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200 111 one that was that was that Mr. Avila maybe about that. I learned that we

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were actually here to abolish

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a MOBA do for women, I thought it was interesting rather than working for Microsoft.

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Other side of the labrosse

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My dear respected elders and brothers, the topic that we have at hand today is pursuit of happiness. Now, there is no doubt whatsoever that each and every one of us we seek happiness, we take and we adopt meanings, to be able to be happy, everyone from rich or poor from any different backgrounds, we are always seeking happiness, although it is very difficult to define a very use of 1000s of books have been written with regard to happiness with United Nations even have a day to day for happiness. Now, the one point is how do we define it is very difficult to define, there are different definitions with regard to it. Perhaps one general type of definition with regard to

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happiness, it is a consistent mental, emotional, and spirit spiritual and a physical state of well being. One of the things that we do find is there is nothing wrong in our Shalya in seeking happiness, it is not that when you are happy you are against the Sharia. It is not as the city happiness goes against

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the deal or against our code. We know the famous incident has one of the alarm turned on one day came and he saw the Vietnam saucer and smiling and he said other haka log assume that Galliano's to Allah, or prefer formati Allah may Allah Tada waterways keep you smiling. The Vietnamese our school official will be discussing into Medina after a great deal of separation of many years later, we saw so many stories, a Jaffa who was his cousin and more than a dozen he grew up with him. So he was almost like someone that would be utterly exhausted and grew with the utter install slim and he saw him after many years to be a trim source from said, lapidary the e ma fre be the first to your favor

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when people do me Jaffa I'm not sure what gave me greater happiness. The Muslims at that time, they just want a better, the better of favor the result. I don't know what gave me greater happiness, the victory in the Battle of favor of meeting my cousin after so many years. He expressed happiness after meeting discover a dozen after so many years. So to be happy, there is nothing wrong, it is not against the Sharia. However, one point that we do come to realize in today's time, the existence of many social use. Despite the fact that we are seeing people getting married is a greater rate of divorce marriages breaking up, we see drug addiction, we see people with different social ills in

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our community, which gives us an indication that many people have an absence of happiness in the life. Now what is the reason for it? There could be a variety of reasons why we are not happy. Perhaps we are using the wrong approach with regard to happiness. Firstly, I start off by saying ways the Center for happiness. Where do we locate happiness. So everyone wants to believe that the Center for happiness is our heart that is a center with regard to contentment and our happiness. You never ever heard someone say that my peers are happy today. And we're hoping to unseat my ears is happy, happy today. My nose is happy today. It might be happy because he's got a very expensive

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photo, whether it's a temporary sensation, if not my mind knows is happening. The sense and the Center for happiness is our heart. And sometimes may someone made a statement when he was confronted with a statement and he said Beauty is skin deep. So you will pregnancy the printer is really nice when we don't expect me to be happy with an attractive near level or attractive screen. pretty skinny if I'm quite happy with him. But I'm trying to say that the Center for happiness is our heart for the housing people. After realizing and conceding that the center of happiness in our heart, make a contentment of our heart, the center of happiness. We are always looking for happiness of

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things outside the heart, yet made me acknowledged that the center of happiness is our heart. The second thing that I would like to make mention of, we must make a difference between pleasure and happiness. Now, let me explain to the system that normally pleasure is that which is short lived, that comes about because of an external sensation, or an external situation, something external, like having a good meal, or having a good holiday. Or maybe that be tacking off even more in a more limited time space, where you are on a roller coaster. So what would happen is, you will enjoy pleasure for that little bit of time. But the moment that it stops, there is no pleasure because

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it's only temporarily it is only to the extent of that particular external pressure or the temporary feeling, it does not last because it is dependent upon external events, and experiences. In other words, pleasure is what we experienced during an act.

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Pleasure is temporary, and we experiences human happiness is something that happens after an app and it is long lasting. That is why you will find certain times relationships. And let me just put it in a way that I'm sure you all have, you will be able to understand, you might be able to enjoy an activity, but the relationship goes down because there is no permanent happiness. So there is a difference between pleasure and happiness. Pleasure is dependent upon external forces, it is temporary, but happiness is long lasting. And perhaps one of the greatest reasons is we are seeking hitting the home page. Now, let me give you one small hypothetical example in a hypothetical t. Now

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hypothetical T does not necessarily need to be correct, to make the point and to give a lesson. So there was a thing that was very significant, not depressed. So they have taken pretty so that irritated it makes it very easy, I can cure you. But the way to cure you is you must wear the good Furuta of a person who is permanently happy. Once you wear the quarter of a person who is happy, you will find your depression will go away. So now the 40s became very hectic, very easy to let us go and find the fruit of someone who is happy. So they read to all the ministers. So they said we want to put away What have you said, Anyone who is happy, he's put that we put on the thing, he will be

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rid of his depression, and he will become happy. So the minister said, See, I put enough quotas, but I'm not happy. I got enough challenges in my life. I'm going to defend my position. I'm worried about the competition. We all know what happens in politics. So they started looking for people, they found people with great amount of protest, but none of them were happy. So they started searching in the extent that they search. So one day we went to a village in the village issue a person who was swimming on the riverbanks and he was happy when he was beautiful and he was laughing. So they just made this very happy. They said we need you for a while. We need you because

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you are getting on board you will become the leader of the project on the depression of you said what you were doing before they said we need you to give your quota so that when the key message he will be read from his depression. So you said I'm very happy, but I got no quota.

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So all the people who were put stress they were not happy and the one who had it was happiness secret never put that. So sometimes we're looking and one of the reasons why we look at the commentary. We all look for happiness in well, now I'm not saying that having wealth in any way is wrong.

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The only Quran has used the word fail for happiness, goodness, Allah Tala in the Holy Quran, he has used the word war and while

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I have made wealth a means of your existence, although without our words, I want you to fail well, then how are we going to be able to feed our families, how are we been able to fulfill our needs, is nothing wrong with it whatsoever, what it is not the means of happiness, it is not the means of success. It is not the means of well being. And this is where we make a difference. And this is where sometimes we go on the wrong path of seeking happiness through the use of wealth. By all means accumulated use it correctly, and using the right way you use it to fulfill your needs. But it is not a means of happiness. Here are some examples. Here's an idea only for when I read this if I

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shudder sometimes, because I see is a mindset which Allah is using the Quran to describe the mindset of one of the greatest titans of humanity.

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But it is a mindset that is common amongst us. Whenever after all, the only part I

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laced and the mold canister, what have been inherited reached out to

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me who am I? When I applied, we will be followed up with the IVIG as we like to

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hope people of Fiji don't to see I have the river knife, I have progress I've got well, am I better than Musa who is confronting me? He can't even articulate himself as if he was successful. And if he was happy, why couldn't he have jewelry on his hand? Why do we have gold and silver?

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To me, this is something

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that could get me and who is a person who is contacting me, I've got a look at what they've got.

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That is a statement and mindset of your own, that he made were the basis of superiority, the base special of success, that he said Musa is not a consequence, because he doesn't want them to have doesn't have what I have.

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There, there are so many examples with regard to people who have great amount of wealth, they didn't have happiness. Now, as we simply sometimes go reading an article, looking at the Reader's Digest many years ago, about Christina on essence, the most wealthiest woman of the time, the stone eras of the Aristotle for Fortune, a mother was, you know, the First Lady for a time in America, and she had a turbulent life. And this few weeks before her mosquitoes get a gentleness as I said, You are the wealthiest woman in the world. And she replied and said, the wealthiest of the most selfless woman in the world, the wealthiest but the most selfless woman in the world, wealth doesn't guarantee

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happiness. So, what sometimes we are looking for it in the wrong place, sometimes we have, you know, searching for it in the wrong place. So, these are some points that are made with regard to happiness. Now, let us look at it from a positive point of view. Well, Amma had made mentioned that for us to be healthy, we need a comprehensive and a holistic understanding of happiness and well being.

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So a person becomes happy, when there is physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well being.

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When you have four things, then there is a you know a possibility that you will be able to be happy, why is physically ready to be healthy. Again, just take it as it renders obviously doesn't mean that a person who is not healthy will not be happy. But it means that look after your health. And there is so much emphasis in Islam with regards to looking after your health. physical wellbeing plays a very important role with regard to overall wellness and with regard to happiness. There are so many highlights of the Holy Quran, so many commands of Allah subhanaw taala, which are, in many ways get to make our health at the optimum level,

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with a doctor from another faith, you know, he read this verse of the Holy Quran Kulu verse Raghu, what are two sniffle? He says, Everything with regard to health has been encapsulated in this verse of the Holy Quran. II can be you and do not be wasteful. Eat more than a million times our society is no worse contagion further than your stomach. It is the basis of all you know in sickness. So one of the greatest things that we have to keep in mind this strive to do things and habits and your diet in everything to help optimum health because that will, you know be part of happiness. Of course, when the sickness comes up from Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. We do whatever we need to

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do, but there is no doubt whatsoever. physical wellbeing plays a very important part with regard to overall well being. And with regard to happiness. The second thing what exactly is intellectual well being, we must have intellectual well being, I can't overemphasize this particular aspect. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran has spoken about the aspect of intellectual well being, increase your knowledge, all the time, increase your knowledge, we all know the Arabic saying seek knowledge from the Creator to the day, there is no end with regard to knowledge, no one can

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learn further. Whatever Quran says with regard to knowledge, from the zili in Allah increasing my knowledge, every one is supposed to make this dua, whether he be a learned scholar, whether it be someone who is not only increasing my knowledge, and when you increase yourself in your knowledge, you will find that it brings about a certain degree of well being which has a great impact upon your health. And this is one of the you know, we all know the same

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Wisdom is the lost property of the Beaver. Wherever he finds it, he will he will acquire it. That's one of the reasons why Allah subhanaw taala has made effort because through the means of aircon, aircon, it's a way before the internet internet is a use of increasing your intellectual well being. So the second thing with regard to happiness is intellectual well being learn to have your well being intellectually, and too much spare time and wisdom of time is one of the factors associated with dementia.

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Doctors tell us that too much of spare time in wasting time is one of the factors associated with dementia. If yourself intellectually stimulated, learn knowledge, to be able to have intellectual well being it will have an effect upon your happiness and have an effect upon, you know, your overall revenue. Today, I must say you find it very, very sad. And, you know, our whole knowledge in acquiring of knowledge isn't 140 characters is good. We don't read books, we don't make an effort with regard to you know, getting more knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala in the Holy Quran has said people who do not have internet, they are worse than animals, but others they're even worse than

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animals. Because the first thing is with regard to your emotional well being. And today we talked about emotional intelligence. Now, what is emotional well being emotional intelligence, the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of people who are close to you many emotions, many motion of people who are close to you, it will have a great effect upon your overwhelming now, for example, we have the Polymer has never said that you must not hit but enter needs to be channeled. No, Mark, I'm gonna do that he mentioned with the governor anyway, he said imala Matsuda is that I'm not sure what it means. He doesn't mean that you must be be left of anger.

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But he said you must control a channel during the channel, and you must be correctly channel. So this says certainly with regard to his emotional mapping, and also controlling identifying your emotions, and the emotions of people who are close to you, the woman or dealing with you will get very, very happy. The Vietnamese officer looked after the emotional well being of his wife, as I said one day in the attorney's office and said, Oh, Aisha, I want your permission to read the huddled masses. I want to have permission to read sunnah of the Prophet of Almighty Allah didn't need anyone's permission to perform senator. But he made his wife feel so important. give me

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permission to leave my house. And maybe she said yes. She said, How can I deny you? But look at what what does it mean? She he looked after the emotional well being of his wife, one day he told us.

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He said, I know when you are completely happy with me, when we're in a good mood was not in a good mood with me. said how do you know? He said when you are in a good mood during the course of your conversation, when you take an oath, he says, by the Lord of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when you are not in a good mood, in your conversation, you say, by the load of Ibrahim.

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How about do we know about the world with regard to the emotional state of mind, or with regard to the moods or with regard to the favorite colors? We don't know. But this is part of an overall reading. And the last one is spiritual well being. But there is several others I can't overemphasize this. This is the cornerstone with regard to happiness. And you don't have to have an open relationship with the source of happiness. The One who created happiness, you can never be if you just please, and you just will be the one who created happiness, how can you expect to be happy? Therefore we find that the most on our data. And our beloved when we

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found happiness is spiritual well being in spirituality, he told us a bit out of the about many times

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below or below, give me comfort, give the call to pray, I would want to worship a muscle.

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That is that sometimes it comes through there are two kinds of peace of mind in this particular one is a feeling of being stuck and arrogant with our standard of living the resources that we have the influence that we well, the failure we might enjoy. And this is something that gives us a certain degree of elegance smugness, because all of our physical and material needs are being met. But this time without gratefulness to Allah without acknowledging to us without the comfortability to Almighty Allah subhanaw taala a feel good factor, but this physical and material wellbeing is short lived. You will find people who have such worldly is always annoying sense of insecurity they are

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one thing it might go

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So there is no permanent happiness with regard to that. It's a feel good factor. It's an aspect of smugness and arrogance. Because apparently for a short period of time, our physical and material needs I mean, that is another type of state of mind that comes about, if you feel that whatever has been given me, this come from Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. I need to be grateful to Almighty Allah for what He has granted me, I am going to be accountable to Allah, what He is granted to me, he is godly to me as a trust, for which I will be accountable.

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And whatever he gives me, whatever situation that comes up for me, when I realize this, then whatever circumstances come upon me, what do I say, and humbling Nigella pretty high? Praise be to Almighty Allah in all situations, in all circumstances, that might be a respectable, there's a bit of happiness. In the beginning, let me just conclude with this, I made mention of the if, for man's opposition in order to gender class, he will by the means of his conduct, his family, his deeds, he says himself from Ghana, in the agenda, he is successful, and he's happy. That is the ultimate happiness and success. The vehicle you saw someone on occasion, gave the example of be perhaps

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materially prosperous, and happy in this world, but you couldn't do good deeds, when it comes against you on the Day of piano, he put it in this way, that says, if by argument's sake, if a person had all happiness, all material things, everything that happens according to his woman defenses in this world, and he felt like that on the day of what would take him into him and take him out, not putting that thing take him out. Oh, my God, oh, my creation. Oh, my seven, did you ever see happiness? You will say, never ever saw happiness in my life. Even if by argument's sake, he had a very full of happiness, he doesn't happen all the time. With happiness, you can have your

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show of sadness. And he, for example, a person that also doesn't happen, but maybe a resource to make the point says, if a person lived a life in this world, where there was nothing but misery for you, if on the day of camera, that's in general can take small

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If you ever see any difficulty, and you will this because of the depth injury that you will see. I don't know why.

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I never ever seen any difficulty in my life. brother's death is happiness to be able to gain that particular state which we all have to cycle, your loss of.

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Understanding process