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AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is highlighted, including its degrade experience and the desire for a newbie to be recognized. The success of Islam is highlighted, including its reliance on fear and mercy, and the use of "has" to describe religious context. The importance of being a newbie is emphasized, along with the use of "has" to describe religious attributes and the importance of a strong Islam culture. The segment also touches on the difficulties of working in busy days and the importance of having a strong Islam culture.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan Avada Amala Ruffolo photo villa in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem and Yo Ma Ma Tula comb Deena Kumar mon to Ali amati. What are the Tula Kamal Islam Medina, Sara kala hula Zeum. Many respected elders and brothers we are living in a time where we find many people. They have misrepresented Islam, they attack Islam. And in that particular way we find that we spend many times answering those people. And you will find, perhaps in our discourse, we concentrate on what Islam is not.

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But we don't concentrate sufficiently on what Islam is. So you find Islam is not terrorism. Islam is not this. Islam doesn't degrade woman. Islam does not look down upon the rights of women. So most of the time we are spending in in telling people what Islam is not. We are not telling people the beauty of Islam. We are not telling and today I thought that I just give you some glimpses of what Islam is in what Allah subhanahu wa taala has given us, because with all these types of situations, it could happen perhaps, that we lose sight of the beauty of codeine, Article ma Dean ki collector Shri Carnevale Bahasa roxo, Numata or Hmong, go jalopy nama apne, surf kurta and Jan ma Osaka Hey

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cam apne Dean kick of Surah T kasarani pata rascal or ash kamuzu. Up Nadine K in FIRA yet, Kyoko Bianca

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Firstly, we find many times I've seen many people whenever you speak to them they said with regard to the truth we are going through a process of trial and error. We are thinking and we are looking out and we are seeing what is right and what is not right. What is right and what is wrong. Look at our deen Allah has made the choice for us. Allah Tala ne hamara da da Islam Katana and Yo Ma multiple Medina ko what ma'am to LA Community Emirati war Avi Tula Komal Islam Medina, I am happy with Islam as a religion for you. I have chosen Islam as a religion for you. When our Creator has chosen Islam for us. We don't need no other trial and error. We don't need any type of other

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experience Allah has chosen Islam for us. If we don't accept it is our detriment. It is our hump.

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Look at our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers there is no other religion that gives such a comprehensive such a beautiful understanding of the belief in Allah the way Islam has given quite innocent a year JSA Allah Tala K man caught up near Abner McKesson Erica, what a beautiful understanding, give you an example.

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In certain religions and we don't like to, you know, Islam. Teller tells us we're not a super Latina, una Mindu life are super lahad Woombie really don't abuse the idols, other people are worshipping, they will abuse Islam in return. We don't speak better we rather speak about the beauty of our religion, wherever we need to academically we will do so. But just to give you an example, in certain religions there is that it is obligatory upon Allah to forgive people

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to find

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Jesus died for people. Now can you imagine a mindset we are already forgiven? What responsibility is there to do good deeds after that? Look at the beauty of Islam. Islam tells us that always fear the punishment of Allah. But yet at the same time, expect the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. He tells us never ever regard yourself free from being punished by Allah. Even if you become the greatest of human beings in other berapa him Roma moon, a believer never ever feels himself safe from the punishment of Allah. But at the same time, we have a yearning, we have an expectation, Allah will forgive us. But it's a balance, a balancing of fearing Allah

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Yet at the same time expecting Allah's mercy, how beautiful Innovia Karim Allah when he was celebrated that Allah in Allah cateva kita oven for who are indie folk RC Allah has got a proclamation written on his Irish in Rama T Saba Kofi rewired in Calabar. Kala be my Ramadan My Mercy supersedes my anger and my wrath, but the anger is there.

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The anger is there, the wrath is there the punishment is there but Allah's Ramat is more we do you get that? We have such a beautiful reliance upon Almighty Allah. We rely and trust upon Almighty Allah the way we rely and trust upon no one else.

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We fear Allah the way we feel no one else will Maja Tawakkol Allah for who has bow he relies upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala that gives us confidence in dealing with the challenges of this world. Because we trust in Allah, we feel in Allah, we trust that Allah subhanahu wa taala will do that which is good for us.

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Is any other religion that is God this Subhan Allah so this is the beauty with regard to it.

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And that Allah hamara Moon for a day I mean Allah Tala cough also spelled Tawakkol. Eastern ahead. Distract is your Korean cheese Chioggia Sami dunya or iski Messiah Camelback macabre Karnataka at my multimeter look at the aspect with regard to you know jab hum Allah Tala ki Haqiqa Harriet commando on Kawasaki amantii Head to hum whiskey Shani Safari Kitakata Rafi Miyota. To have here Hamid Hofer CUDA or Busquets a photo Rahim Hanukkah at dal data so that the beauty of Islam look at Allah look at our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the most beautiful amongst the beautiful attributes of Allah Hayata Yom Nebia Karim so seldom used to make dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala when

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these two words and one rewired say this is me as them so when you make dua to Allah use these two words. You're the one who is ever loving. There is no beginning no end was catcalling empty Danny he impiana He was the word Kal el el hijo de la de la jolla mood heavy reliance upon the one who is ever loving who will never die

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Can you every one is in existence because of him. Tamam Kuniaki mode would you want to just

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Yeah, hallelujah. Can you ask Allah Tala with these words? Whoa. So he is such a great that even if you make if you worship people you don't worship him Mr. Mahmud Chaya maki we've been to Korea, North Korea, Walmart Buddha, stepsister Korean after a woman.

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This is Allah subhanho wa Taala My dear respected others and well we can go on making mentioned with regard to it. Just to understand the beauty of Islam and our belief in Allah, Allah He loves him. No one has got such a comprehensive and balanced view and belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala then Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us our beloved Nadia Kinshasa locka Manila

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in Bertha fie him rasool Allah Minh unforeseen. Many of corporate Navara namah Aquata for Maya, and aluminium in Bertha for him that I sent her a soul the soul cobija there Abner or soul,

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the most beautiful and the greatest human being Allah has created Allah Allah has granted us maybe such a newbie that he Allah Allah says will be Naraku for Rahim, he is very kind and compassionate to the believers.

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Allah Allah has given us with Allah Tala Muhammad Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kuma booth Kirkham a bow portbury namah Santa Rosa jimco alanna Surah Obama in the haj Mohammed Karna wala Bankia what grade what grade, kindness and compassion he has

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Subhanallah one or the maybe a creme sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says

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every Nebby has got a dua that Allah said he will accept

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her Aigner, beekeepers

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Mr. Joffe dua,

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I have kept that to our minds. On the day of camera.

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Every newbie has got one dua that Allah will accept. I have kept that to our format on the day of karma the llama, stick them out from Jana, and every month he will go out of Jannah Allah make it such that we never spent time in Jana. Who Luenell janitor, the lady sir. Every newbie every newbie has got one Mr. Jasmine is awesome said I have kept that.

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I have kept the dua for myself. What what great compassion maybe

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acronyms Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Bashira we're not gonna FIRA yes Sera. SeRa. Give people Glad Tidings though, make people afraid. Give them make things easy for them may Don't make things difficult. How many times Nebia creams or cinnamon could have done more anybody, but he chose the easy way that it must not become very burdensome upon them. How many times this actually happened? So in this particular way, we find that the rear creams Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to always have

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one day someone was, you know, was caught having alcohol in the time of our beloved Nivea cream sauce in a Mobarak time having alcohol so he was being punished and as he was punishing him one day one person said May Allah disgrace you and let the last chorus walk up Nivea cream salatu salam Kimani, mashallah para. Nada Kareem salsa Mikhail cabeza Mutko. Don't ever say such a thing. He has love for Allah.

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Don't make shaytan have the upper hand over him. Essay rom Karneval and NaVi and look at the balance with regard to us. Idea respect for others. This is amazing. Look at the balance Islam has given us what our regard to our belief in the reoccurring sauces. Our beloved Nivea cream sauce is the object of our unswerving allegiance, our love, our devotion,

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and we must follow Him. We must emulate him but he is not the object of our worship.

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He bought a Tom Civ Allah Tala take a

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look at the beautiful balance.

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Second beauty of Islam third beauty of Islam now with Speaker aqidah there are many aspects. I'm trying to keep it brief. Look at the salam Allah has given us look at the greeting Allah has given us. A salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh you can make the Abbas Keisha

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absorb this attention

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what a beautiful greeting. Look at other greetings. I again for fear of not being abusive. Good morning. Even if someone died of yours, you still say good morning.

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Good morning in the afternoon. What happened to you? I don't care.

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What how limited is it in terms of its meaning? A Salah May Allah has peace and mercy be upon you at all times. For a person who is younger than you. It is Mohammed and Shafqat for a person who is elder than you it is respect

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for someone who you know who's your friend, when you see my Salaam Alaikum what you are saying I'm still your friend.

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We are still the same game by you saying A salaam alaikum and someone who is a stranger you say a Salam Alaikum What do you tell him? By inshallah you will not get any harm from me even if I don't know you. in Pali our salaam could be like that. Sometimes it's not like that. But look at the beauty of our center. Is there any other form of greeting that can get my noodley compared to our greeting? Subhanallah salaam Khanna Torres, a worker nessa patata Liga Salam say better Mahapatra dosti pelaku

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qui Salam Queenie ehsani You chose to kill your shotgun or bro bro Kalia is trumping the Sharia and then it's not only that Salam is an attribute of Almighty Allah so when you are making someone Salam you are using the attribute of Allah Tala to make him Salam. Is there any other better greeting? Have we ever considered the beauty Allah has given us that or give you another example My dear respected brothers, that

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Islam is the only religion that has made dunya into deen

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and Islam is the only religion that is made your mundane activities into deal Subhanallah you do something that normally people do people go for work, people are workers, their employees, right? They are bosses they run the business. We do it as a as a worldly activity. Maria is not only a worldly activity, it is Dean tabula talamona halali Farinata model for either you go and run this and let Allah says you have come to us fulfill a command of DD

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you become a truthful merchant, that you will salute him you will be with me and he will salat wa salam on the day of karma. Nivea cream saw Salam said the person who is the worker, a laborer who is working let me say a sudden one day so a person who is her hands. So let me say some say he Kyowa

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one Why is your hands rough? So he said there are soon I work with the rocks. I pick up I pick up stones, the resorcinol kissed his hands and said must do Allah Tala Kenaston

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the labor is beloved to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala he

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Any other deal

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any other religion

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that you get you get these rewards for doing your mundane activities. Via cream sauce Lim said Allah showed me a person who removed an offensive item from the road. Allah put him in Janet I saw him. I saw him enjoying the numbers of Jelena

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I saw him enjoying the limits of Jana Nivea cream saw some said you look after and you care for a widow and you care for often Allah give you the reward of making own it

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or is it any other deal that gives you these type of things Subhanallah dunya we are more cookery class in IELTS aka Jaya to say Allah Tala Nadine he cardio. He has served in Islam, chi psi. Islam, Nicosia halaal, Kadena for his karate I almost do Allah Tala kama Bhuvana. So there are so many examples with regard to the beauty of Islam, I do respect the brothers look at their Look at the beauty of our janazah

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Look at the beauty of our janazah

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today we got an amazing situation. Our situation is such that you know you got you get one janazah now you've got four organizations looking after you.

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So I'm not looking good in a bad way. Look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala is made. One day there was an incident that happened in our Jimmy office.

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The hospital called us and said there is a Muslim woman we don't know with regard to her

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relatives etc. Can the community come in, give her the farewell and do the Burial Rites. So we send people and they gave her the OSA or they had to give the apostle and they had to make the coffee in front of non Muslims. The non Muslims were crying. He said we never ever saw

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a more dignified way

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of sending a person away.

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We never saw a more dignified way of sending a person away.

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The family themselves nowadays a non Muslim get married or get died. What happened? Go to the funeral parlor. They don't even see the body.

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There you have to be worried at the time of funeral they have to get take appointments will they be enough people to bury the person? Look at our way the person himself he must make the hosel

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what a dignified way. Look at our Muslim Brotherhood, my dear respected brothers look at our salah. Is there any other beautiful way of worshipping Allah, people in other religions go to the church once a week and it also the Hanuman Allah has given us a way that you know whenever you want you can go in you can go and ask Allah Tala you can communicate with Allah. The via cream sauce and said when you say Alhamdulillah Allah Tala says Hamadani Rafi and nearly applies to you every namaz when you say Al hamdu, lillahi, Rabbil Alameen etc or de mer.

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Look at our Muslim Brotherhood, my dear if it is true, proper way I have seen this. There are so many occasions that we have gone abroad and you have interacted with a person who is a Muslim, and all of a sudden in a short space of time you've got such Taluk with him such relationship with Him that as if you knew him for such a long period of time. This is the beauty of Islam as the Altano said and I will conclude us now nanocone Afghan Allahu Islam, we are a nation that ALLAH is given respect of Islam. I asked you one question in our for our conclude with us

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can we

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imagine our life without Islam?

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Can we imagine our life without Islam? Can't the silver because cameras in the GI Islam Kabbalah May Allah Allah make this the mean of

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really appreciating our deal and holding it close and making a man upon it for us.