Divine Wisdom Of Illness

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam wa salam ala Nabi

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amudha to fold COVID-19 ministry Tony Raji Miss Milla, Rahim. Allah de for the one lady you may need

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set up Hello

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my dear respected elders and brothers

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amongst the favors of Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the greatest favors of Allah tala is our health.

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Now via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam therefore he said in a hadith alimak may no longer be Hiram, mineral minister, if a strong believer is better than a weak believer. What am I have written that this meaning of this hadith is more that a strong believer spiritually, a strong believer in terms of a man is better than a believer? That is weak in Eman However, many commentators of the Hadith have said that the meaning of this hadith mineral karoui means a believer who is strong even physically because if you are strong physically you will be able to remember a lot more you will be able to make more about it, you will be able to help people you will be able to do good. So this

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hadith Our Allah have said also means a person who is strong in terms of his physical self. esteem, Barberini, then those three hazhar Nia, meta Islam, Islam Muhammad, Jihad cochlea, rockne, Kaku cambia, therefore, because of being physically strong, and being such a great favor, it's such an important thing that we preserve our health. Today, unfortunately, this has become an unnecessary contention to preserve your health is not against Sharia. It is AI in Sharia up nessa Katya rachna yet I am Sharia technically Sharia law, which is near navia creme de la jolla wa sallam one day what Sahaba were having a right Kajol the culture was ripe it was hooked up they were having ripe cuckoo

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and they were eating that Allah The Allahu taala knew at that time, he had fever nebia cream sauce and I told him Ollie, you don't have this for you to have it while you got fever is not good

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to stop having it.

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Yeah, this may be occurring. salsola

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alira villatoro kapa haka sa Vikram Casa nebia Karim Sam Paki week, Canon corretta to an era de la terrazza aapko Hurry up Naka. You've got fever, don't eat it. That is the natural thing to take precaution. So if we have to take precaution for any sickness is not against Sharia. It is preserving of our health, which Islam has taught us.

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And she has added on to lolly is a very amazing poem poet. He gave one very exam beautiful example. He says that people were going with a king on a journey. It was not a part of a journey in which there was hunting and there was some sort of, you know, happiness in the journey. One person in the ship where they were going, he was complaining of the seasickness and he was making everyone's life a Muslim.

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To one wise person told the king, I will fix him up, I will stop his complaining. So people King said are you going to do it is in Moscow for sure. I will say so he took him one day, he threw him into the ocean. And he threw one small log with it. So he caught hold of the log and he came back into the shop and he never complain after that. Stop complaining to the king said How did you cure him from his complaint in such a way? So what he said and amazing things that he didn't realize the safety The ship was providing in the depth of the water of the ocean. He was complaining while he was in the ship. He didn't realize the ship is giving him safety. There is depth, there is depth in

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there, in the in the, in the darkness, and in the depths of the ocean. Now when he came to realize that he stopped complaining, Chef sayama clearly makes mention of this incident he said human beings don't value a health until they become sick.

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Human beings don't value a health until they become sick applicant the rusty Cardona was one of the monitor. But why do you wait till that particular time? So this is an aspect with regard to always caring for our health is part of our Sharia. This example of validity allowed to know is so much full of wisdom that nobody saw something

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Sara Lee don't eat cashew now you got fever.

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But sometimes it happens that we are going to get sick. Sometimes people will get sick. Sometimes our family members will get sick and we are living in a time. Where May Allah Allah make it easy for people? This is a time for great amount of kindness and compassion people become sick. We might become sick. May Allah protect us. We never ask Allah for sickness. I'm Kamiya la casa seven a Kentucky

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Matata, Amari Cooper, Marie laiki I don't never ever say that we will never ever show them. These great amount of divine wisdom in sickness. These benefits in sickness. I will go on to make mention of it but we never asked a lack of love for sickness. Hajime Abdullah Mahajan, macura makalali is one of our great sins. One day he was giving a talk on the Divine Wisdom of illness, that through the means of illness, how Allah tala wipes away your sins, how Allah tala expiate your Guna incense and what happens and how Allah tala elevate your status while he was talking. One person came in said how do you serve? Someone in my family sick make dua for him. Now the gathering is waiting to

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hear what happens. Jim de la Mahajan, mckaela mckaela Lee obey and former etica Marina year inlet a Whoo hoo smear you know, by Manasa to quackery. cineca Pamela, jQuery Amara, someone is sick. What must we do? So has he achieved Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah lift up his in his door and listen to his dua Yala. There is no doubt that there is some benefit in sickness and illness. There is no doubt that there is some benefit in sickness however we are weak, change their benefit to another benefit and to another network of yours which is health.

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And a be marimekko manasi helican hum konzerthaus Cumberbatch, nickel satin toes co bundle or comedy

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but the beautiful way what are the some benefits but we are someone that we can bear and we are weak coolican in Santa Rosa Yella, don't give us sickness give us the name Ahmed and the favor of health. This is what we are supposed to do. What do we do when people become sick? One of the first things that we do is we make the field we submit ourselves to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and we do not become despondent. takes up sibella Jaeger Kumar pajarito savarkar. She kayaker. He doesn't complain to Allah. He doesn't show frustration. He doesn't become despondent. He doesn't despair. There is no greater thing that gives shaytan happiness than the despondency and despair of a

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believer shaytan subsys Yara maku*a jab at me. Allah tala says RJ when he becomes despondent initial his despair. she pleases shaytan the most I believe and never know now you know to me Rahmatullah Hillel como la lune. Only the person who is led astray, he becomes despondent of Allah's mercy. You always be merciful. You always have expectation of Allah's mercy. You always have expectation of Shiva. You always have expectation of Allah, Allah has mercy and ease. So when a person becomes ill, he never allows despondency and despair to get the better of him. He always have hope and expectation of Allah as mercy. Allah grant me is Allah tala granting you Shiva and he makes

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dua to Almighty Allah He turns to all mine Allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Allah is the one who has granted sickness tend towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that he must remove that sickness and illness. Has it been a Serato salami to Almighty Allah when you buy a NEMA Sania Dora, Allah difficulty has come upon me I have become ill and Tarahumara human You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy of Allah you. you grant me, Shiva as a primary Salam do i is made mention in the 19 superato forum, where either Marie tufa Who are your spiel, Allah when I become sick, you grant me Kyo

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bramalea salatu salam. So one of the things is we always make when we turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now amongst the Divine Wisdom, in sickness and illness, sickness is one of the most strongest and powerful antidotes to the sense that we have committed.

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There is hardly anything that will wipe away our sense, that is more powerful than trials, difficulties, affliction, and in particular sickness. Nothing wipes away our sin than illness. We don't ask Allah for it, but I'm giving you some of them.

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Divine Wisdom with regard to it. And I'm Mr. Chanukah Kavita monarchists, Nikita or Allah tala Xia Misha panna Monti. diptera abhi marimekko Allahu

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Allah Allah parapneumonic kita stede carthay way up napco khusus Allah Caracas super cartel. So this is one of the things we turned towards all my tailor when we understand the wisdom. And this was one most beautiful hadith of our beloved maybe a creme de la jolla. wasallam. That comes in Abu Dhabi, that nebia Kareem saw Sam said, when a believer becomes ill, and Allah grants him Shiva, then that particular illness serves as an atonement for his minor sins of the past. And it is a lesson for the future. Now listen to what I'm saying. When a believer becomes ill, and he becomes cured, then that illness becomes a wiping away from his innocence and it becomes a lesson for the future. Two things,

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two wisdoms with regard to illness. And when a hypocrite becomes ill, and he gets cured who doesn't have a man, then he gains nothing from that illness and sickness. He is like a Kevin, who's the owner tied up? The camera doesn't know why, why the owner tied him up and why the owner released him he doesn't know a hypocrite when he becomes ill he doesn't know no was them. A believer realizes these wisdom with regard to it. And therefore,

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God Mr. pergi to hickmott a lie codec, Nicki kosha, kurta, adif Maha Buddha Sheriff Gary Chapman kisi marami mucho la hija de fer Allah tala Jose Shiva directed him to Allah tala is Gemara cosplay Kanaka fara pinata him or ayanda Kalia subak ammos OData whoa Bihari. So two things with regard to the wisdom with regard to illness and sickness. There are many other Coronavirus like this. There is one rewired who may Allah rhodiola Tarana says, maybe aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam came to visit me when I was in. And it was wracked with fever. And I was wracked with fever, and maybe a criminal law while he was there and said, Oh, may Allah have glad tidings and law removes the sin of

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a believer through the means of illness. As fire removes the impurity of gold and silver when it is put in the fire.

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ajeeb absolutely amazing. In fever, there's also fire. There's also heat, in, in this particular of removing the impurities of gold and silver, there's also heat, you put the gold and silver in the fire, it removes the impurities. When you have fever in sickness, Allah subhanho wa Taala removes your sins. According to them said, there is no difficulty that comes upon a believer, and he makes several with regard to it. Except Ilakaka for Allah subhanho wa Taala even to the to the extent of a thorn Brixham that Allah subhanho wa Taala wipes away he's gonna innocence. So this is very important that we keep this in mind that we never ever lose hope in the mercy of Almighty Allah

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subhanho wa Taala there is wisdom with regard to it. We don't ask Allah for it. But if it comes we look at these particular types of benefits that are there.

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And amongst the things that we do when we come sick we turn towards Almighty Li made mention of Jubilee Salatu was Salam ala to Islam and also to read Quran a lot when you are sick.

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Allah tala says when in a zero minute Quran Maha Shiva that Allah has revealed the Holy Quran because there is Shiva in it. So when a person becomes ill tell him to read the Holy Quran, because in the Quran, there is Shiva Shiva, meaning it is a Shiva for the believers. And amongst the things that I would like to also say, when a person becomes Ill read Quran, read husband Allah,

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frequently, Allah is sufficient for us karanka tilawat column has been alone mo kilka willco Allah tala subsidiary nega Habana, then also read the 99 Names of Allah because in the 99 Names of Allah is majority of the names of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala a full of Ramadan mercy and we are seeking Allah tala has mercy or harmony to pathetically

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Allah have mercy upon us because of your cooter upon us. So do this this is very important and read what

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when we are anxious read was the reason why what to have in the VA cream sauce was anxious because what either uncom Allah tala revealed what to have which gave me a cream sauce, no assurance. So when a person is becoming killed, kill out of the Holy Quran. Allah want me to kill 99 Names of Allah read frequently what to how to come down the anxiety and these are some of the things then another important thing is

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that when we do all this and then was also adopt their work

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Nivea cream sauces himself for every disease Allah has created a cure.

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Yeah, hey man, tada Whoo. Maybe a cream store some state whenever you get sick go and take medication. For every sickness Allah is created Allah is created as Shiva for it. So you must take the dua, you must make the dua and you must do all of this together. And then very important, and I will just make mention of this howdy did Maracaibo just send me a cream sauce from the from Maya cape will be Mario musalman Kayla sa guanaco Ducati Hey, JC x Sonia or chandi say the kundig eco do karate Hey. Now another important thing is we now these are the people some examples with regard to the person who is sick. He must make Dawa he must take medication. Secondly, he must read Quran some

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of the ayah that I've made mentioned, never become frustrated, never become despondent, never be surrounded or overwhelmed by despair, turn towards Almighty Allah and rely upon Almighty Allah wa mijatovic Allah for who has booked whoever relies upon Almighty Allah Allah becomes sufficient for him. And lastly, let me make mentioned very very important that when we come to know about someone who is ill let us go and visit such a person. Let us go and visit such a person. It is one of the greatest one of the greatest good deeds so great reward. in a heartbeat Nivea cream sauce alum said. Allah says How do you say Pudsey? Oh my banana married to phenom taught me Allah tala formata A

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Miranda may be Martha up Mary. He added kelaniya

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oh my oh my panda I was sick with lanterman Was it me? And the person would say key for

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me and I wonder how can I come and visit to you and the Lord of the world? And Allah will say there was this panda who was sick. There was this person who was sick if you had gone to visit him, it would have been as you are visiting me.

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Go and visit people sometimes you can visit because of restriction. Then what do we do as it literally Altoona came up and maybe a cream sauce was sick. And the people said Abolhassan How is maybe a cream sauce and they had maybe a cream sauce from this morning is in good condition. So if you can go and visit as the people who are looking after the sick people with regard to the expect of the health and this mommy Muslim, Yoda Muslim and Illa Salah Allah, una Alfa Malik Malika, whoever goes and visit a person who is sick 70,000 angels make dua for him, such as Hazara, Freestone, killing 70,000 Malaika but one very important thing and I will conclude with this is that

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when we go and go and visit people who are sick, we go give them good encouragement. We go and give them good encouragement. And we go and tell them what nebbia cream sauces How do you feel when you go and visit a sick person? Make dua for him, Allah gives him a long life. Make dua for him, Allah gives him a long life. You won't be able to avert and change the tear. You won't be able to do it but you will give him good encouragement of jacker kissy kodaka you were to go and see someone who said you are so sick I don't know how No you are no. Which are a Detwiler is also is so sick he By the way, good diet before before the time, you never ever do that. You always give a person good

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encouragement. You always give him make him feel cheerful, make him feel good, make you feel happy. You know and the best of visiting of the sick is that which is short and sweet. And very short. Very sweet. Make the person feel good, give him encouragement. Even if you can't go because of situation that we find ourselves in. Give him a phone call. Give him good words of encouragement. today. This is one of the greatest could teach we can do as I made mention Nivea cream sauce himself. You can visit sometimes you can go and visit you know you can go and visit physically. Nowadays you can go and visit virtually in phone a person but you give him good encouragement inshallah you will get the

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same reward 70,000 Malaika will make dua for you. May Allah give us a trophy. Make it easy for those while May Allah grant them Shiva, make it easy for those who are. You see, we make dua for two people who are sick, infected and affected. Some people who are sick and then they close family members who have to look after the sick. They're also going through so much of difficulty, make it easy for them to protect us from sickness Allah, protect us from illness protect us when a salami will become evil but as he will do Looney will do them he will say he'll allow mining to become immune Curatola. When

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May Allah Allah protect us? These were few words I thought was a very appropriate for these types of the challenges we are facing. May Allah give us tofi quatro Donna