. Such a Navy that he cried for the summer.

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Even on his departure from this world, is last words.

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And in the year after, when every person every human being will be worried about him his own self will say enough CFC, our Navy will say

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that maybe that did not try and make to our for his children as much as he made for this moment. When as it Fatima de la came, wants to know better himself when he was distributing slaves and said, Oh my father, I need a slave in a servant to help me in my domestic tasks. He told her to read Subhana Allah Al hamdu Lillah Allahu Akbar, and he just recruited slaves.

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He did not he made more to offer this woman than what he made for his own children. That is that particular nanny. And that's such an omen that

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it does little bit of deeds.

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And Allah gives it tremendous rewards. And we are cream sauce to them one day made what what might be Allah, Allah, give my all my great favors. Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed or reminded me via cream sauce, that Mandela

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who is there who will give a beautiful loan to Allah Allah Allah describes our good deeds which in reality is insignificant as a loan to Allah.

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And then Allah subhana wa

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Yala, give more.

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Monica Santa Monica. Wherever does one two cookied Allah multiplies it 10 times. Then there is no sunset. Oh Allah give Wong

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Lula da da

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da, the gist of the ayah whoever gives one sin in charity. Allah multiplies it several 100 times. And we asked them said, Yeah, I will not give more. And then what did Allah subhanahu wa taala say, in your facade, your own

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self, that mature of yours who perseveres?

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So as long as

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I will give him such a reward, the reward cannot be counted. How do you and I might be respected brothers. How do we show favors and how do we show gratefulness for loss of Hannah Ouattara? Our alumni have said amongst the ways that we show gratefulness to Allah is this, that while

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we show gratefulness, we have to acknowledge that our gratefulness will never be equivalent to a less famous Supriya adatto carniceria Allah tala Ahmed k Baraka when is it can never be equivalent to the name of Allah subhana wa tada Shaka Jelani Rasul Allah, one day made shocker to Allah then he said, Oh Allah, if I lift up my tongue, too. Thank you. That is also your favor, how I'm going to thank you for that. I cannot thank you enough.

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I sent him a vision by saying that.

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Now you have understood the aspect of showing gratefulness, one to acknowledge that we will not be able to do enough. The second thing I have said, and this is the core of being grateful to Allah is that you refer everything to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You never ever say, my talent, my wealth, my business acumen. I did this. I did that job which behold, Allah, Allah.

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Whatever you have done, whatever you have achieved

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Masha Allah La quwata illa Allah we cannot do anything. I'm so fortunate your sector supports to hamara Sakura, sushi torpor NEMA

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to give

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you a minute Yes,

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Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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That is another aspect. Thirdly, we are not entitled to anything. We are not entitled to any favors. Whatever Allah gives us. It is only his favor. And les was not supposed to, not obligated to give us risk. Due to

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sugar heavy

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metal is carbon Mecca,

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or whatever you call us towards your house, you keep made as Muslims, you made escape fast. You serve you give us the opportunity to come in front of you. We will not hurt your feet. We were not entitled to it. It is your favor that we have done so.

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So the third thing we do we are not entitled to them. The other aspect is verbally and physically to show your gratefulness

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verbally and physically to show your gratefulness

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among the advices he gave

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when you were sending him to Yemen wonder we told him Omar after salaat read this to

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me Allah viktorija was should recover hostname.

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Allah helped me to remember you helped me to make your ibaadat and helped me to make to be grateful.

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Every minute format, APA sugar

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and then physically, whatever Allah has given us, we utilize it for the sake of Joe Coachella Nadia Cusco Allah subhanho wa Taala a Rama, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

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If Allah has given us we have to realize it to please Allah, don't use your wealth to flesh or to be proud and arrogant to disobey or to defy Allah.

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Allah has given you a talent, use that talent for the sake of Allah. So whatever use your charm for the sake of Allah, don't use your charm otherwise. So this particular aspect is In brief, how we are supposed to show gratefulness in reality we talk about unless number two which which number Can we talk about? What what number Can we talk about?

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We will never ever come to the end of an

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how many favors of Allah? Would you be able to deny how many favors of Allah would you be able to count you will not be able to do so. Even like gives you a glass of water is the name but you will never be able to find it anywhere. Cooler? I mean,

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for me, it could be my maid, if one day you get up the sources of water at right.

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Where will you get water. And if Allah gives you water, and Allah doesn't allow it to come out of your body, what will happen to you, you will die and you will be inconvenience out of thin

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air like I always make mention of it. An old person could not urinate. So the doctor, the doctor, you know, had to do an operation to open up his procedures. So then afterwards when the doctor you know did it he gave him a bill. So the old man started crying.

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So I won't say why he was crying But anyway, whatever he was crying. So the doctor said don't worry pay me whenever you can. He's a doctor. I'm not worried that I can see you. I'm thinking I am 70 years of age 70 years I used to go in and out of the bathroom. But one day Allah, Allah sent me a bill. But one day Allah sent me a girl that you know, this is what happened you water your past. This way when we come out to the bathroom, what do we need for our nickel hamdulillah he led the

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others this trip that is a very very great name of Allah Allah. Sugar Karna

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sama GSK five dunya maybe

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maybe just money for wide ruhani for wide. I got up sugar Kroger.

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If you make sugar, Allah will give you more. If you make sugar for the wealth and love gives you and now will give you more. If you make sugar further away from level get you bought, I won't say anything more.

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I will also perhaps give you so whatever you believe in shaker as he didn't even matter if you make sugar for the good Allah has given you and I will give you the trophy to do more

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That is well what am I have said one of the ways to get an T is determined upon demand is this that you think and love for the man alone inshallah we'll take you with him on.

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So this it is let me let me conclude with one what what a beautiful way unless of Anna what Allah has told us with sugar carnesi had me shaytan sama

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through the means of sugar you get to save yourself from shaytan see when shaytan was expelled from Janet, he said something Allah has mentioned in each part of the Holy Quran from Malati unknown mym daily ad him woman healthy him one Imani him one Shama in him. I'm now going to come upon human being from the right from the left from the front, from the back. So melawati are no ad mommy unhealthy him Juan Imani him, Wang Shama illegal, while touchy to Sara whom shaqiri. And you will not find many of human being to be grateful. Bought come Sucre kasarani she's come metla Ba, if you make sugar

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shaytan won't be able to have a hold over you by the words of shaytan that he said, you will find very few human beings to be grateful. When you are grateful, you take away your pride. If you don't make sugar, you are you are becoming proud and arrogant. You are referring everything to yourself sugar caraga two comma club, what does it mean? I have referred everything of my

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brothers This is an aspect with regard to sugar and on this particular you know, important day, let us bear this in mind let us take a line in the correct way. And now when he referred to as a de la Salatu was Salam.

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And Allah tala speaks about this great prophet. How does he introduce him in Ghana?

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He was grateful.

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He was grateful to So allow Jana shocky Dinelli Matic, mousseline Happy Hanukkah, party Marlena, let's make this one. Hello Madonna shocking enough. Hola. Let us be thankful to you for what you have granted us. And let us make mention of it with our tongue and Allah because of us making mentioned and being grateful. you complete your favors upon us. This is what it is. That has not be amongst those people who are ungrateful, grateful if you're ungrateful, unless I can take away from you. Maya pallulah will be in Chicago tomorrow. Armando law says, What do I get by taking away from you what I've given you, if you are grateful

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chin, if you are ungrateful, it could happen that Allah Allah can take away the nevertheless

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let us let me just also say one thing

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about very few people are grateful. So let us not be amongst those few who are ungrateful callaloo. Very few are grateful. That means many times people are ungrateful. So let us be amongst those people who are grateful for an Illumina

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CLS one was Allah subhanaw taala to know so a person in making to allow much alumina felino Allah make me amongst the very few, so must what why are you making said Kumar Allah says very few people are grateful. I am making dua to Allah Allah make me amongst those so inshallah we will all make the dua inshallah Allah