Ebrahim Bham – Advises to and the Rights of the elderly

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of showing respect and compassion for elderly people, particularly those who have been taught not to be racist. They also touch on the history of the Mahdi's teachings and how they apply to the present times. The segment emphasizes the importance of showing respect and compassion for older people, particularly those who have been taught not to be racist.
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Alhamdulillah he couldn't be here. Wider have we been positive? What salat wa salam ala cambia even more serene. Well Allah He was having personal limited steam and interferon Kathira aman COVID-19 Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. Allah will love your father.

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So much Adam embodies overfill

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to Madame Bovary oh what endo for wash Eva sedimentological Asien respected elders and brothers. They are different segments, in different sections in our community.

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And it is our responsibility that we show respect and dignity to all different segments, in our community and in our society. We have to have cooperation between different segments of our community and our society. One such segment that I want to speak about today is the segment of the elderly and the age and the old people in our community. Because you all those people are right here, they're all smiling today.

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We're going to speak about them in Sharla today, this is a very important segment of our society, both advice for them and the rights that is due to them.

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This is and of course we have to have this 3d is everywhere you go there is this tension is the gulf between labor and capital between the young and the old between husband and wife everywhere is between siblings. Amari Martian and moto live Gematria it's up to me at anytime. A guru God Gil, Amara bazaruto are more humble Lenovo. Kya was to stick your head on Kafka karma, JB Amari offers.

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This is a very important point that we have to keep in mind. The world has recently we're witness a very great interest in the elderly. But maybe a Korean saw Salam has spoken about the rights of the elderly, well before it has become trendy, and maybe a cream sauce and MA spoken about the rights of the elderly irrespective of color, irrespective of background irrespective even sometimes of faith affiliations. The first thing that I would like to say is

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advice to the people who are old. Now there is no doubt that when you become old, you become weak and feeble, in the eye of which I recited which is in surah room. And that Allah says Allah Allah the Halacha commands of Allah Tala created through a weakness. So when we are small, we are weak. I'm just trying to help you on general comes over here. So much aluminium body Morphin Power comes, who would Genet Giovanni COVID When we come after the feebleness and the weakness of young age, when we are young, we are the peak of our strength. So much either mean body doffing so much Adam embody who work into a four hour shaver and after that you come to weakness, feebleness, Shaybah, gray

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hair, white hair, you become weak. But despite the fact that you are weak, when we look at our history, you find old people have done tremendous achievements. Don't say I'm old, what can I do? Um, comes from characters

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of a human salary. Ultron, who told the Muslim general and he told the Muslim Khalifa of the time, he has it. He told him he said Libya, Kareem sorcerer and gave a lot of virtue to conquer Constantinople. Send me the army of Constantinople. When he went

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when he went into the jihad he told the Muslim general they put me right in front.

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And he said if I die put me right in the front and bury me here.

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Today when you when sorry when you allowed to do we go to Istanbul we go and visit is covered is because of this particular patient. Put me right in front of Muslim didn't conquer constantly them one at a time, but he was buried right on the door of Constantinople. He was 80 years of age.

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A sea salco momento ger

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used to Pinter spin tend to help the Muslims of Spain from North Africa. He was 79 years of age. Salomon Eisah was 90 years when he became

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an alum and an imam in Addis know West Alcatel.

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Did you learn a deal when you became an imam? And

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now you say that wasn't a time of Sahaba let me tell you recently, recently in the past

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In the past century, one of our greatest Mujahid one of our greatest majority who fought against the Italian colonialist was Omar vata. He was 80 years when he fought against the Italians. 80 years and he fought against the Italians. And he used to give them sleepless nights. They made sure you document they made zulum upon him. There was a film made about him. I heard one day one person told me, he said, I became a Muslim after I saw what Craig, what great courage to make. Don't take this that Hungary home, what could

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you say a person was going to go to see the doctor who was older. So the doctor asked him how many children

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so he said, Listen, I got a child who is 45 142 112 130 Doctor said, Well, he's such a great guy.

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He said, Doctor, I have two children, those two children, three children, I will.

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So by Walker, who do whatever you can. So that is with regard to the advice to elderly people. I'm going to retire when we retire in October. Do whatever you can tell the day you will get.

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Now these advice to the people who are youngsters towards the old people. What are you supposed to do firstly, to the old parents. Now this is very interesting, although I'm not going to speak about the rights of parents. I'm only going to speak about the rights of the old parents, elderly parents, Allah Tala who Susi torpor Buddha Malachy Marina Kuranda suka from this is amazing. Why did Allah tell us specifically to make mention when they are all? Now think about this yacht retina to choose? Why did Allah Tala specifically make mention of parents when they are old? When you are young you need your parents, you're gonna show respect to them.

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The real test come with regard to your parents who have to respect your parents when they're old, you have to give them they can give you

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when you are when you are young to meet your parents. So a person was going to body here or send a message to his father. No man, no fan your son.

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So the father replied, to beg to save your dead. So when you are in need of something, I'm gonna respect your father. Now when your father becomes all you need you, you may perhaps don't need him as much you have to give him now's the time you have to show respect to them, not when they have to give you that's one of the reasons why Allah Tala is specifically made mention of the rights of the elderly parents. The second reason Allah has given is that when people become older become difficult, it's a natural thing. Now that's the case when you are supposed to be more kind and considerate and respectful to them. And another reason why we have to show respect you see parents

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or parents, you can be 45 You can be 50 they still gonna treat you like like a seven year old or eight year old girl you're they're gonna tell you things. Now you will think I'm 40 years and look at my father telling me all these things you can become irritated. Now Allah Tala tells you know don't get your cake irritated. Respect them in Maya.

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A hug uma Okinawa fell out of love.

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When one or both of your parents become old age, technical, don't even say to them. Are you asked this question What is the meaning of

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these No, it's not a birth is not a noun is not a word that will get

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translation or meaningful is like when you get hurt you say ouch. Ouch, there's no meaningful out. It's an expression. When you get hurt, offers an expression of discontent

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is an expression of discontent ability and thus will be allowed to move freely. There was a word less than and now they used

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that novel. Don't show discontent to your parents when they become old. Can we come out and say you know your parents tell you something? We say give us Modafinil. Here he is he's I

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don't even so. So debt amount of discontent to your elderly parents. Subhanallah because the beauty of our region maybe one day said May he be humble. What Musa

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Dean Matala may be humbled, maybe unbelievably distressed.

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about who you're talking about. That person will find one or both of his parents in old age. And he doesn't mean Gentleman by serving them. He's got the situation his old age, parents are gonna use your time for you to make

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and you are worried of sending them to the old age home when the time was new for you now to meet basic math and turn and nature and get random Jana

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So my dear respected brothers, this is the aspect with regard to all parents now, as I said, I'm not speaking about the rights of parents. I'm speaking about the rights of elderly people who are old. So one of them is our parents, but beyond the parents, who really saw still and has taught us respect and carry for the elderly irrespective of the * of the color or the religion, and he himself set a great example in practicing this, the reoccurring saucer gave us such beautiful advice in July in karate V shaver can Muslim Subhan Allah in them in Jalali Allah He Karami V shaped but in Muslim it is part of respect. It is part of respect of Allah to show respect to them. It is part of

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respect for you to enter mama loco slash

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America if members would have gotten was okay car namaki Dustan Mr. Kumar or why should I call Mama has not been metallic Islam the Hidayat the maybe I tell him salsa MCI and Nokia Hambo Sonata a

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superior bar what okay is that

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now there's another another incident maybe a Korean sauce from said Mendham your hamster wheel and now William you are convener for this? I mean, he will does not show respect and dignity to the old and does not show compassion to the young. He's not from amongst us.

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Joe toto Meketa or baronova Bariloche? Hoku que pasa Meketa wa Messenia. Now this understand this hadith is so critical. Firstly, let me give you the background of this

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delight humor of Yamato says, a person came in the gathering of maybe a cream sauce when he was old. And people didn't give him place. People didn't give him place. So the beer cream sauces and then at that particular time said this, he does not show respect our elders does not show respect and compassion to our youngsters, who humbly say he's not from amongst us. Now bear in mind because of the time of the great amount of jihad in the time of Medusa set up. Most of the Sahaba are 40 under 40. *. Great sabe you heard so much of him, so much of great achievements, maybe some sediment Sargon, who has passed away? The answer of Allah shook. He was less than 40 years when he passed

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away. Most of the Sahaba were young. So maybe I could install some made special reference to the old people. And now look another aspect of this hottie so beautiful, what two elderly people want and what do young people want?

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Elderly people want respect and dignity. And young people want compassion and love.

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Old people, Morello Cocina mocha Chai mama Loco is such a yes. Or Chota will catch a shotgun. Look it down is awesome, said Baroque you

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should have to push up Subhan Allah, what a great what a great what a great pool of wisdom I wish I was dealies show respect and dignity to the old ensure compassion to the young, maybe against Allah while he was salam, so many beautiful examples. One example is after Fatima aka

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Abu Hanifa, the father of Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Taala and who became a Muslim. So Allah Who brought his father to attorneys to ask him to become a Muslim.

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So who really saw Selim told him Abu Bakr, he rebuked Abu Bakr

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Why did you bring your elderly father to me?

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Why did you bring your elderly father to me? You would have told me I would have gone to visit him up near a play put him back America, Sudan was a major,

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major commitment. Why do protein to me I would have gone to meet him. We showed respect to an elderly person, why you brought him to me out of college to meet him. We do we see this in our in our society today. These are the features of our beloved.

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He had white hair, completely white, maybe a cream sauce tempura worker go and change his white, but don't use black. So let me start I'm showing him respect. Now let me give you another example.

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Over the amount of time one day I was walking in the streets of Medina, he saw an old Jewish person begging old Jewish person begging. So one of the along with Toronto asked him he said why are you taking Why are you begging? So he said, Oh my god, I have to give Jizya now there was a text for the people who are non Muslims.

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You know, Muslims take their taxes even less than the amount of data that Muslims give. But there is much easier so instead I have to give judges here and I got my commitment.

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Tomorrow the Allahu

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Omar or the ultra took him to the bay tomorrow. Tomorrow the

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main cause Shall

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we took money from you when you were young.

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We took money from you when you were young. And now when you only can even give you back

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tomorrow, go ahead and give him every month a cyber. Go and look for him he mustn't go back.

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Sometimes I think y'all know what is going wrong to our deal. What is wrong what our understanding of the today what we do that

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ways the compassion to us today compassion is like weakness. And the way people have put it nowadays forward is to show no compassion to people who are of other faiths. What is this? Is this not the way of the Sahaba

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we put from you when you are young now when you are old, we can give you back

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and you cry Oh

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my god this is this is our deal and that'll give us a topic and one beautiful example in the reoccurring Salah Salam always used to give certain examples with regard to Salam he said the person who is walking must make salaam to the person who was sitting with each other Wait I'm not very sure. But there's one thing that may be occurring saucepan has always said you send the most stuff here

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that the young person must be the first to make salaam to the elderly.

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The young person doesn't wait for the elderly to make Salam he must be the one who must make salaam to the elderly.

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Maybe a criminal law while he was selling on one occasion, the via Karim saw some different wires with regard to it and he saw slim had to miss wax. So there was young one young person and one elderly person who came so maybe occurring so slim gave the younger person so as a Jabra really stood out to wasallam came back with a hadith and said he understood Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Amma Rani that you must start off by giving the elderly person first start off by giving the elderly person first. So this is respected Islam teaches us with regard to the elderly and the reoccurring Salah while he was telling me it said the one most beautiful Hadith, maybe uttering Saul

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Salam said whoever shows respect to an old person,

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because of his age, you show respect to an old person because of his age, allow an appoint someone when you become old will show you respect.

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And that means the converse is also true at least one rewired but of course this particularly why it is more authentic, that maybe I can install some said you show respect to a person who is old. When you become old Allah will appoint someone to show you respect. Someone was you know this, my mom would make mentioned with regard to it that you know, someone's told hold person who was walking with a walk stick walking stick, and you look at a person with a walking stick, his back is arched and he's got a walking stick it looks like the bow of the bow and arrow, the bow of the bow and arrow. So you see Bremen Where did you buy this bow from? Where did you buy this bow from? So bear

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with me for Chapter Two next up peritonitis. Let me ask Jeff marry Omar conjure up a movement.

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When you become old you get it for free. So show respect to an old person when you become old when Allah Allah because Allah will create someone who will show inspecting. So these are certain Atticus mela given the topic of understanding.

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