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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the devastating impact of extreme extremism and the loss of lives in Syria, as well as the devastation and harm caused by people who are vaccinated. They stress the importance of avoiding disregarding people's views and avoiding cutting nails and brushing rough stone. The success of a health training program for children in Turkey is also discussed, with many parents given the opportunity to take care of their children in a similar way. The program is a state-of-the-art niche training program for over 1000 orphanages, and parents are offered the opportunity to take care of their children in a similar way.
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wa salatu wa salam O Allah Mallanna v Avada Allah mana.

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Almighty Allah

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Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati. ahmadu favela shaytani Rajamouli smilla rahmanir rahim

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la hin Shakira Camilla zedan nakum Villa Inka for caminada de Lucia de sakalava nauseum,

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my dear respected elders and brothers.

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During the past week or so, Allah tala had given me the opportunity of visiting and going to Turkey, with the intention of seeing the refugees who have moved over the border to be in Turkey. Today, I would like to share some aspects of the trip and

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to share the lessons that we can learn from what has happened in that region.

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And of course, I don't want to go into the political dimension, the reasons why this has happened, that is a topic on its own.

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And it is something that is worthy of consideration. But today, I would like to look at the human dimension, like to look at how the people on the ground are, what has happened to the people and the situation which I would like to share. In today's talk. We also have to keep in mind that what is known as sham.

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The Hadith talks very highly about the virtue of the area known as Sham loosely we translate Sham as Syria, but we don't when we talk of Syria to the our minds, goes to the nation state of Syria. But the Quranic or the Hadith terminology of the area and region of Sham is far more greater. It would include Palestine, what is part of Jordan, parts of Turkey etc. would be included as part of Shang and this is the area of great relevance and Baraka and blessings. It has been the area and region of ambientali Masato salam, Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam iacobelli salat wa salam ala Bali salat wa salam, many great ambia It is said that 10,000 Sahaba migrated into Syria, and many of the great

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Sahaba they cover is in Syria. Right? So this is a very great lens, maybe a cream sauce Allah may do a llama body cleaner fish Amina. Oh Allah bless the area of Sham Nivea cream sauce lamb said at the time of fitna at the time of trial, a man will be in Sham he man will remain in this area. So for us to have a connection with that due to our

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history and due to these aspects of extreme importance, or by Sham this measure anymore turcica Josepha peacefully after a two year Jor el aka young br Sahaba says Amelia waqif sosnowiec halacha blog subwatershed from the Afghan walk ecrc holla que hora Bernie lickin Whopper Joe insano persona Mariah or wahala taki holla Bianca now I want to say some things with regard to that. Now what has happened with regard to the war, the Civil War, whatever it is, it is resulted in half a million people losing their life. Yesterday we're just doing a Google search according to that 470,000 people can be confirmed has lost in life 470,000 people, sometimes these steps just comes out of our

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mouth without us realizing what we are saying and the Holy Quran itself

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Menagerie dannic Katana and avani Isla and nomen Katara knifes and desiring of sin Oh facade infill have forgotten nama katella NASA Jamia if you kill one person, it is equivalent to killing the whole humanity. Hey john Lena watermark in sanaka john linic.

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Here we talking of not one 470,000 people, that is conservatively perhaps it is even more than that. 470,000 people lost their lives. out of a population of 23 million

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10 million of them are displace

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10 million people or displace a crore big girl yoga.

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Pants lockss Jada lo Shaheed Hogan. In that particular region, 10 million people have been displaced. Out of the three and a half million people are in Syria, six and a half million people outside Syria. This is the situation with regard to the refugees. Now, unless you have a nose with regard to what it is, as I said it masuka jan dinakaran a chronica Petroleum Company lucky By the way, but no one is so difficult the Quran has made mentioned we're talking about half a million people and what is what is the reason we have been killed some from the regime, some from extremism, and anathema in the Holy Quran has made mentioned with regard to Lakota fella in Santa Fe Sangeeta

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cwieme. From Marana who has philosophy, we created human beings in the best of morals, we created a message in the form of Luca, but he because of his doings, he come to us philosophical dilemmas.

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And this is the result where people, for various reasons have come to the particular level of being the lowest of the low, how people are killed, whether it be from the regime, whether it be from other extremism. And let me also say, he does not only be from one side, it is extremism from the left extremism from the right. And extremism, even from the right has been something that has taken many lives and has caused great amount of misery to the people of Syria. Right sometimes, and we must make mention of this. extremism seems enticing. If I take an extreme position, I'm so much on hock, I'm so much on truth, it seems enticing. But if you go beyond the limit, it is not permissible

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via cream sauce limited helical matana, to own those who extreme even in religion, they will be destroyed, and they will cause destruction. And we have seen this that is happening there. So when you and another aspect with regard to extremism, it seems enticing, but it is short lived. It is not durable. It is not sustainable. And it causes hatred. It causes suffering amongst people. Today, there are people who are taking the names of Islamic law. But they have created such hatred for this concept, that tomorrow if someone even if he's on truth, calls people towards Islamic law, because of what people have seen of extremism, people will try to stay away from it. Not because they don't

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love Islam, but because of what people who say they're Islamic what they have portrayed against Islamic principles. So this aspect is something that we should never take lightly. We sometimes speak out against those who fall short of the limit. Those who are less with regard to religion, the Quran, and the Hadith. And the maker install Salaam.

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Yamato not only took a stance against those who

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took a stance against them went beyond the limit, because they have caused great amount of destruction and harm also to the oma. Nevertheless, it was just an aspect that I made mention of now, keeping in mind three and a half million people who are in Syrian refugees, six and a half million people outside Syria. Let me give you some examples. There is a tent city known as the kurama 10 City, which is near Rehan. Lee Rehan. Lee is one of those cities which is in Turkey, we only went into Turkey, we didn't cross the border. But even in that you get to get that people who are allowed who are welfare humanitarian organizations who are allowed to go into Turkey. There is

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one kilometer density 70,000 people stay in this density. It's a very small area. You

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for six years people have been staying in tents.

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In this particular aspect, the people who are going up and down and we spoke to them, they said, you see people who are 1015 people sitting in in staying in one room, they have no privacy. Many times when they want to change the clothes, they tell the people of the house, you leave the tent, I want to change my clothes. That is how it is. There are people who have not seen a nail clipper for so long. I asked him how do they pay the nails, they say they take a rough stone, and they and they brush and they rub the nails on that rough stone to be able to cut the nails. This is a situation that we have said with regard to the kurama type of density. And this is something that happens.

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There is so many stories that we say sometimes you don't even want to make mention of the stories. The person who was there. His name was brother Musab. He was in college and he told me he said, we saw one incident where a nine year old girl she was given a toy and part of the toy that she was given a small doll. And the first thing that when she was given a doll, she disfigured the private parts. And she disfigured the private parts. So we perceived something. So we told a psychiatrist and a doctor to go and speak to her. We came to realize this is nine year old girl. Our sister had been abused in the worst possible manner Not once, several times. Several times she had been abused

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in a place called hoffa and or fizeram. A remarkable place, because it is said to be the place where Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam was born. The place where a primary salatu salam was born under cave, we went to see Allah knows about how authentic it is, whether it is a place where it is said there's a place for a primary salatu salam was born, the place where he was thrown into the fire is a place for alpha. In alpha, there are 650,000 refugees, only handling 10,000 have been registered with the welfare organizations. The other half a million people, people don't know where they are staying there, many of them are staying in caves, which have been carved out from the mountaintops. Now

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those caves were initially used, and are still being used for animals and their animal stables. So people come and leave the goats and the cows. But because of the situation, those people have come, and they have occupied those caves. I took a small, you know, picture in a video with regard to how those caves are, how they particular have to make those caves in the stain in that particular situation. And in that place, which is some human to say the least, they are eking out a human existence in this particular way. And that is what what we saw, then amongst the other aspects that I would like to relate one is.

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One is an aspect where many people who are millionaires, and they have been reduced to be in in a situation of great difficulty of great mystery. Practice. It gives us a very great lesson there was one family that went to go and visit the Father. And the husband was extremely wealthy. He used to give massive charity. He used to give so much charity that people knew about his charity, but because he was helping people, and the authorities and the powers that were in that region could not take it so he was killed. Now he leaves behind

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a wife and six children, they are forced to flee. And they come here and we went to go and see reflect. And we went to sit and spend time with them. It was very hard rendering to see and what was a situation from where they were where they used to be giving charity. They were in a situation where there was out of the six there were five sisters. And there was one brother who was at the age of 15. And this one brother used to go and do menial work. He used to get up seven o'clock in the morning and come back seven o'clock in the evening. And you should get 10 to 15 lira a day 50 remedy to be able to look after six children from where they were from legs, from riches to rags from

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wealthiness to where they are. It tells us Allah has given us sometimes a certain degree of comfort in our risk. We are not entitled to that. It is a lattice payment that is granted to us.

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Brothers never, ever take it lightly. Make sure to what Allah has granted you, lady sugar to maybe if you make sugar Allah will grant you more.

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If you are ungrateful, Allah subhanho wa Taala can give you a massive and severe punishment, Allah have written under this ayah. And part of that

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could be that Allah can take away the law has given you and that Allah can take it away. And one of the greatest ways of preserving the limits Allah has given you is to use those famous correctly. And to make sure Kirkland Maya falola will be in Chicago. Wow, man. What does Allah get by giving you other? What does Allah get by taking away what Allah has given you? If you are grateful, if you have human, this is something that we have to keep in mind. That boats

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Java, crorepati, mufflers hoagie, and he Slayer Yagna chicken, Yamato, Qatar Karnataka, sugar cinema, Toki, Shakur, say, or near moto Casa de

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Niro, moto Keifa.

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Just remember this through the means of sugar and gratitude, Allah subhanho wa Taala protect the favors that he has granted us, and not in the least saying that this is because of natural creep, but just as a general principle of the Holy Quran. And this is something that we had seen with our own eyes with regard to what it is. Now, of course, not everything is only gloom, it gave us great pleasure to see that there was an effort that was made from the people of Turkey to be able to accommodate those refugees. They did it as a sense of responsibility. They did it because they said, This is what Islam has taught us. And the example of the answer was there. And many of them were

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taking this to heart and said, We will do whatever we can to be able to bear the responsibility of the refugees who have come into our country. And even within the people, there was a certain sense of dignity, we had been able to see a small factory of woman who had come from Syria who are refugees were sewing clothes, why they were sewing clothes, they were so enthused to be able to send back to those people who are afflicted by the tragedy in Syria. We went to one Medical College, you know, it was so it was so hard warming to see a big three storey building. And there the Syrian doctors who had come from Syria, who had set up this Medical College to be able to teach people

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about anesthetics, about physiotherapy, about, you know, different aspects of emergency relief. And we had an opportunity to speak to those students. And it was it was so heartwarming to see, despite the difficulty that they were in, they had come they were setting themselves up, but they were so you know, still positive. One of the things that they asked us about all the other things, we are doing this, if we have to go to another country, will this particular type of training that we do, would it be acceptable? Would this medical certificate we get from something like this? Would it be acceptable to other universities, for us to be able to have a to be able to stand on our own two

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feet? Brothers dignity is a very amazing thing. One of the reasons why we ask Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah can harami well how can you be before they come and see what who Allah give us halaal instead of Haram, and suffice with us with halaal instead of giving us from haram and out of your Fatherland, make us independent of any other human being. This dignity is a very important thing to be able to stand on your own two feet, may Allah subhanaw taala always give it to people. And out of this particular aspects, there were many people who are doing well di h h. e ha had been a very remarkable welfare organization, humanitarian organization with with just a

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Motorola, South Africa with which I went with and represented an alum dad and many other other organizations with we work through them. And it was heartwarming to see the patient. You know, one of the things that I will make mention of there was a small of a niche, a project, which is known as a tiny hearts orphanage. And many of you might have heard about it because it has been bandied about in the WhatsApp groups. It pleased us so much to see this particular project. I haven't seen a project like that in many other countries, where it was a state of the art of a niche, which will cater for over 1000 orphanages, and there were different units that were made. And every unit was

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supposed to care for 18 orphans. So 18 orphans with two supervisors would be catered in that units, the gym, took two units, and said we will take over those units. Now after taking over those units. There will be a need to sustain those offerings.

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For a great amount of time, because Allah knows how long they will be there, those that often it will cater for those children who are between the age of six and 10. Allah knows how long would it be, it is made with such you know building material that can be dismantled and put into another place, but it was a state of the art and inshallah before Ramadan, they assured us that inshallah this particular orphanage will be open, it will cater for 1000 orphans, and brothers through kaftan often, and luckily,

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for Takara, don't ever repel and often don't repel and often, whenever you see an orphan Allah, Allah says in the Quran,

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they often have Allah him, whenever you see an orphan, then deal with him. Allah Allah just gives us an example deal with him the way you want your children to be dealt with if Aaliyah Lula something happens to deal with him like that, via cream sauce from said me, and the one who looks after and often we will be like this together in

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one incident, which I will I will conclude was one of the projects of the German Corolla, and I'm going to make an appeal, maybe sometimes we use the opportunity that we have as a privilege. And one of the things is one of the projects is to take the people away from the cave city and put them in more acceptable accommodation, and put them into a place where they can be more comfortable and instead of staying in the caves with the animals, so to take them out of that, you know, the rental and other things will cost something like 50 60,000 Rand a year for one year to care for one family. And I'm going to make an appeal for families in this in our facility base or wherever you can pass

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the word to take care of one family take care of one family 50 60,000 men with regard to whatever we can as one family we take over and said we will take care of one family and inshallah we will see that those particular families are relocated to more acceptable and dignified type of accommodation. When anyone try and do that inshallah, to give you an example in our computer, this is a brother Mahmoud, who was taken from the caves and horrifying he was given a flat and when he was given the split, he started

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so we asked him why are you crying? So he said two things. He said my daughter's didn't bar for six months. My daughter's didn't bar for six months. And then he said an amazing thing.

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That inshallah that they have given

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the way you have provided me with accommodation. I will bear testimony in front of Allah, Allah grant accommodation in general for those who have granted us accommodation. So we elected to give us a topic of understanding this plight we learned many things and to make it easy for them to grant some relief, and that'll open up the ways for them to be able to go back to their homes and open up the ways in granted the good in this world after and that's gonna protect all the Muslims wherever they are in our country in other places, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us fulfill our responsibility.