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More Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida, de la la vida kitabi la Sherry acaba de Shariati

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de la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Allah como Taka for

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macabre sakalava nauseum,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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In my last talk, I had spoken on the ayah which I have recited.

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I had said that the meaning of this ayah is

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that accumulation and competition and rivalry for more and more, has made people neglectful of Allah subhanho wa Taala as command has made them neglectful of Allah subhanho wa Taala mission through which he had sent human being in this world, and people will come to realize the folly when they come into the cover, that was the basis of the talk and from there we spoke about greed. And we said greed is such a thing that means total in grosman, with material things, it is not necessarily mean in grosman with wealth, it can mean with anything material, I gave the example of engrossment was entertainment. And I gave an example of a book that was written, which gave a study of how much

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percentage of people's disposable income today spend on entertainment. And I said by and large greed means in grosman, and attachment with wealth. We also said that greed is such a disease, such a spiritual disease that is only not only confined and only bear in itself, but it leads to evil in other matters, quoted the Hadith in Abu Dawood.

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Islam said, that greed, bay people to become miserly they became miserly. It paid them to do other evil deeds, other evil deeds. And I said, one of the harms of greed is that there is no end point of greed. There is no end point of greed, the more the more the needs of greed are fulfilled. The more are its demands, the more is demands. Luke and Adam What

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if a human being has got two values of gold, he won't say personally I got two values of goals.

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He said help me moseyed bring more bring more

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joy for me.

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It is only the sin of the cover that will satiate the greed of humankind. Again, I'd make a pass and I would go for it to Hanawon. baharu sonica una cara passiveness, yada, yada ha patoka almasi allmymusic Allah, Allah or was silk cover committee in Seung ki house or tamako pooraka Satya silk cover committee. Now greed after understanding this what I gave last time, greed There are two types of greed one which is sometimes good. And sometimes that it is negative, positive and negative.

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nebia Kareem salsa master in a hadith man woman

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there are two things that people never ever get saturated with two things people never get saturated with one is positive one is negative, the positive is element knowledge, just coelom catches calaca whoever is now involved in element knowledge, no matter how much he gets, he is never ever satisfied. You say I want to learn more, I want to learn more. There is one who has made mentioned that a person some says I had a some seasoned Arabic saying or to

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acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave. So there is a positive greed that you always want to increase your knowledge. And today unfortunately, brothers we have to say that people don't have the thirst for knowledge. It is so so sad to see this that you know there is no enthusiasm to increase your knowledge and the other one is to increase your wealth. So let me say Aslam spoke about the positive and the negative. After understanding this and giving a broad understanding of the harms of greed. One might say that you know we are born with this and that Allah had said that you know even if you have two values you are wonderful. So we are born and we are going to be greedy. But no that

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is not the way we are supposed to think our Allah May Allah Allah for the cover was no Imam has Allah Allah Allah in his room has made mention of solutions.

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To greed. How do you resolve and how do you restrain your greed? It's a natural thing but Allah Allah says in the Quran xuyen alumnus fukuzawa milanesa. You will Kareena will. karatedo cantata, Allah has adorned certain things of this world for humankind, you know what your desires, you know Katara, jewelry and woman these are things that are naturally naturally appealing and attractive to human being. But now the thing is doesn't mean that it is because it is attractive, you might just go down that route, we have to control we have to restrain ourselves within a particular Framework of Reference which is permissible, which is positive and not beyond that, which makes it negative.

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Now what is

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it? How do you deal with greed? How do you resolve and how do you try and restrain your house in Tama, I made mention of it last week this word Tama is an amazing thing. Tomorrow you will look at the Arabic word meme.

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And all three of these Arabic letters has got a circle in the middle which indicates that it can never ever get saturated. It is Tom Tom Neiman is all of them got a circle in the middle that can never be saturated. Now how do we some way even because I literally said first thing cannot contentment. contentment is an amazing quality and a favor of Almighty Allah bless it are those who have been granted contentment can afla Harmon Assalamu ruzicka cocka cocka cocka cocka cocka. Now lamotta who come upon successful is he wears Islam and Allah has given him sustenance that is enough for his needs. And he is contented with what Allah has given him. Let me give you a definition of

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contentment means a state of satisfaction which alive what Allah has granted you which does not preclude you striving to better your condition,

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a state of satisfaction which what Allah has granted you which does not take away from the fact that perhaps you want to strive to better your situation.

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There is nothing wrong in striving to better your situation. But at the same time, you also satisfied with Allah Allah has given you a state of satisfaction when Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted you with output does not preclude the situation of trying to better your situation. But this is an amazing thing wherever he is contented with his Lord. He is

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said contentment is a treasure that will never ever get finished.

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amatola to Hana walk back in a while he is near bautzen matava hamari is in the gimme hamari Dora, Jana watamu jatiya niken Kanata cityzen to copy his name. And he said

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what it is to cancer cells limited laser, Xena,

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Xena, and wealth and prosperity is not the amount of wealth that you got on a Kindle Gina.

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But wealth and prosperity is to do with the heart. wealth and prosperity has got to do more with a heart. That is what has got to do with the amount of wealth that you've got. So the first thing My dear respected brothers, I think it's extremely important that we have contentment. And you know, if you look at it, how much is enough? How much is enough? If you look at this, ask yourself this question How much is enough? And then you will come to realize that how contentment it is something that doesn't mean you must not strive to better yourself. I think what you can do many positive things I made mention of it in the last video. But at the same time, there comes a time that you say

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that listen, the important things my wealth must not divert me from remembering Allah must not divert me for my relationships. So how much is enough? There's one small incident to show you about this. You know, they say a rich woman one day, out of boredom or whatever she went to go and shop not so she went to steal something from the supermarket. So she stole a cane of vegetables a stem cell again of mushrooms. So she stole the can of mushrooms, because she didn't have enough money to go back home to go and fetch the money. So she shoplifted as mushrooms. So when they brought her to court, so that the judge asked, Why did you do this? I didn't do it because I wanted to do it. I was

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bored. I was lazy to confess money so it is going to keep I put it in mind. So just said why 50 Steph, I can't allow it to go unpunished. I have to give you some punishment. So how many mushrooms they were in the king? Is it seven mushrooms is seven mushrooms. You go seven days in jail. So husband Walker Rokita he was very, very reserved. So he said, my honor, I want to say something. So he said what do you want to say? He said she also stole a cane of peace.

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So watch Dixie J.

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So how much is enough? The first aspect with regard to saving yourself from greed is contentment. The second thing that is which is such an important thing is puzzle her chin. If you want to save yourself from greed, learn to moderate your expenses. aligned the Holy Quran has spoken about wastage and extravagance, towards Allah tala using the Holy Quran. One is the thief and one is is rough in the arena.

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And what is the deal? That means to spend on things which are not necessary, we'll call fuzu. Got no benefit in this world no benefit in the after their job or bear Mahal meme Marco Husqvarna was calm cut a deal. And about the bureaucracy is the one who is extravagant, who spends in wealth on things that are no benefit. He is the brother of God, we have one charity

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that is wrong. The other one is zero refugees lickin zero, it says zide applique, Saskia was coming

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from a

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cow pure luck and his napco. So you see the two words. One is to spend more on things that are necessary. And one is to spend on things which have got no benefit. Many times people say money is my wealth. Let me spin how I want to Why are you telling me what I must spend on what I must not spend on? No brothers? Our spending? Remember this very carefully. Our spending is not only determined by the amount of wealth you got, it is also determined by moral considerations. How can you spend sometimes 2 million on a wedding or three or four or 5 million on a wedding when you know people in your neighborhood or in your country are dying of hunger? So while there are certain times

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that we spend out of happiness, and there is permissibility, but at the same time, there has to be a framework that you don't go into the it doesn't go into. It doesn't go into things which are not in our question, as on the day of chairman

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has told us to have the five questions allow us to pose to human being on the day of gamut without which he would not be able to even move his foot. How did you earn and how did you spend your money? How did you earn and how did you spend your money? Allah would ask us two questions. We all like good things and within a particular limit is nothing one day someone Saba said Yasser Allah. I love good clothes. He's loving good clothes, part of extravagance and part of pride. So let me sell some said no, in Allah Jamil Jamal. Allah loves beauty. Allah is beautiful and loves beauty so if you wear good clothes because Allah is beautiful, you want to be beautiful. Nothing wrong but the moment

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you start wearing clothes to show off

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there's a fine line. Why are you wearing good clothes because up vietminh if you want to be in the feasts, you want to be good nothing wrong. But if you start wearing clothes people will start looking at me and commenting how what a beautiful clothes and we saw some said he who wear clothes of pride in this world and now we'll make him wear clothes of disgrace in the after. And what if what a fine line one is to wear good clothes and clean clothes because Allah is beautiful. And one is to edit because I people might say Wow, what a beautiful pair of clothes with very fine line. And that is why it's so important for us to get the right balance. Many times people also say Mira man,

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let me do whatever I want with it. It is only to do with my my weakness metamerism It is my situation.

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So much Corsica fighter so much Garissa. keyaki adminer kipnuk esta malkia pesa what what harm does it cost to the community if I'm extravagant Santa Monica it's a lot of money. I was reading his his mas mon on this. No, this morning and what the beautiful thing he wrote. He says that once people become extravagant and that becomes that criteria because of which everyone strive towards. Now you have become extravagant. So the entire community was at a level one person becomes extravagant. Everyone wants to become that particular. Jana, Jana, Jana, her as my akakura Karnataka

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see the harms of you know,

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the harms of extravagance. But within within limits, Allah says poo washable etendering but then, you know, that fine line and of course I know I know myself to be very difficult to set the definition. What is this rough? What is the

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Fear what is acceptable what is not acceptable for another day, maybe a cream sauce from said ask your heart It is a biggest move to the biggest move to your heart in your conscience. So the second thing to prevent greed is stay away from extravagance. The third thing is, and then human because Allah has made mention of what a beautiful Hadith my Allah Monica says, He who is moderate in his spending, poverty will never overtake him. He was moderately spending, poverty will not overtake him. The third thing with regard to greed is the way to spend ourselves save ourselves don't have too much

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ambitions and false hopes about the future. Now, this is also again, this is so important Islam is balanced. Now everyone likes to plan for the future. There's nothing wrong with it. Now we saw some also towards the end of his life, gave his wives after the towards after the ayat of in 2016, the 21st and 27 second super I was leaving, he gave him a budget for the year. Nothing wrong with planning. But now when it becomes so obsessed, so obsessed, what is going to happen to my children 50 years from now

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and I will look after them to copy you know when you become so obsessed with this awesome said the first sign of corruption in the in the body politic of the oma is obsession with events of the unforeseen future.

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haga apne mazzucco Bashar me Simon Subarus couple Cabernet no one knows when he's gonna die. He is making preparations for 100 years he doesn't know whether he's going to look at the blinking of his eye let's the next time. So what I'm saying is and also one day gave this beautiful example maybe someone came with a sahaabah he put one item in front of him and he put another item in the distance cybercity Ursula What is the meaning of this? The person said you see this is human beings death in that is his hopes. This is his death that is his hopes. This is a situation but at the same time let me give you another Hadith that we saw some said either uttered

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for sila either uttered Otto Musa if if Tiamat is coming

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and you are busy planting a tree Can you hear the trumpet of geometry then don't say Why must I plan this three who's gonna benefit yeah but is coming no complete the planting of the tree so look at the balance at the same time plan or while planning don't become can make events of the unforeseen future and obsession.

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Mata Ki oh god this is gonna happen quality of life what is gonna happen to our children make your natural planning don't become obsessed with regard to it. The fourth thing and I will conclude with this the visa Aslam said and another essays in the Holy Quran, you want to save yourself from greed. Don't look at envy with what Allah has given someone else.

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Don't look at jealousy and envy was what Allah has given someone else. What are the Madonna in a karela mama Dada v as watch a man whom zarafa hierarchy dunia Lena Tina woofie don't cast your gaze and strain your gaze with envy to what Allah has given someone else. Enough Keno fee you don't know his situation. You don't know why Allah has given him maybe allies giving him to to test him maybe come through that test. not correct. not successful. Then what is the use of envy? matauri camisa de Lune Holly we are lovelies. We are not gonna give him a long life. What a remarkable human being. He said one day someone called him home. He said when he went to the home, he said such a palatial

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home. Then he saw outside two, three Mercedes are sitting there, and he went in there. And he said when he went in there and listen to the problems of those people, they were crying. You know, tears are flat. We've got this problem. We've got that problem. And he said, but when you look at you from the outside, it looks like everyone will want to hear what you have. But look at your situation you are crying because of your problems. Don't look at envy was what Allah has given someone else. four ways to protect yourself from greed, one contentment. Second thing is stay away from extravagant, extravagant and fool Hershey spending and wasting your wealth. Third, avoid obsession with events of

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the unforeseen future. Fourth, don't look at with envy and what Allah subhanaw taala has done to someone. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us away from all types of negative attributes. May Allah Allah fulfill and put in our hearts aspects which makes our life better, makes our heart better. And Allah subhanho wa Taala always keep us under his protection while through the awana