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The history of Turkey is highlighted, including notable incidents like the Holy disclosure and the Golden Cost. The city of sources of pride is discussed, including the buried companions and the success of the city in defending it. The history of the Ottoman Empire is also discussed, including the rise of independence and the adoption of Islam. The speakers touch on various ways in which individuals are valued, including using tools and equipment, bathroom coverings, and Nivea cream sauce. The history of Islam is also highlighted, including the implementation of Islam as a means of identity and the use of Nivea cream sauce as a means of identity.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana Viva

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la Vida kitabi Guerra Cherie at Avada Shariati mavado photo Villa Amina shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem whatever the katana is. Remember the Vic and

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Eva do sorry who set up Hello Hello

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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the grace of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the last week, I had the opportunity of visiting the country of Turkey.

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And today I thought that I would like to discuss

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not only the trip, but more importantly the history of the place, the lessons learned

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and also aspects surrounding the rich legacy and history of that place. We always keep in mind that the objective of history is not curiosity.

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We don't we don't read or come to know a lesson about history with the intention that just it is a mere curiosity align the Holy Quran has told us la katakana Fie Casa see him. Allah has made mention of incidents in the Holy Quran for what just for you to gain entertainment know, Allah tala assays are equal to only helper it is a pirate in lessons. There is Castle moxa de casa castle Kj tariqa moxa Nicholas Parker Hamish oj key who are here

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as Tara Castle moxa de Silva castle curry. The main objective of history is to take lessons. And law says we have granted few incidents in the Holy Quran is a lesson for people of understanding and the history of Turkey. The various aspects with regard to is a fascinating history. And we don't I'm not even making mention of it is my own personal experience. That is by the way, not important and insignificant. But let us learn what what has happened there. How it how what happened there, how a philosopher and an empire was formed from that particular place. How was it formed? On what basis was it formed? These are some of the aspects that we need to be keeping in mind, as it moved into

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was money. But the Zulu rally, he writes so amazingly, he says the history of Turkey is one of the Golden chapters of Islam. He says the history of Turkey is one of the Golden chapters of Islam. And He further writes he says, It is so unfortunate that that history has been written about many times by non Muslim historians, and because of which many Muslims are also ignorant or indifferent to the significance of the rich and remarkable history. Let me start off by making mention that our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had forecasted and predicted the fall of Istanbul previously known as Houston in Houston to Constantinople castanea Miko for getting in right,

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Constantinople and today it is known as Istanbul now, Libya cream sauce lamb one day was sitting or sleeping by the House of oma ROM Binti Mohan Ravi allow

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me sauce from all of a sudden caught up and nobody saw them was slightly smiling. Muharram said Why are you smiling Arizona, himself said, Allah showed me the first group of melanoma that took part in a naval jihad. They took part in jihad, but through the means of Navy through the means of the ship. And who Muharram said jasola make dua that Allah makes me amongst those group in the resourcelink gave him glad tidings of Jenna.

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Then let me say we went to sleep got up again. And let me a cream sauce. lamb was then said Allah tala showed me the first group of my Mutt that took part in jihad

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against the city

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of Constantinople.

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Again, the city of constant and Allah has forgiven all of those who took part in this Jihad

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and all of those who took part in the first conquest. So only haram related this Hadith, and she was part of the first naval expedition in the time of post mondovi Allahu taala. And who, in depth naval expedition went to Cyprus. Mahara went with a husband who bought up in summit, and she passed away in Cyprus. And her cover is still today in Cyprus, the Sahaba of Nivea creme de la la wa sallam. And then the second part of it was the first group of Mutt that will take part in the conquest or the attempted conquest of Constantinople. And amongst them, it was many Sahaba with him, it was it will be soufiane was also there then, he has had been while we are as a mahavihara centered in his time,

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and amongst them was Abu Ansari or the allow

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the host of Libya Kareem Salah while he was solemn, and I will come back by making mention of it because his cover is his turban. And how did his cover came to be part of Istanbul I will make mention of it. Nevertheless, when they were conquering they did not achieve victory at that time. But Abu when sorry, he was over 80 years of age, but such was his shock of jihad. Such punky Jonah Jihad kitna shock, that he's made mention in Tula Muslim army that were the last portion where you reach you bury me there, so that I can take pride that I died while in the path of Allah fighting for the glory of Islam in the reach right up to the boundaries of Eastern Constantinople, now known

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as Istanbul. And they were not successful in breaching the defenses of the city because it was very heavily fortified. The reason why it was heavily fortified Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire. It was a capital of Christian dome at that particular time, the capital of Christianity. Christianity had two wings at that time, the western wing and the eastern wing. The capital of the Western Union was Rome. And the capital of the Eastern wing was Constantinople. So it was very heavily fortified. So the Sahaba did not manage to bridge the defense. But we are aware even Saudi Arabia latona was buried right on the footstep or the doorstep of Istanbul, Constantine

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open at that time. And when he was buried, the Romans were looking at this and said, What are you doing? They send a message to the Muslim What did you do? He said, We buried one of the companions of our beloved Nivea creme de la when it was sent him. They said, if you don't achieve victory, then we will most likely, you know have the cover, we might assume the body or we might throw it away. So the leader of the Muslims wrote back to them and said, You did do something like that. Because if you do something like that, we will exude all the bodies of Christian graves which are under the domain of the Muslims, and therefore they stayed away from doing so in harming the Cabal of Abu when

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Saudi Arabia lotano throughout history and mentioned is also made in

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a very authentic history book today after even the non Muslims used to go and visit the tower and the grave of Why are you in Saudi Arabia for the sake of Baraka for the sake of blessings. He has it made Nivea cream sauce Salaam had predicted that it would be conquered, but it not happened at the time of the Sahaba and then maybe a cream sauce limit given glad tidings you will come to Constantinople for any ml Amira Amira mlj radical jaysh very great will be the leader who conquers Constantinople and very great will be the army that conquers Constantinople because of this. Omar bin Abdulaziz Rasul Allah tried Harun Rashid tried, but for some reason they were not successful.

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various reasons I won't go into the history of why they were not successful. It was to for almost seven 800 years after the prediction that what maybe a cream sauce limit predicted you will conquer Constantinople came through and Subhanallah how it came through. Then it came through the means of what we today known is the osmani Hill effect in English known as the Ottoman Empire. I think it'd be very interesting to say how did the Ottoman Empire start off with the Ottoman Empire started off by the by the by a person by the name of Huisman has he was man has it. Now, this was a remarkable incident, because he was a very hospitable person, a very kind hearted person. He was monosyllabic

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guru and he was Manasa Sasha

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Big Bad meter very, very amazing person, Bahati Muhammad Nawaz, he used to call people towards his village and he used to entertain people and the people used to tell him that Why are you calling people from abroad we could call him foreigners, you calling other people to come eat, you know, we can take it you know, you just bring in unnecessary difficulty upon our, our village, you should stop he stopped doing this, he continued doing so but when the people of the village continuously taunted him, one day he went to take refuge at the house of a very pious person in a nearby village. In a nearby village, you want to take refuge by a house of a pious person. And he came in told him

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that Listen, I need to discuss something with you this is happening in my village. So the pious person tell him when sleep it is now late, and tomorrow we will discuss it. In the night this person sees a dream that this person is this time for great honor. He is the Stein for great honor. So he saw the dream he came back to tell this postman has he was one has he got up for tahajjud after 200 he looked for a Quran and he realized that his feet was in the direction of the Quran. And out of extreme regret, he started holding the Quran and started crying. This is not a matter of fatwa, this is a matter of respect. He started crying in the place was a Why are you crying, he said my feet was

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in the direction of the Quran. And therefore I felt very, very regretful over what I had done. So he told him, I've seen this dream go, Allah will grant you respect and honor. So he felt very hurt at that time that I came to seek refuge by this pious person and he is forcing me out of his house, we are going to go He said, Go Allah is the style honor for you. And when he went out, he was a group of young people who had gathered from one of the neighboring towns and they got together and said, We need to do something about our situation. We need to do something about the oppressed people. We need to do something for the glory of Islam, but we have got no leader. So maybe Allah will appoint

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a leader for us, maybe the next person come, he will be our leader. And at that particular time was masazi went away without any refuge. And he met this group of young people and he said Why have you been out he said we want to do something for the sake of the deen was one as he became the Amir and Allah they went from village to village. And when they when they showed the beauty of Islam, then when they came to know about the neighboring Muslim lands in which the other invaders work were harassing them, they came to the to came to the rescue. And Allah tala started off the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for five centuries or six centuries. A person's respect for the Holy Quran was

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the means of the establishment of an empire.

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A person's respect for the Holy Quran was the means of an establishment of an entire army Empire. This became the means obviously, it was one of the means not the only means now from their particular genealogy and lineage in the seventh generation thereafter, from

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the seventh generation after comes a person by the name of Mohammed Al Fatah, Mohammed Al Fatah conquered Constantinople and Subhan Allah Allah tala had granted him tremendous amount of you know, capability. He assumed the hill Offutt Eau de shoom leadership when he was 13 years of age, when he was 11 years of age around about that time, he heard this hadith at the time of Juma footbaww that you will conquer Constantinople very great, is that army very great is it me and he said, inshallah, I won't be that person. He was given therapy by a very great alum by the name of arc shamsudeen. Sham should be an arc, who guided him along as he became the leader. And at the age of 1920, he made

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all the necessary preparations to try and conquer Constantinople. Very interesting to find out what was his preparation, he took 300,000 soldiers, his army consisted of 300,000 120 ships. And then he had at that time, the biggest cannon made, the cannon was made by the advice of a Hungarian, an engineer, not a Muslim engineer, a non Muslim engineer, and that can use to be and used to be carried by 700 people. And every time the projectile was fired, it took two hours to load the next projectile. Right now this was at that time, it was one of the great things that we see today what we need to understand, he had piety and he had means these two things go together in terms of

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success. As Bob or tawakkol or or tawakkol as Bob tawakkol or taqwa you need both these things. Today Muslims feel that they will make dua Allah, Allah will bring things without using the necessary means. I came back from Turkey and I started

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Coming back into the entire situation of chicken fiasco. And I thought, you know, as a South African Muslims are very, very amazing. They can stop eating chicken, they can stop fighting about chicken.

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They can stop eating chicken, he can stop fighting about chicken. But they no one wants to make the means everyone say this one, you take it from this episode.

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But what have you done in terms of means all Muslim slotted chicken put together in this country is not equivalent to 10% or even 5% of Muslim consumption is the reality. Now we can go and talk how much you want. But until you don't bring us Bob, and tawakkol, in the Quad together, you can achieve success. Mohammed Al Fatah could have said, Nobody saw cillum predicted the fall of Constantinople, I will go and stand then I will conquer it. He didn't do that. He made all the necessary means to achieve that success. He even got a non Muslim engineer to be able to get the greatest cannon at that particular time. I don't understand where we get our understanding of being from. But

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nevertheless, this is what he did. And then for many years, many months, he tried to beseech the city there was it didn't achieve success. Because Constantinople at that time, was surrounded by a body of water, which was at the entrance of the city and they had 45 that entrance of water with chains, so no one could get into it. Now you could fire you know, cannon, but by the time it took two hours to recharge it by the time by that time, they had also repaired what had been what had been done. So you needed someone to come close and you cannot come closer. So he came across a remarkable ingenuous plan, which is regarded to be one of the masterpieces in military history from

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a particular place. We took a 70 ships in one night, through various means, through us a huge swath of land over a hilly area. from one part of the Bosphorus into the Golden Horn, anyone who knows went to Istanbul is able to see it. And the next morning the Byzantine Empire, the defenders of the city found that the Muslim ships with their felt had been defended through the means of the chains had been at the doorstep of the city. And in that particular night, he made a lot of dua, he sent someone who said Go and tell him that he must make dua and you must come here he was was he making to us so he went himself he saw to start making dua and he felt it is a great idea. And the next

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morning, Allah tala granted him victory, and they achieved that victory by entering into Constantinople. And they've read Salazar Salah in what is today known as Hagia Sophia, Aya Sophia, there was a very brief understanding and introduction with regard to it over the years. This particular as I said, this empire lasted forever, how many centuries, he'd reached the doorstep of Europe, it came right up to Vienna, and had it not been for the safavid of Iran, perhaps they would have even conquered the entire of Europe. But Allah knows with regard to it, one of the aspects that we've just what very briefly, I don't want to go, I just give you a very brief understanding to see

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what is happening today. Over the years Turkey has gone through great amount of metamorphosis. And we are all aware with regard to the situation that secularism after, you know, World War One had taken place for the time of World War One. And it was even prohibited to call the Amazon in Arabic. In in Turkey. It was prohibited to wear the scarf, it was prohibited to Islamic gay, the Amazon used to be called out in the Turkish language. It was a it was a punishable crime, to show any manifestation of the dean. They went through the whole of this great type of trials and calamities that have come upon them. And today, amazingly, you find a very different type of Turkey. But before

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I go into this very briefly talk about the cover of Abu even Saudi Arabia is in Turkey. Now in that particular situation with Abu and serratos cover we know about even sir his name was Khalid bin Zayed he was a first the first person to be the mama the the host of nebia Kareem salsa when it came to Madina munawwara he hits such great amount of respect Subhanallah and whenever cream sauce lamb came into his home, he asked me so some years ago I bought a crown for a top floor. You stay on the top floor I'll still in the bottom one of the songs that people will come and meet me. You I will still on the ground floor you stay on the top floor. Two incidents happened that he came to me so I

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can see on the top floor. One is the first time he grabbed them. All of a sudden he thought hi on top of the Navy of Allah. This is disrespect. How can I be on top of the Navy of Allah. The entire night he spent cleaning on

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To the stairs that lead from the lower floor to the upper floor because I must not be on top of Nivea cream sauce. The next morning he went to tell him the resource limits office it is not disrespect, it is a situation I need I need the lower floor because people are going to come and meet with me. It will be difficult for me to occupy the upper floor when you have the lower floor when people want to come and meet with me. Then after a little while another incident happened water fell on the top of the top floor now in water fell falls in our self we've got concrete you know so no no no difference. But at that particular time though, the houses were not so stable. So that

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water, there was a fear that it might seep through the top floor onto nebbia cream sauce from his room. So he took in his gathered his blanket to stoop to stop the flow of that water reaching nebbia creams allowed his room and then tire night because he only had one blanket. Keeping in mind Nope, the stopping the flow of that water. They could not sleep the entire night. Out of respect that Nivea cream sauce has not been convenience. So hon Allah, The next morning, he said jasola no matter what the circumstances is you go stay on the upper floor. This was his irrespective of where you went sorry. And he passed away and he's buried in Istanbul, a remarkable human being. His cover

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today is also a place where people come in from, I've always found it to be very fascinating. And my I have a theory Allah knows. Allah tala keeps these places to maintain the identity of the indigenous and the local people. I've seen it in Palestine, you know, the Palestinian Muslims will find you humiliation in the checkpoints, they will be oppressed. But the moment they come in the precincts of the major Xi with a CPC on the faces, a feeling of serenity and happiness, from the moment they come there, Allah escaped that place as a means of identity for the Muslims of an area, the same thing that seems to be in the time of Istanbul today, you will find people from young

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people come then maybe they might not be the proper requirements in terms of, of, you know, having the the male and female completely segregated. But you can you can imagine the amount of people that are coming they're all political parties, they start of the campaign from material, but why they say no is Baraka, we saw a very amazing thing that we saw young children, very beautifully dressed, you know what whites and you know very well embroided quota. So, as what is the reality with regard to this, he said the reality is that small children before they huttner in pseudoknot, circumcision, they bring them to a you mature you make them read Salat and then

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just as a means of Baraka as a means of blessings. So, Allah tala keeps his places, which gives, you know,

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a means of identity to people towards Islam and towards the background. Another aspect that was very great was in Topkapi Palace, there is no a sacred trust room of sacred trust. With a double rocket of Nivea cream sauce lemon, the great people of the past kept. Now Sultan Salim one of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire, he saw a dream which encouraged him to, to take over the haramain from the mum looks in the mum looks we're not we're one of the the, the worst amongst not the good rulers amongst the Muslim history. So when he went to haramain, he took many of the tuber rockets, many of the best things that he found in Egypt and in Mecca, Medina, and he brought it back to to Istanbul. And he

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kept it in a room which showed so much reverence to that he himself was to clean it. And for 24 hours a day, they used to be Quran recited in that same room in which the stress is kept for 24 hours, Quran has been recited and that continues up till this day, that that particular place is a place where Quran has been recited. So Suzanne Selim brought those double rueckert now we got to keep in mind sorry I'm just gonna take another two more minutes that's what the Baraka there are two extremes. One of the extreme is people feel I move on I touched something bless it bus Mira para para I don't have to do any armor. I don't have to do anything that is wrong. By you touching

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tomorrow, you still have to do hamara Salah you still have to do your five times daily sir. Some people flippers peruca kohath ligaya chulia para para para I don't have to do anything else. On the other end. Those who reject the aspect of Baraka who reject the aspect of taking blessings from from the pious people in this hobby. You know, the Sahaba crumb, they took blessings they preserve the the hair of Nivea cream sauce them they preserve the quota of Nivea cream sauce Islam, in in this particular place of capitalism is some remarkable, you know, terbaru cotton blessings. You find that the Juba of Libya Kareem SummerSlam, the sort of Nivea cream sauce from this sort of the quantifier

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Rashidi the truth of Libya creams Aslam, the hair of Libya cream sauce and I'm one of the most emotionally touching

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aspect was when you saw the, the the dress of Segura Tony cyanogen as a Fatima the allowed honor, and it could not but bring you emotionally charged. That year is the dress of one of the greatest human who occupied this world. But yet it was a cloth made of what we will call sec. And they were stone intended in patches in this was the dress of Segura to bisaya ninja. So this was one of the aspects that were also seen at the end of the day also very briefly, I will just make mentioned that it was, you know, touching to see the situation in 1999. We went to Turkey, and we went to the Sultan Ahmed Masjid to perform Juma Salah. There was not even half a Masjid was full for Juma. This

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time we went to Sultana Hama the match it was full, young people are eating salad all of a sudden you find Muslims pretty confident about the deen and he's something so pleasing to see me and that Allah grant them even further is to comment. Yes, there are shortcomings me there are shortcomings in our community. But we make dua that Allah tala it once upon a time, taken the mental in the work of leadership from these people for over five centuries. Who knows maybe Allah tala might choose them again. But at the end of the day and let her keep them office to comment on been These are some of the aspects that we had made mentioned. If I let her keep us alive. There was another very

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fascinating city that we had gone to, which was cornea for various other reasons and also it is abode of gelato. Dean Rumi actually was