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The speakers discuss the concept of freedom, including the use of words like freedom to describe the ability to live in a free state and the success of Islam as a movement for peace and movement. They also touch on the history and use of shambots to make people feel free to do what they want, but it is unclear if they are actually free. The speakers emphasize the importance of fulfilling one's desires and achieving dreams without harming others, and the need for individuals to fulfill their desires and achieve their dreams without harming others.

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Malala via Raja la Mulana ba bada bada de la vida kitabi

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Realty amado Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. All in na sala de su ke Rama here. Hiya mama Mati. Mati lillahi, Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam,

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my dear respected elders and brothers, as we awaited yesterday in our country was the day that is celebrated as the day of freedom. And I thought, that given that context, we will speak about the subject in today's talk.

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Now, there are various dimensions and various understandings of the word freedom.

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What freedom means that the society the country that you are living in the world must be free from injustice must be free from exploitation from oppression. They must be freedom of movement, people must be free, wherever they want to live, they can live. That type of freedom is amongst the noble objectives of Islam. Remember, I'm saying it is amongst the noble objectives of Islam. And throughout our history, all ama, Mujahideen freedom fighters have fought for the type of freedom koyomi has added Mr. McMahon recebeu Nat barrage, Azadi kibarim a battulga nine Safi or zyada, te se Azadi rhenus nama Azadi musalman or in sunny hokku Kibera Mazda de e slum Italia McCarrick, a hum

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juicehead or tereus Mimosa manone is Azadi Kalia Giotto, Jackie. And this is a reality throughout history. If you look that type of freedom Muslims have fought for the type of freedom. It starts off right from the very beginning. You know, this type of freedom, we feel that this is something that has got nothing to do with Islam freedom of expression, freedom from oppression, as well as the Allahu Turan who was the governor of Egypt. One day his son had a camel race with a non Muslim.

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And in that race, the non Muslim camel out raced the son of amaryllis because his father was the governor. So perhaps he felt a certain degree of whatever. So he took any work that non Muslim citizen and subject across the back, he heard that oh my god, Allahu Turan, who was a just ruler. So he came to Madina, munawwara and he complained to Omar, Omar Shaolin, he was Muslim, Kate, Governor color Connor, or uno numero parasagittal. So on that particular basis, Amara de la toma ascertain the facts came to realize it is true. Then Omar told this person and said the way he hit you across the back, you also hit him across the back. Then before he was about to hit, he said, Did he hit you

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when you hit your quota on or you did not have your quota. I said I was without my quota. I was off my bed back. So Maria Latino said, then you also hit him by across the bear bet. And Kumar made mention of that very famous statement. And he told our Since when have you enslaved people who occurred well a debt who mojarra that when they mothers gave birth to them as free people as a woman comma school makura Khalil Gibran asuna Gate muscle monitor Muslim huperzia Tiki Taka cups a Abner loco banana Rukia Jackie Allah tala.

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Since when have you enslaved people, when Allah made them as a law made them free in the whole history for example, Salah Tina up Rahul Ali. He fought for freedom

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From the Crusaders, that Jerusalem must be free. Today you and I we identify with the people of Palestine, why they must get freedom from oppression, they must get freedom for movement, they can move from one place to the other in terms of these checkpoints and there is this difficulty there is definitely why why do we identify whatever aspect of freedom and throughout history you will find Muslims port depots will turn was one of the very famous freedom fighters in India. He fought against the British in may soon and one of his most remarkable statements with regard to freedom that you can ever year. One day of living the life of a tiger is better than 100 years of writing of

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living the life of a jackal, a dean Casa de Sol Sol que vamos a better one day of freedom is better than 100 years of slavery. This was one of the statements of one of our great heroes, people will tell you look in Africa, the people who fought for freedom against colonialist in the forefront what Muslims after Qatar Al Jazeera who fought against French colonialism, Mohammed Ahmed from Sudan, and Saudi farmers, musi from Tripoli in Libya, all of that, which tells us that this type of freedom is very valuable in Islam. The freedom to call the people who are ruling to account as a lot on one day was giving a talk and one person said, Omar we're not gonna listen to you.

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Why wouldn't you listen to me, the quarter you are wearing, the quota you are wearing is made from cloth that was given from the Bay tomorrow to the Muslims of Medina. But it was not enough. Everyone was given a certain measurement, a certain amount of cloth. That cloth was not a big enough for you to make your entire quota because you are a person of big physic great fuzzy. So O'Meara the lotto winner will listen to you. You are not equal. You took more from the Bay tomorrow than the other a Muslim. So Maria Latino pointed to his son Abdullah Abdullah numero de la Donna said, I was also given that piece of cloth from the battle model. I gave it over to my father before he made the

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quota. Just imagine that freedom to call a ruler to account one day O'Meara de la wanted to impose a limitation on woman's dowry. So one woman got up and said O'Meara, you can give us an advice that we must bring it down you cannot impose upon it. It is our right. We will decide. And Omar Porter from the memorising Quran, Allah Mohammed Omar hasta, La Jolla is everyone knows more than Omar, even an old woman knows more than Omar.

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So, this type of freedom is a great gamut My dear brothers, as those people who do not have that type of freedom, they can move wherever they want, they can stay wherever they want, they can do business wherever they want. It is an adverb of Allah tala in this world. And that type of freedom to fight for that type of freedom. Is, is part of our teachings is part of our legacy is part of our striving. Throughout history has always been like that. However, that is one aspect of freedom. Sometimes you and I, we take another meaning of freedom. Sometimes you and I we feel freedom means I can do whatever I want.

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But Allah has given us the freedom to do whatever we want in the sense that life has given us the freedom to do our own ama. That is the reason why Allah will question as on the day of Tiamat Why will Allah not question anyone's on the day of karma? Because they don't have that freedom to do whatever they want? And they are not accountable for the deeds. Allah has given us freedom by what are you asking?

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Me Matera kalamunda Allah tala hate the capacity. The moment you do wrong, Allah tala could have stopped you in your tracks. The lead doesn't do so when a person does wrong and that allows him to do wrong. Why because that is the reason why you will be accountable. If you are not allowed to do right and wrong, Allah will not hold you accountable.

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But because you got the freedom to do whatever you want. That is why Allah will question you. He Sabbath cha cha

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cha cha. Now on that particular basis, sometimes people feel we are free to do whatever we want. We are free to say whatever we want, but Georgia Hey man money is in the good news or bad no one can is d Yes, it can matter man. Now, that type of

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Freedom, it leads to chaos. It leads to ill discipline, it can lead to a situation and a society that will never be able to function correctly. ie for example, tomorrow someone say or today someone say, by South Africa is a free country, why must I drive on the left hand side of the road tomorrow I'm going to drive on the right hand side of the road. Because I'm free, or tomorrow, someone say I'm going to take over someone's boots because it's a free country, I can do whatever I want. No one knows system in the world will allow such type of freedom, it will lead to chaos. A quirky Shambhala can be used to make mention, one day a person went to someone's garden and took a piece of fruit.

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And when he came in, the owner said, Who gave you permission? He said what permission you are unless you are illustration, I'm illustration The fruit is illustration by eating allotransplantation Who are you to stop me? So the owner said by the how are you going to deal with us? So he came in he took out a stick and he started hitting him. So he said, Why are you hitting me Hyman lustration illustration the stick is illustration and using illustration to illustration. So by he has it so Hanna Barbera, there is no particular type in Islam is never laid. claim to such as such freedom, understand the difference? One is freedom, that there must be freedom of speech expression, hold the

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people accountable, they must be freedom with that type of freedom that I must do whatever I want, Allah that is never freedom in the Islamic sense. There in fact there is

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there is discipline. And we find this in the you see for example, Islam comma club Shia Islam comma club head to submit yourself to Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah karma

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submission. And here apne aapko Allah tala Kahala Karna is kissam Casa de Capel call Mohali fortezza it is the exact opposite of complete freedom. Now you have to choose, I want to be free to do whatever I want. By then you are not a Muslim who submits to Allah and if you are Muslim who submits to Allah you are not free to do whatever you want. You are not free to say whatever you want, you are not free to think whatever you want

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to come Shaco Suna Grimshaw Salaam, la umeda kamatera coonawarra otava limited to be, you can never be a believer until you subject your life you subject your desires to subject everything to the commands of Allah. Abu Musa money chapter upon a demand Zindagi ko Allah subhanho wa Taala Super nakara or Allah tala, Quito

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whiskey metallic Amanda curry moussaka Kimani

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adonia session on Mommy, Nivea cream sauce named Heidi dunia is a present house for a believer is a prison right now what is the meaning of a prison? prison in a prison two things you cannot do what you want. And secondly, you never regard the prison as your ultimate abode. Right? So you never think that I'm going to stay forever in a prison when a person remains in prison he said 88 90% in Asia inshallah. So he has that few that I'm going to get free. When Allah tala says that this dunya is a prison for you to things you can do whatever you want. You must do what Allah Allah told you. Yes Allah gives you that permission to go against it but that is Allah tala special and grace to

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hold you accountable. So Allah tala when he says that dunya is a prison, you cannot do whatever you want. And not only that, it also you never regarded as a permanent abode. I read a beautiful Hadith in mission in medical Quran under the idea of an Adam a photo Xena to come into college. We're in the middle is a selfie? hula me must hate so much so that Radin says it is part of extravagance, to eat whatever you desire.

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Yata don't even give your Nef such free rein whatever I want to do let me do

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in jamya tirmidhi is a beautiful Hadith nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when Allah tala created Jonathan jahannam Allah tanoto as a juvenile to go and see Jonathan Jana so Jabra reset wassalam came back and said that chanot is so beautiful Allah, it is so beautiful that everyone you create will want to go into gentlemen to be happening in some capacity, or sepka subtrahend our gender

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and janome is so terrible that everyone who create you will want to stay in it.

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From Jana. So then the adage goes on Allah tala surrounded Janet with certain things. And then let Allah surround agenda with certain things. And algebra now go and see Jonathan Jana is very listed at wassalam came back and said Oh Allah. Now I'm afraid whether people will be able to save themselves from jam. And now I'm afraid whether people will be able to enter into gentlemen, and the idiot goes on to say who tivity narrow bisha Howard, who jabatan genda to Bill McCurry, Allah had surrounded jahannam with the fulfillment of your desires. Man is in the gstr Kuru or Sita Jana Mojo.

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If you follow your desires, you go straight into a slippery pathway into janome. And live a life of discipline. Allah is surrounded by discipline, by difficulty by toil, strive to comply with the commands of Allah, even if it goes against your desires. That type of discipline will bring you into genda. I made mention of Oliver villatoro statement many times, someone asked Olivia Latino Holly, how can we go into the agenda? So there was a lot to say very easy, put one step on your desires. The next step is Jelena one step desires, you've control your desires, half the battle is want to go into gender. So understand this aspect I can go on to give today. The problem is everyone thinks

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that as long as I'm fulfilling my desires, I will get happiness. No, no, no. Many a times you have to control your desires, your desires, you bring the wholesome control of Islam over to your desires, will allow you as even then you will see the beauty of life. Those people who give a free rein with regard, look at the people who feel that the more I will Fulfill my desires, the people in the West, they are living a life of complete independence, living a life of doing whatever they want. It has not brought them success, it has not brought them contentment, it has not brought them happiness. And let's say Allah decree law in the remembrance of Allah will not find contentment,

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your life will become beautiful. When you discipline your life according to the wholesome guidelines and wholesome discipline, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give to you. So these are two aspects with regard to freedom. One aspect with regard to freedom is this, that we feel that our our life, and our society, our community, our country, our whole thing must be free from oppression, injustice, but yet Rihanna carnac he was way too energetic.

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And there's another type of freedom that I can do whatever I want no, no, no, that is not so understand the concept of freedom. No one is the Mahmoud which is beneficial, which is according to Islam, the one in understanding with regard to it is something that we need to correct. In South Africa. For example, in coming to the conclusion, Allah has given us a certain degree of freedom here, with regard to our religion, with regard to the putting up of masajid with regard to the putting up of their own room, we are not prevented from practicing our Deen. We are not prevented with regard to even you know, out of forms and manifestations of our team. There are many countries

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in the world where now there is booting carrying on canon Muslim wearing a cowboy not in certain places like France, for example, if a woman wears a niqab in a public place, they will they will tear it off. Yeah, Al Hamdulillah. So far, we don't have it. But remember, one important point may be respectful as many times people feel that, you know, freedom means I can do whatever I want without the consequences. No, no. freedom means whatever you do, as a consequence, we ever feel that freedom means I can do whatever I want, irrespective of the consequence. I don't worry about the consequences. If in Islam, everything you do is Craig radamel of her heart natto Yes, Dr. crypto

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apsca Baraka combinator, Santa, you cannot do something without if we live a life in which we value the freedom. We take the opportunities we stay away from the challenges, there are challenges that in our country, part of the particular challenges is we have to face up to the particular challenges. You know, we cannot live a life that way we show ourselves living such an extravagant life, that it becomes the focus of the people who do not have when people do not have, they look up upon people who have and they float the wealth. And they live in such a way that they live so extravagantly. That it becomes the focus of the eyes of other people when they don't have it. I'm

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just giving an example. So with every particular type of freedom that we have, we have to play one of our great stalwarts in India has it mama Hippo rathmines you hardware, who fought against the British. Then he made mention of one very important point after achieving freedom. He gave a talk in Surah to the allamah. And in there, he said

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One of the meanings of democracy and freedom is you strive to set yourself up. you strive for your voices to be heard, you strive to make an impact. If you do not make an impact, you do not strive to show that you are worried about what is happening in the country, where you don't strive to show that you are concerned about the plight of the poor, where you don't strive to show that you also have a stake with regard to the good and bad of a country. He said, then your voices will not be heard. See, freedom works on the basis that you play your rightful role. So if you want that type of freedom, then you have to also play the responsibility that comes with the privilege. So I've just

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tried In brief, to be able to explain the concept and the meaning of freedom

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of understanding and make us fulfill how Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be able to understand the freedom that which is positive and take that which is positive and keep away from that which is negative