Ebrahim Bham – Resolving Maritul Disputes And Divorce Prodecures

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is discussed, including the stance on marriage and the use of divorce as a means of divorce. The speaker also touches on the concept of "will" and its use in disputes and relationships, as well as the benefits of giving color to a woman in a different way. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not giving love and respect to a woman in a way that it is done on the spur of the moment and the use of multiple words in a cycle.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah. Allah.

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Allah kita Baba kitabi Villa Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado favela human

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smugglers Rahmani Raheem, Wayne Clifton shikaka De Lima faso hakama Minna de hakama mineralia e reader Islam,

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verbena, Houma, Enola Halima Mahavira. Allahu Allah has him

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respected elders and brothers. I want to start today's talk by an example.

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Many times when you and I, we bought an airplane, we find an announcement that is made. That announcement speaks about safety measures. It tells you that if something happens in the plane, this is what you are supposed to do. They also tell you in the unlikely event of a crash, in the unlikely event of a

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crash landing in the sea or in water, this is what you are supposed to do. Now in a similar manner, today's talk, I want to speak about something in a similar vein.

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And that is, if something happens to your marriage, how are you supposed to proceed? And it is in the very similar light and similar vein, the way the announcement is made in the unlikely event of a problem in your marriage. What do you do? understand what I'm saying? Jessica Sam, Hawaii, Jasmine, shelter to HIV positive exam, Mrs. omnipage gadgetzan

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apne Bianco Jasmine HIV positive aghdam kitara zindagii goes on a kitchen exam with eschaton. Firstly, we know that family is the nucleus of a society. What society is going to become what society is depends upon individual families. Therefore, family is a nucleus of an Islamic Society. Islam has placed great importance on the preservation of the family. And every effort must be made to preserve the family. Inside a Muslim there is a hadith he believes puts his throne on the water. Right? And then he takes reports from all small shaytans and small gymnasts and they all come and say today we made this person do this wrong. We made him not perform Salah ham no one says Mr.

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dusty, you're gonna come on Nick.

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Right. He plays lessons doesn't say anything. Or one he plays comes one gene that comes to the bigger piece the original release and said her husband and wife were living together properly. I made them fight. I didn't leave them until I made that. Husband after divorce. I broke the family. He please gets up. He bleeds calls it small children said you come and sit here. Atlas subsys Yara camkii

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royalty may or moon karate apne subsidiary country you have made the best. So Handan wash Raka Sangha boo yada, or Islam a whiskey Fonzie por por dia. That's a reality. But Allah subhanho wa Taala also knows that human beings are different in temperaments. Allah also knows that sometimes human beings are such that despite the best of intentions, they will not be able to get along. Sometimes with the best of intentions, they have disputes, they have arguments. Now what do you do with regard to those particular aspects? Sometimes those arguments and dispute leads to the marriage breaking or sometimes it leads to tension in the marriage. How do you deal with it? Remember one

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thing, it's something that I want to make mention of the fact that two people do not get along or two

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People and a couple which might lead to divorce does not necessarily make them bad people. It just makes it that they could not get along. Sometimes it's not necessary it

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just happens that they could not get along. In the Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of Allah. Allah, Allah.

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Allah is made mentioned with regard to zaidan niharika, the adopted son of noumea Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Xena, the cousin of our beloved Divya Kareem salsa mala he has him we can take a class on both agenda. Don't agenda. But yet despite the fact that the agenda is the head of divorce, they could not get along because of certain reasons. So the fact that you are different, you don't get along can happen doesn't necessarily make you a bad person doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. However, what we have to understand that people sometimes are different, sometimes they don't get along. How do we deal with us? And nutana john Kane, Sonny massage meta fouta or

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Baraka, ha ha, La Quinta da, g Smith for 18 K, Katerina bought mosquito data. Now what do you do with regard to it? Now, in this particular regard, the beauty of Islam, the beauty of Islam is unlike some other religions, in Catholicism, for example, even if you are in the worst of marriages, you can break it, it's against the rules to break the marriage, you have to remain together whether you like it, or you don't like it. The beauty of Islam is Islam has not forced people to be in a marriage in all circumstances. And neither does Islam say, break the marriage for any trivial reason, the beauty of Islam, the return of Islam, the moderation of Islam, Islam doesn't tell you,

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you have to remain forever in it in marriage. Right? That doesn't tell you, it's better to do so. But it doesn't tell you you have to. And it doesn't tell you that you must break it for trivial reasons. Today, we make a joke with regard to it. And they said My mother told me that don't make married, don't make money through the means of marriage make money through the means of divorce. So they said that a person went one by one goal for anyone to get by one goal and other stuff. So there are different types of doll This doll is a nervous the teacher This is one and this is a divorced woman. So though divorced woman had the biggest price 1000 a couple of 1000. He said Why? Why is

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this one super expensive? So he took everything of the husband was they say that, you know, he took everything of the husband was now we don't look at it that we take divorce for every reason. Neither does Islam say you have to stay together. See, Allah has said that the law is the worst of all possible things. But it is permissible. And so what I'm saying it doesn't say that it is haram. It didn't say that it is an act of sin. It said that it is permissible, but as far as possible, don't get involved in it. It is the worst of all things that are permissible. So in Stan Islam, here kamya Pico hora, Seurat meketa was born.

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Or nahi mamoli pata, pata la de de de da. Allah Allah has told us with regard to a process, if there is a difference in your marriage, what do you do? What a Latina says?

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What Latifah funan Oh Susanna, when you have a difference with regard to your wife, the man is the the one in whose hand is

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the nikka objeto Nicola has made mention of in the second super of the Holy Quran, in whose hand lies the nica is the men and Allah has been very kindly upon us that he has left that Allah in the hands of the men, if it would have left it in the hands of the woman, perhaps substituting tea, everyone would have been perhaps gone a nice kept it in the hands of the men, right. However, in this particular regard, what Allah subhanaw taala said

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if you have a difference with your wife, advise her show some form of discipline, show your displeasure, discipline do these type of things. It does not say you must abuse your wife. The way abuse is commonly understood in today's time.

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Never lifted his hands on his wife or his children or his slaves never. It is not recorded once in the life of many aquariums awesome that he lifted his hands. Those want to follow the sooner that is a tsunami via cream sauce.

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Then and that Allah has told us an amazing way with regard to bringing reconciliation between people. way in the fifth Tony shikaka Bailey Hema ferlazzo hakama min Allahi wa hakama min

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if these now Allah Allah tells you first

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appa Smith Cusco neubau Mia Devi APUs musco Nova busca Sula, cara de nos Okay.

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Then you bring in the elders of the family, let A be an arbitrator from the husband side and arbitrator from the human side.

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He you read his law, you are fit Allahu bayda Houma let them come together if they intention is to reconcile, Allah will bring them together. And I must say this. Previously, when there was problems in marriages, the elders in the family used to play that role. They used to come

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down and discuss it. today. Elders don't play that role. They used to be a time when the if there was any problem in a marriage, the elders of the family used to get together and they used to resolve issues. And now he's made mention of him.

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Normally, the arbitrator, the person in charge of the husband and the wife will be those whom the husband and wife trust, maybe perhaps the elders, and in this particular regard, an attorney determines Sula, chronically Handan kibou kukoc. Nikita, Nikita, hi. The elders must be in that particular situation. I was reading a very amazing quote of hygiene de la Mahajan, macura hygiene de la Mahajan. makira.

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He is a chef of all our chefs. And he said the reason today there is this unity and these disputes is because of two reasons. Lack of humility and how lack of selflessness. Two things you don't have humility and you don't have selflessness. So if you are selfish and you are proud, if you are selfish and you are proud, then wapa Jaga una IANA. If you are the capoeira girl, or a plumber in Africa,

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if you are proud, and you are selfish, then that is the root cause of with regard to disputes. So this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us. Now if after all attempts have failed, and remaining together is no more viable, in fact, is counterproductive, sometimes even worse for the children because they see the father and mother fighting all the time. And in this particular regard, it is the objectives of Nika are not being fulfilled. Then one can I'm not saying should or must, one can proceed to

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110 but it should not be done impulsively. Anything it should be a thought out process. It should not be done impulsively. It should be a thought out process. I'm referring to make mention of it many times other cautious about dhanak Ekaterina Namco volcanic sand roksanda look somnio to fairprice Surah Al Sharia net alakija da if to stay together he's not good.

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mush kilohana monkey, but now look Sanda to smash a plate alakija D head in this the husband must give the turret or intellect to

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be added to the tunica

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so the husband is the one who gives the tele interlock to Muna. Allah tala has also made mention with regard to it. Sometimes it can happen that the husband knows that the marriage has broken down. He knows it. But despite him knowing that a marriage is broken down, sometimes you're not living like men and wife, but out of spite you own give the data that is wrong for him. sercombe maruf OTA three homea son either stay together properly, or them separate amicable, but at the sutra na, na monkey, no. Then separate property. separate property. Allah Allah Tommy, local La La,

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la, don't leave the woman suspended. Neither is she married. Neither is she divorced. This is not the right way of Islam. So the who is going to give the husband, the wife if she is not happy. She has several ways with regard to it. She can engage and get into color. Or she can ask an Islamic government in the absence of an Islamic government, a tribunal, a group of Muftis that my rights are not being fulfilled. I would like out of the marriage

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Via cream sauce, homemade

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cream sauce we made for our wife on one day came to me a cream sauce and I said, Yeah, so like what? No, no difficulty with Aflac and conduct of my husband like him. The Nivea cream sauce that made Hola, right. So I'm not saying that every particular color is permitted to be garbage. But if the wife is not happy, she also has certain ways to get out of it. But normally the telok will be given by the husband now when he gives her a look at the beauty of Islam. People don't realize this. Maria.

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We only know one way of giving. If we're not happy gift returns. That is the worst type of a person who gives three talents is a sinner. he commits a sin. whodunit Guna Thank you teacup, the fact that whether it is effective or not is difference. That is different I will come to it. How do you give

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the best way of giving Pilates? And I said like you know, for example, you people are going in a in a Skinner airplane. So the first thing is they tell you in the unlikely event this thing happens that's what we must do. We say the same thing in the unlikely event of a marriage coming to an end. What do you do? You give $1 in a state where the woman is clean, she is not in a state of mensis. To give in a state of menses is sinful, although it will be effective Guna Heskey, Allah, tala Donna Guna mana,

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wat Nafisa JD. So what you do you give $1 at a time and a woman is PA, and then you wait for three menses thereafter, right thereafter, after three menses, the niqab breaks, you don't have to give another color, one color is sufficient, the best us and

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you give one color in a state of cleanliness. And after that after three toilets, the niqab breaks. Now what is the benefit of this? The benefit of it is it's a thought out process. And then also in in, in cleanliness, there is a little bit more of loving Muhammad. Right? So you're not giving it to her in a state of mensis where perhaps you have not been intimate with her, which could lead to certain types of displeasure, frustration, no, so you're giving it when she's clean, you have the ability to be intimate with her. And then after you give it at a time. Now look at the beauty of Islam, after you have given it for three tax free three minutes or sorry, three menses, if you want

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to reconcile, very easy to reconcile so Islam has opened the doors for reconciliation to keep the marriage as far as possible intact, you only have to after

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that I am taking that metalock or you can not even do that. You don't even have to do that. By coming to Georgia, if you just have to go and kiss her your truck is broken.

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If any way any form of affection that the law is broken is number one. Now do you realize why this is the best form of color it is not done by anger. It is something we have done by thinking about the consequences. So this is the best form of color. The second form of color which is known as hassane is you give the same thing but to give three colors in three different cycles. One cycle when she's clean the next cycle when she's again clean the next cycle you give three but over three different cycles.

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And then after that it's a second best form of giving.

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And the third form of giving which is known as the lucky bit is when you give Tilak in such a way that you give three in one

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that is sinful Guna once the near green sauce was sitting someone said yes to law person gave three talents in one Nivea cream sauce and God rate was anger. Hussein hacker can log Allah Kitab Casa

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de monsieur Lucas.

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Taka sir, are they playing around with a keto fella? I am in the match and they still play around with a keto fella.

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that the reason why maybe a cream sauce got angry is that it is effective but it's not the way to give tarak it's not the way to give Terra de la gente de mer Yahoo semi Nathan he bulky Tali Mata Sharia kimata avec sa de Jackie Hey, is it or Waqar cassata I'm giving you a video

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amazing thing that in Islam, you don't give talaq in anger. You don't give Tulloch impulsively you give it as a thought out thing. And may I say, if you have to give it, you give it with respect and honor.

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You give it what respect and honor the way you brought someone's woman in your marriage with respect and honor. If you have to let her go, you let her go with respect and honor. You don't give it three, like just like that as if we're given three, yes, is your fault that you gave three in one, it will be effective according to all four masahito it will be effective that have taken place. It is like a person having three bullets in a holster. And once he gives it, it is done, no matter how much you regret it is done. But that's not the way Islam doesn't want you to give it impulsively. Islam doesn't want you to give it in a way that it is done on the spur of the moment. It should be

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done in a way that you think about the consequences. And after you think about the consequences, then you do it with honor and respect. It's permissible. So why must you do it in a way that creates enmity, hostility, and then the husband and wife read one another, then these court cases that follow the met the families don't speak to one another

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and visited a lot to me. It is said that sometimes it could be that you couldn't get along. And if you can't get along, think about the consequences. And if you feel that you cannot remain together, then separate amicably with respect and honor.

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This is the way Islam has made mentioned with regard to it. And today we don't do this, we are more worried about scoring points. The husband, the wife, the husband's family, the wife's family, although nebbia cream sauce, Emma said Lisa tan well, Apollon, we don't don't we don't make we don't. And the more best example, I will conclude with this beautiful example.

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You know, in this time, you can give all the different I just tried to give you the gist of Islamic wisdom, how it should be done. So if there is any specific Messiah, you must go to the movies. But I'll give you an example of the life of the Ultron. He had a problem with his wife, he couldn't get along. So someone came and asked him and said, Are you having a problem with your wife? Can you tell me what's the problem with your wife? What is your wife doing? What is her problem? And I believe the woman said, Do you want me to speak bad about my wife in front of you? Who are you to come and speak to me about the performance of my wife? Do you want me to speak about the faults of my wife in

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front of you? So he felt a shame they after it's happened to him or gave his wife the luck? And then he came back and said,

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Now she's no more your wife. Tell me what was the problem with her? Why you gave it up? Too Late Bloomer said, Do you want me to speak about the strange woman in front of you?

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She was my wife. I'm going to tell you about the fault of my wife. Now I've given a talk. She's a strange woman. You want me to speak about the faults of a strange woman in front of you. This is the beauty of Islam. Every aspect of Islam has good wisdom. The unfortunate part is we do not follow it. And then we blame the Sharia. We do not follow it. We bring difficulty upon ourselves. Otherwise every aspect of the is a thought out process. Every aspect of deal is full of wisdom. Let us follow that.

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