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The conversation covers various aspects of life, including physical and mental health, relationships, and social interactions. The importance of balancing personal and social life is emphasized, along with the need for constant monitoring and adoption of healthy lifestyles to avoid negative consequences. The challenges faced by the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi Ababa, Allah Milena via Bada, Bada Mati whatever whether Kitab Abadi kitabi hola Sharia Tabata Shariati. I'm about to follow the villa humanness. shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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phosphoricum al sobre la mina Ross Holywell at the strategy loom Wakanda tala, whoever she saw Marina Marina asaba tomo Siva kalu in Hawaii ny la

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una de Cali him Salawat to me Robbie Marama

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eco boom, Dune. Sir colonialism,

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respected elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Today, the topic that I have at hand today is about server, it is about patience. And this is a very important topic. One of the most enriching of human qualities is server. It gives us mental and emotional strength. And I think I would start off right away immediately by translating server. Normally, we translate server s patient and that to in a very passive sense, maybe it comes from our indo Pak background many of us might be from indo Pak background. I'm not saying everyone is, but normally coming from that

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background, we when we use the word server, we translate it as patience and that to in a very passive sense, and in our Deen sabara is a much more dynamic quality. Let us look at historically where the root of summer comes from. And then maybe we will understand with regard to the aspect of what we suburb and the word summer is derived from in the Arabic language from the aloe vera plant. The aloe vera plant shoot which is known as sub Bara, which grows natively in the desert. Now what is this plant known for? It is known for his healing qualities, but it is also together with its healing qualities. It is also known for its ability to sustain drought any heat in the harsh climate

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of the desert. This Keeping this in mind where the root and where Historically, the word summer comes from sub sub borrow. The root sabar the aloe vera plant shoot. And the aloe vera Vera together with its healing qualities, also has the ability to sustain drought in heat in the harsh climate climate of the desert. Keeping this historical link in mind, summer would also mean and can also be defined as perseverance, irrespective of the situations and the circumstances. Just as the aloevera plan shoot, he is able to sustain itself in drought and heat in the harsh climate of the desert, a believer and a Mormon and a believer is supposed to sustain himself in a similar manner. Despite the

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different challenges he faces in life. The Quran has used the word suffer in different ways, in different places in different contexts, and with different shades of meaning. Some of those meanings include restraint, self discipline, and steadfastness, PS, perseverance, and durance determination. Today, we look at the aspect with regard to what is silver and silver is such a enriching. It is such a great quality, which gives us mental, emotional, and different strengths in dealing with the challenges of this world. And one of the things that we have to say today, despite its benefits, despite these benefits, we find that we today we can't seem to have server. And this manifests

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itself in various ways. It manifests itself in our relationship. We don't have tolerance, we don't have server. We don't have a situation where we can

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deal with one another with tolerance we can get along with one another. That is why there is so many broken marriages etc. And perhaps we live in a society why

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Alexa, we let summer because we live in a society where we want almost everything instantly. Today everything is instant from coffee, to food, to travel, to pleasure to communication, instant gratification. We have also become disposable commodity uses disposable ness nap napkins, disposable razor raises, disposable bottles, disposable cups and plates, disposable contact lenses and these type of things. It affects how we relate to people, we subconsciously want instant satisfaction, instant results and instant relationship. Otherwise, we simply dispose of a so called failed relationship or we simply stop exerting me simply stop making an effort. This is a reality. Because

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of the instant nature and the instant gratification culture that we have. Today we can adopt sober and patience and it has an adverse impact upon us in various levels of our life. Let us look at some of the manifestations in terms of what nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam in the Quran has told us about the various manifestations of Sabah one is one of the manifestation of silver is to restrain oneself from indulging in prohibited and wrong acts. Yeah, it would mean self control yeah summerwood mean, self control the courage to abstain from wrong, the moment one realize and becomes aware of the wrong. So the moment one realizes that this is something that is wrong. A person stays

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away from it, a person restrains himself, a person controls himself from doing something that is wrong. There are many occasions in our life, where we will be tempted, we will be tempted to look at things that we are not supposed to look at. We will be tempted to look at the opposite gender with lust. We will be tempted sometimes to do a deal which is not correct. Sometimes we will be tempted to lose our cool. Look at how our beloved nemea Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith on the authority of Abdullah evening

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via Karim saucer limited Mammon jurati in Assam in de la him in jurati, raisin Casa Maha, Upton, our killer, there is no craft, there is no Gulf, a person can have greater than the Gulf, that is when he is tempted towards anger, he restrains his anger, seeking the pleasure of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. Now do you realize one of the aspects and one of the manifestations of summer and that is you restrain yourself you control yourself, you discipline yourself. So even if there is a temptation towards towards doing something that is wrong, you restrain yourself, you control yourself, you discipline yourself, that is one manifestation of silver. Another very important

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aspect with regard to silver is despite any challenges, despite any difficulty, to persevere and be steadfast in complying with the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala year summer gives us the ability to be consistent to be determined to be resolute in discharging the commands of Almighty Allah says Allah tala in the Holy Quran was the theme cannot be steadfast support what Allah subhana wa Taala has commanded you suffer here in this instance, protect us from being inconsistent, fickle and in stable. It insulates us from wavering and becoming despondent. So we remain firm upon complying with the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala even if there is some challenges, even if

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there is some difficulty in complying may be occurring saucer limited, Allah I do Luke Roman allama Yum Hello hubby latonya Why

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should I not tell you something which wipes away your sins and elevate your status Sahaba said Bella rasulillah tell us jasola maybe a cream sauce Tim said his BA Hulu lol mockery. So Angela this this hadith finds manifestation in this weather of ours in Johannesburg at the moment let me a cream sauce lamb said to make Wazoo is ba Hulu e Ll makari. To make buzu when it is difficult to make Wazoo in the early hours of the morning. Or cosmical hota lol Masjid and walking towards the masjid we're interessato sarathi bada Sadat, and to wait for one Salat after one Salat is complete. There is some challenging that there is some effort

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In that, but that is a type of summer that is referred to suffer in persevering and being steadfast in complying with the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala not to live near Bolivia lotano says, We once went on an expedition, Abu Musab Sri Ravi, along with Ron who was

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in charge and he was aware of the expedition. And while we were going we had to go on a boat. And in the boat, one person got up and said, Oh people, should I tell you what hadith of nebia Karim saw Selim. So he kept the people in suspense about Musashi villalta, who was Amir? He said oh person, if you want to relate ahaadeeth related quickly, and he said I heard Libya Karim selalu Salaam saying that Allah will quench the thirst of a person, Allah will quench the thirst of a person on the Day of Judgment, who remained steadfast on keeping fast while in this world. Now, this is a second aspect of cyber, the first aspect to restrain oneself from indeed indulging in prohibitions that is

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known as self control and discipline. Yeah, it would mean to, to continue to persevere to be steadfast in complying with the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even if there are certain difficulties even if there are certain challenges is Babu el McCurry nebia Karim southcom spoke so highly about it making Wazoo in difficult situations in the early hours of the morning when it is cold and remaining thirsty while fasting, even if there is some difficulty. So that is another manifestation with regard to the aspect of silver, which is the aspect of to persevere and to be steadfast in complying with the commands of Almighty Allah. Another very important aspect and this

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is a more common understanding of silver to endure difficulty, hardship, challenges, that comes one person's way and he deals with it hardship and the difficulty and the challenge with faith, calmness and self control. And Latella in the Holy Quran tells us is in ob summary was salad seek the help of Almighty Allah with summer n what salad seek the help of Almighty Allah whatsoever and Salah they are going to be situations where we are going to face difficulty not always things go according to our woman's our desires our fantasies according to our plan and we are not amongst those who worship Allah tala on the edges, Allah has told us with regard to it, and is such an amazing verse in the

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Holy Quran in the 17 Jews in Surah Al Hajj, woman in Somalia Buddha law, there are people who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala on the edge for him are Saba who

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might be wearing our Saba will fit Neptune in Cordoba, Allah wa G. There are those who worship along the edge, what is the meaning of worshiping along the edge, when good comes they are happy with Allah. When a salvo fitna, when these fitna these trials these challenges in calibre Allah what he he seeks to turn away from Allah. Allah says hacer una hora. May the person be destroyed in this world and in the after? What type of human is this that you are prepared to accept a lot Allah when things are going away. And the moment you have challenges and difficulty you say well I don't want to believe in you. I don't believe in you why difficulties come upon. And a believer is not amongst

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those. A believer is amongst those. When there is good he makes supper. I mean when there is good he makes sugar. When there is good he makes sugar he thinks Allah tala Oh Allah This is not from me. This is not my my effort. This is not my acumen. This is not my things that I have done. You have given it to me, I am thankful to you for what we have granted, when they are things that are goes according against his wishes against his desire against his plans. Of course, he doesn't like it. Of course there are situations that he might not be very happy with regard to it. Of course, there are situations that it might be challenging, but he thinks that it comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa

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Taala he understand that it comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then he realizes that there is some good in it that I cannot discern, there is some wisdom in it which I cannot understand. And he learns to make supper and he learns to persevere with regard to it. And he continues, and he still believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala he faces the challenge with a certain degree of resignation towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe a cream sauce lemons to make this dwarf woman eliakim Nima to how we know be Elena Masai, but dunya one of the doors will be so slim over Allah grant as it yaqeen certainty in faith in you Allah, that lightens our hardship in

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this world, through faith and imagine Allah helps one

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Overcome hardship. How can one feel helpless? When a person has faith in a law who is all knowing, and all powerful, a person breath blessed with such perspective what such a man can never be offered, or be made desolate by being inflicted with worldly difficulties and calamities? And we always have this, obviously making that summer. These great amount of rewards that come from Almighty Allah. I shadow the Allahu talana race from Libya. Kareem saw Selim, a person who remains what summer with the intention of reward at a place overtaken by an epidemic. Believing in the decree of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and the epidemic overtakes Him He will attain the reward

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of Amata May Allah Allah save us from this but there's a hadith in Sahih Bukhari there is nothing but Jenna for the one who is patient hoping for a reward from Almighty Allah subhana wa tada when Allah subhanho wa Taala takes away someone who is beloved to a person, we make dua that Allah must never ever test us with this, but this is a reality. If he does come, then if a person makes a bar, this is the reward and there are various manifestations with regard to this. One of it is that Elliott is using the Holy Quran a lot and that is one is one is summer on that deck of the enemies was where Allah moku nebbia cream sauce limited, make supper upon what the people speak better mix.

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The people will tell you certain things when a cut goes deeper through Roman Catholic the previous MBR Lima Salatu was Salam. They were denied and they were falsified for several ruhollah makutsi boo, boo.

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Una they made summer upon what the people were falsifying them. I look at Nana Monica de kusakabe Maya Poon we know he will be hurt by what the enemies of Allah needless to say, what was you do pocket Nana mana for sub Arabic continue glorifying Allah subhana wa Tada. Welcome Mina Sajid in and be amongst those who continuously devote in worship Allah subhana wa tada for spirit C'mon sobre la semana rasaan and have perseverance in summer. The way that Amelia who salat wa salam of the past head summer, Abdullah even you must be allowed to say is I remember how maybe a Kareem saw Sam was telling us that of the Ambien mo salatu salam of the past, they were falsified and they were denied

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and they were mocked at end the nebula of the time was wounded and he was playing with can his blood was on his hands and he was making dua to Almighty Allah subhana wa tada Oh Allah reward me for the summer that I have endured in this whole particular aspect that I am your messenger and people are falsifying me. So this is one of the aspects with regard to service is a server. And then another aspect with regard to server is the aspect which I have made mention of is dealing with difficulty. Whenever difficulty comes we know that it is not something easy for us. We resign ourselves that it comes from Almighty Allah subhanaw taala we make what one mighty Allah to remove it. There is

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nothing wrong with making the dua as it is Sarah to a Salaam made to our when he was sick, where you will eat nada Robbo name is Sonny adore when law difficulty has come upon me. Well, I'm Tamura human and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy have mercy upon me. Maybe a cream sauce no I said woman earlier kinema Elena masala but Tanya Ola Give me that type of your thing that makes it easy for me with regard to the difficulties and challenges of life. And of course, as far as we are concerned, somebody is not a fatalistic resignation to our difficulties. It's not the belief that sense everything is written, one just has to let let time go by patiently and you're through the

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unfolding of time. Rather, it is actively taking life's problems and difficulty striving to overcome the obstacles, making choices purposefully and consciously. This choices will determine the direction of our souls and our deeds in this world. And in the after. There is nothing wrong in making an effort to try and resolve those difficulties meet those challenges, doesn't mean that we might just accept it in such a way. That's a fatalistic resignation. No, we believe it comes from Almighty Allah, Allah, you have brought it upon us, you make it easy for us, you take the necessary means to try and remove those obstacles and difficulties. But you also trust in Allah subhanho wa

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Taala that there is some wisdom that you can discern with regard to it. So this is also another aspect with regard to server server manifests itself in various ways. Let me conclude. Server is sometimes forgiving someone when they dismiss your feelings server is meeting those who deserted you

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And who have deserted to enter betray you with a smile on your lips, even though you are one tear away from exposing yourself summary staying silent when you already stated your points too many times before, can you say I have enough I don't want to create more confusion. Summer is conforming to someone's demands because of their rights over you. Summer is fulfilling the rights of others, even they will when they transgress against your rights. Summer is crying about your heartache in front of a law and no one else will allow you my dear respected elders and brothers summer is an amazing enriching quality, which if we bring it in our life in the various and beautiful ways that

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it is manifest, and some of the ways I have made mention of in the short this year, it will bring great amount of benefit to us a lot give us a trophy wife, Rhoda Juana and hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen