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wa Salatu was salam, ala Mallanna be about 11 da da da da da da da da da da da da da da kitabi when actually I

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Jimmy Bismillah Rahmani Raheem Yamato villas

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family home in LA Sera, Sera colloseum.

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Respected elders and brothers in the last few weeks, we have been discussing various contemporary issues in the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks. Today I thought I will change and speak more on a reformatory

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type of topic. And in this regard, what greater can they be? Then they advise us of one of our great Sahaba one of our great companions, none other than as an owner of the Allahu taala. And there are many attributes of God alone.

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One of the attributes as is made mentioned in the Hadith, Lacan, FEMA Taku, minella, Omani Mohamed, Hassan ferrea, Kofi Amati. In Houma, nebia cream sauce, Adam said,

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in the previous religions, they were people who are more had the throne, people who are inspired and if they have has to be anyone in this room that had such a rank, it would have been Amara viola, Toronto, who means one who is inspired by Allah subhanho wa Taala, a man whose intuition is inclined towards the right because of what Allah has put in his heart, the one who speaks the truth. In other words, truth just comes on his tongue naturally. So humara Viola Otranto is such a person, maybe Kareem saw some said, Allah has placed truth in the heart and the tongue of Kumara

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is a very interesting incident that one day, the wives and other woman were in front of Melissa cinnamon, they were making certain demands. And while they were speaking, Omar came to visit maybe a creme de la jolla, he was alone. And when they saw Omar they scattered, the woman started scattering. So then when Kumar came, he saw that he saw someone smiling. There are Sula Why are you smiling man always keep you smiling. What is the reason for a smile? Omar these woman were they were demanding certain things they hurt you. They scattered.

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So Omar are they allowed to know CPR unforeseen or enemies of your own soul? Do you fear me and you leave Nellis Arsenal? They said

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you are even more harsh. So maybe I can install Sam said Omar leave them. Whenever you take a path. Can you take a road shaytan also takes another road shaytan also takes another road. So Allah subhana wa Taala nahoko Omar Kizomba are delivered via tone kinesiotape return to

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those snippets nesea taking He gave His one friend, the advisors which is made mentioned in the Hadoop book of console Amal. And he's very interesting. And let me sort of go through some of those advisors. So one of it he said, Oh my friend, not till he can. Enough sick. Oh my friend. Do not let other people make you neglectful of yourself.

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Don't make other people neglect full of yourself. Low TJ appname that says halfhill Nakata logo members, hula Hawker. apne hopko Naboo Jo, rascal Yama don't become so engrossed with people that you forget yourself. Today, unfortunately, let us look at our situation. We are so worried what this man did. What this man says. Sometimes in our parlance, which has become very famous. We will look at the Facebook page of where a person is, what is he doing And may Allah Allah forgive us in today, you know everything you want to put on Facebook. So if a person had a meal, I have to put it on Facebook. I had to age breakfast, I put it on Facebook. If you have three eggs and also you put it

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on Facebook, and we have become so engrossed in what other people are doing that we forget our own self

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So, Maria Louboutin, who told his friend, that, luckily, he can, so, anoxic Don't let become so engrossed in what other people are doing that you forget your own self, you forget your own work, you forget your own responsibilities, you forget your own moral and spiritual development and will law he although it seems such a simple advice, but it is so relevant, especially in the time that you and I are living in, we all the time more worried about others than what we are worried about our own self. Sometimes we become so engrossed in saying spending time with our friends, we forget our own responsibilities, and that is place it and responsibilities upon us to look after ourselves

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to look after our health to look after our finance, the Malika Lake Havasu City colleague, colleague, colleague, Allah said that your body has a right upon you, your wealth is right upon you, your family has a right upon you. But so engrossed in others, we forget everything. Someone said that today, a Muslim woman spends half her life looking for a husband, and the other half wondering where he is.

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So, he is supposed to be with fulfilling his responsibility, and then even our moral and spiritual development, we have forgotten it, we are forgetting it at the altar of other people, they our our, what they are doing and getting engrossed in the thing we forget ourselves, you know, at the time, one day there was a drought in, in Egypt. So people came to the new nursery, because he was known to be the saint of the place, his name is unknown mystery. And they said also known make dua that there is a drought, people are suffering, the animals are suffering, you know, make dua that perhaps because of the sins of people, maybe because of that, you know, that is why there is a drought. And

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what is the known mystery says, He says, You have done me a great favor by alerting me to my Guna and since it is my sons that have caused the drought,

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he can say the way you and I say look, I'm not gonna lie, knowing how much Sam said to me said my sins, perhaps that is a reason why there is drought. Let me leave the city if I leave the city, unless Allah will bring rain,

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others how much of us look at ourselves in such a way and grosmont in other people have made us forget our own situation. And then O'Meara Viola Tran, who then went on to give the reason with regard to it, what the great thing he said. He said, For in Umbra, you see Rue la Kaduna, whom your methods will come back to you not to the people whom you are engrossed with.

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And now that you have Tiamat will not ask you what did that friend of yours do? What did the community do? And now we'll ask you so Maria LaDonna

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is like a mama to step portugu

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the method is going to come to you. So the first thing it allows them to gain this most beautiful advice worth your consideration when you made mention and he said that don't make other people become you become so engrossed in other people that you forget your own self. First, first advice. Second advice as a matter of your loutra who gave Subhana Allah wa

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rasa ribbon for in Houma, la cama annealed and he said, Do not while and waste your time

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spending your days aimlessly

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because whatever you are doing, whatever you do, good or bad, it has been recorded.

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Don't waste your time whatever you are doing. It has been recorded or didn't go demco shall filmmaker nakazato was Zion Nagar who teach for Mahfouz Korea Joe kousaka Roma.

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Allah has

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preserved it. Yo Metropolis sobre el. That's why I read this is in the football. And I know what Allah says Allah tala on the day of chiamata will reveal everything that has been concealed. Whatever you do, it has been protected, good or bad. You will see it in front of you from a Yama

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Yama muscala Ratan Shara. Whoever does an iota of code you will see it in front of him. Whoever does an out of evil he will sit in front of him. Because of this Don't waste your time has an personal say the Sahaba used to preserve the time more than what they used to preserve the wealth

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Sahaba used to preserve the time more than what they used to preserve the wealth and they used to believe that the men who masters his time must

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says his life and he who wastes his time he has wasted his life. And whatever you do Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to take account.

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Nikki Casa neoga, cutter, Cara Nikki CO, or a robber, Brian neoga. who say but you're not an iota of good will be Conceal, it will be brought in front of you don't regard any good deed as little

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secondary sources don't regard any good deed as little, they are happy to the fact that a person on the day of karma will go around pleading with people, I got one good deed less to get into Jana helped me with one good deed. And people say we don't have one good deed. People will say we don't have good, don't regard any good deed as literal. Even if it means meeting people with a smiling face, Sedna via creme de la lucidum. don't regard any, any evil, any foreigner is little, because you don't know, which can take you to jahannam has a lot to say Guna is like a spark, like a piece of fire. You don't know which fire is going to consume the building, stay away from Guna. And if you

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can do by at least try and do. One of the great incidents, you know, that has been mentioned about Abdullah

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Abdullah Ali passed away someone saw him in a dream. And in this particular dream, they saw him and they say, How did Allah treat you said Allah treated me very well. Allah forgive me. But Allah gave my neighbor

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greater than mice. This person was taken aback. My neighbor of the lender MOBOTIX neighbor, no one knows him. So he went to the house of Elijah Barack went to the neighbor knocked at the door, ask the family, what did your husband do that Allah gave him a rank?

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What did he do? He said, I don't know anything, but I know one thing.

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He used to observe the life of a good life.

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And he used to say,

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I am so engrossed in my risk, give me that particular time in that capacity that I can lead a life of devotion to life.

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You said please make me as pious as a polite way,

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that feeling of ease and I want to become pious, that is also so valuable. And again.

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How many of us have if ever we have a Z, if ever any, we have enthusiasm? I want to become like a millionaire. I want to become like this billionaire to stay here in there. How much has got the zeal hour to become pious, like a pious person?

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Hmm. So the second thing he said, Don't waste your time away. Don't why you take time away because everything that you do has been recorded. Then the third thing he said Savonarola, what a beautiful, every, every advice of Omar would be great. And in this particular way, he said that he said when either assata for us in in Nila Rashi and I said to Taliban when I asked Raku, terra cotta Minh haseltine, Hadid, Hardy satin lism, Bill, Kadeem, whenever you do anything wrong, whenever you do anything wrong, and we are human beings, we are bound to do something wrong from time to time, you know, and he said, anytime you do anything wrong, immediately follow it up with a good deed. In al

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Hassan RT, you hipness, a a good deeds, wipe away evil deeds, and this ad, Maria Latino said, there is nothing that pursues and overtakes Ghana and since the way good is done, which is done after you have done a wrong deed. And of course, if you for example, have done something wrong, Matt was that when he was teaching us, you know, to carry on with our law, you know, may Allah Allah grant him a long life and he was to say that you know, good deeds, inshallah will overtake evil deeds, because we will teach is multiplied by one and good teachers multiplied by 10.

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So, he said, whenever you do an evil deed, then pursue it with her and you follow it up with a good deed. Now the good deed is is going 100 miles an hour, and the the Baptist is going 10 miles an hour, so inshallah the good deeds overtake the beds. In a sonata uniqueness a year, one day a person came to our beloved maybe a cream sauce from Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that we saw some he came in, he said,

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he had a Salalah

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I saw a woman I was attracted to her, and then I took her behind and conceal place and not Allah, put it in my heart not to do the ultimate in terms of Xena, but I did everything else other than Xena yah, yah, Sula. What is my situation

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He had just performed fudger Eddie came to us via cream sauce and I'm about this the be a cream saucer and said go, your pajamas is wiped away that he will eat.

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So whenever you do an evil deed, you follow it up with a good deed in the house and it will hipness a yacht says Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah will wipe away that he will be the third advice Kumara Viola gave was this. Then Omar Viola who gave the fourth advice, he utensil ma you

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stay away from things that harm you. Stay away from things that harm you joy cheesy is up with Jana wala here who say Allah, Allah, who say Allah, Corrado, anything that harms you stay away from it. The greatest harm that can cause and be upon us is our Guna instance. But yeah, the advice is general, anything that is of harm to you stay away from it. Stay away from sins, because it is harmful to you. Stay away from an unhealthy, unhealthy way of living,

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unhealthy way of eating, stay away from it. nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam had given such great advices that he said What is his advice? one third, keep your stomach one third food, one third bedroom beverages and food and drinks. And one third keep it for air. Now what we do, may Allah subhanho wa Taala forbid, we eat so much we eat so much. You know what I was saying he made this meant to serve that one person started eating so much. He was so full. So someone said I'll give you some tour and I'll give you something for indigestion. I'll give you a you know, I'll give you something for indigestion. He said by if I had leftover pore space in my stomach, I would have

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another party

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and I have another piece of meat. Are you kidding me except for indigestion stay away from things that harm you and stay away from harming other people in alladhina Rasulo

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Amina the lady Mata Sabu tomorrow

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he who causes harms to other people, he has put upon himself a very great burden.

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There are three types of animals there are animal, which the animal which benefits people. So you benefit from the cow you benefit from the milk you benefit from the from the B and the honey and that particular type of animal which is harmful. If it gets a chance it will, it will inconvenience you it will hurt you and you get those type of animals that neither benefit neither harm so mmm because Allah Allah Allah say, try and be like that animal which benefits people. And if you can be that animal which benefits people, then don't be like that animal which harms people at least be like that animal which neither hands neither benefits.

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So that's the fourth thing that the third thing or the fourth thing that

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he said, and he told people stay away from that, which holds you up, while a couple really solid was kandalama did whoa supanova and humara Viola then said nazeem, Pokorny, dosto or woebot community. Keep keep to you to have good friends. Because good friends are a very great network of Allah, they put you upon the right path, they guide you upon the right path, they counsel you upon the right path, something for us to observe from the Quran. And nine the Holy Quran says for either justice or for yo Murphy Romero mean as he welcomed me he will be wasabi but he was funny. When the day of Tiamat come, even your parents will run away from you, children will run away from you. Because of

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the the harshness of that day of Tiamat people will run away they will flee away from you. Everyone will be old enough see enough see my own self my own self. But a lie the Holy Quran has made mention of true friends and after love Oh my god only by the Illuminati on the day of Tiamat friends would be enemies to one another. Except that friendship which was based on taqwa. Allah says your parents and children will flee from you. But friendship which is based on taqwa and piety, and goodness, that will come to you assistance even in kiama. It will come to assistance given in accurate, yes, this is a situation that a Muslim there's a hadith that a person was going from one place to

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another, right. And he was going in an angel asked him where are you going? I'm going to meet a friend. Where are you going? If you got any worldly needs? Have you got any type of EUMETSAT any objective, I got nothing. I'm only going to him for the sake of a law.

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Angel asked him price he said Why are you asking me They said, Allah subhanho wa Taala it says anyone who keeps friendship solely for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. Allah wipes away his evil deeds. So friendship, which is based on what type of friendship would be there, that would be that type of friendship, which helps you do good deeds and helps you keep away from evil deeds. And Manuela Dinelli forlenza Hadoop omega Harlan nebia Creme De La Hoya AlLahi wa sallam said a person is on the deed of his friends, let everyone see who we whom he befriends.

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People will recognize you by the friends you keep. So, if your friends are good people will say this man is keeping good company. And if you are not right, and people will say that they said what type of friends is key, okay, the friends is keeping, they will recognize you by your friends, so that each and every one sees what type of so that's why they say you know, never let your friends get lonely, keep disturbing them keep and they say a friend is He Who stabs you by a friend is He who is loyal. A friend is He who will never stab you. He will never betray you. But the saying say a friend is He Who stabs you a real friend is He who steps but he doesn't step you from the back he stabs you

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from the front.

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A true friend is He who steps you not from the back he stabs you from the front, he is your mirror, the mirror will tell you your defects. The mirror will tell you what you are your true friend will tell you rather This is what you are doing is harmful. You are not supposed to do this, do this right COVID is a true friend he says he who steps up steps

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and this is something that you and I have to keep in mind. So what are the Allahu Taran who says what Allah Camila Holly sorry, what Allah Mata Ji hoo, very few friends are like that. No, this is this is PayPal, nano. Sometimes you get these type of stories and you read it. So a person was going with his friend. And during the course of the you know, during the course of weighing in, in in with his friend, they had a fight, and the friends left him. So he wrote it down on a on the same day we're traveling in the desert. So he wrote it down in the cell today my friend slept me.

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They have to while he was still continuing. And when they were continuing this person who slept. He went into quicksand, he was about to drown, and his friend, but great amount of effort and exertion, pulled him out of the quicksand and saved his life. So he engraved that on a piece of rock. Today, my friend saved my life. So the friend said, Can I ask you one question? said yes. He said when I slept you, you wrote it on the desert sand for it to be wiped away. But when I saved your life, then you wrote it and engraved it in rock. So you said yes. When a friend makes a mistake, I write it and I wrote it in a desert said so that forgiveness can wipe it away. My forgiveness will wipe it away.

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My friend slept me so what he is still my friend, I have forgiven him. And what's the desert same, it gets wiped away and blown away. But when he saved me, I wrote it down in the rock for it to be engraved that my friend today saved my life. So friends are those people My dear respected brothers who keep you up on the right path. There is one more of this particular advice no matter the amount of time we'll give, but I will just make translation of it without giving any time without giving much of

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commentary or an explanation with it. He said well Shall we feed America Latina Hakuna law whenever you need to consult anyone, then consult people who say Allah subhanho wa Taala in your matters. Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you good luck and give us a trophy for making these beautiful advisors O'Meara Viola

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