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Alhamdulillah Allah hilmi Heba hilmi we bought the Potala T for salat wa salam ala

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l mursaleen.

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He was Javi was seldom at the Sleeman kathira theorem. Amadou favela Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. daramola Houma Santa Leilani in a

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way that I sent out of bakoma in Chicago to LA z, then, voila, in cafaro tominaga, Bella studied Sara Colosseum, respected elders and brothers. The latest round of violent protests in our country are in different parts of the country in Corine luxenberg. Eldorado Park ennerdale. Low dm in other parts of the country has left communities throughout South Africa, in a sense of apprehension, fear and anxiety. Great losses have been sustained, both private and public. And we've also find vandalism of property which has taken place in a large scale. All of this requires us to introspect and reflect upon happenings as part of the oma and from the Quranic teachings. halia hunedoara

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awatea julaine center up on the road Dorado Park was, was there a major warhead? Here's Rudy karate a Camry, Sunita Halper varchar m, or a Silsila, mayhem reflet number 10.

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It also shows that what sometimes the ability that we have security that we have, how we can take it for granted and how quickly situations can change. And yet, many times you and I we take stability, we take safety, we take aspects that we have on him for granted. And yes, it is true, that we can point out towards the criminal element, we can say that perhaps there were some genuine grievances that people had, whether it be with regard to service delivery, whether it be with regard to the marginalization of the poor, whether it be with regard to lack of pride in employment opportunities, whether it be with regard to the plight of those people who are finding it difficult to make their

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ends meet, who do not have food to eat on a daily basis. These are facts that we should not lose sight of. And yet, while we make mention of that, it is true that there is a criminal element which has taken advantages, and have taken advantage of what has happened. And it is deplorable. And we condemn that innocent individuals, people who have businesses, people who offer employment opportunities to others, they have been made to suffer some of the attacks, we can call it the collateral damage of the protest. This is something that needs to be condemned and deployed. And it is something the authorities need to take into account. For if they do not nip this in the bud. The

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criminal element will become more bold, with disastrous consequences to the peace, stability and the future of the country. While that is on its place, we also have to keep in mind that behind the criminal element, there is also a great degree of frustration. There is a great degree of concern. There's a great degree of people being disappointed with promises being made, and also the corruption becoming endemic and also the needs not being fulfilled. Now what what do we do with regard to all of that? Let me start off by saying it is true. And the ideal situation would be that the government takes care and looks after the needs of his own subjects and his own people. And we

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can quote the examples of the yellow triangle and give those beautiful examples that how he used to take care not only of his subjects, not only of human beings, but his very famous statement rings in front of us. Lo Mata jamun Allah Shatila

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La Casita as Eleni Allahu taala. That even if a camel has to die over

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In the reign of Homer, I am afraid that Allah will question me on the Day of Judgment. Oh Allah. How is it possible that a camel died while you were the saliva of that land? Today forget camels. Human beings are living in misery and dying and it doesn't even sound and doesn't even bother the conscience of the ruling class. And you know, we gave this example humara the Latino one day was going on the streets and he saw a child crying, and he saw a woman who was boiling water on the stove or in you know, making water hot. And she has Why is the child crying? child is crying because the hungry Why don't you feel it? You are boiling something says only water that I'm boiling to

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pacify the child. Otherwise there is nothing the child will feel something is cooking and maybe will fall off to a sleep tomorrow the Latino cannot bear it. He went into the bay tomorrow. He took a pack of flour and other needs and he told his servant whose name was Aslam, Aslam put it upon my back that we carry that human. And as Tom said, You are the halifa How can I allow you to do it? Let me carry it. He said Aslam, will you carry my burden on the day of Tiamat This is my burden. This is my responsibility. And he went and he fed that particular child. And he waited until the child started laughing, becoming satiating, and he walked away from them. He said, You know why I stayed

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in the way I saw the child crying out of hunger. I wanted to see it smiling out of being separated. Now that is the responsibility of a halifa and the ruler of the land. And while of course we can when we talk about it, we shy away from our responsibility. We shy away from our responsibility and make it safe. It's a responsibility only of the government. When we go to Home Allah has also called this example, when there was a time of drought. In the time of Omar, Omar stopped eating ghee, he stopped eating the finer aspects of food. And he told his stomach which was eating very basic food which was grumbling and it was not easy to digest. So he told the stomach, you can grumble as much

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as you want. I will not eat fine food until the people can afford it. One day in a time of drought. He saw his son appleid normal eating a melon a small piece of melon that he'd got after many days. Omar got angry grabbed the melon away from Herbalife Norma and said Oh son of him.

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How dare you eat melon when the people have Medina dying of hunger?

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How dare you eat melon when the people of Medina dying of hunger. So there is not only the responsibility of the government, where is our type of conscience, then we hear with regard to poverty that is overtaking people when they cannot sleep because of hunger, which is our responsibility. You know one day he said I will not eat until it become readily available. So one day, the seven day those people who was what

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they came in said ameerul momineen, gi meat etc. The basic necessities are freely available now in Medina Sharif. So now you can eat. So he said, okay, bring it. When they brought it. He asked, What is the price of this? So they told him the price? He said to the poor people can they afford it? They say no, the poor people still can't afford it. Omar said take it away. I don't want to eat when the poor people can afford it. Where am I going to eat? Brothers this is a situation that we are supposed to have. And while we do make mentioned with regard to the responsibility of the government, this is our ethics that Omar Tavi Allahu Allahu has taught us today. Unfortunate to say,

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whether it be in South Africa or whether it be in other countries, we find people jostling for power and authority and leadership, not to serve people, but to take turns in looting the coffers of the government and to take turns in looting the money of the people and not caring to hoods with regard to the care and the concern, the plight and the needs of the poor people. This is a reality that happens not only in our country, but in many other places in the world, even places that we would you and I will call you know places which has Muslim majority. Then of course, we also have the situation in our country, which is something that is now very clear cut the glaring disunity within

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the ranks of the ruling party, former comrades that used to say that we are going to fight for the freedom and we are going to fight for noble values in South Africa. They have been preoccupied in jostling for power sniping at each other

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In a better way to score political points for their own side, for their own cronies for their own type of friends, to get a chance and opportunity to lead, once again not for noble objectives, but for the sake of looting the country. These objectionable developments would therefore count as a message to the ruling elites to consider that they fragmentation at the top, what type of consequences it is happening at the bottom and start realizing that they have to unite for the betterment of the people. Otherwise it will lead South Africa into an abyss and into a situation and into a path of further destruction. Further poverty, further elevation, further dispossession,

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further type of glaring inequalities and great amount of chiasm between the rich and the poor. Now we can make mention with regard to what what is part of our introspection? Yes, that is the responsibility of the government that we are supposed to make mention of and we have made mention of it, and you speak about it, but what is our responsibility, we also have to introspect as a community as individuals. Remember, when many acronyms Allahu alayhi wa sallam went to TIFF, right, and when

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he was selling after going to Thailand, presenting Islam to people, they changed Nivea cream sauce from out of Medina. I mean out of time, and they've never saw some feedback to Makkah. And when he was on his way back, maybe a cream sauce so that made it one. Hello Malik ashampoo. Tila Tequila tea, honey Elena's Libya cream sauce them didn't blame him. He didn't blame the people of time. He blamed himself. When I complained to you about my weakness, about my femaleness about my not being able to impress people upon the truth, my feebleness and weakness of not showing people the path of Islam, the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is a solution to all the ills that be occurring so

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serum did not blame them, he came back with regard to himself. Now, as part of our introspection, we cannot make any judgments. But it is very clear with regard to what the Quran and Hadith tells us that amongst reasons why difficulty and anxiety and fear comes upon people, various reasons, various ways. Allah subhanho wa Taala brings these aspects. Sometimes Allah subhana wa Taala brings difficulty anxiety and calamities upon people as a punishment for people for the transgression or masaba Kumasi button at home, whatever calamities come upon you is because of your doings zarafa shadowfell

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alienness corruption and of course, part of corruption is fear and anxiety, it is happened because of the doings of human time. So sometimes it happens because of that. Sometimes it is a warning for some centers, what are the phenomena

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and natella gives you a minor calamity prior to the major calamity

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that you might turn towards Almighty Allah. Sometimes Allah Allah gives us this for us as a warning to sinners. Sometimes it is an elevation of status sometimes it's a test, but there is no doubt whatsoever that there are situations in the Quran which has made mentioned and this is iron which are supposed to recite to the football, which slipped my mind. I need to make door for him now more proper door for Amara Dharamsala from Korea to Allah tala gives you an example of a peaceful city that allow Muslim carry attorney cannot Amina minor, which was peaceful.

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Yaki aresko rassada min Colima can used to get rich from all quarters for Kaffir A B and O Milla they made national tree they showed any gratitude to that piece to that prosperity to that bureaucrat in risk they made nationally they made in gratitude what happened and look at and sometimes when you read this if it seems that it fits our situation, further tala holy basil Jo, while hoath Allah tala changed the conditions of prosperity into poverty and change the conditions of peace and stability into fear and anxiety. Why?

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there's a clear cut indication that with regard to this, that it is part and parcel that we also start looking with regard to this, that is our doings not the cause of these type of things happening.

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Or happening matakohe cassata

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McDarrah very focused

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on Casa La Casa Bertha

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Cham Hackney fessler

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licking Khurana cream

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milho forbear chenega sub hamari Guna or na shoukry khurja.

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Allah Allah has made mentioned that fear and anxiety comes about because of national pri it comes of course because of us not being grateful with regard what Allah Allah has given us. So this when you look at this ayah and look at our situation, we used to talk about peace and stability, we should talk about prosperity, we should talk about our businesses doing so well. And now all of a sudden there is a concern, because this is not doing so well. Now, there is a concern this fear and anxiety and natella says, forget for a moment because of national pride and part of national party part of and gratitude is you don't use a less famous correctly.

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Remember what I'm saying you don't use the favors Allah has given you correctly. And I will come and I will make mention with regard to it. So this is that aspect that we have to keep part of the burden of sins which nebbia claims are sort of an Allah tala has told us he is one of

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them said you will be deprived of risk because of the sins you commit. And a Quranic ayat in Surah Taha Rahman Ara and decree for in the Luma shatta nunca. He who neglects Allah, for in Allah who may

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Allah make his life straightened. Allah make his life narrow aminata and victory he will forget Allah Allah makes his life narrow. Allah makes his life streeton find Allahumma Isha the militia decides what will happen in the Tiamat.

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So these are aspects that we have to keep in mind. And we have to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We always say and we hear from Allah that we must tend towards a lion is too far and is the far my dearest brothers. It is not only it is not only seeking forgiveness for your sins, it is one aspect. It is in reality consciousness of Allah and strengthening our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala that we turn towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala is different showing our humanity and we don't only want to see Christopher for forgiveness of his son which is true, but it is also that is still far strengthen your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala it makes you come closer towards Almighty Allah and in the words of the Holy Quran, it grabs Your Eminence holy ground to peace and

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prosperity for all to start off

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season nine Serrano make this the fall of Allah in Ocala, Florida. Allah will be the Fuhrer Rahim. Your silly sama la mirada. Allah was sent to you beneficiary who did for me and while you were born in Allah will help you with your children. Allah will help you as well. Your children will become obedient, your wealth will have Baraka. Why? Because

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this is the word of the Holy Quran. Melissa Melissa fall, Jeremiah Holloman pulizia Maharaja

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said whosoever make a stefarr part of his life, and now we'll make a way for him out of every difficulty.

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So this is one of the aspects that we have to keep in mind that towbarless defaulter mucha Toba Nassif, Allah Allah tala say Murphy Monica Nam birkir Allah tala set Allah comas boot kernel or apne synergy nickimja hameau suku Nana Cana these are important aspects another aspect is to make dua for this una we have reduced just merely to lip service, maybe a cream sauce and pasta people who are showing that they were in difficulty and calamity. Maybe a creme de la Hollywood film said why don't they make dua that Allah tala lives the difficulty that is upon them with the tragedy is that this particular noir which is the most potent weapon of the believer, we have reduced it to rituals, it

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can change fate. While no action of ours can fake change pave the way drokken it is the essence of our ibadah it is the essence of our worship with it, we can never fail. Without it. We can never succeed

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in the proper scheme of things. Allah subhanho wa Taala has shown us the proper scheme of things we make do it before we do something while we do something after we do something, and nothing has told us to adopt the means but between the dryer we adopt the means. So when a person goes to the doctor, he makes dua before he goes to the doctor while he's going to the doctor after he goes to the doctor. That is what our beloved Allahu alayhi wa sallam has told us that we are trims our syllabus further and further taught us that we don't only make dua for big things. What do you make dua for small things. Everything nothing is bitwala. Nothing is small for us. Law has enough law to take one

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nerve away from our body. We will not be able even to tie our shoelaces. That is why maybe a cream sauce Adam said

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That even if your shoelaces break make dua to Allah. Allah Allah Zim brothers, there are so many people we have seen who have been so healthy, suddenly something happens and the other bill Allah protect all of us Allah Allah give us good health. Something happens you get a stroke. What happened after a stroke he can even tie his shoelaces. Now you realize why the vehicle is awesome said even if your shoelaces break, make dua to Allah that Allah tala give you the trophy and the ability to tie your shoelaces. Nothing is big for Allah tala can give you everything and nothing can change the condition of any country, nothing is big one law with one command you can do so and nothing is more

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for you and I. So this particular aspect we have to do and also part of having our doors accepted is make dua to Allah when things are good. So that Allah Allah can accept you to our when things are bad. Don't ask for Allah. Or don't ask Allah when it is thundering. And these calamities when you didn't ask Allah Allah when the sun was shining his approval approval when you didn't ask Allah when the sun is shining. Now when they stumble, you want to ask Allah tala know that Allah tala won't accept, but it is more likely to be accepted when you had asked Allah when the sun was shining, when things were good as collateral making an effort and make it a part of your daily routine to ask

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And brothers, while it is also the responsibility to government to look after the needs of people, we also have to do our responsibility, show kindness, so compassion to the poor, do whatever we have to do enterpreneurship development that we have the skills start showing it to people who are poor, wha cinco masala, Allah has given us certain type of benefits, you share those benefits, we were able to run businesses, Allah has given us the capacity. Those people who do not have the experience shape would them be good to others the way Allah has been good to you. Be kind to people start talking properly to people have good luck to people. You cannot

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continue living in a country where the majority of the people are such they are in a majority, and you continue speaking to them in a rude manner. This whole particular aspect of Korea, who it is come out of our vocabulary, if you want to remain in this country. You cannot continue doing like this, it is wrong. The way you treat people one day they will treat you that way.

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This is something that even our beloved alumnus told us that we are not supposed to do so when we are speaking about the problems. Don't put all the blame only upon the government. What is what have we done. Part of this whole particular aspect that we have to do brothers is we have to stop being extravagant. We cannot attract people's attention by the way we flaunt our wealth, maybe a cream sauce.

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To see it's so easy to use Islamic principles upon the government. They must do what the Latino did. But we are not so prepared to do what we are supposed to do. What did

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you send them to me I'm human

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can I hope for in a bad Allah He needs to be mean. Omar has to not live a life of ostentatious living. Stay away from adornments the servants of Allah are not given to adornments. We live a life in which we show so much extravagant, so much of fronting of our wealth, the thing that doesn't come into the minds, into the hearts and to the eyes of people. So brothers, we have our responsibility, that's our responsibility. At least when we play our responsibility, we can go with certain degree of authority to other people and said we have done whatever we need to do. Now you do your shear, but these are type of things that we need to take into account so that it can be better as to our

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wonderful country. There is no doubt a little has given us many benefits in this country. Allah has allowed us to stay as Muslims over three centuries in this country. Allah has given us our massages, our Medallia's, our infrastructure, now whatever we need to do, you know, whatever, yes, we know, easy to put up, you know, yes, they are responsibilities of the government, which inshallah in the proper forum, we will make mention of what we need to do that has been able to do that.