Virtue And Reasons For Fasting

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Al Hamdulillah he Allah

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purity holster that was

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he will mousseline while he was he was seldom at the Sleeman Cathy Ron Kathy Ron Amanda

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Rahim.

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Sarah Hello,

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my dear respected elders and brothers in the ayah which I have recited Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of the fuzzier and the obligation of fasting and a lot Allah has given us an indication of one of the many benefits of fasting and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, all you who believe quotevalet amasian Allah has made fasting for us upon you. And at Alinea, Cooper, Rosa ko for us, Korea, or Rosa ko for Ischia, y comma katiba it has been made for us upon people of the past. Now, the fact that it was always part of religion tells you that it must have a very important reason. And Allah Allah has indicated towards that reason, lol Lakota takuan, that we gain taqwa. And we

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gain the quality of consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today, let us look at the benefits of fasting. And we all know that there is one aspect of fasting the legal definition

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that you must stay away from eating and drinking and intimacy from dawn to dusk. But we all know that that is the aspect. Someone in the course of the week said that is also another aspect don't eat someone's brains lavaca department cow whoa sockeye salmon Rosa Rosa to Jaya Iosco serious modflow here says

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don't eat someone's brain you know don't become a mortgage cow. So you owe debt also might break your Rosa. However, that is not part of the definition. The definition is stay away from food, drink and intimacy. There is a legal definition. Now beyond that, what are the benefits? Why is Allah made Rosa for us? Surely Allah didn't want us just to stay hungry for a certain period of time. There must be so many benefits. And today let us look at the benefits. The first signal Allah says it is taqwa Allah. Allah wants us to inculcate taqwa through the means of fasting. Firstly, the benefits of taqwa are so great. You cannot imagine what Allah has promised for taqwa Allah tala aquatalia.

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kiya kiya no Jessa or caca Natasha, Moscow kurama. Samira huzzah, potential to it amateurism and atrocities in the Koran Yeah, you already know Harmon. Law. Oh, you who believe if you have Taqwa, he has Allah for foreigner. Allah will make a way out for you from every difficulty. Where you got

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to come Allah will forgive your sins. We are philippou Baku Allah tala will overlook your shortcomings in the nature of the Quran, who may Attila

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Maharajah whoever has taqwa Allah tala opens the door and makes a way out of every difficulty for you. Now this is the aspect of taco taco means this is the benefit yet the quality in

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America. Now what is the quarter one means various things. One is to fear Allah. One is to take precaution and take Allah into account before doing anything. The choir and Allah Subhana Allah Allah tala,

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Iraqi Allah tala hamara Samba, the consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the quiet is a level of consciousness of the Almighty his presence that create a desire to mold

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Our life in accordance with the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the aspect of taqwa. And someone has very beautifully given an example I think I made mention of it previously. Maria LaDonna one day was going and he overheard a mother and a daughter. They were talking. The mothers told the daughter they were selling milk, put little bit more water in.

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There will be more milk, more milk to sell more profit to be made. So the doctor said No, we can do that here. mano a. mano de la una Mulana co or malaco. Dude may panic from Morocco, Menaka. He is prohibited. So the mother said ways over here to see us just go and do it. And she gave a remarkable reply. And she said, Omar is not here. The load of Maria Omar Kumar data. So this is a medium of taqwa. So how do we gain taqwa? Through the means of fasting? How do we gain it? When you discipline yourself to stay away from things that are halal

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cannot Pina cuchara me sometimes you even discipline yourself to stay away from things that are sacred. Bless that. Zamzam water is blessing. But if someone gives you some some water in Ramadan, and while you are fasting telling you that treating this dream sama Valley was celebrated to drink some some water is a sign of faith is a sign of demand.

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you will not drink because now you are disciplining yourself to even stay away from things that are breasted. If you can stay away from things that are blessed because of the commands of Allah. Why can't you stay away from haram? Because the commands of Allah tala Rosa may hammacher halaal Chico said due respect to an Zindagi may or am gentlemen haram seek to do

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so there is a one aspect

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with regard to to fasting that we achieve taqwa through the means of fasting. The second aspect is Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says I will try to enumerate the benefits to the best of our ability, woman x and od in a man

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whose deal is better than the one who submits to an NDA whose deal is better than the one or during this whole aspect of deal is to submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala d tau is super quick is Nick Allah Allah. Allah tala campo somnus Fukuoka napnap Casa por karma, the medium of deal is to submit yourself to the wonder of Allah, whose de is better than the one who submits to the word of Allah. And what do you do? In Rosa? What are you doing fasting you submitting? You want to do something? How many people in this gathering must be thinking of it? After after Juma? We're gonna have that shower.

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We're gonna have Sinatra. We're gonna have this but at the end of the day you say no, I'm submitting to the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah tala aspermont is this No, I cannot eat. So qurani Karim kirusa subserves el de

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natality Super Karna or Rosa mayhem napco macam mukamal torpor and atellica somnium supercar. So that's the second reason with regard to Rosa, to submit yourself to the world of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The third thing is to attain compassion. For others. Compassion is such a great thing that Maria Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said, He who has been given compassion has been given all good. And he may use him or if he who has been deprived of compassion, then he has been deprived of all good may use him or if

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he has been deprived of compassion, he has been deprived. Just deal Mitt Romney, located near Hamburg, Germany, to Speaker dinner, what do you have? What religion can you have this on me a cream sauce elements emphasize the aspect of compassion to people and without death. If you don't have that, then your deal is incomplete. And one of the benefits of fasting that nebbia cream sauce and I'm specifically mentioned is who a shareholder was. It is the month of compassion through the means of Rosa you gain compassion, as it musala salat wa salam one day was collembola

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mentioned he asked Allah Allah, Allah tell us what is the best way of coming close.

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said to you, so Allah tala tomaselli surat, wasallam. To feel sadness at the misfortune of another person.

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He see he Duke missionary Kona he Allah subhanho wa Taala Cuckoo Cuckoo Hannah was. So vanilla, he told

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us what is the best way of coming closer to Allah. And Allah tala said and don't whoosah that to share the misfortune of others. The third reason why we fast to gain compassion. The fourth reason why we fast is to have

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the aspect of identifying with the poor. Now to identify where the poor is just not something that we speak about with our tongue.

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Maria Theresa May said in nearly polish, a miftah

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masakan for each and everything there is a key. And the key for gentlemen is to love the poor. Without loving the poor, you cannot get into gender. But today we we tend to overlook and we don't regard the poor we look down upon the poor. Sometimes when poor people come in, we see the areas and we see them, then there is a certain degree of hatred that comes into our heart for the poor people. here Allah, how are you going to gain Jenna, if you don't have love for the poor? According to this study that I've made mentioned, the key to gentlemen is to love the poor. Now, how do we identify with a poor when someone is having three square meals a day? I beg your pardon? How does he

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identify? How does he know what the poor person is suffering? How does he know what is poverty?

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That is why the whole French Revolution when the people went to the king of the time when the monarchy of the time and said that the people don't have bread to eat, the people don't have bread to eat. The king was so oblivious, of what the poor people were weighing and he couldn't understand they don't have bread to eat. He said, Let them eat cake. They don't have Breton Jaffa Cake. Now how because he couldn't understand what the people are going through because of poverty. Now when we are having three square meals a day we are we going to understand the plight of the poor. Now through the means of fasting. Sometimes there is an aspect of hunger, we want to eat something and then the

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Rosa and the commands of Allah tala pulls us back. We identify with a poor

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and this is such a great thing sera sera makalali. You know what an amazing incident one day he was in a Masjid where he was staying, and it was cold and he hit someone gave him a blanket. He didn't cover himself with a blanket. Someone said, sorry. You are such a great book. We have got a blanket use the blanket. He said there are so many poor people in the city who don't have blankets. I can't go and give everyone a blanket. At least I can sugar with them. And I can stay without a blanket so I can understand the call that they are going through. It's not it's not a fact to others. This is

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so Brad Pitt, mihama Haribo key book, samosas Casa Rosa Holly Pittman anchieta, Cliff tukuche and aza hamata. So one of the reasons with regard to fasting is to identify with a poor the fourth reason. The fourth reason is, fasting gives us many great lessons, I'll just give you two lessons amongst others. And these are so important in the life that we are going to learn from fasting that will help us in be good stead throughout our life, one is endurance. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has created us in this world and Allah has told us you are going to get some difficulty

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in South Africa, but now how are you going to train yourself to be able to resist or able to bear the difficulty that you have, if you have never been able to be exposed with it? So through the means of fasting we learn endurance. So, when there is any technology that comes day after which and deserto Why me

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so we can bear it, we have insurance. So do you understand the manner one of the three aspects is this great qualities we learned from fasting and urines one other one is delayed gratification. It's such an important aspect that I can you know over emphasize the see there are many aspects that sometimes we will get, we will get there. But in the meanwhile, we have to make some time to get there. So how do you delay the gratification of your desires, your desires also a very, very great thing My dear respect of others desires is one of the main causes of gras nebia creamy sauce limited inada dworken Latina Sabina jambay. The greatest enemy of yours is your knifes sub Sahara

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Now in that particular way, you know

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We sometimes like for example, a person is about to get married. Now he's 1920 No, he's gonna get married after one two years. But now tell him he get married. He has certain desires. So he has to control himself until he reaches that time. So first thing we'll teach him the Depo you are hungry you are in you have the desire to eat but delay that gratification. Three rated fulfillment lifta

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50 delay so once there was this radio station here that everyone was given request, you know what request what not missile you want to hear? What you want to hear what what nism you want to hear? Who's NASA you want to hear? Whose energy Do you want to hear who spirit want to hear? So one person phoned the radio station, he said I want to hear mother buzzer

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so now we're delayed gratification. So delayed gratification is also one of the things that you learn from from fasting. Now the sixth reason Allah tala escaped so much benefit and yet you and I, we just take Rosa just to be to stay away from food and drink for a certain period of time. You know, one of the things with regard to Rosa which is so amazing is that how close it brings you to Allah and how much Allah loves Rosa, you see all other a bar that there is a certain degree of physical joy, there is some joy that you get, when a person makes dua he enjoys making what when he gives sadaqa and charity he enjoys giving sadaqa when you go for Hajj, there is some sort of

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physical joy that you get. But in Rosa there is no physical joy

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back everybody could snap which has enough spire Jetta mega Rosa McCoy,

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visit me sir for surf rowhani River

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in all the power that you enjoy it, there is a certain degree of physical joy. But in Rosa there is no physical joy in Rosa there is physical difficulty and the spiritual joy. Now how can you imagine that a person is enjoying Rosa? And will Layla seem there's a certain degree of enjoyment of Rosa. You know, I speak to many people and I was speaking with some people in London are asking them that you keep fast for 19 hours How do you manage they said one that we can explain gives us Allah tala gives us this. Lastly, I remember someone went to one of this, you know Scandinavian countries and he came back and he said that he found people who are working as cashiers you know, in as Muslims

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period in the supermarkets and they were steadfast upon Roza 20 hours a day. But yet there is no physical joy. What what motivates them, it's a spiritual joy. So, this is a sixth thing that we say that there is no physical joy. But there is Rohani live that there is a spiritual joy that you cannot explain. That's the six. The second respect with regard to it is all other iba that has a relationship with human nature.

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To worship Allah tala is is part of human nature to worship someone with your Creator, to give charity is part of human nature. But Rosa is not part of human nature, part of human nature is to eat. So Rosa is the seventh reason amongst other reasons is, Rosa is an aspect that there is no relationship with human nature. The relationship with Allah among has Allah Allah Allah has made mentioned in a row. He says that Rosa gives us a small semblance of some idiot, allow somebody what is somewhat Alize free from what so for a short period of time you divorce yourself from your wants and your needs. So you have a relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. The eighth reason is

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amongst other benefits is all other ibadat the reward becomes apparent to Allah subhana wa, to people and to the Monica. And therefore there is

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my boo boo in the law, but the reward of Rosa is not apparent to anyone else. The reward of Rosa is not apparent to anyone else besides Allah. Therefore in when it comes to the angels, when a person is keeping fast, they come to Allah subhanho wa Taala and say, Well, how to report this person's reward. I'm guessing it was called to Henan I'm guessing it

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was casabianca silica when a person will

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To record numbers we know when he gives underground charity we know but Rosa is doing nothing. How do we know it? So Allah tala tells him that don't record it. Oh my angels are cannabis many

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metal your hair or maybe just addenda It is only for me and I will reward it. But and then another aspect is all other ibaadat you can do it for the sake of name and fame. You can keep namaz no Canyon Hill namazi someone will go for Hajj

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hi Jessica.

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Rosa. No knees no none. There is no no. There is no name and fame, debt this bucket

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they can lose on a na Mancha. You only do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So these are the benefits of fasting My dear respective brothers who can go on and on. Allah Allah has given us such a great reward Allah Allah has given us such a great ibadah that when we keep Roza don't take it lightly and don't regard it as insignificant. There is such great reward with regard to it. abou mama Ravana says, I came to me after him saucer and said Yara Sula, tell me of an action through which I may enter into Jelena Andrea cream sauce from said mo mama take to fasting There is nothing like it. I will take to fasting There is nothing like it in the in the lava field. jannetty Baba

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nucala hora Yun Libya cream sauce when it said the ease adore in Jana, there is a door in Jana. The name of the door is rayyan it is only for those who first only those who first will go into that particular door. You know, this is any word Therefore, I always make this door that nebbia Kareem said Allah when he was selling has taught us that when we break the fast after taking one minute

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or less out of the water inshallah I'll put up that, that do I shall now on the Majid noticeboard today What a beautiful dua the hubbas among

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the fruit has been was parched. Now it is really saturated with the waves have become moist in motion

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and inshallah Allah

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Subhana Allah lumens liters 100 Raja inshallah so these are some of the benefits of fasting May Allah tala give us a first that is in accordance with his liking and according to His pleasure and reward