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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi wa Shri Tabata Shariati

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mavado movie la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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where either we meet

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you via Santa Monica or do

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in LA Kannada cliche in

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Surah colossian.

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My dear respected elders and brothers,

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in every society, in every civilization,

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whenever we meet someone, there is a manner of meeting which is followed with a greeting.

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That particular form of greeting is widespread. When you meet someone, whether you know him whether you don't know him, whether he is your friend, whether he is a stranger, there is always an etiquette, a manner of greeting and a manner of speaking to him, how do you approach a person when you first meet him? So you have various forms of greeting that is prevalent in the world.

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In the Hindu tradition, for example, they say number step. They don't know what it means, but it is there. In our parlance, many times you say good morning, good afternoon, with something that we come into contact and we come to know from time to time. Similarly in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala has shown us away that when we meet one another, what we should say first, and unlike all other forms of greeting, this form of greeting is not manmade. This form of greeting comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is to say Assalamu alaikum. To assure person with regard to peace and stability from one side, it comes in a hadith the Salatu was Salam was created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah

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tala commanded Hazara Adam alayhis Salatu was Salam.

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Go to the angels, and say unto them as salaam alaikum and listen to what they say in return, and what they say in return, that will be the Salaam of your progeny of your children. So Adam alayhis salam went to the angels is a Salam aleykum and they replied with Wiley como Salam warahmatullah. So that is what Allah taught.

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As an admin Li salat wa salam, and that is the Salaam of the progeny of Adam and Eve salat wa salam. Therefore my dear respective brothers This is a best seller that when we meet one another kisi simola kottam corretto subset better intelecom Allah kar kar Nikki yay Kim Assalamu alaykum Pescara hamanako Assalamu alaykum semilla Orinoco Johanna Quran Sam pescatori see alpha Salam pesquera Assalamu alaykum says the best way. Now, look at the beauty of this there are many beauties. One is for a person who is younger than you, person who is younger than you. Assalamu alaykum means kindness and affection to that young person, kindness and affection to that young person, which

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maybe a cream sauce Lamb has taught us Assalamu alaykum to an elder person, it signifies respect and honor

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to a person who is your friend, person whom you know, this assalamu Aleikum is the most beautiful expression of joy on meeting a friend. It is an expression and manifestation of joy when you meet someone whom you are close to, and when you are meeting as someone who is a stranger to you, then this Assalamualaikum signifies to the person. I don't know you, but they exist between us a bond of brotherhood. And I'm not your enemy. I am your well wisher. Yes, Salam khazaria sin. Dos Kalia mohabbat ka pasm agenda Kalia Salam khazaria sia upon Kota, solid attack upon Kota, solidity. kamya aapko America Whoa, whoa. Morocco,

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Morocco, Baraka, Nevada, Neo. To look at this beauty with regard to sit down for a person who is your friend. It is a it is a mohabbat Caterham. It is a means of expressing your joy. For a person who's a stranger. You tell him inshallah I won't harm you. I'm your well wishes.

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All other forms of salam, or other forms of greetings. They pale into insignificance compared to Assalamu alaykum Allah it pales into insignificance. Look at one aspect. We say good morning. Now just imagine a person that morning. His father passed away.

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Casey Carter wallet subcritical. Ojai, upon civic a good morning, border a morning. He can Morning. Good morning. Good morning. You tell a person whose father passed away Good morning. And you tell him Good morning, in the afternoon, you can go to hell.

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In the afternoon, you can do whatever you want. Good morning only for the morning. What assalamu Aleikum is a it's a DA it is comprehensive. We are last mercy and peace be upon you forever and forever. And yet today sometimes we forsake this manner of greeting. Sometimes we say good morning sometimes you say hi. Then many times in order for example, we say our dub adabas solomos noon, this limit subculture worker Johanna ham, Salaam kokoschka. And another aspect with regard to Salam compared to many other aspects is one is that Salam is one of the names of Allah salam, Allah tala kisi fatmus X.

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Therefore in comes in a hadith in Tibetan Sharif Abdul live Nima sutra via Loudon who says a Salaam is mu min Asma Allahu taala was a who fill out the form of Shu Hua Unicom Salaam is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala which Allah tala in his Brahma and mercy has put it on earth so therefore spread the Salaam when you meet one another Santa Monica make more and more solemn and there are many fuzz Island many importance with regard to it many importance now via cream sauce lamb was once asked us, a you will Islam higher, which Islam is the best. What type of Islam is the best? It's going to be a cream sauce themself

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with a crow Salam Alaikum and arafa mama lamb tarrif that feed people buco calm Connor kilo, or Salam khopesh Kuru Salam cappello. Not only people people whom you know, another man or woman lamb tarrif jaw up champion COVID rampage corojo konkona tanto Fabian Casa rampage, whether you know the person whether you don't know the person makes around today we only make Salaam to a person whom we know. This is again, this unit of via krimson via crimsafe. The best of Islam is to make Salaam to a person whom you know, and also to a person whom you don't know. Don't only make sure I'm to your group, or to the person whom you know, many times it is seen. And I've also noticed this I've been

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experienced, you go for example, you are lost, you go to a petrol station and you ask the person who is there, you know, you want to ask directions just just notice it. You first you tell him you know you you greet him maybe you greet him in his own particular method, whatever it is, you greet him and then you ask him for direction or sometimes you don't greet him there's gonna ask him, I want to go here Tell me where we must go show me the direction. Look at the reaction when you greet him and then you ask Him you will see he will also raise reciprocate in the same similar manner. There is a there is a civility which Islam teaches us. There is a gap in etiquette with Islam teaches us of the

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Lebanese Saranda. The Allahu anhu was one of the eminent Jewish scholars of the time. And when Libya Kareem Muslim came to Medina, the Jewish people had settled in Medina, with the intention of the last prophet will come then. But of course when the via cream sauce from came there, despite the fact that they knew maybe a cream sauce can be the last prophet and Latina Latina woman kita era una una avinoam those who are given the Kitab they knew that Nivea cream sauce from and they recognized me sauce from the way a person recognizes his own son. The way a person recognizes his own children, you know, but then they don't except maybe a cream sauce, lemon lemon Salaam said, I, I heard that

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this was the last name of Allah. And I knew this. I had indications but I want to go and test. I want to go meet me a cream sauce. He said when I went there, I saw Nivea cream sauce comes first first message when he came to Medina. Yeah you want us to Salam. O people spread the Salam Yeah, you are nurse of Shu salam wa t mo Tom was Cyril or ham or salami layli, oneness oneness with the whole Janata Salam. When I receive you can get more beautiful words. Oh people spread the sallam, feed the poor and keep and maintain

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relationships with your relatives. And Kava Kava, Kava Kava Kava. Make it every day by which the hydrate can Hamas perlow daughtercard por la Jara. cadpr lucera cappello when people are sleeping make tahajjud read Salah, read Nuffield namaz when people are sleeping that whole Jenna Tabby Salam you will enter into Jenna most peacefully remember this word brothers yeah you are nurse Oh people of Shu Salam spread the serum and feed people was similar hum keep and maintain relationship with relatives or salopian layli oneness when em and make salad with a you know make salad at night. When normally people are sleeping, you will enter into this into agenda most peacefully. Today we have

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forgotten this. Today we make syrup to people whom we know we make syrup to beat people. We must make salam to everyone as a monarch, shama tanura, Malala bought Marissa Sonata to kissa Wait, Tilly kawakita miniport samartha kabhi they used to be a poor person, everywhere he used to go Salam Alaikum Salam alikoum no one has to reply to him. Java which is soco, salaam Kakuka job Nikita COVID Kumar and so happened, you know, this tele this poor person, he became very rich how he became rich, I don't know maybe he got, he got a very good inheritance. Maybe he won the lotto. Whatever happened, he became very, very, very rich. Now everywhere he goes, everywhere he goes, sets up

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Solomonic sets up Santa Monica Java data.

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sets up Salam alikoum sets up Salaam Alaikum. The way he used to give up my pachanga salami pachanga aka Sam, I will give you a salam to Cassini was a Pooja que aapko Sankara katha pachanga Tanaka Mehta we at Pellissippi Salaam Kata taquito Nita, observed Mira Sankara merriwa, Marija Cindy Makita Sister omkara Easter makaira Marco pachanga Casa I tell them that I will I will go and give you a Saddam Hussein give Suriname to people and these there are certain etiquette that nebia Karim southla Minister does with regard to Salaam one of them nebia Karim housemate said a Salam

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makes alarm before you speak to anyone makes alarm when you meet someone before you speak to him. Make a Salaam Alaikum This is and then the via cream sauce from said there are two types of Salam. One is the Salam of welcome. And one is the Salam of departure. Both times you must make Salam. So when we meet someone we make salam, when we leave someone's gathering also we make ceram this is what nebia cream sauce Lamb has taught us and every molecule villalpando says the Sahaba kromm was so particular about sonatas if they are walking and then a three comes in between for which they are separated for a small amount of time. So one goes this side of the tree. The other one goes the

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other side of the tree. When they meet together they used to make Salaam again when they meet together used to make Salaam again. So this is the way that we are supposed to have the Salaam Salaam cobbler column. Also Nivea cream salsa one day was sitting in a gathering, a person came and said Assalamualaikum nebbia cream sauce and said tin. Then next person can assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah Nivea cream sauce from said 20 then the third person came and said assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah nebia cream sauce Lim said Sati that is in one rewired in another quiet it comes to the fourth person came in said a salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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service Aslam said 40 Sahaba asked Nevis awesome said you said As salam o Allah contain rewards As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah be sneaky 20 rewards. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh sateri was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, Mo Farah to 40 rewards, but this fourth one, the 40s in a different rewired. The first one is in another rewired way it is made mentioned. So the more Salaam you make, the more words you add, the more reward you get. Another aspect with regard to salami is the reply to a Salam should be equal or better than the Salaam that has been presented. Whether we eat to be eaten for hair up as Santa minha or when someone makes a solemn reply in an

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equal or in a better way. And normally I will tell us that

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to make Salaam to start the salami Sinatra, Mr. Happy but to give Java and to reply is wajib

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but you're among the few places in the Sharia, where as soon that act is more better and more rewarding than awaji Peck. To start the Salaam is more rewarding is most more sub more rewarding. But to give the reply is watching compulsory in one aspect that many times we are neglectful about is when someone writes us a letter

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When someone writes us a letter or sends an email, or sends a message, in which he says As salam o Alaikum. Now that Allah has deferred out some Allah mercy that he's still watching to reply to the letter reply in writing, but most Allah ma say that even if you can reply in writing, because he has given you a Salaam in writing, at least verbally, you must say.

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So a person writes an email surah, Salaam Alaikum. You might not reply to that email, but it is still compulsory upon you to say wailuku salam to the Sallam that He has given to you in the email or in the letter. So there is also another aspect that we got to keep in mind one Salam is sufficient for the entire gathering. So if you're coming into a big gathering and you make a Salam Alikum once it is sufficient for everyone that doesn't mean now one person feels I mean he made he didn't make me solemn by you are part of a gathering he made Salam so that one Salaam his equivalent to the whole gathering if Salaam puri Johanna was much more clear coffee then the cream sauce

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limited you sell the most severe al Kabir Walmart Walmart will carry

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the person who is small must make Salaam to the person who is elder, the person who is small must make Salaam to the person who is elder that is adapting etiquette. The person who is walking he must make Salaam to the person who is sitting, the person who is walking makes Salaam to the person who is sitting and the person who is who is literally number so to me is a group of 50 the one who is who is literally number must make salam to the one who is more in number. These are Atticus atomia cream sauce Lamb has taught us now one very interesting incident. One person one person came to me a cream sauce from you know, he was an enemy of nebia Kareem Sawsan. And when he came, you know, he

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said a Somali knowing he made it sound as it was Salam. But he said Assam to great different meanings. Salaam means peace, some means destruction. So let me occur himself Some said alaikum. Same to you. The same to you. This is the way we are supposed to reply to people who are not from our faith who makes them upon us. We do not know their intention. They might be intention to to to to to look at us. So we say Aleikum, the same to you with what intention you have made. You You seem to you must also maybe perhaps say either, you know, either say it openly or say it in our heart, Salam O Allah manita alhuda Salam be upon the person who follows the diet and guidance. But however,

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this is very important that the Navy seldom said alikum so I shall have the Allahu Turan have she heard that that Assam she started abusing this person. You like this and same to you and me up destroyed? So after they went away, they said our Ayesha Why did you have to do this? So said Yara sutala didn't hear what he said. He didn't say a serum. He said destruction to you. So now Viagra himself said Why didn't you hear what I said in return? I also said alikum the same to you brothers these days no matter what we hear with regard to people whom we like don't like whether we agree or don't agree these as civility these Moreover, there is something like civility there's something

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so even in such a situation when someone told me via cream sauce from Assam Aleykum maybe sauce them didn't reply to him in a like way. Let me sell some set aliko Same to you know, one day never occurred himself. So has this overcapacity Korea louder, no. abusing one of his servants or slaves who do not listen to him. So navia Karim SummerSlam says such a beautiful word. La Hani was sidiki con la hora bill Kaaba. So Ana la by the Lord of the Kaaba Siddiq and abusing another person. The two don't gel siddik Kola will come up as a note of the capacity and land and abusing someone that you don't gel or aboubaker don't do such a thing. So we have a degree of civility even when we don't

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agree with people that we so these are some of the things that we have. When someone gives us some of someone maybe a creamy sauce limited. We must reply the sweet alayka wa Alayhi Salam Salam be upon you and Salam be upon the person who conveyed the Salaam so a person sends so and so gave Salam now you reply to that person and you're also telling this person also Salam aleikum wa Alayhi Salam Salam be upon you and salami upon the other person also. Also, you know, we must get away from this aspect of who must make Salaam first now via cream sauce they may say in all honesty, Billahi min butter I will be solemn. The person closest to Allah is one who makes the lamb first. The one who

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makes all bad you will be Salam burrito mineral keeper. The one who makes first Salam is free from pride. So hastened to make Sam first. Don't wait for another person to be

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Pusan, how many times you get people who didn't make me Sam? Right? He didn't make me Why didn't you make Sam

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nichia to APNIC unika the one who makes an emphasis free from pride and he will be closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Don't wait for another person to make use of them. Try and be the first to make certain and also part of Salaam and I will conclude with these one or two things is one or two. A Hadith. Part of Salam is to make Mustafa to greet with a person with a handshake. The handshake is not compulsory, but it is the perfection and completion of Salaam. Therefore it comes that has to live in a pseudo theologian who says that nebbia cream sauce lamb took my hands in both of his hands, took my hand in both of his hands and then taught me how to adhere to the law. He was

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sent out in Bihar Sharif. There is a rewired that Hamad bin Zayed set up to live near Mubarak villatoro greeted me with two hands. So this is also to greet with with the hens and maybe a cream sauce them I said Brian, as he said, Mom and Muslim, a Muslim in Turkey on fire for honey, that there is no two people who Muslims who get together, greet one another with the ends makes the lamb and then before they depart before they pull their hands away. Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive all the minor sins before they depart unless Allah forgives, they were unnecessarily allowed and who says either terracotta Safa who were either Kadima woman suffering Tanaka when you meet someone make

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Mustafa and when someone comes from a journey make more anaka

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acronyms also when someone you meet make Mustafa and if he has come from a journey then make more Anika embracing so these are the sooner for whatever Nivea cream sauce alum that has conclude with one beautiful Hadith that the whole Jana Tata to amino now via cream sauce limited you can enter into genette until you have human genomic medicine he was

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a man who will not mean ohata Habu

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logo say mohabbat nickering a aapka Eman mukamal or in here and until you do not until you do not have love for people your Eman is not complete it's not heavy man. Allah I don't know Kumara shisha in either fall to move the hub up to kill me Aqua sama number Khloe. She's kicker Nikki was kanessa Orin kicker Nikki watashi Allah tala Logo Logo mohabbat para for manga. Can I show you something that when you do it, Allah will create Mahabharata amongst you then maybe salsa Mottola, Saba Dr. Salah, tell us some of his awesome set of Xu Salah Medina can spread the Salam amongst people. By spreading the Salam Allah will create Maha but then through the means of Muhammad Allah will

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strengthen your Eman through the means of Eman you will go into Jenna Laguna tofik of understanding and making our way through that one