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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the root causes of evils, including greed," which is used to define wealth and satisfaction, and "Grilling love" which can lead to evil behavior. They stress the importance of avoiding fear of one's own success and being a "hasn't done enough" person, as well as avoiding "ug genetic greedy" and being a "hasn't done enough" person. The speaker also mentions a Navy aquarium with a smile and a Jeep with a smile.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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la Vida hora

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de la kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati. ahmadu favela Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, and have como Taka

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Tomoko sakala Hola.

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My dear respected elders and brothers, I have recited an ayat of the Holy Quran, which is part and parcel of a very famous surah that you and I many times would read in our setup. And this is a very great message in the surah. Together with it being a most beautiful surah in terms of its rhythm, in terms of its captivating charm, is a very important message in this in the surah ending the ayah which I recited, and let Allah says Allah ha como Taka for Hotez, otomo macabre rivalry.

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The kafir means progress and trying to achieve and accumulate more of something. And rivalry for accumulating more and more. And by and large it is used for accumulating more and more wealth has made you neglectful of your actual purpose in life.

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And half Amata castle. Hotez autofill makabe until you will one day reach the cover. And when you reach the cover, you will come to realize that that particular greed that rivalry to gain more and more, go hirasawa or tonometers yada yada mujer. whoscored Johanna Kovalchuk cover Mapco patachou Lega. hegemony apnea poor is in the Hebrew bar. This is an important aspect with regard to understanding what the ayat wants to tell us it describes and denotes greed.

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Here's Tama in the howdy here, as we know normally the word use is Tama. And it means greed, greed, denotes and grosman. And total attachment with something that is material. Greed means in grosman, attachment obsession with something that is material. By and large, we use it for in grosman, attachment and obsession with material wealth. Although the word creed would also mean attachment to something that is material, not necessarily only money and wealth. To give you an example, there's a book that was written by a person by the name of Michael wolf. And Michael wolf has written a book, and he is entitled, the entertainment of desire. And he said a very great percentage of people's

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salary and a wealth today, it is used in entertainment. And if you're using desire, he goes on to give many examples with regard to it. Just to give you an example, he says, there is a city in America, which basically thrives only on one thing, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, he says it is right in the desert, he has got absolutely no industry, it has got absolutely nothing that it exports to the world. But it is a booming city, which progresses more and more. But it only thrives on one thing, the aspect of entertainment. And then he goes on to proof remains of graphs, I read the review of this book where he says eight to 10%. This was several years ago, the survey survey,

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eight to 10% of people's salary, and the gross income today it is spent on entertainment in desire. Nevertheless, what I'm trying to say is normally greed means and grosman and attachment to something that is material. Now in this particular guys in this particular definition, then we will find that greed becomes the root cause of many evils. Here's not only in terms of wealth, it becomes the root cause of many evils. For example, you will say lust, you know this whole immorality, it is attachment towards less, it is engrossment with less arrogance is attachment for name and fame. So if you look at it in this way, greed becomes the root cause of many, many evils, therefore to live.

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In a hadith narrated in a Buddha Sharif that maybe a creme de la jolla was Solomon said, stay away from greed. Stay away from Harris, because it has been the undoing of many civilizations in the past. It has been the undoing of many civilizations in the past. Greed bait them to become miserly. They became miserly.

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Greed bait them to sever ties of relationship with their relatives and they cut off ties with the relationship, how many times you find greed, many times people's relationships are going well. All of a sudden, there is the whole money that comes in from somewhere. Nowadays when I say it comes from India, all of a sudden the money came everyone because of that greed is sitting and fighting with one another, what made them suffer relationship, greed for money. So

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beware of greed, because it leads to many evil it make people to became by miserly, they became miserly, it bade them to sever ties a relationship, they severed type of relationship. So greed becomes the root cause of not one, it becomes the root cause of many, many evils. But of course, by and large, it is used to define the aspect of engrossment and attachment to material world, and especially not only material world wealth in particular. And that is what normally when we talk about greed, that is what what is wealth, that grosman attachment and obsession with material wealth, with wealth and money. This money is also an amazing thing, money is good and bad. And

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therefore, it is made mentioned by allama, summer Kundera makalali, one of the great scholars of the past said that there are two types of

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movements that which is good, condemned and then which is not condemned. The movements are condemned. One is that which takes you away from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and takes you away from your team. And Allah warns you will

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lead lateral Hippo and welcome to come and decree law. Oh, you who believe to not allow your material things, your wealth, and your children to divert you from remembering Allah Tada. And one of the greatest things that diverts you from remembering Allah. He says, Here's for more and more that you want all the time. And our other one is very much that which is not condemned. Well, that is not condemned is that you utilize it for coming closer towards Almighty Allah, I won't go into it because several weeks bear behind. Before I spoke about the ayat, what does the FEMA

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seek to the means of your wealth, data accurate? See, through the means of what Allah has given you in wealth, what do you see? You see, Mati, you seek the laughter. Now, that particular type of wealth is very, very praiseworthy. Maybe a cream sauce lemon 70 Ml malasadas

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nabasa nada Monica.

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Nova Karim Allah tala in the Holy Quran, etc. para tener una escena. Allah subhana wa Taala uses the word puzzle and grace to refer to Well, that's a different subject. Now, we are talking about engrossment attachment and obsession, and that is normally done with wealth and this whole particular aspect of money, money today's becomes a blood of society. It is the most sought after, sought after most prayed for objective in our life today. But that is a reality. It defines our credibility on the street. It defines our hierarchy in society, it defines how much on a more international scale, you will be able to subjugate third world nations. All of this comes with

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regard to money. And that particular aspect is something that we need to be careful of. Today, by and large today, people want it and they want it immediately. And literacy is scaleable to hip una La Jolla. You love things immediately. Today, a person can wait for wealth, even for a day he wants to become a millionaire. But in order to become a millionaire and work towards it, he wants to become a millionaire yesterday. And he wants to become a millionaire without any putting any type of effort. Therefore this type of gambling aspects all of a sudden become very popular, or investment scheme. That was one investment all of a sudden I'm going to become thereupon I'm going to become

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great amount of wealth is going to come to me. Now this aspect we need to be keeping in mind when Allah says, cannibal to a bonacina or human being you love things to come to you immediately. You are not prepared to wait for it. You are not prepared to make an effort to gain something through a means of hard work. And natella hasn't made mention of this in a positive sin. Allah has made mention of it in a negative sense. There's one beautiful incident in the books of the Hadith, that the person one day came with his whole calcula he was a leader of the tribe, and they came to our beloved Nivea creme sallahu wa Salaam and they came to Madina munawwara. And when they came to

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Nicaragua, he was

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you know, everyone just left the goods in the event of committing a crime.

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And this particular person, he took everyone's good, he placed it in a safe place. He tied it himself. He made a whistle, and he, you know, made his best clothes and then he presented himself to himself and

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maybe a cream sauce mom said there are two qualities of a leader of this type. There are two qualities of yours that Allah tala likes, and one is the aspect of doing things in a measured way without

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Going into something that can hurt me. When you do something in a hurry many times, you do a lot of mistakes. That's one of the sauce limits it has

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to do things in his is from shaytan well enough to meet a man and to do things in a measured way thinking about the consequences making Matura and then embarking on something is from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So today people want things and become want to become millionaires. Not even tomorrow they want to become millionaires yesterday. So this is an aspect that we got to keep in mind with regard to creed. Another important aspect with regard to greed is an obeah Karim saucer has warned us that this particular aspect will never ever get saturated. Greed is such a thing. The more Harris he has he said you can be put on a water it never ever gets saturated. There's gonna be

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a cream sauce them said no, can I eat no Adam, were the only man leftover. If a person has two values of gold, if a person has two values of gold, he won't say Allah sugar I got two values of gold it is sufficient for my needs leftover talisa What was that something to when start achieving and accumulating the third value of gold. And this is something which is greed is like fire that rage is more than more fuel you put into it. And this, this greed is like fuel on the fire. or in another example it is like a rash in the body. How many times you have a rash, you know, you start sketching and you start sketching, and it features and the more you stretch, the more each and the

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more you stretch. This is a as a result, or is an example with regard to more and more greedy. The more you go you go the more you you get greedy The more you want. And the more you want, you feel that this will be enough I will just add one more investment and I'm gonna retire you get one investment you can do more. Now it can be used in a positive sense, but it also can take you away from more important objectives in life. We need to keep that in mind. The way I said must move in ready must move. Therefore let me know what he was telling me. And the resources I'm used to make dua for two extinct extremely distressing conditions. Via cream sauce na hora de la Coronavirus in

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Abu Dhabi, Sharif, Libya Kareem salsa used to ask Allah protection from two things one is greed and one is coward is a person who is a coward will always fear things whether that fear is real or imaginary. So he is all the time fearing whether there is something to be feared about or not. Therefore, I seek your protection and whatnot from being a coward. And I seek your protection from tomorrow. And I seek protection from greed. What is also amazing if you look the Arabic word Tama meme,

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all of these three Arabic letters have got a hollow in the middle. Just look at a

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meme in the corner hollow in the middle, which means it will never gets activated. This is a reality with regard to GRI. Therefore nebbia creme de la jolla wassalam then goes on to say Liam la Jo Ferrigno, Adam in the Torah, the only thing that will satiate the increasing greed of a human being will be the center of the color and the center of the color comes upon him, then his greed will come to an end. Until then his greed will not come to an end. So this is a very important thing, one important point that I would like to, you know, maybe end off with, and thereafter we will eventually be taken on with regard to because

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after making mention of the harms of greed has given us four to five solutions to curb our greed. And one because it was such a great human being such a great scholar, he knew our spirituality. So he spoke about the house of greed and he spoke about five solutions to greed and inshallah, in our coming weeks we'll speak about that. But let us talk about this aspect of greed. Wait, he said that you know, you will get more and more well just keep one aspect in mind. Something very similar to greed. But sometimes people must understand the aspect of greed one is ambition

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as I was slammin or ready to achieve something that is desirable.

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That is ambition to strive towards something that is desirable, is not in reality part of greed, that is something that is good to strive towards a desirable objective. And to conclude with this week's talk, let me give an example of our Navy aquariums. A lot of them had this ambition and a vision. Yes, a Jeep you know, Iranian design and whatnot, maybe saw some head. One day when Libya Kareem Saltzman was in Makkah. In Libya, Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam cinema was giving the call and telling people yeah, you are nice to Delilah in a lot of you obey Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will grant you success. And at that time, there

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was people that were throwing the resource limit stones, some were throwing them with dust, and foremost among them what his own uncle at that time a small girl comes. And that girl is the daughter of a cream sauce and the eldest daughter of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. She brings water she was this the face of navia Coronavirus alum. She gives Mr. Lauer Islam water to drink and Nevis Aslam brings the water whenever you occur himself some throws out the water from the mouth of Navistar some blood comes out as Nevis Aslam is throwing it and Zainab, the daughter seeing the Miss Austen I'm seeing a father in such a state. She starts crying and said, Oh my daughter Don't cry.

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Don't worry about this pitiful, apparent pitiful state of your father, time will come a time will come when your father's message your father's Dean will enter into every temporary and permanent dwelling of this earth.

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A time will come when your father's message will go into every temporary and permanent dwelling of this earth. Some people will accept it and become successful, some people will reject it in completeness, look at that ambition. There is also something that you say you want something more but it is desiring and and not only desiring, but striving and having a purpose and striving that I want this objective to be achieved. That's in a positive spin sense. The three that we are talking about is a negative sense where you become obsessed with something without striving towards a higher objective. It is only accumulation of wealth and wealth and wealth without looking at the higher

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objectives of life. inshallah we will take on this particular topic in the coming weeks military our topic of understanding and economic work.

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